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  1. MAC Makeup Sales Girl
  2. Really Nice Service at the Game Shop
  3. The Spirit of Giving . . .
  4. A special coin, a card and $20
  5. To two wonderful customers...
  6. Thanked for medical assistance
  7. Post Office Employee Awesomeness
  8. Great service from an online jewelry supply website
  9. These people have given me Christmas joy
  10. Great boss, and more...
  11. This was cute
  12. That was sweet
  13. Customer comes to my defense
  14. Unexpected Gift
  15. 99 sucky customers and one hero
  16. Small faith in mankind rising.
  17. Merry Christmas, Walgreens Clerks
  18. Big Lots: Chicken Soup
  19. my mess up, great customer
  20. To the customer who did this to our display...
  21. Movie Store Happening
  22. Awesome Jet Blue Employee
  23. Doggy Poo Poo
  24. What A Great Start To A Day!
  25. A Member Made My Day
  26. The five words I'd never thought I'd hear.
  27. gamestop win!
  28. My awesome coworker
  29. Thumbs up!
  30. My Awesome Co-Worker: "CR"
  31. Easy-going, charitable customer
  32. Arby's dollar menu
  33. You win, awesome guy
  34. A Customer Gave Me A Drawing.
  35. Epic customer fielding SCs for us!
  36. How to turn a desk clerk into a happy desk clerk
  37. We can't let you drive in this weather
  38. High end audio shop kindness
  39. She brought me chocolates...
  40. Hope you feel better
  41. Fine Burgers and Drinks
  42. Awesome couple
  43. "Mao"
