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  1. not so much a suck, as a WTF???
  2. Entitled woman at Wetherspoons
  3. Convenience over safety.
  4. My brother got pwned :)
  5. Group from hell
  6. Mystery at the drive-thru
  7. A very strange "do you work here."
  8. never lend your stuff out!
  9. Why am I related to her?
  10. I'm sure that's a great place to greet your friend!
  11. Why Mytical should never ...
  12. And you're upset because WE "ripped you off"???
  13. Vacation at the Wildfire. *short*
  14. If you injure yourself we will laugh at you
  15. Triple A disaster.
  16. When given directions, FOLLOW them
  17. Why do I always get behind these people in the shortest lines?
  18. Political Figure Sightings anyone?
  19. Verbal child abuse?
  20. The CEO knows you, but is NOT your friend.
  21. Insert Foot into Mouth
  22. You can't read? / no se puede leer?
  23. Oh, you don't want your service changed? We've decided you do anyway.
  24. Biggest "celebrity" you've seen/met?
  25. in which i know i am a little sucky out of frustration but the cashier is still worse
  26. Shouty D is sucky to my CWs (partly my fault)
  27. Nosy landlord won't mind his own biz
  28. Hotel Puzzle
  29. Tenants don't need to go home
  30. It happened AGAIN! :(
  31. A fail on my part as well as a suck
  32. SC and bad CS
  33. I think I'll text right here in the entrance, thank you!
  34. Future Sightings of Arbabaraing :bounce:
  35. Nasty old lady
  36. How much does a mega phone cost?
  37. I sucked (self-sighting)
  38. Dude, how are you WALKING after that?! [gross]
  39. im sorry, are you from a cave?
  40. My first sucky neighbor complaint against me
  41. So... you're saying you're browsing?
  42. Lawyer fail!
  43. Do you REALLY need to do that there?
  44. Don't poke the bear
  45. online suckage
  46. No, You Can't Come In
  47. You're not projecting alot of self confidence
  48. We have policies too.
  49. Move outta the way!
  50. I am Highly Disappointed
  51. From my sister's Facebook post
  52. You Think I am rich or something????
  53. You can't sit with us
  54. It's the PERFECT time to ask someone for a date!
  55. Starting them young
  56. Tantrum over bag tax
  57. People don't read - volume 9,999,999
  58. Closed Lot? No Problem! I'll Park in the Entrance! (long)
  59. Body Spray Bro
  60. Adventures at the Chiropractor's
  61. So I went horseback riding for the 1st time.
  62. Weird sighting
  63. Wardrobe choices.
  64. Super Secret Shopper
  65. Emetophobia = racist
  66. Order or get out!
  67. I'd be the worst employee ever
  68. He threw my chair
  69. Reverse Unsighting?
  70. The "do you work here?" log
  71. "SIGHTING STORY TIME: "We're closed!" edition
  72. "You're not sorry!"
  73. How did you think of that??
  74. No, I will not break the law for you.
  75. Fudging Inspection Dates
  76. Argabarga, now YOUR people are doing it TOO!
  77. Wherein I am a "b**ch" to a beggar
  78. Possible Self Sighting
  79. Incompetent Cashier
  80. Why d'you always blame teenagers?
  81. What a hypocrite!
  82. You saw me standing there.
  83. Public Safety Announcement about Hay Bales
  84. Headdesk Before Breakfast
  85. Intrusive Cashier
  86. What the hell Wal-Mart?
  87. The difference between good and great.
  88. Did I kick your puppy?
  89. People are funny
  90. In public? Really? (GROSS)
  91. Rude Facebook poster gets pwned
  92. Why I love my bosses.
  93. "Is [Company] hiring retards now?"
  94. All I want is PIZZA
  95. Serial 'corporate complainer'
  96. Want to waste a thousand bucks? Just unbuckle and stand up at the wrong time.
  97. Property Management employee filed a complaint about co-worker
  98. Kindness exists everywhere
  99. What did you expect 5 minutes before closing?
  100. Great. Now bus DRIVERS are doing it too
  101. Suck in Racket Man's city
  102. Another moment of ?? at the SCO
  103. Holy hell man!
  104. My MIL is a softy
  105. Well, that's one way not to get me to want DirecTV
  106. Sucky Best Buy customer
  107. An old sighting. Drinks included.
  108. Bad Service
  109. Non sighting/really?
  110. Sort of a twofer
  111. Muddled food definitions.
  112. Spitting
  113. Monthly parker complained about my husband's uniform shirt
  114. Discrimination Anyone?
  115. Not-Quite Sighting?
  116. Are YOU open???
  117. Outraged clueless woman at food donations
  118. Complainer at UPS
  119. What would you do
  120. Fake money
  121. Provide your people with the tools they need
  122. Should I or shouldn't I
  123. Siren's Call, or "Did that just happen?"
  124. The Suck Awakens
  125. Discounted for warm fuzzies
  126. It only took getting the BBB involved to get something done.
  127. My Cousin the Auto Mechanic
  128. Sucky Cab Company (but not driver)
  129. Tantrum Test
  130. Well, I'll apply for this job right away
  131. It's all about the colour
  132. Tales of a Public Transit Free Day (Long)
  133. Custy doesn't get what she wants so she turns her wrath on a complete stranger (me).
  134. Black humor about a boneheaded move from a hospital.
  135. Stop F-ing Talking
  136. Someone dropped the ball on this order I think.
  137. I got a refund for shipping from amazon
  138. Sucky waiter
  139. Why don't you fill out the survey to let corp. know, then?
  140. Never Again (Self-Sighting)
  141. Another genius (break out the popcorn)
  142. Sexism everywhere
  143. I don't need snow, I need cocaine!
  144. ...and you're still employing him WHY?
