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  1. She needed it as much as I did
  2. Self-check at Wal-Mart
  3. Don't huff at me
  4. Bronco Burgers!
  5. Gas Lady butts in line at the 7-Eleven
  6. Hooray for good companies!
  7. This is a school zone...
  8. Residential Hijinks
  9. Now what did I do?
  10. Sucky Student
  11. Possible Misconception
  12. Is it me? Do I attract these people?
  13. Troll at the bar
  14. Blinded by the light...
  15. Just when i think it's hit rock bottom
  16. Supermarket Tantrums
  17. Bowling with Steel
  18. And you're in honors?!?
  19. You can take your pre-orders...
  20. The vultures are attacking!!!
  21. Pharmacy Jerk (language)
  22. I may have been a little sucky.
  23. Unclear on the conceptů
  24. Meandering and Moseying at McD's (and the post is long, boring and whiny, too)
  25. Over zealous bible thumper...
  26. I am an idiot (Self Sighting)
  27. Pick it up jackass!
  28. I don't want your garbage, lady
  29. Because it's ILLEGAL
  30. Best. Pwnage. EVER.
  31. Rather depressing, actually
  32. Bathroom suckage - Warning, might be gross
  33. Motorcycling 101
  34. I almost killed a man... because of sauce.
  35. Idiots on the highway
  36. Reckless driver pwned.
  37. Some days I wish they'd invent teleportation technology...
  38. Ack! Personal Space!!!!
  39. Idiots are bad for your health
  40. We have a "Sucky Customers" forum, can we have a "Stupid Customers" one?
  41. Oh, come ON now!
  42. Sucky Public Transit
  43. Told off a lady at the store.
  44. Dining sighing - or were we the sucky ones?
  45. The suck is strong in this one...
  46. No warranty for you!
  47. SC and the fire alarm
  48. Way to run a business guys...(language)
  49. Adventures in Wireless Internet (Long)
  50. Wow... Just Wow...
  51. Sightings for the weekend
  52. Do I look like it?
  53. Um...okay?
  54. "Are you a furry?"
  55. Bad Color Choice.
  56. Sure, let me call the AC Power Supply fairy....
  57. That's not a trash can!
  59. They Had To Be Up To Something
  60. No sir, you cannot use 2 coupons for one product.
  61. Three from the Hospital Trenches
  62. Boss encouraging me to be an SC
  63. Inconvenience at Best Buy
  64. I'll help him sue you (warning: medical)
  65. One reason I'm glad I don't work at Wal-Mart...
  66. is there something wrong?
  67. Quite possibly the most pointless argument ever
  69. When I leave a contact number..
  70. The perky girl is jaded too =P
  71. Baby Penis or what I learned buying coffee
  72. A hag, a cart, and a pimp.
  73. Hockey is violent?
  74. Do you work here?
  75. Ah-wuh?
  76. That's not a PIN!
  77. Worrying trend
  78. Sighted myself? Or not?
  79. That's some weird encounter, Harry
  80. A little more information please...
  81. Mom vs. Kmart--flawless victory!
  82. Don't stand so close to me
  83. Park and dash?
  84. Consumerist... a haven for SC's...
  85. I Need Two Forms Of ID
  86. More Hockey Violence
  87. Adventures with Thrifty Car Rental
  88. SCs in Vegas
  89. Old man at the Super Saver
  90. Bad Mommy
  91. No rainchecks!
  92. Wherein Game Crazy smashes a kid's hopes and raises mine.
  93. At the public pool
  94. The cashier that refused to talk to me.
  95. The Slow Woman in the Express Lane
  96. Gas station stupid
  97. SC Thwarted
  98. Woman in her Jaguar in Boca Raton
  99. the shining city on the hill is starting to tarnish
  100. Mmmmm Taco Bell Dog
  101. Seriously, what's the deal? (long)
  102. medical suck
  103. Not-so-fun Trip to the Lady Doctor (Ranty but not at all gross, I promise!)
  104. Way Too Much Information (Very Gross)
  105. A new low? (Gross)
  106. Gym Suckage
  107. Walgreen's Weirdness
  108. So you took my picture, BFD!
  109. Drunkards
  110. Is it sucky of me...?
  111. Got My Adrenaline Pumping For Nothing
  112. So much for that back massage.
  113. A message to the suicidal/homicidal driver from today:
  114. Put some socks on before you try on those shoes!
  115. What part of "I am on the do not call list do you not understand?!"
  116. The ultimate low
  117. An open letter to the stinky gym guy.
  118. Curmudgeonly Columnist
  119. All of your coworkers have greeted me already...
  120. A gas station first!
  121. I did something sucky, and am not ashamed.
  122. Revenge Is Cold & Sticky-Sweet
  123. Mom the SC
  124. nearly killed by pizza delivery driver
  125. Just sit on back and I'll tell you a tale
  127. How to suck muchly
  128. Fun at K-Mart
  129. What's a late fee?
  130. i found out my friend is an SC
  131. Grocery store grumbles (some language)
  132. That's why they call it a "Companion" ticket...
  133. Dining Disaster-What would you do? (Extremely long)
  134. Game store, and rudeness
  135. Coldstone Calamity
  136. What part did she think it was?
  137. such a nice place :)
  138. Errg! (Long and Ranty!!!!)
  139. Trifling-ass loser at Lowes
  140. yet another UTA special (kinda long)
  141. Ignored by a cashier, who in turn gets pwned.
  142. Silly nurse
  143. Advice: How to complain without getting the staff in trouble?
  144. Give me that new book before the release date!
  145. if only....
