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  1. Sucky Waitress (Long)
  2. The Sign we all Wish we Could Have
  3. Idiot at Baskin-Robbins
  4. Picky Lady at Subway
  5. "But we've been coming here for years!"
  6. The Entitled One at Wal*Mart
  7. Two at once, lucky me
  8. Does this count as witnessed suckage 'cos it was mine
  9. Plain Donuts
  10. beeyotch at supermarket
  11. Greedy bastard at a chinese buffet
  12. An Ordinary Sandwich
  13. Abuse at Sam's Club
  14. Morons at Old Country Buffet
  15. Not sure to which side this 'sucked'
  16. Sucky receptionist at the doctor's office
  17. How do you expect me to eat it with no CHEEEEESE????
  18. SC I Witnessed
  19. SC in the liquor store
  20. Ms. Crabtree goes to the store
  21. Reminded myself of this couple
  22. Fun at Dunkin Donuts...
  23. The Upchuck Factor at McDonald's
  24. Pissed at Pep Boys
  25. Control your kids XD
  26. you don't have the change I want HOW DARE YOU!
  27. Attack at Starbucks!
  28. Long Post Office Line--and This Made it Longer!
  29. Yelling, Screaming, and Not Listening Gets You Nowhere!
  30. Sucky worker in Laughlin?
  31. Hospital cafeteria...not a five-star resturant. (very long!)
  32. Unbelievable Sucky Worker
  33. What the?
  34. No return on damaged goods, ma'am!
  35. My money's not good to them I guess
  36. The Mass. RMV is Not Impressed With Entitled Jerks
  37. 3 in 1 day
  38. When you're that old, you should know math
  39. You Want To Go First Then Go
  40. 2 Rants in One Store!
  41. An angry mother...
  42. You are being sooo not nice!
  43. Fun with Franchise
  44. ...a pile of shirts...
  45. I've never heard of a bar asking for ID!!
  46. Missouri drivers suck!
  47. The Waitress Has Left the Building!
  48. Lady, a baby could carry that.
  49. PotC2 sees another beyatch
  50. Nasty bigot at Subway
  51. Anyone ever get mistaken as an employee?
  52. BMW idiot at the muffler place
  53. "How do YOU like it?!"
  54. what do you mean you cant take this check
  55. "Yup." <insert witchy nod here>
  56. Random Lady at the Sbucks
  57. Heat wave brings out the idiots
  58. Crazy woman at the movies (a bit long)
  59. Taco Bell Guy
  60. Rude/Uneducated Kid
  61. Gotta love this one..
  62. Questions for fast-food workers and the like
  63. So Crazy It's Funny...going to dinner
  64. Woman taking dog into pub!
  65. So uh, before you buy cookies at Costco....
  66. WOO-WOO Boy
  67. There's a bathroom like 5 feet ahead of you...
  68. Another "Why do you need my ID?"
  69. An Almost Ran
  70. "Please don't repackage my pills"
  71. Big Flaming Losers at Giant Eagle
  72. SC friends
  73. Get there on time
  74. I Guess This Counts?
  75. Encounter at a Library Book Store--Who's at Fault
  76. When Stereotypes Collide
  77. It IS a Jamocha shake, you jerk!
  79. Eeeeew!!!!!
  80. Not SC, BUT Funny/Weird/Scary Cashier
  81. Whiny bitch at dr's office
  82. Unbelievably Stupid!
  83. I don't need to hear your call.
  84. supermarket remodeling follies
  85. Express Lane Moron
  86. Mom and I, the SC.
  87. Skankiest of Skanks (Beware of nausea-inducement)
  88. What is wrong with people?
  89. Sears is making it hard to be angry (long)....
  90. I called her a f'ing bitch cause she was one!
  91. How I Lost My Discover Card....
  92. Dunkin Donuts Seems To attract All The SCs
  93. Just shut up and sell us the computer. Bad time at Best Buy
  94. Sucky Gas Station Clerk
  95. Moaning Minnie in Beefeaters
  96. That's how much we charge.
  97. Skank with a hot check
  98. My mom's a SC.
  99. She broke it and tried to walk away
  100. Chronic complainer
  101. shockingly rude employee at grocery store
  102. The Pen Grabber
  103. I need advice on *old's *ym
  104. Off-Site Verbal Revenge
  105. A few quick observations from my road trip..
  106. No Mere Sign Will Deter Her Majesty
  107. Loser at Lowe's
  108. WHAT? No chicken?
  109. Stupid emo kids!
  110. SC on cell phone at Costco gas station
  111. that lady will be upset
  112. Goings-on in Bath
  113. Post office Bad mom.... repost
  114. I control your country!
  115. I don't remember asking for her advice
  116. Super Market Sc's
  117. All I wanted was for Puppy to look pretty!
  118. Crazy lady at Ticket Office
  119. Appearantly I'm A Weirdo
  120. Slut!
  121. More than $5.00?
  122. Dinner and a show at Friday's. LONG
  123. Dine-in Tax??
  124. Regular Dinner and Show Restaurant in SF
  125. The causes of Sucky Customers
  126. One Question People Never Think to Ask When Making Lodging Reservations, But Should
  127. Local Radio Station truning out many SCs
  128. another grocery store sighting *rich snob- tons of coins-express lane*
  129. A billion SCs, coming up!
  130. The suckiest of customers. (longish)
  131. D'oh. AKA: Why Repsac shouldn't be allowed around displays.
  132. Why would we lie about that..?
  133. next time, I'll just hit her in the head
  134. That was just overly mean
  135. All over 50 cents...
  136. When gimme pigs take pen in hand...
  137. All I needed were boots.
  138. My day at the hairdresser
  139. what a great mum!
