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  1. Not a Hotel, Buddy!
  2. Sucky Gas Station
  3. Race card won't work there!
  4. What does that have to do with it?
  5. Dragged against my will into sucking
  6. what a sweet couple (language)
  7. Not too sucky, slighty odd. (kinda long, kinda boring....eh) :)
  8. When Captain Obvious isnt available...you fail.
  9. Complaining because the bus is running on schedule...
  10. ...Two in a row...?
  11. My credit card company screws up, and makes me do all the work to fix it.
  12. A night at the Klub (Warning : Explicit content)
  13. At BK, they do it all for you (funny)
  14. Loud Bus Conversation........
  15. Wow...that's low, lady...
  16. I am bakery death.
  17. Above and Beyond and left her in shock
  18. Scorpions!
  19. Car dealership SCs: A Special Kind of Suck
  20. Where's a BART cop when you want one?
  21. Pizza Hut suck
  22. Pwning a line-jumper
  23. wait what
  24. My son- The SC.
  25. Clown car of stupidity.
  26. Shirt Sightings.
  27. doctor's office relocation
  28. I never noticed a problem, but I demand you compensate me anyway!
  29. sighting from my "sick" day
  30. I live in a right to carry state
  31. You Know You're from Philly When....
  32. My Arch Nemesis!
  33. Really?
  34. self sighting while driving
  35. Like Vultures, horrific creeping nasty...
  36. I'm WALKING here!
  37. My Wal-Mart happenings
  38. But it's right there! (Not sucky, just weird)
  39. I don't think Emily Post covers this...
  40. 27 minutes...
  41. Sucky driver pawnage
  42. Late night at Wally World..
  43. kinda strange
  44. Truth in Bumper Stickers
  45. Uh...thanks?
  46. Learn to FREAKING DRIVE! (Rant)
  47. Mob rule at a midnight store sale opening
  48. The Repair Shop Employees' Day From Hell (A Little Long)
  49. f*ing punks
  50. A GOOD sighting at the bank
  51. SC at the Golden Arches!
  52. A comic book store doesn't sell baseball trading cards? *gasp!*
  53. So that's what it means!
  54. Am I allowed to be upset about this?
  55. YOU! Out of my country! *ranty*
  56. Commuting (long rant)
  57. Unreasonable cancellation charge?
  58. Independence Day Imbeciles
  59. Wherein I am f#$%ing rude. Language warning, longish.
  60. It happened again!
  61. Drinking and Bus Riding
  62. Returns problem
  63. My lips are sealed...signing the NAACP
  64. Gyah!! *shudders*
  65. Errr?(rather short)
  66. SC fakes heart attack to avoid paying bills
  67. Why can't they just learn how to drive?
  68. Wow! Is there snow predicted??
  69. Why would u sit there?!
  70. Deliberately sucking rip-off artists
  71. I hate the Calgary Stampede
  72. only in utah...
