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  1. Thank you!
  2. Wherein people are nice to a sick lil' frog
  3. Impressed?
  4. Going the extra mile (well few meters)
  5. Service Desk Coworker Got Me a Soda
  6. Two thank yous.
  7. A mother teaches her kid a lesson
  8. Lovely Famil
  9. Professor Prevented Students from Suckiness
  10. If I was a cookie in a cookie jar?
  11. You ROCK!
  12. Parenting in action
  13. Thank you Rebecca (positive sighting)
  14. Nice Client
  15. Thank You
  16. Borders awesomeness and my messup
  17. A Reassurance
  18. Zomg bank saved my @$$
  19. Praise for a music store owner
  20. One of the few who appreciate me
  21. Nice guy at a restraunt
  22. Great security guy
  23. Awesome Team Lead
  24. This is why I like them
  25. Good customer service, and follow up
  26. Good parenting at Wal-Mart!
  27. Awesome employees
  28. Generous customer!
  29. O Christmas Tree......
  30. Free beer!
  31. Thank you airline scheduling!
  32. strange, make me feel better/worse....
  33. Target Customer Service Desk
  34. Thanks
  35. Customer Helped Me Out
  36. Customer Thought I Looked Great
  37. Coworker Told Me Not to Worry About the Line
  38. Helpful Coworkers
  39. Ceiling Fan Leakage Incident
  40. Even co-irkers get their moment to shine.
  41. Thank you, awesome Chili's manager!
  42. King's Garden Express - You kick ass!
  43. Lovely meal out
  44. Good School Bookstore experience
  45. A big thanks to my coworkers!
  46. Customer Who Helped Me Regain Faith in Humanity
  47. Cleaning Lady
  48. Walgreens girl
  49. If I'm Ever In the Neighborhood...
  50. Sometimes the Universe Just Meshes the Right Way
  51. Two Good Sisters and One Awesome Mom.
  52. Customers who are actually concerned. (Long)
  53. Wonderful movers!
  54. Helpful Customer, Coworkers, and Store Director
  55. Comcast Security People
  56. A Denny's
  57. Great Manager, held job while sick
  58. When You're A Sucker For A Smile . . .
  59. My faith is being restored
  60. What Inconvenience?
  61. "I hope you don't mind!"
  62. "Uh...well what do you recommend?"
  63. Oldie, but a Goodie
  64. OMG! Poor thing!
  65. A busy day with a slew of disrespectful customers, but one gets it right
  66. This one made me giggle
  67. Jurassic Park Rejects
  68. Helpful Exercise Facility Employee
  69. Let's Hear It for the Cable Company!
  70. Independent comic shops rule
  71. Coworker Gave Me Flowers
  72. I got a passenger compliment letter
  73. My manager was understanding
  74. Phantastic Phlebotomist!
  75. Helpful Boot Merchant
  76. Mix of helpfulness...
  77. Some Customers Suck.... Others are F******* AWESOME!
  78. My Lunch.
  79. Store Director Believes Health Comes Before Customers
  80. Bussing surprises. :)
  81. Fess up. Which one of you is staying in my hotel?
  82. T-Mobile....store sucks, customer service line is great!
  83. Bought me a Burger
  84. pizza
  85. Customer actually ASKED if I minded being on speaker! :)
  86. A Gold Star For You!
  87. Best form letters EVER
  88. For You Paco.
  89. One for the crew at Pep Boys
  90. ^_^ I Loves you IHOP
  91. To the guy at my local cash converters
  92. Laaaaaaaaaaaaaate
  93. The Butter Customer
  94. someone that knows a grind(some nsfw language)
  95. The Dark Done Right
  96. Bright spot in a sea of sucky service
  97. Very nice young boy.
  98. Management rocks!
  99. To Awesome Office Checker K
  100. Fellow Shiftleaders and Select Managers!
  101. Thanks for not letting me be a hit and run victim
  102. Angry Customer Pleased With Me
  103. New Menu, New Awsome
  104. Mothers who know how to discipline their children.
  105. You are my Hero Mister!
  106. Local Borders running Library book drive
  107. super bank!