  146. Thanks for Nothing
  147. I wish i could've intervened.
  148. Things not to do with religion
  149. if you're that sure i'm not old enough...(some language)
  150. Super-Suckiness at the Bookshop
  151. Wally World Fun
  152. Wally World Fun Part 2
  153. Neighbor From Hell
  154. Free entertainment on the bus
  155. The Good Doctor and His Cell Phone Woes
  156. Here's suckiness: not giving a crap that there's a lost and found for a reason
  157. Tinker's Belle...
  158. I suck...
  159. Can you hear me now?
  160. Monday morning at the Shell station
  161. Wake up Call...
  162. Long, long ago...
  163. Facepalm. (Self sighting)
  164. Going Out of Business
  165. A good customer?
  166. Computers and sudden power loss
  167. No, not THAT one! Comes with side of pwnage.
  168. Waddaya mean it won't fit?
  169. Let's grab the waitress's arse
  170. We all forget to pay.
  171. Too many noobs spoil the grill
  172. How bad does something have to be before someone should lose their job ?
  173. Gas station employee - full of WIN!!! Short but sweet :)
  174. Purple Fives
  175. High gas prices, more drive-offs
  176. Something I never thought I'd have to explain in public
  177. My ongoing battle with Circuit City (EXTREMELY long; some language)
  178. It's the LAW!!
  179. Witness to Logic
  180. Indy brawl!
  181. You know what else is unprofessional?
  182. Why I don't shop at Wal-mart
  183. Yet Another: I dont work here!!!
  184. Just some funny stuff
  185. A funny thing happened to me when I was Christmas shopping a couple of years ago...
  186. Why ASS-uming things is bad
  187. The worst restaurant service I have seen or experienced
  188. Things that cashiers do that make you think... HUH!?
  189. Not The Most Reliable Network
  190. Sighting while clothes shopping
  191. Wow just wow utterly bad parenting
  192. ((Long)) At least my Mom...
  193. ... So.. You're the biggest bitch.. (Gory and upsetting)!
  194. Sighting from the newspaper
  195. Why I hate shopping
  196. Bubble Girl? (short)
  197. Yeah, I Kinda Need That
  198. Fish are WHAT?
  199. Insane bus driver
  200. We Covered a Cashier's Escape
  201. Parking (Picture!)
  202. Sighting at the cell phone store
  203. Never seen a jehovas witness walk on air before( strange and some gore)
  204. things that are just strange
  205. Mom and daughter at Best Buy for an IPOD
  206. I <3 Target!
  207. The last week of school and McDonalds
  208. Didn't work, did they?
  209. Barefoot in Subway
  210. Was my pizza driver sucky? (kinda long)
  211. American Bigots
  212. Quickie
  213. Excuse me while I do your job for you.
  214. Monday commute WTFs
  215. Suddenly I Don't Want Any Anymore
  216. That was NOT the proper tone for that question!
  217. Tomatoes with a touch of Pwnage
  218. you can't expect a six year old to...
  219. Sucky citizens put rest of population in danger
  220. Abused Busker
  221. ANZ... The bank of nitwits.
  222. This is not a difficult request....
  223. Worst waitress ever *comic book guy voice*
  224. People Irk Me
  225. Body Slammed by a Hippo!!!
  226. Not A Brain Amongst Them...
  227. I'm just an innocent(ish) bystander to this one! (kinda long)
  228. As related by a delivery driver...
  229. That's NOT an excuse....
  230. Certainly not zombie food...
  231. Lazy dumb girls at Subway
  232. Capital One attempts financial penetration on me
  233. "I guess chivalry is dead!"
  234. You Are My Friend, But I Dislike You........
  235. The Flood of '08
  236. At the Family Restaurant today
  237. *sigh*
  238. I'd expect this in theatres...
  239. Walmart suckatude
  240. Yes...The Machine can sense you!
  241. Another reason not to shop at Wal-Mart
  242. OMG! Terrorist!!1!eleventy!!
  243. A "Did I Suck?" Post
  244. Sightings Series. part two.
  245. The Saga of the Rentors...
  246. I am an abominaton (Another Train Story)
  247. Has this ever happened to you?
  248. Plastic Bag Shortage?
  249. My day off is always uneventful.
  250. Amtrak sighting