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  1. Are thieves really getting stupider?
  2. Two for the price of one
  3. MOVE, gosh darnit!!!!!111!!!11!!
  4. badtrucker
  5. You think a f-ing therapist would know the definition of insanity (rated R)
  6. Sucky Subway Worker? Sandwich cut compliance code?!?!
  7. Do any other businesses do this?!
  8. All she could think about was her break and when she was going home!
  9. Self-checkout rules?
  10. Couldn't believe it
  11. Thank god for honest people!
  12. You still hate me, but that's a-ok!
  13. WalMart employee stabs customer
  14. So your car doesn't 'pollute', but your kid does?
  15. And yet more idiocy at the self-checks!
  16. Not a sucky customer. A sucky boyfriend.
  18. Sometimes you just need to whack them
  19. Our homeowner's association's attorney..
  20. Look, Ebert, I don't care if the balcony's open! I'm in the line-up!
  22. Talking and driving: statistics
  23. Right-Of-Way... Ever hear of it???
  24. Chivalry really is dead
  25. Will someone please think of the lobsters?!
  26. 2am cold call
  27. Late night double whammy of suck
  28. More restaurant devils.
  29. Don't display it if you don't have it!
  30. But it has a window tag!
  31. Cute kid
  32. Video store closeout madness
  33. Fun Bus ride with a primitive argument!
  34. Tow truck hell (Long!)
  35. But it's not real!
  36. Hang Up and Ride!
  37. Seen at a concert....
  38. WTF moment at Timmy's
  39. Wal-Mart School Madness
  40. I'm Going To Hell
  41. Retun Suckage
  42. Old Woman w/ Nothing to do but Complain (long)
  43. I need help on this.
  44. Seen at Customer Service
  45. Drama at the passport office
  46. Some things shouldn't be advertised . . .
  47. Argument at KFC
  48. A Sighting And A Compliment
  49. Scammer, or just dim?
  50. Sluuuck suuuuck suuuuck....
  51. Rude family + heelies, and sometimes I donít read the signs either.
  52. Panhandler not so needy!
  53. Jabba the Hut, McDonalds stoner, and Idiot College Boy!
  54. Well OK then.........
  55. A new low in the world of sugar-free...
  56. Buy your own bloody smokes!
  57. God-Complex
  58. Check-out Lane of Doom... maybe?
  59. Nicotine Withdrawal + Shopping = Bad Idea
  60. Assault at the Subway
  61. Someone who clearly DOESN'T need any more caffeine! (Long)
  62. AWESOME service last night :D
  63. 1 Gal does not equal 1 Gal
  64. (Short) Kids 6 and under + Mammoth cave + Inattentive parents = Bad
  65. *bomp*bomp*bomp* Another One Rides the Bus (very long and some profanity)
  66. There is sad and there is good
  67. Get OUT!
  68. My....Mother...
  69. Late night adventures at Wal-Mart
  70. wait.. what? ID?
  71. Few years old.
  72. Stories from Malinois rescue (long!)
  73. Gas Station and Smoking
  74. Wii bit of a problem
  75. The secret thought processes of SCs
  76. Cool buddies Part one: Crazy Cart Pusher and the illiterate customer.
  77. Cool Buddies Part Two: Co-worker wants his drink in cooler.
  78. What was this?
  79. Don't bull**** me!!!
  80. Manager trying to teach manners
  81. Somebody didn't have their thinking cap on.....
  82. cringe oh dear : my grans a SC
  83. Brats - warning, long
  84. The Annoying Family
  85. Music Festival Pressure sales
  86. "Does it take singles?"
  87. Real mature
  88. Chili Cookoff Blues
  89. Get out of the way!!!!11!11!!! (long and pretty much a rant)
  90. Car stereos...
  91. Hotel clerk with insanely short-term memory
  92. I feel like you are calling me fat, thanks.
  93. Not a normal sighting
  94. Very Late Idiot
  95. Are they for sale or not?
  96. Attention McDonalds people:
  97. Rude, thoughtless lady
  98. What I Get For Stopping On My way Home...
  99. If you're next, get in line!
  100. McDonalds Drive-Thru Soaking
  101. Racist intolerant Bastard at gas pump.
  102. Sad state of America's youth
  103. I was probably sucky, but so was the service
  104. Clueless at the LYS
  105. Wrong thing to say
  106. Mega Gazliion Buck Fever
  107. More MBTA asshattery
  108. Seen at the mall...
  109. Concert SC's
  110. Well, I tried "excuse me"...
  111. How to treat customer.
  112. How could you tell?
  113. Tree lady butts in line
  114. My first SC story.
  115. Dumb and Trusting
  116. Are you always this inconsiderate?
  117. I Needed ID to Order Cake!
  118. Get the hell out of the way!
  119. You're welcome!
  120. Scrapping in the yard...
  121. calling outsourced centers is a pain
  122. Two cans of cat food
  123. <.<^.^>.> Mom...
