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  1. Pay attention!!!
  2. Sir, that's diesel...
  3. Karma is a bitch
  4. $30 + $2.50 =/= $35.10
  5. They gave me $28.00
  6. Sucky customer of boyfriend
  7. SC or bad employee?????? you tell me
  8. Absolutely hilarious (I think, anyways...)
  9. "But I've got a voucher!"
  10. Sighting at the Doctor's Office (Long)
  11. "That's too many for express!"
  12. The stupid is strong!!!!
  13. When Morons Shoplift
  14. Talk about seeing through crap colored glasses....
  15. Bar sighting on my bday
  16. Not Sucky, Just Creepy
  17. Well, will you honor it or not?
  18. I didn't get carded..
  19. Damnit, I missed the *best* pwnage ever!
  20. Sighting at coffee shop
  21. Sighting on the Shuttle
  22. Another one on the bus.
  23. More road rage!
  24. Really Sucky Waitress
  25. "We're here for the review."
  26. The joys of matinee movies
  27. There are other parking spots
  28. KITTY!
  29. I wanted to see PUPPIES!
  30. My modem arrived! (finally)
  31. Wierdness at the BK
  32. Why are they all in Salt Lake?
  33. Move it, cow!
  34. "Some bloke swung his dog at me" from RPGnet Tangency
  35. Crappy Waitress
  36. Open letter to some concert goers
  37. Not open yet
  38. To the family that was behind me at IHOP
  39. Zombie children at Wal-Mart
  40. 2 Wonderful Waiters!
  41. "I'm a coffee drinker, man."
  42. Snobby Store Clerk
  43. Thwarting the local telemarketers using...
  44. Sold to the family who actually turned up.
  45. Dumbass of the year? Don't try to sell something you do not own.
  46. a wave of shitty subway workers
  47. Pop quiz from your driver's ed class!
  48. Seems easy enough to me...
  49. Landmine!
  50. Tax Time Freakie-doos. (five stories)
  51. I was nearly sucky!
  52. This is just, I don't know, stupid.
  53. "I have the right to illegally park!"
  54. I hate driving
  55. Slow walkers cost me $3.20!
  56. GAh stop it!!!
  57. Pizza Hut illiteracy
  58. A poor choice of words
  59. The strangest thing you have seen a customer wear
  60. Napkin theft
  61. Dishtowels pre-tested for your convenience
  62. Airline departure times: The lying game
  63. I need a doohickey with a thermowhatsit.
  64. I don't know what to think... (longish)
  65. No!
  66. Get off your f*&#ing cell phone!
  67. sighting at BK (both SC and rude mgr) kinda long
  68. Did you really just try to hand us that?
  69. Raffles are supposed to be fun, right?
  70. SuperSuck XLII at the BestBuy
  71. Arby's bags...
  72. "I don't want to hear it"
  73. Daycare Sighting x2
  74. Forgot my popcorn...
  75. Coupons are difficult. So is reading them.
  76. It's Called Personal Space
  77. Sighting or SC? You tell me.
  78. School bus driver at Wal-Mart
  79. So, You're Dropping Something Off
  80. Minor BK annoyance
  81. The Boomerang Customer
  82. I would kill this Arbys, but damn the food is good.
  83. The Drug Fits The Face
  84. G*dd*mn Follett...
  85. I guess we look honest
  86. Which other girl?
  87. There are honest people after all!
  88. "OKAY?!"
  89. David's Bridal sucks I guess..
  90. Signs at the grocery store...
  91. Sub shop suck
  92. Blocking Foul
  93. No American food!
  94. I didn't do it on purpose! (walk in clinic sighing)
  95. Brat
  96. Vegetarian chicken, hmm?
  97. Things NOT to say in front of a new client...
  98. DipShit at Wal-Mart!
  99. I needed Bread
  100. But We Don't Want to Sit There
  101. Coffee shop douchebag
  102. Annoying...
  103. Confused old man
  104. We can spell, reelly.
  105. Cranky man at Bank
  106. Is is 2 o'clock already?
  107. "you're not a cop so you have no business asking me for ID"
  108. Letter to Bi Lo
  109. Stupid girl at Mickey D's
  110. Would you just Listen?
  111. Watch where your going kid.
  112. Bad parent sightings
  113. wherein I lose my cool politely
  114. The right to refuse service.
  115. So we can never order your pizza?
  116. I gave a guy an orgasm...
  117. Open letters to folks at the supermarket today...
  118. MoveIt movemovemoveMOVE NOW
  119. Laundry Loonies and Driving Daisies (long, language!)
  120. 'It was 20 years ago!'