  44. excellent Service
  45. Best old man ever
  46. Free Cookies!
  47. Best sales associates EVER
  48. The Easter Bunny's Holiday Miracle
  49. Excellent Amazon Phone Rep
  50. Snow Plows!
  51. We Nailed the Audit! W00T!
  52. Quarters= fun time getting gas
  53. Pharmacy Rocks
  54. yay me
  55. Awesome Trainer
  56. LL Bean Customer Service Rocks!
  57. Thanks for trying!
  58. Cool CSM
  59. I almost cried...
  60. Westinghouse Monitors
  61. Great laughs with a customer at a politician's expense
  62. Sean rocks! (and stuupid mangment)(language)
  63. I <3 GRT
  64. Go long!
  65. Pulled Over, Not Mad
  66. Super nice blind man
  67. Great waitress at The Melting Pot
  68. Proceeding with caution, thank you
  69. Goths=Nicest People
  70. Complimenting the people who do what I used to do
  71. Do you have any in the back?
  72. To my team lead.
  73. Awesome SuperManager seems to care.
  74. A good sighting
  75. UPS Listened To My Complaint!
  76. DMV Raves (longish)
  77. Boiler repair dude
  78. Awesome Coffee Shop Manager
  79. Magical Birthday Elves
  80. Boss appreciates me
  81. Polite service.
  82. Awesome Rite Aid pharmacist
  83. Pharmacy dealings. (kinda long)
  84. Thank you awesome Drugstore Guy
  85. The mythical backroom.
  86. BBQ ordered in, picking error, resolved quickly
  87. Cute little dog and fantastic dog owner
  88. Super Gracious Military Guy YOU ROCK! and I almost cried after our call
  89. Little French Angel
  90. Wait? What wait?
  91. how mature of you
  92. EPIC FAIL for Poulan\husqvarna, Andersons for the Win
  93. Yay for the TTC!
  94. Psychic Drive-Thru Clerk!
  95. Best Day EVAH.
  96. I saw the sign!
  97. Nice Guys at Laser Quest!
  98. Tirerack.com is awesome :)
  99. Return Over 30 Days Okayed!
  100. Aw, kickass!
  101. Luby's manager enforced no cell phone rule during work
  102. I just had to share this...
  103. Amazingly fast service!
  104. Customer wins Most Patient Person Of The Year
  105. Meineke Guy Made My Day :)
  106. Regulars!
  107. To the AT&T guys I talked to today, thank you!
  108. The customer who made me cry, in a good way!
  109. Nice!
  110. Bonus Coupon
  111. I actually had a pleasant shopping trip!
  112. Giant kudos to my coworkers upstairs
  113. I really have a lot of great customers.
  114. To the Lady at Walgreen's
  115. Manchester Bus
  116. Awesome Council Dude
  117. My favorite coworker
  118. A sad, sweet goodbye from a nice patron
  119. They Saved My Dog's Life
  120. Munchkin was a super customer!
  121. Customer who rocks!
  122. Filling In The Blank
  123. To the little lady with the parrot flashlight....
  124. To The Russian Couple Who Called Me "Perfect"...
  125. I can be both of your friends...
  126. Payless (for) Shoes, and I did!!
  127. To the awesome guest
  128. The best speeding ticket
  129. Ladies at Subway and the really bad day (long)
  130. Market Street Eats makes me look good.
  131. So glad the pizza place knew my regular order
  132. I bit into those buns. They forgot the onions.
  133. awesome BART driver
  134. I got my own scramble!
  135. Best Job Application I've ever got
  136. Are you the blonde?
  137. Fantastic Service
  138. Kid sasses me and... is disciplined for it!!
  139. The actual joy of my job..........
  140. Food for the 4th
  141. Sweet Lady
  142. Thank you for your honesty and for noticing
  143. I'd be surprised if Sprint didn't think I'm scamming them
  144. Best service I've ever seen
  145. Awesome old guy
  146. Guy ran to back room to tell Managers how awesome we are.
  147. Our express setup sucks, this guy ruled though.
  148. Cashier at the competition, I salute you! (and want you to come work for my store)
  149. "Can I speak to your manager?"
  150. Outside Help
  151. Awesome Coffee Girl
  152. Literature and Forts
  153. To the staff at the Bonefish Grill...
  154. A good reason to be nice and efficient when you can
  155. Better than good service in a Dublin hotel
  156. Petsmart - my kitties <3 you
  157. A Night At Outback
  158. never thought i would say this..
  159. I don't think I'll ever have something like this happen again:
  160. Fast, nice... what more?
  161. I got a hug!
  162. awsome repair guys
  163. Saved a customer $150 when I could've done nothing.
  164. Resturant in the Big C
  165. A salute to working mothers...
  166. Wierd Students....
  167. Costco save
  168. A nice chicky dinner
  169. The Wind Beneath my Wings
  170. I learned my first ASL phrase!
  171. Drippy chicken and the awesome customer.
  172. Thank you coffee shop people.
  173. Why can't they all be like this?
  174. Thank you Renate for putting things in perspective for me
  175. Nice guy
  176. Awesome Housekeeper
  177. Amazing service
  178. Best Customer Ever
  179. Thank you corporate travel agent
  180. $20 Bag of chips
  181. A kindly offer
  182. I love my pharmacy
  183. Nice IHOP Customers
  184. To the nurses at my hospital...
  185. To that guy who called me four times yesterday...
  186. Lost purse
  187. My boss made me want to cry!
  188. Security Guy with a Good Heart
  189. Awesome Manager
  190. CSR from Cincinnati Bell & Direct TV
  191. M
  192. Happy Olives of the Garden and Cable Goodness
  193. Someone who'll actually cover my shift!
  194. Pizza Delivery
  195. Best constant service YOU'VE gotten
  196. Awesome Customer Scammed - Long
  197. I got a donut!
  198. Awesome theater manager.
  199. Librarians are awesome
  200. Pizza Hut Play Time + Bonus McD Story
  201. Yet Another Reason ...
  202. Pain free new glasses
  203. Tailors are awesome!
  204. Something my work did today
  205. Customer said what I wish I could have
  206. An image from the Failblog:
  207. awesome chinese food
  208. I got to eat lunch today!
  209. One more from a few years ago
  210. Sexual Harassment Taken Seriously
  211. My manager is awesome.
  212. Movie Theatre Win
  213. We love this place
  214. Self-praising: You Lost Your Wallet
  215. Someone call the Vatican...
  216. Self-praise: Lost child
  217. Our Monkey Overlords
  218. Good Parenting
  219. Teaching Phone Etiquette
  220. It's not said near enough.
  221. Email to PeiWei
  222. It made my day! Thank you subway guy!
  223. Gamestop and Time Warner Cable
  224. Self sighting and awesome grocery store
  225. Parents who actually know punishment other than spanking?
  226. for that, you get free upgrade
  227. Extremely Helpful Cart Shagger
  228. My customers are AWESOME!
  229. These customers have Holiday Spirit
  230. Coming In During Bad Winter Weather
  231. Awesome Lady Shopper (or What Is the Opposite of Grinch?)(....LOOOOONNNNGG)
  232. To those at the Seafare of Williamsburg
  233. More REI Love
  234. Gotta love the dramatic ones :)
  235. Behold, the power of asking nicely!
  236. Self-Check-Out Help/Self-Sighting
  237. I fell down laughing
  238. The army of volunteers
  239. Newport News Melting Pot
  240. Auto Store
  241. Squeezable in the Most Respectful Way
  242. Great Service for my mistake.
  243. Quick One!
  244. Thanks for thanks
  245. Praise to the people on the bus
  246. el bracero
  247. Pizza for me!
  248. Sam Elliott served us steak
  249. Awesomeness at P.F.Changs
  250. Wow Management!