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  1. Luna: The Anti-Semite By Luna
  2. The Show With Everything By IAmCable
  3. Idiot Dine 'N Dashers By RogueGinny
  4. The Italian Job By MindField
  5. New Low In Customer Stupidity By Spiffy McMoron
  6. The New Way This Forum Works As Posted By Raps
  7. Mr. Entitlement Dimwit: Mama's Boy From Hell By Myra
  8. "Vinegar Boy", as told by Aaron
  9. Disrespectful People Towards Disabilities By Yizuman
  10. My Worst Customer Ever! By Lulu
  11. "Scruffles" by Cominatcha
  12. "The Blind Man" by Cominatcha
  13. you dont know what "hell" is untill you work at a place like this *long*
  14. Genius of the day
  15. So, I was assaulted on Sunday...
  16. The electrician photographer PC tech lawyer mafioso
  17. SEED FEED! (LONG, language, almost violence)
  18. Fruit Punch Shower, by Fyrehardt
  19. Men Kissing Men
  20. What Makes a War Story?
  21. The Saga of Miss Marcie (not short)
  22. Call my next appointment..
  23. The Numbnut chronicles
  24. Broken record time! (Very long-winded)
  25. I Walked Out
  26. Well F*ck
  27. Throwdown!! (Kinda long, but totally fun - for ME!)
  28. A title cannot reflect the stupidity described below
  29. Karma Strikes Back (very long)
  30. The Domicile of Despair (long, epic, get your popcorn)
  31. I cried....
  32. Fired, and I still don't know why. . .
  33. The Chronicles of Cranky Bungler