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  1. Ah, the many joys of Football Roadtrips
  2. Flaming Rodent Ball of Death
  3. Don't Like It? Don't Eat There!
  4. Stupid Hair (language)
  5. Spotted at the Faire
  6. Sorry Pizza Hut workers
  7. get.out.of.my.way!
  8. Computer lab tech blows a gasket (language)
  9. Damn Colombia House
  10. Driving in the rain today....so much fun!
  11. My mom can be sucky...
  12. I'm not done with my soup yet!!!! ( Very Long, apologies in advance)
  13. Best Buy - Who's the sucky one here?
  14. Words and their meanings on signs
  15. Laser pointer hording loser
  16. I swear, today was just not my day for customer service
  17. So THIS is what the "Size Zero" craze has caused.....LONG
  18. No, the *fax* machine
  19. I feel for this poor guy
  20. It's not going to work, no matter how many buttons you press!
  21. Craptastic Day at Arby's.
  22. Dental hijinks...
  23. Bitchy manager at Wal-Mart
  24. Parking lots and schools
  25. Rampaging computer twerp (long)
  26. Ordering pizza the old-fashioned way
  27. Sucky waitress
  28. I have to find a new MacDonald's
  29. Entitlement and City of Heroes(and Villains)
  30. So I almost had to punch someone out...
  31. LIVE caterpillar in wife's sandwich!
  33. Subway suck
  34. False Advertising at Kool Smiles
  35. I'm the best customer ever! (????)
  36. Best Buy suck..
  37. Stupid Jerk
  38. She Had The Music In Her
  39. I am your personal directory
  40. Um...it's not *that* kind of call center
  41. Idiot Computer Store Employee
  42. I fear for Wal-Mart employees...
  43. Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow.
  44. Oops at Starbucks...
  45. Weird way to ask for ID
  46. Nice ethics, lady...
  47. Little things click ito big day.
  48. Suckiness all round
  49. Way to impress
  50. SC's and carts
  51. One my boyfriend saw- Sucky man Pwned by staff member.
  52. I was dumb today...
  53. i think i was sucky
  54. HOLY CRAP!! Real life Clerks reference!
  55. Application Hilarity
  56. O.M.F.G...he did not just say what I thought he said.
  57. Maybe some PIZZA?!?!
  58. Put some clothes on your kids before taking them shopping with you!
  59. Don't tell us to be sucky customers, lady!
  60. Marshmallow Madness
  61. Ultimate Saturday SUCK *Looong!*
  62. Thanksgiving fun at the grocery store!
  63. Douchebag worker stole a woman's discount card.
  64. Well, here I go.
  65. Some McDonalds fun
  66. Misdirected Vitriol SC's
  67. Wherein my father buys fish
  68. i love advertising for Customers Suck!!!!
  69. Express Lane Tomfoolery
  70. Two sucks
  71. Props to Gamestop
  72. "How to vote" cards...
  73. Radio DJ gets pwned during his own prank!
  74. OH NO!
  75. Poor Child
  76. Suckiness All Around (semi-long and language)
  77. 11 rules for traveling overseas once you get old...
  78. Caiman Airways SNAFU
  79. Disgusting!
  80. Is it really so hard? ((LONG!))
  81. Who, if anyone, was sucky?
  82. Consider it a compliment.
  84. Confused American
  85. Its my ring...
  86. Sighting at the Billy Joel Concert
  87. Oh! Oh that one! The tower's down! (right...)
  88. Acting a fool on a plane
  89. Just returned from the Mecca of SCs and Jerks in General (Sorry, uber long!)
  90. Rome, Italy not Rome, Texas
  91. Stupidity at the grocerey store!
  92. In Which Sayd's Man Resists Bashing a SC with Broccoli
  93. Price hikes and reasons they are being implemented
  94. When I was a Kid, I Remember Some Bad Stuff;
  95. I feel for you computer guys.
  96. What are you staring at?
  97. Dear Sir in the suburban...
  99. Very horrible mother
  100. Winter Assault (Rated M for Language)
  101. My apologies to the clerks....
  102. Gee, I wonder why that sign is there.
  103. Printer's out of ink? What do you do?
  104. Classic Grocery Store Sighting
  105. Kitchen Nightmares SC Scammers "Congratulations, You're on National TV!"
  106. Advance screening SC
  107. My Tuesday of suckage (long, language)
  108. The post office is a business, not a service
  109. The sad thing is this woman has bred...
  110. "This IS the Express Lane, right???"
  111. Shows what you know!
  112. My i-pod! Mine!
  113. What part of "BROKE @%^ COLLEGE STUDENT" don't you understand?
  114. don't take credit for other people's work!