  108. My mom got a bigger size.
  109. Bad circumstance, nice lady.
  110. iTunes+ is AWESOME
  111. Unexpected kindness
  112. ...and now one for NTB :)
  113. Pizza Hut
  114. WOW.... SC free...
  115. Love This Manager!
  116. Free Food!
  117. This guy seriously made my day
  118. Awesome support from Dell
  119. This Medical Assistant deserves chocolate
  120. One of the best college students on campus here
  121. A big thanks to Denise at Subway
  122. Big Thanks to the CiCi's on 535 in Orlando
  123. A sighting from my brother and one for myself
  125. Thank you Mr Music....
  126. Thank you waitress at Chili's
  127. Somewhere in a call center in Oklahoma
  128. Long-distance operator took the flak for me
  129. Thank you, van driver
  130. To the man at the copy center.
  131. SecurityMetrics, I thank you!
  132. To my local MACU teller
  133. Thank you, honest customer, you saved me a write-up
  134. My boss handles a "Don't you care about my business?" SC
  135. The girl with a broken arm.
  136. Craigslist Awesome
  137. Thanks Target!
  138. Thank you, kind stranger
  139. Thank you, Cinemark
  140. Finally, a customer who does not cop an attitude (kinda long, sorry)
  141. I Order You To Do Something Humane
  142. Awesome time at Red Robin.
  143. to a truly amazing manager.
  144. Hey, cool!
  145. No, sir, thank YOU
  146. No complaint about the coupon? wow
  147. Thanks to Eye Gallery's staff
  148. Loyal customer
  149. My TL
  150. The best restaurant in town.
  151. Today's food stamp customer
  152. Real Customer Service
  153. I spill wine on a pax but he's totally cool
  154. I really want to pay you for this......
  155. Wherein I'm rewarded for something people should be doing anyway.
  156. Making me cry in a GOOD way
  157. many thanks are in order tonight
  158. What a nice boy you are
  159. S You rock.
  160. A customer who actually understood!
  161. Hotel kudos
  162. Humanity has an Upside
  163. The store made a mistake, but this lady was an angel.
  164. Esurance ROCKS!
  165. When the summer camp kids strike....(good)
  166. Turning bad service in to good service
  167. AT&T Goodness
  168. Brilliant manager and co-workers
  169. Panera Bread, you make me happy
  170. sometimes, online reviews on google are wrong
  171. A customer gets it right
  172. I'm Glad You Found It
  173. Customer Made Me Eat Chocolate
  174. Sweet Former CW
  175. Wonderful Boss At My New Job!
  176. There are good people out there
  177. Tapped on the shoulder whiile reading CS.com
  178. A complement is all it needs...
  179. Sweet Lady vs The Drunk
  180. You Rock Lady
  181. Customer gives another free alcohol, wow
  182. I <3 my Insurance Agent :)
  183. Much love for Illinois hotel :)
  184. Praises go to the Movie Manager
  185. Unexpected Gift and Advice needed?
  186. Phenomenal customer service
  187. Much Praise to local theater employees
  188. I Love You, DSL Extreme
  189. My first personal tip
  190. Props to WestJet at YYZ and YQR, CATSA at YYZ
  191. Pizza, customer service, and accidents
  192. WIN mother
  193. Best Mom Ever!
  194. This kept me from quitting more than once
  195. Yay for the Cashier
  196. Awesome Time Warner Rep
  197. My regulars were concerned!
  198. Late night help
  199. Nice Patient
  200. This is a business, not a playground
  201. Kinda glad I answered the phone
  202. One Demon fighting another...
  203. Kudo's to the JB Hi-Fi
  204. Thank you, pissed off lady buying a phone!
  205. To the customer...
  206. Ambush shoulder massage!
  207. Really moved
  208. Mmmmm....Yay pizza!!!
  209. awesome elderly lady have
  210. Great Manager at Domino's
  211. KLM are great!
  212. I Love the Gamlin' Hippies!
  213. Thank you, awesome cashier!
  214. Phone Coverage and Leaving Early
  215. Fabulous
  216. Grocery store love
  217. praising servers
  218. Verizon Tech Help guys Win.
  219. humility and generosity
  220. I Love Subway
  221. I've never been wished that before...
  222. Awwww
  223. Thank you awesome Cox Communications worker
  224. a haven for the geeky :P
  225. I didn't see my first FiH stat gain until I hit level 29
  226. Thank you DD lady!
  227. Bagger Got Me A Soda
  228. Well Trained Cashier
  229. An Ode To The Bank of America Call Center Girl.(long)
  230. I Went to Disneyland!
  231. Wonderful woman at Walgreen's
  232. Thank you, every student during Rush
  233. Sopapillas on the house!
  234. Praise for Tracfone Phone Help
  235. AstroBoy
  236. To the Wait Staff @ Lexington Barbeque
  237. Clean-Up!
  238. Sometimes it is worth it.
  239. You just know
  240. Awesome waitress at Kelseys!
  241. Skrae and the great gas mishap
  242. Target Customer service
  243. Boss scared him good.
  244. Eighty Five Keys. I get a tip.
  246. It's Holiday Time
  247. 10 year olds notice everything
  248. Black Friday Done Right
  249. Gasp- Parenting!
  250. I was shocked!