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  1. Guy talking on his cell phone in the bathroom
  2. Door-to-Door Mormon
  3. Overheard at work
  4. The Incident Report...
  5. Where the hell am I?
  6. Mother's sighting of Ultimate Suckage.
  7. wherein my idiot co workers piss off my assh*** friend
  8. Phone Sighting
  9. I'm sorry that I don't want your child to die.
  10. Early Morning Shopping
  11. I have to PAY my FINES?!?!!ELEVENTY!!
  12. ... 'cause I'm bored.
  13. Is there something on my face?
  14. Double charged! And no help in sight!
  15. Saydrah is not pleased with her insurance agent!
  16. Supermarket suck staring....
  17. Time to grow up dumbass
  18. you are too CLOSE!
  19. it's only 8:30 in the morning
  20. Sad but, in a way, also humorous.
  21. The Two for Three Deal of Suck
  22. Yeah this is the future of america
  23. Parents today suck
  24. Stupid doesn't count as a disability. Park somewhere else.
  25. going to explode....
  26. Mom and AT&T..
  27. Self Scan Suck
  28. the 45 min cigerette break.
  29. Gyah...cabbie come-ons...
  30. Cash only? All the time?
  31. I'm going to the special hell! WHEE!
  32. Why oh why do they do this?
  33. I don't care if you were being held HOSTAGE in a BANK ROBBERY.
  34. Another story about inconsiderate and rude people
  35. Calendar Sighting
  36. Retail Etiquette re: Checkout lines at big-box stores... is it or isn't it a sighting
  37. He had a point...but was an arse about it
  38. My foot!
  39. How quickly they forget...
  40. You're...doing...what?
  41. My clash with bad parenting
  42. University Parking
  43. Just calling to see if you've had any problems.
  44. Uh, what?
  45. Since I haven't had my own customers lately...
  46. I hope this guy is fired
  47. Call Center Hell
  48. disgusting human being
  49. Oh, kay... *hides in her shirt*
  50. Drunk and Entitled
  51. How is she not deaf?
  52. It felt so wrong
  53. Sucktaclur Sightings
  54. Wrestling show sightings
  55. Instant asshole -- just add alcohol
  56. They had more in "The Back"!
  57. Finally saw an idiot worth sharing!
  58. Wherein Irv cheeses off a parking space stalker
  59. I was wrong, they were wrong, should I complain ?
  60. Wherein A Guy Kicks His Own Ass!
  61. Racist SC sighting
  62. Hurricane Ike begets Hurricane Jerk
  63. Customers cannot read signs!
  64. and you thought this was a good idea, why?
  65. It's only a penny - turned out to be longish
  66. I'm Here
  67. Concert Sighting
  68. Is it the new sexy thing to act dumb?
  69. "But It's Supposed To Be Free!"
  70. customer totally owned!!!!!!
  71. Just do your job!
  72. Unemployment Checks--They're Just That Easy! (long)
  73. What is wrong with you!!!!
  74. I stopped an SC from going thermal
  75. I Can't Wait 5 Minutes!
  76. Minor Cart Suckage
  77. The end is near (positive sighting)
  78. Post Hurricane Pains in the Ass (Long and Language)
  79. It's broken, broken I said!!11!
  80. Internet Company Suck
  81. "Can I borrow a fag?"
  82. No you can't!!!!
  83. Yes, the elevator is deliberately inconveniencing you.
  84. Laptop repair psychic
  85. Paging Darwin
  86. The Jekyll and Hyde Parents
  87. why make rules if you don't inforce them.
  88. I just want my pass!
  89. In which Azeroth pwns the Gangsta.
  90. Tale from the Stepmother.
  91. Wherein Subway Becomes The Comedy Club
  92. An inmovable object meets an irristestable force
  93. My Grandmother: The SC
  94. computer payment hell
  95. I saw a shoplifter get busted today!
  96. Gah! I'm ready to smack someone...
  97. Registers will magically open!
  98. On my way to work...
  99. Why would you steal her jacket?
  100. Another drive-up ATM sighting!
  101. Sunday Suckiness - long
  102. A refreshing, yet humorous post from an SC, or is he an SC? You decide.
  103. Real Arcade problem resolutions...Not!
  104. Two sightings in one day
  105. @*!$# (A little ranty)
  106. Sucky Mother or Sucky Employee?
  107. Not a customer, but sucky
  108. Banhammer in action
  109. Not that hungry.
  110. I Really Don't Want To Be Here Right Now
  111. Train Jumping
  112. I am about to lose my s**t.
  113. it's not the driver's fault you're an idiot (and other sightings)
  114. Chaos At The Gas Station
  115. You Drive Like That With Your Kid?
  116. throw me to the dogs of hell! (lonigsh)
  117. Humpers, Wanna-be's, and the uniform of one's dreams. (longish)
  118. Showing ID at the gym
  119. SC's at the gas pumps
  120. Delivery Irritations
  121. Rantage, Rantage, and more rantage...
  122. Assholes on the bus!
  123. I am going to lose it soon
  124. And Now This!
  125. Leave Me Alone!
  126. Here's a hint - learn math!!
  127. costco chase down
  128. Sucky A&W employee
  129. what is it about the route 39
  130. Karma Kicks a Camaro driver in the Can
  131. Why?
  132. CAUTION! Genius behind wheel!
  133. Yo yo yo *insert curse of your choice here*
  134. I mightve been in the twilight zone today....
  135. Walmart Leftovers or What have you found in the parking lot?
  136. Salvation Army store suck
  137. At least be polite when you're accusing me of theft.
  138. Two For One
  139. I'd give you three guesses...
  140. <Sigh> I laughed...I cried...