  115. Sucktacular Shopping Adventures
  116. Two from my adventures at Training
  117. The yard is not the driveway
  118. You're not the only one on break, lady.
  119. clown car
  120. That is NOT an alcove.. ( + one gross mini)
  121. Ahh, the dangers of electric carts...
  122. Attack of the Italian Model Wannabes (and other stuff)
  123. Urge to kill rising....
  124. Yes, They're Really Closed
  125. Wait.....what? You've GOT to be kidding me...
  126. Tensions in the express lane
  127. Were you waving at me?
  128. Whereupon Survival Instinct Overrides Testosterone
  129. Can I finish my sentence, please?
  130. Wee! We have a Wii!
  131. Another nominee for parent of the year (mucho sarcasim)
  132. SC almost spit on my sister!!!!!
  133. Caution! Hot Surface!
  134. Post office WTF
  135. Wherein my finger and mouth cause trouble (long, language)
  136. Cannons and Safety Issues
  137. Sighting! In my own house!
  138. Overheard
  139. You're all the same, aren't you?
  140. Makin' out in the drive-thru
  141. Very strange man
  142. "How DARE you want to go home??"
  143. I've turned into the customer from hell
  144. Space Cadet At The Market
  145. On the radio
  146. Where's my bus?
  147. Are you REALLY that heartless?! (a tiny bit of language.)
  148. Happy Holiday Sighting
  149. drive thru fun at McDonalds
  150. Fazolis Foolery
  151. Sorry to interrupt your shopping experience
  152. No more sugar, kid!
  153. I hate malls.
  154. I'm an idiot today, and no poor service people should have to deal with me.
  155. I'm a beech!
  156. Real life Office Space reference
  157. Waiter Suck and a Question
  158. "I could beat you up because..."
  159. Oh boy! My first "Do you work here?"!
  160. But it fits better!
  161. and they just keep coming..I should really stay in bed till the new year
  162. Nothing like insulting your students right in front of them...
  163. I give a SC a much needed shot of reality
  164. Force Choking, part deux *Language*
  165. There are thoughtful people in this world!
  166. That's almost stalking...
  167. Liars are Giving Me Migraines
  168. Please, I Just Want to Get to Work
  169. This room smells!
  170. This could have ended badly...
  171. I got the DYWH question!
  172. Horrible Parenting
  173. Yes I work... but not here...(Confusing).
  174. Celebrity was in our store.
  175. FedEx is "too busy" to deliver a package
  176. Last Minute Shopping Dangers
  177. Yes, getting your car T-boned -would- ruin Christmas
  178. Heartless Strikes Again. (Language warning)
  179. Thank You WH Smith
  180. Grovel before me or I'm never coming here again!
  181. Subway out of bread!
  182. My brother nearly screamed at someone
  183. Wherein karma exacts revenge on a local company
  184. Passport Suckage (sort of long)
  185. This isn't Wal-Mart, lady!
  186. Hooray for holiday refunds! (long, and some language)
  187. Paging Gravekeeper...
  188. Goosed by a little boy!
  189. Guitar Heroes...NOT!
  190. More epic ebay fail!
  191. No smoking means no smoking!
  192. SCs and order numbers
  193. You can't fire ME!
  194. Geek Squad Idiocy
  195. ihop blues
  196. Just a Little One
  197. 100 dollar bill lady
  198. Is this even LEGAL?????
  199. Sucky trucking? You decide! *warning, LANGUAGE!, long*
  200. So WHY are you working at a PET STORE???
  201. Venders & "this isn't a children's book"
  202. I met one on the bus
  203. the hairiest, most unhealthy, and ugliest 14-year old ever (long)
  204. Bank suckage (Longish)
  205. Yet another "do you work here?"
  206. CW goes to visit an SC
  207. Confusion at the multiplex
  208. The tale of the Boy Shoes
  209. Why i will never buy clothing from Kohls again
  210. apartment sighting
  211. Victor and the Tree
  212. Sucky Waitress
  213. Take it Back (longish)
  214. No, really you need a log-in
  215. i kinda feel sorry for this SC, but i'll still laugh at him
  216. "Some people are rude!" "Like you for example"
  217. Taxi Cab Suckage!
  218. am i so weird? re: manners
  219. Watch where you throw your baby!!
  220. I Just Want A Loaf Of Bread
  221. Horse Shoeing and Barn Suckage
  222. Please, just walk away.
  223. Parking Wars
  224. Where is everybody?
  225. Photo lab fun!
  226. Crummy Worker at a WaWa
  227. sucky server
  228. Ticketmaster fun
  229. Phone Suckage
  230. Brat at the DMV
  231. SC at Bertucci's! and a confession at once
  232. Credit Union Suck
  233. Cutting on Line at McDonalds
  234. Another SD (Sucky Driver) Story
  235. Service dogs are NOT here for your enjoyment
  236. Did you try it first? (long)
  237. Pizza Delivery...harder then it looks(apparently MUCH harder)
  238. car sighting: registration sticker vs inspection sticker
  239. Ten steps to never dealing with DHL again.
  240. Bad drivers, mean drivers, old drivers, funny drivers.
  241. Heard on the radio this morning.
  242. Role reversal of a sort, heh
  243. Boston: full of SC's(long)
  244. Something's missing here...
  245. Cyclists, traffic and fog
  246. Where did you go?
  247. Food Woes...
  248. Registry of Motor Vehicles, how do I hate thee?
  249. Is it so hard to say "I don't know"?
  250. Complaint - Accent?