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  1. From bad cust to favorite cust in only 1 day
  2. Devious plotting daughter
  3. Props to Verizon Wireless Tech Rep!
  4. Line cutter pwned
  5. Auto store
  6. lol u just dont know
  7. U know my order after just 1 visit?
  8. I got thanked
  9. Great Urgent Care
  10. Pizza Hut
  11. Awesome Handling of a Scary Situation
  12. some really nice people out there
  13. Cookies
  14. Our local Sears is great!
  15. I got a marriage proposal!
  16. A nice and a suck
  17. Awesome service at Texas Roadhouse
  18. Riddle-Telling Customer (a bit long)
  19. If I was only younger!!
  20. awesome customers..
  21. newegg
  22. Fitbit's great customer service
  23. Great Chinese service
  24. 20 Dollar Man goes one step further to tip me!
  25. My Local Subway
  26. To our tech support crew
  27. One for the Firestone guys (and gals) across town
  28. My SM is awesome!
  29. Amazing service at local pizza/sub/deli
  30. Bright House Tampa
  31. Honey Baked Ham.
  32. Local mexican resteraunt
  33. Thank you for hosting the craziest meetings around!
  34. Awesome parent!
  35. Dear Indian Restaurant...
  36. Dear eBay Customer:
  37. I heart you, eBay Block Button
  38. For every huge SC I get...
  39. Good service? FANTASTIC service!
  40. My kids new school is AWESOME!
  41. Lightspeed
  42. Thanks for finding my pedometer
  43. Cool mom
  44. Trained 5 year old SHOCKING
  45. You Snooze, You Lose.
  46. My wonderful customers <3
  47. Wow, My Boss Really Cares!
  48. Awesome Contractor great teacher
  49. rest in peace Plaidman and thank you for your understanding boss
  50. And I love you, random stranger
  51. My local Panera Bread
  52. Cool -4 Man
  53. Cool Tree Guys
  54. Publix
  55. PDA: Pizza Delivery Awesome
  56. The ladies at Michael's
  57. My credit union rocks!
  58. Chick-fil-A
  59. Lodge manger must be a demigoddess...
  60. Customer grateful we returned her camera
  61. Thanks to account support
  62. I love you, you guys
  63. Upgrades for Yankees Game
  64. Bus savior
  65. Thanks for putting up with a nerd
  66. Night crew at a local Waffle House
  67. A morning at the dee emm vee
  68. New shoes and a mended finger.
  69. Awesome Client
  70. The Pet Store
  71. Epic Teacher Comeback
  72. How We Got Our Internet Back Faster Than Expected
  73. Awesome Goodyear staff!
  74. THIS is how you build customer loyalty
  75. The Five Awesome Co-Workers
  76. My Real Estate Agent
  77. Awesome clients!
  78. Free OJ Today
  79. To my waiter at Bucca
  80. The tanning salon in dupont.
  81. You can leave the store
  82. Just something small
  83. Yay! I had a suck and a GREAT customer at the same time!
  84. Got the sale price w/o member's card!
  85. Nice guy!
  86. Wonderful OnStar CS Agent
  87. Print shop let me save almost $50
  88. A Nice Customer
  89. Such nice Sympatico techs!
  90. Well, It's a Start
  91. Blue Dolphin Charters, Kauai, Hawai'i
  92. made a customer happy yesterday
  93. Awesome customer
  94. B at Walmart
  95. Cafe Yumm
  96. Super 8
  97. So It Was Peanut Butter Jelly Time...
  98. 'It wasn't your fault, but thanks for your help.'
  99. Coleman comes through,again! :D
  100. Boston Market
  101. Please offer a prayer for Michelle B
  102. Compliment sent to corporate
  103. James at Wells Fargo
  104. The cashier at the pawn shop.
  105. The guys at Daniels Discount and VW Plumbing
  106. Honest Trick-or-Treaters Win!
  107. Teens Behaving Themselves? Amazing!
  108. Client generosity
  109. Lovely Ebay Customer + Bonus
  110. A friend who went above and beyond
  111. Lovely hairdresser!
  112. UNO Chicago Grill in Kissimmee, FL - kudos!
  113. KILLER CAT!!!
  114. Lady, you rock
  115. OMG PUPPY!!!!
  116. Great T-Mobile rep
  117. My customers... don't suck!
  118. wonderful service...
  119. Umm... You're welcome?
  120. This one customer I had...
  121. Thank you to WM employees
  122. This is how you complain properly.
  123. Penn Station praise
  124. How amazing!
  125. I officially love this company!
  126. My boss is awesome
  127. "You're wasted here!"