  73. I'm a what??
  74. You selfish ass
  75. Bus Lady
  76. don't mind me, I just need your help
  77. Scaring the kids
  78. Thanks For Laughing At Me
  79. Priorities, damn it!
  80. Ran into a "special" lady at the grocery store...
  81. We don't want your kind...
  82. Sucky employee
  83. Vacation sightings so far...
  84. My (ex) boyfriend the SC
  85. Iffy employee and sorta SC...
  86. Tipping for take-out
  87. Sucky dad and his "embarrassing" son
  88. The email I sent to Verizon
  89. I fear for our school system.....
  90. But I paid for this, not that.
  91. Good for a laugh (or a sob)
  92. Customer blow-up
  93. A bear of a customer
  94. weirdness at it's finest
  95. Ex Squeeze Me! I am not a drug addict!
  96. A big guy and a little one (LANGUAGE)
  97. Parking Garage Idiot
  98. Serious Cop Pwnage
  99. future generation! :(
  100. I actually miss the SCs
  101. I hate the fact I can't trust one of my fellow gamers
  102. Yet more MBTA asshattery
  103. Line-Jumpers
  104. Just asking for it...
  105. Yay! I have a story!
  106. Cool and not cool
  107. Adventures in Valeting
  108. What kind of service did you expect, jerk?
  109. am i sucky
  110. Bad Wendy's service
  111. Ways to get me to play on the phone
  112. Notebook nincompoopery
  113. TMI at the pharmacy
  114. Impatient, much?
  115. Restaurnat bitch
  116. Pretty Disgusting!
  117. Seriously?
  118. Price-matching is the spawn of the devil.
  119. my fiance and an insurance agent
  120. Im so sorry for making you do your job!
  121. Ice Cream Suck
  122. More SCs in the Drive-thru
  123. Childishness at Wal-Mart
  124. SC's who use the entrances to do their business
  125. My trip to Pennsylvania.
  126. It was only a two hour tour...
  127. A little more fiber maybe?
  128. Local KFC got to hell in a handbasket
  129. Experience at Little Caesars
  130. 8 hours on the interstate
  131. Reminded me of you all..
  132. Sucky Drivers! (longish)
  133. Your worst Retail experience
  134. Sighted a sucky salesman with sucky game at Alpine Pontiac-Buick-GMC
  135. When danger reared its ugly head, he bravely turned his tail and fled
  136. signs we can all agree with (warning, picture heavy)
  137. I saw John McCain today
  138. Cell Phone Sign
  139. GMA Reporter teaches people how to haggle...
  140. Hear that echo... ?
  141. Sorry My Butt Is So Nasty
  142. Positive Somethings
  143. Greenday, That's Right, Greenday Almost Throws Down
  144. Hotel suck, or how to insult a potential customer
  145. Interesting overheard conversation
  146. Sorta a sighting...it was my kid.
  147. Damned Drag Racers!
  148. The battle of the shower?
  149. Sucky Bartender
  150. I'm not expecting a thank you...
  151. "What do we do now"
  152. Proof God Exists
  153. My first sighting of SC math
  154. Um... okay...?
  155. No Sense of Humor...
  156. slow walkers
  157. DMV suck
  158. Another Sucky driver, who gets caught and pawned
  159. I'm not sure if I was being an SC or she was just dumb.
  160. Ew. (possibly kinda gross)
  161. Sucky Employee? You Decide!
  162. A black hairy WHAT???
  163. I don't know where to put this.
  164. She did, indeed, try to kill me
  165. Customer Arrested
  166. Lying textbook vendor
  167. Advice to make and SC proud
  168. Verizon Suck
  169. A good sighting (Parenting!)
  170. Realizing what could happen
  171. Foglights...
  172. F***ing cyclist!
  173. Election Fraud
  174. Hilarious Karma
  175. Sucky Coworker
  176. *weeps*
  177. Animal control officer doesn't pay attention and pays the price
  178. Finally had enough
  179. The little ones acted better!
  180. Reverse domain hijacker gets his come up'ins..
  181. Another Traffic Pwning :)
  182. I'm trying to decide if i should report this.
  183. What Idiot Did This?
  184. All-in-1 SC: Weight, Clothes, Money & Debt
  185. Dumba** tech almost gets me evicted (long)
  186. I only asked you to stop talking!
  187. Grocery store sighting
  188. The "Ding"Bat
  189. Ex-favourite bookshop
  190. But it's ID.........
  191. Cashier puts SC in her place!
  192. Customer Service Sux
  193. Should I get mad??
  194. It's polythene, not concrete
  195. I just wanted some pizza.
  196. Tram woman gets pwnd!!
  197. Handicapped parking pwnage
  198. That Sh!t is permanent!!
  199. Overheard at MickyD's
  200. Door-to-door saleswoman
  201. No cookie for you!
  202. Tax Tantrum
  203. The Deer Lady
  204. Starbucks Suckage [A little long]
  205. Stupid crook...
  206. Lady gets her "essentials" before the oncoming storm
  207. I love my ice cream people.
  208. 15 individual gift cards? Really?
  209. two stories that explain why im using the F word alot in my head
  210. It's not open
  211. The Outrageous Barbeque Story Continues...
  212. Wherein I discover I would be an excellent hobo (language, possible NSFW)
  213. Minor Suck - in Finnish!
  214. BK Drive-Through Sighting
  215. Massive A&W screw-up!
  216. I seem to attract them
  217. Apparently I'm going to hell because I'm a molester...
  218. my way or the SC highway
  219. I Loved the 80's!
  220. What part of "private property" do you not understand?
  221. Because TheHippie likes these stories
  222. Suggested Tips
  223. Would you say this to your kid?
  224. Starbucks PWNAGE
  225. was I sucky?
  226. Story time. Sightings Galore.
  227. good for you 7-11 clerk
  228. Lets just ignore the big chocolate elephant now
  229. A jerk of a bus driver
  230. GAH, the IRS is driving me insane
  231. Movie Theater and Cell Phones...
  232. Entitlement senior at Goodwill - a bit long
  233. HSBC suck
  234. But thatís the DOWN escalator
  235. I think I'm in love...
  236. Banking Fun
  237. I'm impressed
  238. Still So D**m Angry
  239. Cleaning out my car
  240. Smokers didn't want to give blood
  241. guess who I saw again
  242. Great mom
  243. Pick Up The Toy!
  244. The First Church of Starbucks....and a small self sighting, I think...
  245. Who's the Moron?
  246. Sort of a Telemarketer Sighting
  247. Hey, Guys, Sometimes a "No" Suffices.
  248. Carriage collectors
  249. AT&T Bitch
  250. An Online Sighting