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  1. praising customer service workers
  2. Grateful Customers
  3. Funny things my boss has said.
  4. BJ from Verizon
  5. thank you for not being sucky
  6. Her friends must really hate her (longish)
  7. Customer Helped Out With Emergency
  8. Checker Found Missing Keys
  9. Passing up the chance to be an SC
  10. I was the customer I hate - but the clerk was awesome
  11. A novel concept
  12. Well behaved child!
  13. Thank you, Halloween Store Lady!
  14. Dad, the butcher shop and nuns from a convent
  15. Lovely little girl
  16. Yay! Flowers!!!
  17. Not my colleague, but definitely not sucky
  18. One Little Comment
  19. Nicest guests EVER!!!!....
  20. The Wallet Fairy
  21. Best customer of the grocery days
  22. Amazing Waitress!
  23. Children Who Behaved
  24. Customer service rep, meet customer service rep
  25. Love!
  26. Holy crap! You understand my way of thinking?
  27. Great work day!
  28. The Greatest Customer of ALL TIME (Warning: EPIC length))
  29. Difficult Repair Leads to Bonus Surprise
  30. Saluting the Cat Treat Lady
  31. A Kind Word to brighten my day.
  32. Sometimes Christmas brings out the best in people
  33. Unexpected Turn
  34. Not really a colleague or co-worker, but still nice!
  35. Customer Complimented Me On My Service
  36. The ones who make it all worthwhile.
  37. This made my day
  38. Target...wow!
  39. One thing I love about my work...
  40. A drunk customer who made my night
  41. Way to go Sprint PCS
  42. A Rare Breed of Customer
  43. The literary family
  44. Tokyu Hands
  45. Great Bookstore Associate!
  46. Chocolate fixes everything
  47. They make the 6% sales tax worth paying :-)
  48. Excellent Internet Hosting Service!
  49. Apple store in Sapporo.
  50. May You Be Showered By Gold and Jewels
  51. Angel in disguise
  52. awesome airline staff
  53. A story from a little while back
  54. Positive Dining Experience
  55. Schooled
  56. Aww!
  57. Kathleen at Farmer's Insurance
  58. Overheard conversation
  59. The new trainee
  60. Tescos Employee
  61. Way to go Maggianos
  62. "She Should Be a Model."
  63. So good, he should be FIRED!
  64. Good Customers Rock
  65. awesome crew at BK
  66. Fantastic waitstaff
  67. A rare sight indeed
  68. A hug can go a long way
  69. One good deed deserves another.
  70. Praise that must be withheld
  71. Good Ruby Tuesday Waitress (and Manager)
  72. To my boss
  73. Never let it be said... (A tad longish)
  74. Best Caretaker ever!
  75. A customer that understood!
  76. Almost closed....
  77. Best. Customers. Ever. (at wendy's, anyways)
  78. Calm and cool!
  79. Customer with Cell Phone Manners
  80. She asked me if I was ok!
  81. Department Manager Says Customer Is NOT Always Right
  82. Boss lady kicks more butt!
  83. A customer with manners!
  84. Happiness Abounds
  85. The Greatest Customer of ALL TIME (Part 2)
  86. Lifesaver
  87. Christmas Presents
  88. How to make a customer feel appreciated in one simple step
  89. The best Beerborn client
  90. I LOVE tech support!
  91. Supportive collegues
  92. bad customer turned good...
