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  1. SCs must wash hands before exiting restroom
  2. But you told me...!
  3. Prevented From Working To Demand Work
  4. Bathroom break
  5. Didn't even bother to look up
  6. Somehow BK learned my secret
  7. If you're going to leave a shitty tip
  8. No soup for you!
  9. What does do not disturb mean to you?
  10. SCO fail *self sighting*
  11. Does it take a genius to make a 90 degree lineup
  12. She's a minor
  13. You could almost see the stick poking out of her butt...
  14. Wild goose chase in Boston
  15. Not toasted!
  16. In which I probably seemed like a bitch
  17. ...and now a tale of bank stupidity, and I'm no longer nice...
  18. Helplessly hoping...
  19. Just Friendly
  20. In which I finally lose it.
  21. Doncha think it's a little high??? (ranty)
  22. You're coming with us, Miss...
  23. Police...why you do this? (nothing serious)
  24. Would asking for a refund be sucky?
  25. I laughed so hard...
  26. Catch 22, Pick Up 0
  27. WE don't have a problem YOU got a dose of karma
  28. kudos to the bus driver...
  29. line jumpers suck
  30. Bathroom Boor
  31. ALWAYS take your lanyard off!!!
  32. can't they put on jackets or something????
  33. Sucky-ass blast from the past
  34. Don't argue with the passenger!
  35. To The Eternal Ranter....
  36. What sort of drug store stocks that, I wonder...
  37. Dear Koodo: This is how SCs are made.
  38. Beggar on the Train (again) and I finally have had enough
  39. I need to live in a retirement complex.
  40. Am I being sucky?
  41. "A grown man should have more than a dollar in his wallet"
  42. Murphy got me tonight...
  43. Knife Throwing!
  44. You might wanna bone up on the scanning/pricing laws...
  45. Service-we don't need to give no stinking service
  46. In which I encounter a sucky shop assistant
  47. Excuse me can I cut in line - I have no planning skills
  48. How to insult your customers in one easy step
  49. No one wants to help you if you are blatantly rude.
  50. Just a random WTF?
  51. There's tight arse Tuesday and there's crabby arse Tuesday
  52. Wow, you're easily offended....
  53. What have I done to attract the terrifying?
  54. Running late for a bus doesn't mean you can steal my food.
  55. After Christmas Returns Sightings.
  56. "pot is bad, mmmkay"
  57. I'm so angry I'm going to have a stroke!!!!!!!!
  58. He put WHAT in his mouth? (Warning gross)
  59. Two bannings in two days
  60. con artists
  61. Wherein I am gobsmacked
  62. Almost funny
  63. You're not paying attention, are you?
  64. Wherein I am triggered
  65. How dare you not have the latest checkout methods ...
  66. Yes, I understand you don't have the receipt from Christmas ...
  67. Instead of complaining about the DMV, stop being part of the problem
  68. Does it not occur to you?
  69. Sucky or reasonable request?
  70. Another consequence of unattended children...
  71. Cyclone Debbie and the bottle of drink
  72. Wut ...
  73. Do I have grounds to complain or nah?
  74. Not quite "ruining Easter," but close
  75. Gardening craziness
  76. Well, excuuuuuuse me for trying to make a living and pay rent!
  77. Loud, obnoxious jerk at Subway
  78. It really shouldn't take this long...
  79. You are a danger to public safety and a menace....
  80. "At least cows are USEFUL"
  81. Off the bus arsehole
  82. 8675309 Is not your number Jenny!
  83. Weird phone call
  84. Well, that's a smart move
  85. Now THIS is a scammer
  86. The cunning linguists of desserts....
  87. No,your shop does not offer footlicking or human horse races.
  88. Cancelled Appointment, But No Notice
  89. sighting at the c-store in the middle of nowhere
  90. I was rude
  91. Humour ... it can be tricky
  92. Eight dead grannies....
  93. Beware, outlook sucks!!
  94. There's an epidemic of deafness going around....An epidemic.Of deafness.Going around
  95. I guess I could title this post "I Dissed A Girl And I liked It!" LOL
  96. Weird massage
  97. How are you still in business?
  98. "Do they know how you're speaking to me right now?"
  99. Nana nana nana nana...
  100. I didn't use that line, though it is true
  101. To the jerk arguing with the cop...yes that road is indeed closed.
  102. Dogs are not accessories
  103. "I am not a highly satisfied customer"
  104. How to make yourself easy for the cops to catch....
  105. Midnight Repo
  106. Was my delivery driver sucky...?
  107. The brightest and best on the bus....
  108. Are you in line?
  109. Things I saw at the Disaster Center
  110. The sucky level is rising ...
  111. You don't say?
  112. We HAVE a performing arts center!
  113. A figment of my own imagination.
  114. Joke's on you, lady!
  115. "I'm gonna get sent to jail!"