  140. Not your maid!! *some language*
  141. Almost Pulled My Hair Out!!!!!!
  142. What the hell did you expect?
  143. Anyone else seen this commercial?
  144. Thanks for making me laugh!
  145. Was I Out Of Order?
  146. Witness to stupidity
  147. I'm a wuss and they sucked
  148. I don't think she saw the connection...
  149. Wal-Mart Sighting.
  150. Customer even bothered other customers!
  151. Sucky Nurse
  152. For cell phoneaholics haters.
  153. Um, you're at ALDI's!
  154. Think, then speak!
  155. sorry I can't get you water...
  156. Not an actual a sighting but close enough
  157. Pedestrian Rage
  158. SC at a local breakfast place
  159. They start young.
  160. sucky customer spotted at krispy kreme
  161. Walmart beeyotch
  162. Crotchety old skinbag at work today
  163. Condescending uppity bitch at Payless
  164. I'm a pimp
  165. but you never TOLD me that..
  166. Golden Arch woes
  167. I was an SC
  168. Violence I didn't cause!
  169. Mean woman at the foodcourt
  170. sucky guardian customer at Wawa.
  171. Stupid parent at Pizza Hut
  172. I was sucky 'cos I asked "THE Question"!
  173. Glad im not a call center guy
  174. anyone had this happen to them?
  175. Unhappy restaurant experience
  176. I was the SC, but it was worth it.
  177. No, I Won't Pay For Your Clothes
  178. Rude Lady at my Favorite Gas Station
  179. Crazy lady at Jack in the Box
  180. SC at Target - Case of Minding Your Own Business
  181. It's Steak O'Clock!
  182. Southern Restraunt Sightings.
  183. Lady at the Grocery Store
  184. Old Sighting
  185. My son's SC sighting
  186. Brother Repsac's Bathroom Reader.
  187. gah..it's not his fault!
  188. The British Have Invaded Again!
  189. Yeah, sure, block all the traffic
  190. Annoying teens at Burger King
  191. ye old sightings
  192. Fighting suckiness with suckiness....
  193. Sucky cook
  194. Damned teenagers
  195. I'm sure they are now talking about how sucky I am.
  196. Wow, good thing the cashier knows EVERYTHING!
  197. Kid Who Steals Tip
  198. Cheap and can't read at Victoria's Secret
  199. Another assumption
  200. "I don't work for you anywhere!"
  201. Oh, and by the way . . . we can't accept cards.
  202. Taco Bell SC
  203. Gross!!!!!
  204. The case of the Rose Bush.
  205. Buyer Beware
  206. You have the right to remain STUPID!
  207. Jerk waiter..
  208. "Of all the nerve..."
  209. Why are you watching that?!
  210. ARRGH! Not exactly a sucky customer...
  211. You ruined my mother's dinner!
  212. A very rude saleswoman and the salesman who saved the sale
  213. Charity worker told my mother to "get f*****"...
  214. Utter absurdity...
  215. Wow... just wow.
  216. "I may have lots of money, but I refuse to pay for special treatment!"
  217. Not technically a customer, but sucky nonetheless....
  218. She must be an SC somewhere.....
  219. Sucktacular waitress
  220. Store Of Fear
  221. Is Weird Al an SC?
  222. The white glass is for soft drinks, the blue is for water.
  223. Funny Movie Quote
  224. You're going to charge me!?
  225. Sucky Customer and I wasn't even at work
  226. SC Family at Cici's Pizza
  227. Piercing or spanking? (get your mind out of the gutter)
  228. wha? What I do?
  229. Decatur's Best? Oh f****ng really?
  230. Amazon idjits (classic example of not reading!)
  231. family of SC's
  232. It's Not a Difficult Concept
  233. An argument at a Super Wal-Mart
  234. Only Cards
  235. Kind of a Phone Sighting
  236. Nintendo Ebayer/Line seller gets his!
  237. Is that a clean item I'm using or buying?
  238. Went For Pie- Busted Shoplifter...
  239. CreepyCarrie Tells Off A SC at Wally World
  240. My husband ratted himself out today!
  241. A special kind of stupid.
  242. Wife witnesses "shopping cart rage" on Black Friday
  243. Old bitchy women at Bob Evans
  244. Attention guitar shop SCs
  245. That Dude Might Kill Someone
  246. "Gotta make those people *earn* their money!"
  247. A sighting you can expect to see.
  248. Just stupid
  249. Pay or it's going to collections!
  250. Beer!