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  1. Why DBT is now causing a panic attack in me
  2. Conversations with Nature
  3. Resources for classical singers
  4. Simple Pleasures
  5. It is currently snowing outside
  6. about to go all SC here....
  7. Pricing for Art Commissions?
  8. Who's the Bigger Idiot? (Financial Edition)
  9. Well, it's official ...
  10. Did I accidentally commit a faux pas?
  11. Highlights from the Medieval Fair Of Doom...
  12. Happy (Unofficial) Star Wars Day!
  13. I think I made someone cry...
  14. There are some things you just shouldn't "like" on FB
  15. F'ing hell
  16. college kids (and adults) to me...
  17. Something I wrote on my blog...exemplifies the "Sucky Customer"...
  18. I'm an Auntie again!
  19. Don't know what to do anymore
  20. The Greater Good
  21. Shopping websites that make you go LOL
  22. I have made something interesting...
  23. 10 things I have learned from trying to teach myself how to draw.
  24. Miami Vice meers SLC punk
  25. Hemlock Grove- Netflix Show
  26. The Hard Questions
  27. Texas Hold Em Tips and Tricks Please
  28. That's pretty accurate
  29. I have something to say...
  30. yay hallucination!
  31. Nightmares
  32. Happy Mothers Day!
  33. Dammit, why do some people always seem to ruin it for others????
  34. A little good news.
  35. Party!
  36. Two months later...
  37. getting anxious...
  38. Funniest things you've seen in a game
  39. Curse you, oak pollen!
  40. Ever had those moments when...
  41. Just passing through
  42. Just had a visit from the cops
  43. Would you live forever?
  44. And so it begins....
  45. This is either the best thing ever....or the worst prank.
  46. Mother. Of. Crap.
  47. New Ink!
  48. Star Trek Into Darkness (posible spoilers)
  49. Creepiest thing that's happened to me in a while...
  50. survived the mud run, but
  51. Advice needed
  52. I've been downsized!
  53. Baking snafu
  54. Brain Picking
  55. OK,KS,AR,MO sever weather roll call
  56. Weddin Reception elp
  57. Drawing paper fail...
  58. Anyone going to Origins?
  59. Rifftrax Meets Doctor Who
  60. so proud...
  61. Gaming help - Bring your puns!
  62. Well, lookee here ...
  63. I broke a rib or 2....
  64. Feature Article (In shock)
  65. Trying real hard not to be a SC
  66. i have no idea why this
  67. Apperently I'm weaker then I need to be.
  68. Anyone watching Criminal Minds?
  69. It's Dudley Do-Right's birthday!
  70. Cat's not doing so well....
  71. marvel geek help...please...
  72. A mass forward has never made me so angry
  73. Trolling via Office Space
  74. Agh, cartoon halp please!!!
  75. Back From Surgery
  76. Picking up the pieces
  77. South Texas CSers! Anyone else down here needing to check in?
  78. I keep picturing my grandfather on the bathroom floor
  79. A question I don't want to hear
  80. Here's Something That Never Happens!
  81. Sooo...
  82. Not Exactly Sucky - Dad Gets Tough on a Delivery
  83. Job Hunting Amusements
  84. sad kitty news
  85. What do house appraisers look for?
  86. Heads up for fellow women on insurance... (bit tmi)
  87. My dog is a trouble maker...
  88. My mum must think I'm bonkers
  89. Prayers/thoughts/luck/advice? Nursing school
  90. Jester, you are just too popular.
  91. Is this a 'what' or a 'who' ...
  92. Major Adulthood Moment
  93. The Next Doctor speculation thread. (Spoilers, and sadness, inside.)
  94. Thanks
  95. Python
  96. A trilogy of dreams..
  97. Telly Go Ploof - Again!
  98. My dog, the methane plant
  99. I am SO pissed off right now.
  100. Prague Flooded
  101. Weirdest thing you've ever done over an open fire?
  102. What's on your "Bucket List"?
  103. I Went On A Date....
  104. Life on the Train
  105. Thoughts and prayers needed
  106. Annoying real estate agent
  107. Interesting tidbits regarding Titanic, Morse Code, and distress signals...
  108. A wedding today
  109. I'm Not Accepting Your Connection Invitation
  110. Stupid stupid car
  111. @Everyone; need help finding website.
  112. Thing found while cleaning
  113. Today, I graduate from that stupid craphole.
  114. Disturbing Doctor Who implication
  115. marketing advice time again...
  116. Customer Suck Digests/Archives
  117. Another One Bites The Dust
  118. Share your favourite apps! (any device)
  119. I has a famous actor...
  120. Google-Fu masters! I need your aid!
  121. Honest Opinions Wanted
  122. Just accidentally traumatized my kids... (gross)
  123. Working from home includes, y'know, WORK.
  124. What do?
  125. Need help with school project on pain
  126. Here Comes Life to Kick My Ass Again...
  127. Geeks Aflame
  128. Not really advice needed now
  129. What exactly is a "cat butt face"...
  130. Wanted: Anime Mullets
  131. Holy Jalapeno
  132. DH got an awesome video...
  133. Honest opinions requested.
  134. Man of Steel...now with SPOILERS!
  135. "Ask the Kiwi Guy" the third!