  121. Senior moments at McDonalds
  122. What's Lettuce?
  123. I=evil
  124. Walmart HELL and 2 Fast 2 Furious
  125. Short and Sweet
  126. Excitement at the KFC/Taco Bell ~ Language
  127. Your Pizza Slices Shall Be Triangles
  128. Would I be an SC?
  129. Lying for fun and profit. Mostly profit.
  130. If you carry on, it'll come to blows.
  131. Nice try.
  132. On behalf of a Metro-North Conductor
  133. This just struck me as funny today
  134. Was I thinking like an SC?
  135. All I was trying to do was help a customer...
  136. the scs on the bus proving my grandma's saying
  137. Entitlement whorism trumps politics
  138. I want a ONE X!
  139. HNNGH. Trash cans exist for a reason!
  140. The Honest Truth
  141. Good LORD, take it somewhere else!
  142. I Don't Get What's So Difficult
  143. Yet another reason I won't use sears
  144. The next person to glare...
  145. Supermarket staff suckage
  146. Creepy
  147. At the bookstore
  148. Large fiery explosion of death!
  149. EW Thwarted
  150. Most disgusting SC I've witnessed.
  151. No sandwich! Kerblooey!!
  152. One for the apothecaries
  153. All Family at Best Buy
  154. Crappy security!
  155. Epic Suck
  156. Hotels.com bends over hotel workers everywhere
  157. Not under Warranty...
  158. Imaginary Pink Floyd Gunman
  159. On the radio
  160. Racism = firing.
  161. You were with that woman!
  162. sucky magazine salesman
  163. SC vs SE vs ME?! *rant
  164. Minor, strange sighting.
  165. The SCs are following me
  166. McDonalds and other sightings
  167. I'm a sucky evil line cutter!
  168. Warm Weather Sunday
  169. Newspaper thief
  170. Cash Stolen from Lockers
  171. I am not very proud of myself :(
  172. Stale Pizza
  173. "My mother is going to starve!"
  175. Minor, but annoying all the same
  176. Crazy Truck Guy and the video store of Doom
  177. Shopping Irritation
  178. I drive slow and how dare you pass me on the road!
  179. Stop. Calling. Me! (advice needed)
  180. Urge to be an SC rising...
  181. I think they're closed
  182. Not so much sucky, but I don't know what this is
  183. No you can't have my boyfriend
  184. A Truly Terrible Sales Person
  185. Should they have been fired?
  186. Fist Fight over Yu Gi Oh! Cards! Oh my!
  187. Oh, he's good.
  188. EW in passing
  189. Sucky non-customer expects to be treated better than customers
  190. Question for those who have to deal with lottery SC's
  191. Where has common decency gone?
  192. Screaming obcenities and running full-tilt.
  193. Oh, For Crying Out Loud...
  194. The Creepy Man from the ice-cream Parlor
  195. Angry with our phone company
  196. Texting the Wrong Number
  197. Another fun day off
  198. What was your first witness SC?
  199. Post office Glare of Death
  200. News getting it right
  201. Deli on my day off
  202. rocket scientists they are not...
  203. Curbside Service at Speedway
  204. Get off the phone!
  205. "We don't sell manuals"
  206. All in the family, unfortunately
  207. bring your freaking wallet with you next time!
  208. Where Do You See the Word Free?
  209. Get a hearing aid
  210. Here we go round.
  211. Night
  212. Not The Best Place For Tai Chi
  213. Move your car..... NOW!!!
  214. Fudrucker's Worker
  215. The most incredible thing I have ever seen
  216. HOLD THE TRAAINN!!!!!
  217. Odd Bus Riders
  218. Letter in my local newspaper
  219. Was this rude?
  220. The Coffee Prophecy
  221. Instant Suck
  222. What? No Socks?
  223. Much Suck.
  224. A Fun (and Sighting) Filled Weekend
  225. sucky neighbor
  226. Can they do this?
  227. Roller Coaster Moron
  228. Fine, so ignore me.
  229. I just wanted some poptarts man (long)
  230. Cable company suck
  231. more on the bus
  232. Laundry Woe
  233. Guess he really needed some smokes
  234. Sucky RELATIVES
  235. a sighting on camera...
  236. Ordered a water and got champagne (metaphorically speaking)
  237. I was an EAR witness to a suck
  238. Supermarket Sucktastic Shedevil
  239. Grocery store sighting
  240. NWA and an epic journey [long]
  241. Best Buy had to Price Match itself
  242. Friend said what the emplyee could not.
  243. Poor Doggy
  244. Why does this not surprise me?
  245. Gross-out at Sonic
  246. Sighted myself
  247. German suck
  248. The SCs on the bus go round and round, round and round, round and round...
  249. Shopping Sucky Person
  250. Dumb Mother