  93. Irate? Not on my watch...
  94. Very Helpful (and Cute!) guy
  95. Sometimes a little humor can make your day
  96. I loved this lady.....
  97. Coffee Lady
  98. Getting over on a customer trying to be funny
  99. Mother of the Year Award
  100. this is my store and your baby needs this
  101. kind of cute
  102. I can't add and this guy is freakin awesome!
  103. Some days I really do get job satisfaction
  104. Coworkers makes $180 tip in 10 minutes.
  105. You want to what me?
  106. I have the best boss ever
  107. Super Accountant Lady
  108. All she wanted was an exchange.
  109. Brad at Xcel Energy
  110. Taco Bell
  111. Best wine I'd ever had.
  112. lovely lady
  113. Congratulatory Frostie
  114. always get good service
  115. Awesome Waitress story (wherein my brain to mouth filter fails me)
  116. AWESOME customer!
  117. flower lady
  118. Super Customer Service
  119. Guy who got money back!
  120. 2 customers, and my day is made :D
  121. Sometimes, good customer service pays off!
  122. The Praise I Hate To Give
  123. medical help
  124. Your niceness made my day.
  125. Yay, my boss is a geek!
  126. thank you to my manager
  127. Good things come to those who are nice.
  128. Popsicles!
  129. Helpful Coworker
  130. A Bunch of Customers Were Inconvenienced
  131. I can't believe I didn't post about this guy
  132. My Faith In Humanity Has Been Restored (Long)
  133. polite co-customer
  134. I Am Human!
  135. To the waitress from last night :)
  136. Very Nice Customer!
  137. Maybe Management Doesn't Always Suck
  138. HAHA, regular customers made my day. (language)
  139. Can you make me as handsome as Cary Grant?
  140. cool customer
  141. Finally, someone who understands!
  142. Wonderful guy at Hardware Store
  143. The big drunken tipper
  144. every customer should be like my dad
  145. My Worst Nightmare
  146. Defused SC
  147. Good Job All Around
  148. to the guy at the jack in the box
  149. A lovely compliment
  150. A lovely middled-aged mother
  151. It actually made me cry a little
  152. A Nice Guest
  153. Thanks, you have no idea how much I needed that laugh
  154. To the lady in Wal-Mart, man. Awesome.
  155. Special thanks to two customers yesterday ...
  156. Oh her poor daughter!
  157. "10 dollars is not worth ruining someone's evening."
  158. I'm Awesome? Hooray!
  159. To a guy Iíve never thanked but should
  160. About the lady who had a hold on a book
  161. wonderful hotel employee
  162. Thank you and I'm sorry
  163. not actually a customer but...
  164. Thank you
  165. Sometimes you gotta love your regulars!
  166. Perfect 10 service...it will always be the pinnacle
  167. It's not a problem, but thanks!
  168. Awesome Lady at Target
  169. Camera Store: Why I kind of miss it...
  170. to the guy who let two crazy girls fill his ink
  171. great service from Virgin Credit Card
  172. Random act of kindness
  173. Nice grandma...
  174. Customers Thought I Was Nice
  175. Coworker Told Off On-Duty Checker
  176. "typical" Apple Service - aka awesome :)
  177. Made my night
  178. I think I'm in love...
  179. So where do you get the best customer service?
  180. Very patient guests indeed
  181. No More House Hermit! (kinda long and ranty)
  182. Ideal cust for waiter
  183. the least SC I've EVER seen!!!!
  184. Cool present from a lovely customer
  185. Heh. Coworker is cool.
  186. My coworkers went against a male stereotype!
  187. She was just what I needed!
  188. Great Costco Manager!
  189. Concert for a cookie
  190. A Breath of Fresh Air
  191. Little Old Couple
  192. Favourite Regulars?
  193. The things we get away with saying...
  194. The Unconvinced Winner
  195. And the greatest drunk of the year award goes to.. *drumroll*
  196. Anti-bridezilla
  197. a good one
  198. Toshiba tech = awesome sauce
  199. Made a customer so happy she HUGGED me!
  200. My co-worker deserves an award
  201. awsome player!
  202. R&D people = good people (long)?
  203. A little honesty goes a long way...
  204. Drink More Jagermeister! It doesnt make you mad......BAAAAA
  205. Deaf Woman
  206. A big thank you!
  207. Finally, some recognition.
  208. A 100% tip.
  209. A very helpful young girl
  210. EXTREMELY sweet company owner!
  211. Recognition earned
  212. ATM Bad Luck
  213. Some entrepreneurial kids
  214. Awsome new kid!
  215. Awesome Cabbie
  216. Awwww!
  217. I love you mystery customer!
  218. What a generous kid!
  219. Cell Phone Apology
  220. ATM yay
  221. Patient Customer
  222. Great customer and a first for me
  223. That's how you deal with a call centre!
  224. Pinch me - I must be dreaming
  225. AAA Rocks My Socks
  226. Outstanding, honest customer
  227. Praising the Pizza Guy and Killing my Brother
  228. Thanks to the telemarketers on here
  229. Best. Service. EVAR!!!
  230. Customer with purple dress
  231. The coolest kids ever (a little long)
  232. Verizon and Arby's
  233. Why can't all of my customers be like this woman?
  234. Thank you
  235. Reverse sighting at Asda
  236. Polite truck driver
  237. Awesome Subways ladies
  238. The pharmacy at Walgreen's
  239. good news story from here
  240. Taco Bell Awesomeness
  241. thanks guys!
  242. Girl from 3 Guys Towing
  243. It just gets worse and worse until...
  244. The customer IS NOT always right
  245. A customer takes having policy explained to them gracefully
  246. Thanks for the tip!
  247. Pleased Manager
  248. Apparently I bring the glamour back into flying
  249. A Customer who understands????
  250. Sad News and Good Customers