  136. At the end of my rope
  137. Would like some technical advice
  138. I made a boo boo....:(
  139. Book Help?
  140. Cosplay costume question
  141. Health Update
  142. Question about drinks(alcoholic)
  143. Pissed off and sad
  144. I'm currently doing the Very Happy Dance
  145. Mobile phone recommendations?
  146. Anyone in New England looking to adopt a pitbull?
  147. Photo pendant suggestion?
  148. A little help with vacation.
  149. Another of my odd questions.
  150. Why do companies do this?
  151. Dear Property Developer
  152. Music reccommendations?
  153. WOOT!!
  154. How to deal with a jerk? (Long)
  155. I wonder if anyone has written (or considered writing)...
  156. new job?
  157. So much fun.
  158. They named their baby North...
  159. So I just watched Eddie Izzard live
  160. Going hair free
  161. This better not be an omen
  162. Getting vertigo watching a movie.
  163. Oh, geez...at one supermarket I'm the "<something> guy"...
  164. I need to move a bird house
  165. Positive thoughts needed
  166. My car sucks
  167. Jester? (&/or other bartenders)
  168. Wunderground, ur doin it wrong
  169. My cat turned into a demon...
  170. Selling at cons: advice?
  171. Sometimes, it's the little things....
  172. Ewwwwwww (safe for work, just plumbing grossness)
  173. Wish me luck ...
  174. How I got my winter boots VERY CHEAP!
  175. Somebody's sending me a message ...
  176. Hey "Fringe" Fans! (spoilers season 2)
  177. Got to meet Neil Gaiman last night
  178. First casualty of moving discovered
  179. Special News
  180. Facebook status
  181. Thoughts and prayers..?
  182. Easy recipes for someone who doesn't cook?
  183. Property management or contractor suck...
  184. Petsitting sadness (kinda gross)...
  185. Life Lately: Update on...well...everything XD
  186. Stop locking the door!!! (slight language?)
  187. So...
  188. Ideas on how to make rice less boring ...
  189. Persuasion Techniques
  190. Remember the Old Kung Fu Movies?
  191. Fishing For Dummies
  192. Why squirrels make me nervous...
  193. Interesting Read For Beer Drinkers
  194. There's a stranger in my house. (pics)
  195. Thinking hard today.
  196. What's your favorite ethnic foods?
  197. To All American CS-ers
  198. Well now this is kind of cool.....
  199. Mottoes of Sucky Customers
  200. CS denizens, I urgently need your help. (Animal/Shelter/Law people esp. Useful)
  201. Really Gulf Coast Weather? Really?
  202. How can I get my iPad to stop doing this?
  203. Pop Quiz! - WARNING! Cute Overload
  204. Looking for info on the weather in the State of Washington
  205. I'm a new auntie again!!
  206. BC (Before Customer) Duties.
  207. Wish Me Luck!!!
  208. Parents, I need your party games!
  209. GraveKeeper... I am so sorry. (Also, HELP)
  210. Hot glue or superglue? (calling all handypeople)
  211. Any dream interpreters out there?
  212. Keep Mytical in your thoughts, please?
  213. Need Help!
  214. I Ask, God Answers
  215. Unwelcome visitor :(
  216. I'm hooked...
  217. something sweet?
  218. Adding to the boom
  219. Fallout Players
  220. Should probably be singing in the streets, but I feel like crying
  221. 2d glasses
  222. My new pretty....
  223. Sooo Happy at the moment
  224. Wherein I Face The Curtain Call
  225. When I get reminded that every once in a while, I can make a difference.
  226. Finally something goes right
  227. Would like a portfolio style tablet case made
  228. Interesting Hours
  229. Needing some alcoholic alchemy advice
  230. Hotel/Motel people I need some help.
  231. What a nice way to wake up
  232. So I must be doing SOMETHING right...
  233. Phone apps for forum
  234. Las Vegas
  235. Possible Temporary Move to Austin, TX
  236. Tonight's the night
  237. Some neat tricks, and info...
  238. So. Yeah. Final Fantasy XIV, then.
  239. How on Earth is there not a Pacific Rim thread.
  240. In the mood for Lovecraft
  241. Rec for the retro gamers (OMG HAPPY)
  242. Tired of Playing Referee
  243. Well it's been a while, hasn't it!?
  244. Can I have a couple of good luck vibes please :)
  245. Question for waitstaff
  246. Life is a sick fucking joke
  247. Always double check
  248. This is beginning to trouble me greatly...
  249. "That's not funny", but laughing anyway?
  250. Milad Gaddafi Needs My Help?