  124. This was too funny to pass up...
  125. Thanks library worker
  126. Hey, We're Expected to Pay!
  127. Bass Voice and Religion Do Not a Good Time Make
  128. Comcast can't get it right (long)
  129. High Fructose Corn Syrup
  130. first time & last time
  131. My moms jobs.
  132. Airport suckies...
  133. Careless people
  134. Sucky Amazon Seller
  135. Angry old arsehole
  136. wagamama sighting (some language)
  137. Another comedian at the Food Kitty!
  138. When friends (almost) become SCs
  139. PETA passing out pamphlets
  140. Im so embarressed!
  141. Sucky pizza delivery man
  142. Open Letter to the Mom at the Supermarket...
  143. Way to upset the pregnant lady..
  144. On-going battle with pizza place
  145. Its like a broken record with some of these bus drivers
  146. I think I gave my praise too soon
  147. That's Stealing, You Know
  148. Never had to fire a volunteer before this weekend
  149. Hmm, something's missing
  150. My cousin sucks
  151. Rather egoistical...
  152. FINALLY - a cop when you need one...
  153. nutty bus lady
  154. Guess I Wasn't Thinking/Good Deed Done
  155. AT&T is putting parents in control - why weren't they in control to begin with?
  156. Miserable at WalGreens?
  157. Not Sucky as much as incredibly stupid
  158. Raisins!
  159. My Roomie The SC Part 2
  160. Slow or ignorant retail workers
  161. Typical small redneck towns...
  162. Cow orders out for Chinese
  163. Racist KFC folk.
  164. I'm almost sorry I wasn't suckier, frankly.
  165. So, you want to assault me with a butter knife?
  166. They DO whore around!
  167. Lawsuit? we're safe now!
  168. Wherein Philips earns a visit from the Fist of Death
  169. Petrol Station SC
  170. "Unlimited" Internet whiners
  171. One of My Sightings Inspired a Short Play (OK It's a Skit)
  172. Wal-Mart parking lot shenanigans!
  173. "I'm sorry, we can't make ice cream." "OK, can I have some icecream then?"
  174. Arguing with the police.......(long, like I usually do)
  175. The mechanics of money
  176. The Tyrranosaurus
  177. Please don't yell in my ear
  178. Why I don't go to the movies anymore #307
  179. Extra Protein
  180. A refreshing sign at Subway
  181. Oh dear...little long
  182. Helped catch a counterfeiter.
  183. A little irritated
  184. Free Ketchup!
  185. Crack-heads and comics
  186. Tales of greyhound(long)Part One
  187. Suggestions on what to do, please (long)
  188. You're going the wrong way!
  189. OMG!! My Da just threatend physical violence on an employee at EB games!!
  190. Poor poor bus driver
  191. Ever heard of buggy rage?
  192. $25!!! TWENTY FIVE DOLLARS!!!
  193. Can you count?
  194. The Stupidest Thing I Have Ever Seen. (Long, language!)
  195. Full Moon
  196. Fairy Princess, Cowgirl, ???
  197. It's a quarter! Just a quarter!
  198. Crazy (and rather rude) lady at the post office.
  199. A story from my manager (long -- lots of history)
  200. Ran into a sucky employee at KFC...
  201. The rules don't apply when you own a Vette
  202. SC defeated at express lane
  203. I got to see a SC get busted!
  204. You need to have menu items for diabetics!
  205. I Feel So Dirty...
  206. It's your fault my kid's a cheater!
  207. ...YOU'RE the manager?
  208. 4 way blinkers are not a license to break laws
  209. I'm not stalking you, I live here too (LONG)
  210. Festival Sighting.
  211. Supermarket suck
  212. Cheesecake!!!!! (longish)
  213. Shirt > Electricity
  214. Best Buy Uber Sucky Customer
  215. Hey! I saw that!
  216. Macca's gone bad
  217. Has anyone else noticed... (re: SUVs)
  218. Adventures in Hotel Renovations
  219. the 90 minute wait turned 4 hours
  220. Watch my kid
  221. talk about road rage!
  222. If your shoes hurt, don't wear them to the mall
  223. Various airplane sightings
  224. Aggregate Suck
  225. New trend in parenting, let the child spank you!
  226. I love the way she handled this one.
  227. WTF Meter
  228. Patience is a virtue
  229. I can feel the suckiness rising in me even now.
  230. Sighted: Truly SUCKY Doctor's Office Staff (A rant with bad/colorful language)
  231. How hard is parking a car?
  232. An interesting day
  233. Dead grandma qualifies for picture phone! Yay!
  234. Crazy towel lady
  235. Almost got in a fight with a SC
  236. More Wal-Mart follies!
  237. Yet another story of an SC not planning ahead.
  238. Seen when driving by a Chapter's:
  239. Restaurant suckiness or how would you managers have handled this?
  240. Apologies to people who work in craft stores
  241. Decent people are there to be eaten
  242. I wonder if she realised the entire store was laughing at her?
  243. Lady, it's a convenience store not a high-end shop
  244. Sucky Customer Attractant.
  245. I fear future suck...
  246. somebody tried to get a cake done at work
  247. Asking for "personal info" on a whole new level.
  248. God I can't escape the stupidity
  249. How man y is a couple?
  250. It's three items!