  116. I'm fairly certain that "you" were the rude one.
  117. You Ruined Christmas! - Early!
  118. Only adults should be allowed to play with those.
  119. Another 'hearing' ...
  120. Bus driver had a bad day., but...
  121. Drama at Carousel One
  122. No, YOU'RE rude!
  123. General minor suckiness at closing time
  124. The Customer from GLAD
  125. Um, aren't YOU supposed to know that?
  126. Glad you've quit. And please stay out of retail.
  127. Tongs, People...Use Tongs!
  128. Grape Advocacy
  129. Tavern ham shortage thanks to Irma
  130. You're quite sure you gave it a fair chance ... ?
  131. Because It's ON YOUR MENU
  132. Yes, it's totally the employees fault you're lazy.
  133. Every. Other. Time!!!
  134. When did mustard become so foul?
  135. This store drives you crazy
  136. Get off my lawn and other things.
  137. Mystery Suck
  138. Bulldozing. Why?
  139. No, not good.
  140. Impatience never pays
  141. The misogyny inherent in the system
  142. Ye Olde Faire Stories!
  143. Where’s. My. ****ing. MONEY!!!!!
  144. Insert clever title here
  145. What happened to good ol swiping
  146. There's sawlt on my froyes!! And where my hot cwawfee??!!
  147. Well, I don't want to rent from you either
  148. Be grateful you even have a bus to get you home
  149. Mild SC at the doctors
  150. Seriously hold the onions
  151. Card or...card
  152. Sucky grocery store customer
  153. Serve me next!Me,the body that's been here longest...
  154. Avoid eye contact...
  155. Are you kidding me?!??!?
  156. Pretty sure it doesn't work like that ...
  157. Thanks for fixing things but...
  158. My crazy neighbor and animal control
  159. Why don't you clamp your lips with that thing?
  160. If you think *you* have received dirty money....
  161. I don't like having weekends off.
  162. Welcome to the 20th century
  163. Customer wanted a $1.00 refund off a bottle of wine
  164. Relax in the Hotel Spa (No, don't...)
  165. What did you expect was going to happen...
  166. Horror movies attract horrible audiences
  167. He Bullied My Co Worker
  168. Robbed by a sweet old lady on a motorized cart
  169. Customer stole 4 cases of beer at work yesterday
  170. Did anyone remember to tell the employees.....
  171. Picky Walmart cashier
  172. Customer offended by holiday hours
  173. Real-life soap opera
  174. I don't need to be concerned about the return fee
  175. I'm not actually paying attention.
  176. Maybe listen to what's going on outside first...
  177. Corporate guilt/bribe
  178. There comes a point where it becomes unreasonable...
  179. Dude, you RUN an archery club...
  180. Trying not to be sucky but .... long and a bit ranty
  181. Just let 'em do whatever, management.
  182. Give me time (More a venting then anything)
  183. Courtroom Drama
  184. Call me outdated...
  185. Ye olde dumb questions!
  186. Rude customer in Aldi.
  187. nasty officer on a power trip
  188. Maybe he was being mailed to Abu Dhabi...
  189. Overheard at the Golden Arches
  190. I want my free coffee NOW!
  191. So... bread is made by magic now?
  192. Wow i all i can say
  193. You let THAT on the train...?
  194. Subway jerk
  195. This week's back-of-the-brains-queue contender
  196. shame! shame!
  197. (Irresponsible) Father of the Year
  198. Our shop floor is not your feeding bowl....
  200. That's quality customer service
  201. The Parking Lot Concert Guy
  202. You don't get table service when you don't ask for it
  203. Can you Math?
  204. Can We Keep This Civil? or How Not to Run an Email Thread
  205. Sure, we'll just go to the secret Northeast Banana Orchard...
  206. The Unidentifiable Toilet Object and other stories
  207. Tired of the Phones Are Evil mantra
  208. And isn't it ironic...dont'cha think...?
  209. Gee, thanks, bank ...
  210. Thieving for a sunny afternoon...in the summertime
  211. But I Need It Now!
  212. Smart phones do odd things at times
  213. Excuse you!
  214. Live Range Take 2 and other fair oddities
  215. You've been hit by a dumb criminal....
  216. I'm citing myself
  217. Random Sightings
  218. "Oh, we can add caffeine for you..."
  219. Are you really that f*cking dumb?
  220. SC at the Laundromat (or was I the sucky one)
  221. Wherein I am the dumbass
  222. Stop giving me free cheese
  223. Dude, run a background check first!
  224. I'm a jerk
  225. More of a 'hearing' ...
  226. Sorry we can't control the weather, ma'am...
  227. Do you think we don't check our statements???
  228. Sarcasm cubed-long (as usual)
  229. How to get thrown out of our re-enactment club!
  230. Coming out behind
  231. You're recommending chocolate for a dog...?
  232. Careless package handlers and the fallout
  233. This week's Captain Genius
  234. Too much violence for after Christmas shopping today
  235. Christmas Eve Rudeness
  236. Yay quantity limits!
  237. Good parenting
  238. School Suck..... (long read)
  239. Pulling the "That's Illegal!" card
  240. To the lotion rubber-inner in the seat next door...
  241. a few minor sightings
  242. More of an overhearing, but STILL...
  243. They're heeeere ...
  244. Delusions of fame ...
  245. Kitty's scale of bar waiting times
  246. It's Superbowl Sunday man, what'd you expect?
  247. Vet woes
  248. About 6 inches
  249. Tales from sales
  250. From the middle