  128. Video Game Day
  129. He had my back!!..:)
  130. Wonderful management
  131. Just want to thank a few folks.
  132. So I lleft it for the last minute...
  133. Self-sighting at work - from a customer.
  134. Why aren't more people like this? T_T
  135. Local Chinese takeout place
  136. Why Being Honest Is Best
  137. Great service at the casino
  138. Thanks Random Customer at Lowes!
  139. Thanks for thinking outside the box with me!
  140. Tech Guy awesomeness
  141. Why I love my coworkers #23
  142. Grateful customer
  143. Why I Haven't Quit My Job
  144. Awesome Customer
  145. I like how you think, kid
  146. Things men have to buy for women
  147. I got a thank you card from a customer!
  148. For Remote Lady
  149. Great Stylists-In-Training
  150. Lovely student
  151. I got GREAT neighbors!
  152. Travel Agency that owns up to cock up.
  153. A nice surprise from Knology
  154. Macy's and My bank
  155. Sweet Customer/Seller
  156. Hot Chocolate!
  157. HHgreg made it right
  158. Blue Cross Blue Shield
  159. Hooray for the Wal-Mart Pharmacy!
  160. Free Pretzel Delivery!
  161. Progresso rep rawks!
  162. Awesome customer made my day
  163. Thinkgeek CS
  164. Local Pizza Chain Does Awesome
  165. Purple dreamcatcher
  166. Good deeds free with twenty-five cent deposit
  167. Give a little, Get a little.
  168. National Tire And Battery Always Helps!
  169. Nice collector...
  170. Helps to read the 'care' tag ...
  171. Sweet girl
  172. Faith in humanity?! Omg is it back?
  173. CSR at Eddie Bauer
  174. Cool Customer Service at Verizon
  175. Amazon pulled through D:
  176. Misha
  177. Awesome Hotel Desk Clerk Is Awesome.
  178. So touching
  179. She found a bolt in her pizza
  180. This was cool....
  181. Thank you so much.
  182. Thank you SO much to the Starbucks Employee
  183. I wanna quit the bank!
  184. I love The Hampton!
  185. I love this client
  186. I should shoot myself...
  187. Customer tips!
  188. I can't believe I'm saying this.. Thank you, Mart of Wal!
  189. New saying
  190. Awesome Hardley Normal guy
  191. Bouncers: The unsung heroes
  192. ROTC Kids! :-)
  193. Finally a Great Experience!
  194. You don't know how to use a Gentle Leader? That's OK:)
  195. Net10 sucks, but Best Buy customer service did right by me
  196. Wherein I Help a Kid Score a Date to the Prom
  197. Awesome Mart of Wal worker saved my handheld games!
  198. Cupcakes!
  199. Under Pressure!
  200. Fantastic customer service
  201. This is a FIRST!
  202. How to complain correctly
  203. Kudos to the Cinnabon Clerk
  204. A helpful Ma Bell employee!!!
  205. awesome comcast supervisor-kinda long
  206. Thanks to all the Customers Suck members...
  207. Cool Amtrak employee, almost made up for the others
  208. Hard to put a title to it!
  209. Century Link
  210. Local AT&T Manager
  211. God's Pit Crew + Famous Pastor's Church
  213. Brilliant Change in Foodstamp Policy
  214. new corner cafe makes it right
  215. Above and Beyond
  216. I'm Lovin' It today
  217. Never even had to ask
  218. Lady, please only shop at our location; you are wonderful.
  219. The drive thu guy at eegees
  220. Free-Range Kids
  221. thank you gas station guy!!!
  222. Ooops! We both made mistakes.
  223. Still waiting to wake up
  224. Printer ink adventures
  225. One good parent!
  226. Cilantro, the little bugger!
  227. Security: On the Ball
  228. Saved me nine bucks!
  229. Boo! Fun park ranger
  230. This is why I love my bank...
  231. Free Coke coupons - fantastic wording!
  232. Patience, young Padawan
  233. Happy Food
  234. I have wonderfull coworkers. (and a friend)
  235. Deli Guy at my local Walmart
  236. Thank you Deli man.(different than Pepperelfs)
  237. Thank you, nice A&W staff
  238. Chick-Fil-A Has the Best Service
  239. I don't know if this is technically customer service, but ...
  240. The greatest volunteer job ever!
  241. Do unto others...
  242. Wherein I live up to my username
  243. Awesome Parts Supplier!
  244. Thanks to Roy at Breon's, Pleasant Gap, PA
  245. Awesome Bus Driver!
  246. Great Waiter at Cracker Barrel
  247. local motorcycle organization
  248. I know an angel.
  249. Dear Lovely Couple...
  250. Thank you, Petco