  145. I have no words...
  146. I feel BAD
  147. Are you trying to give me a heart attack??
  148. Pandamonium
  149. Bite me
  150. Haha, ruined your smoke break!
  151. The local bin scab
  152. Never taking THAT route again (bus sighting)
  153. You know it's rude but...
  154. Calling Argabarga
  155. Karma is a wonderful thing
  156. Yes, we will reinstate that flight JUST for you
  157. Detonated.
  158. Out of the mouths of babes...
  159. Another hazard of waistband-knee syndrome
  160. More Transit Tribulations
  161. Sucky on both our parts
  162. "Excuse me" is a request, not an order
  163. Industrial grade entitlement/scammer #2
  164. So dumb it's actually funny.
  165. Angry Idiot + Train = Wishful Taking a Cab Home
  166. I intervened in a fight...eeeeep (long but I need to talk)
  167. "You should be ashamed of yourself"
  168. Where is the best place for a newbie?
  169. FIGHT!(In which I nearly get assaulted with a leopard)
  170. Oh that's just such a shame....
  171. No really I *don't* work here!
  172. Autowash
  173. Husband? What husband?
  174. Travel Chaos
  175. Crazy Sour Grapes Lady on the bus
  176. Bicycle escapades
  177. I guess I won't thank people anymore
  178. Dollar Store Horrible Followed Me!
  179. Good lord, it's closing time!
  180. Showdown at the Pizza Ranch
  181. Drunk asshole gets his just desserts!
  182. Way to abuse the system
  183. Security guard parked her car on sidewalk
  184. Lunatic at the tax office
  185. Broken record customers drive my friend nuts.
  186. Are they recruiting from the insane asylum now
  187. For someone conflict-adverse, I sure do this a lot
  188. The choosy beggar
  189. Lady, we waste a lot of stuff
  190. My tough teacher
  191. 'Friend' borrows money, dissappears!
  192. Sage Advice from Hardware Stores
  193. A self checkout machine at my friend's Wal Mart store suffered this casualty
  194. Today's goofballs
  195. You Whiney little so and so ( a bit long)
  196. Whiney jerk at the doctor's office
  197. Our definitions of "used" are different I guess
  198. "5 star service" sure...
  199. Don't talk to my kid even though she's breaking the rules and I'm not supervising her
  200. Bad reviews from bad reviewers
  201. You're supposed to be better than this.
  202. Fake "Service Dog In Training"... sigh...
  203. My first Race Card!
  204. It Pays to Prepare
  205. Um..how about no
  206. A specific place to put it
  207. T.M.I.
  208. The phone tree is a LIE!
  209. Because prosthetic legs are easy to fake
  210. Thanks, Shatner, for overbooking us.
  211. School kitchen + summer break = not good
  212. Apparently state employees aren't allowed to eat...
  213. I feel sorry for your baby
  214. Way Too Interested (Slightly NSFW)
  215. The Law of the Land
  216. tantrum at the post office
  217. Quote Emergency Unquote Issue
  218. I want to see your menu not your ads!
  219. Shady business practices
  220. douchebag parkers - little old lady edition!
  221. yes fight with the auctioneer
  222. You have to *GASP* do your job!
  223. Guess how he got paid (again)
  224. How? Why? DID YOU LOOK AT ME???
  225. Punk Kid EW gets Pwned by Awesome Bus Driver
  226. A Morning of Sightings Under my Roof (Long with some gross parts)
  227. Very aggressive irate customer
  228. Old man behaving like a child
  229. Trail etiquette
  230. PSA - dog tags
  231. Parents who won't listen to their (adult) children
  232. Really? Can you tell me what I am thinking.
  233. You don't seem to understand the gravity of the situation
  234. Thanks for raising food prices
  235. I don't know how other people can stand it (ranty threefer)
  236. Your Computer is in Danger
  237. I complained to the manager
  238. Dollar store politics
  239. Just don't do it!
  240. You'd think somebody's never stayed in a hotel before
  241. At the Bank Today
  242. He should have quit while he was ahead
  243. Hey, there are kids present!
  244. It's somebody else's fault
  245. You're part of the problem
  246. Yeah ok (weirdo 2fer)
  247. Where the Gods Reap Their Wrath
  248. Tripple WTF
  249. WTF is this, Walmart?
  250. Hmm, I wonder what the problem was