  141. "I wanna screw her"
  142. IT's a job, not a Dating Service
  143. Debit Card Suckage (Long and ranty)
  144. I may have been an SC today
  145. paranoid much?
  146. Wait... WHAT?!
  147. wherein smiley is tempted to be an SC
  148. wow lady get a grip!
  149. crazy bus stop lady
  150. Cart Return / Handicap Loading Area
  151. The Social Security office! NOT the Post Office!
  152. Not in love with the Arby's boy...
  153. Rude at Safeway (longish)
  154. Cashiers like this make it hard for good cashiers
  155. If only you were in the danger you thought you were in....
  156. Shut the hell up!
  157. Lazy cell phone store girl
  158. Your beer can wait three minutes. I timed it.
  159. National Grid suckiness
  160. Ran over the Cart
  161. What a ride
  162. Usually, annoying everyone repels business.
  163. The Wal-Mart chronicals(more blind stories)
  164. you must be joking me
  165. Hardware store return ID requirement
  166. The Sequin Saga (so far)
  167. Not so much an SC, but idiocy on the shop
  168. Well, SCs have to work somewhere
  169. State Fair Suckage (long, some language, and a Paint pic!)
  170. Wal-Mart sightings
  171. Evangelizing to Other Customers
  172. Priceless commercial moment.
  173. Sightings while grocery shopping today (No melon molestation in sight, sadly!!)
  174. Sears Suckage
  175. wherin I almost have to call Fenrus
  176. I went out...during the day!
  177. Gun store wtf-ness
  178. DO not make eye contact
  179. What should I have done???
  180. Customer call at...home??
  181. Moron hits my car as I was leaving
  182. Suckiness on the bus
  183. Mother Lode of Entitlement Whorism (long)
  184. St. Louis Radio Suckyness
  185. People need a passport to go down there!
  186. Too Crazy Not to Share
  187. And you let her out like that!?
  188. Poor Old Man (Gross)
  189. I swear to God you better stop that!
  190. A good response for good service!
  191. Slight (old) self-sighting, but also sucky service
  192. Long drawn out story of repeat suckage.
  193. shuttle suck(short)
  194. Joint accounts don't work like that
  195. Girl that needs to shut up
  196. Why you should not piss off farmers!
  197. No 'punk'n's here
  198. Florida - the snowbirds are back!
  199. Buying beer at Walmart
  200. Telemarketers failing the Turing test
  201. Hey, look, Racial Profiling
  202. How I was almost arrested/shot by the police
  203. So that time of year again...
  204. Heading them off at the pass?
  205. ignored and treated like a dog
  206. Newspaper sighting (Abby & the Gas Thief)
  207. This is why I love casinos
  208. If I could turn back time...
  209. I seriously dislike the cable company right now
  210. Textbook Perfect Cat Butt Face
  211. people need to calm down
  212. Double Drive Through Dumbassery
  213. Kinkos fail
  214. Cops
  215. Fast food and my good deed for the day
  216. should this concern me (pics, 56k be warned)
  217. Family of Dooooooooom! (long and rant-tastic)
  218. Idiot in a bakery
  219. Stare Down
  220. shuttle driver makes me miss my flight
  221. You Know You're Scarred When Webcomics Piss You Off...
  222. What the heck is with people?
  223. When the power goes out it takes a few minutes to reboot everything. Deal with it.
  224. He died to make you mad.
  225. My Mother was a SC today (and I am embarrassed)
  226. Petco Poop(don't read if you just ate)
  227. Chinese restaurant suck plus an oops on my part.
  228. Trashies
  229. Update on stupid doctor???
  230. This is what happens when you act like an asshole.
  231. Sucky Bus driver
  232. Can you not tell time?
  233. Clever convenience store 1, uptight neighbors 0
  234. You can't afford that????
  235. Why I now use Netflix
  236. Is it wrong...
  237. MBTA Pass Office sighting
  238. Sighting at Wally World
  239. Sucky Bus Drivers I Have Known (long-winded)
  240. Idiot at the grocery store
  241. People are strange
  242. Phantomgrift Vs. The Yuppie Hellspawn
  243. The universe owes me a shot in the chops.
  244. Paranoid Whackjob
  245. and this is supposed to encourage us to vote (56k beware)
  246. Doesn't seem ethical, but is it even legal?
  247. Good Best Buy Sighting
  248. Turn back the clocks tonight...
  249. As a customer, exactly how sucky was she?
  250. Evil EVIL radio commercial