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  1. One posted by Crabbbycabbie before the latest fall
  2. TonyDonuts Vs. Battery Idiot By TonyDonuts
  3. Can Parents Really Be This Dumb? By NightWolf
  4. Changing Room Horrors By Retail's Bitch
  5. Mr. Assfurter By Ace Of Diamonds
  6. Asking the Obvious, by multiple members
  7. Fork in the leg, by TonyDonuts
  8. Take-Home Buffet, by TonyDonuts
  9. A happy tale by Drewfish66
  10. Too much pepperoni! by TonyDonuts
  11. Show us ya t*ts!
  12. Rapscallion vs the Beauty Parlour
  13. Just a small favor
  14. Enjoy Your Stay in the Loading Zone
  15. Old stories before the hack.. you might love me a bit..
  16. Dice by Ringman
  17. We are the elite of retail. By Raps
  18. they may have God on their side- by Raps
  19. I think this was from HauntedHead
  20. Hercules is evil!!!
  21. The Circle of Life: Bad Penny Version
  22. Plastic bags and children
  23. The Bag Sale (from little ol' me)
  24. Not just another day at the Shell station, by Jay
  25. Everyplace Else (original post by me)
  26. Nothing stops this guy from shopping
  27. The Unluckiest Little School Board in America
  28. The Year-Old-Software Returner (by Me)
  29. The Saga of Moron Boy
  30. The Adventures of Lobotomy Girl by Luna
  31. Favorite posts
  32. You dropped your WHAT in where??
  33. More Adventures of Lobotomy Girl
  34. Snaggletooth: The Beginnings
  35. Cake Lady
  36. But It's Not 5:00 Here! By Dips
  37. buh-bye newspapers
  38. Lobotomy Girl - Chapter III - The Drink Of Death
  39. Peas!
  40. I am a Reservations Agent
  41. The Onions of Doom
  42. The man who makes girlfriends jealous
  43. Another from the Annals - to be Jeremied
  44. The Plum King
  45. The Boss, the Bike, and the Chav.
  46. The Results Of The California Education System by: Kusanagi
  47. Not taking the hint
  48. Bonzo?
  49. Dad vs. The Meat Manager (by Dips)
  50. Proud of it
  51. From ages past
  52. Welcome to the Realm of Satan!