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  1. Very nice Smith's employee
  2. Awesome customer today
  3. Great support from staff at a local store
  4. My Dad
  5. An act of kindness
  6. She wrote a letter to management
  7. Awesome car dealership
  8. I could hug my coworkers now
  9. There are nice people out there :)
  10. Manager Incredibly Generous!
  11. Just a generic 'thanks' ...
  12. Monkey Business at Walmart
  13. Wonderful Chemist Store
  14. Great employee and great tech support
  15. Taking care of the customer
  16. Photography store of awesomeness
  17. Christmas Moments of Awesome
  18. To the EA representative.
  19. To the guy working drive thru at the local JJ sub shop
  20. Wells Fargo Steps Up
  21. Bittersweet
  22. My favorite customer...
  23. to the team at guns and ammo garage
  24. Outback Steakhouse in Erie PA
  25. Safeway Super Cashier
  26. Thank you for being a human being.
  27. Sighting before getting my hair cut
  28. Adorable experience at Walmart
  29. Lady took disappointment well
  30. This one's a keeper....
  31. Valentine's Day + Young Male Customers = Hilarity
  32. I would if I could
  33. I Really Was Joking, but THANKS!
  34. Favorite Waitress Moving On -- A Question
  35. 7 great customers tonight
  36. Cinemark really came through
  37. It's the little things
  38. Game Store Awesome
  39. Good Customer Story For a Change!
  40. Shame the COMPANY is so awful ...
  41. Awesome Ladies
  42. How a LONG wait turned into GREAT customer service...
  43. Kids Raised Right
  44. With comments like that, expect more smiles
  45. My Mechanic <3
  46. Customer incredibly unhappy, but still smiles and laughs
  47. LG Tech
  48. Pet insurance bummer turns to YAY
  49. I *guess* I was a good customer today
  50. Caramici's, you are the BEST
  51. One of the best customers I had.. just turned me into her customer!
  52. Truckers Surprise All Of Us
  53. Sales staff great to the disabled.
  54. Thanks for fixing my messed up order
  55. How can I get ahold of your supervisor?!
  56. Awesome eBay Customer
  57. Great customer service
  58. Thank you for not hiring me ... oh wait, LOL ...
  59. Awesome service from Optimum
  60. Happiest guy I've ever dealt with
  61. The most awesome employee ever!
  62. dress barn employee
  63. To the line of custies on friday
  64. Gem of a factory worker
  65. The nice mail lady!/ Concerned citizen #1
  66. Check out lady totally made my day
  67. Kind bride treats me like a human
  68. Why cant all my customers be like this?
  69. Another happy customer
  70. Nice to feel like a name, not a number
  71. Compliment from a coworker
  72. My client/überboss is awesome
  73. Doing it right
  74. Perhaps this is a new record?
  76. A second for me
  77. The simple things
  78. Boss's rarely displayed humor
  79. Awesome Co-Worker
  80. Truthiness at the chicken shack
  81. Awesome hotel front desk clerk
  82. Wait, you want to tell my supervisor you're HAPPY?
  83. Grocery Store Cashiers
  84. GREAT Public Service
  85. Slippery Floor
  86. Fantastic Electronics salesman
  87. I think I saw a Unicorn
  88. Feat of Awesomeness Planned By Customer
  89. Awesome "Aloha spirit"
  90. Mmm, pizza!
  91. Hardware store
  92. Doh! My fault, but they took care of me.
  93. So simple, so good.
  94. Amtrak is Pretty Cool
  95. Not Just A Good Samaritan. A Great One.
  96. Dishwashers turned
  97. Cool kid @ UPS Store
  98. You made my night!
  99. General thanks to all!
  100. Sweet Lady Made Me Cry
  101. A sensible parent
  102. True Black Friday Stamina
  103. Thanksgiving nonsuck
  104. Dinner
  105. Great server at Applebee's
  106. Fun with Germans
  107. Holiday season warm fuzzies
  108. Staff is amazing!
  109. The Whistling Cashier
  110. That's Seperate..
  111. Olive Garden
  112. Christmas Eve Angels
  113. Best Buy went above and beyond.
  114. Umm... thanks for fixing that.
  115. My Local Hut of Pizzas did it right.
  116. Nice tow truck drivers
  117. two local places happy hubby and i weren't the typical SC. lol
  118. Awesome store employees; or how being nice gets you far
  119. My Mum can be so understanding
  120. Fantastic garage mechanic.
  121. Wonderful Online Leatherworking Store!
  122. Great experience with Wells Fargo
  123. How the hell did this happen?
  124. I made the manager at Domino's speechless!
  125. procession of kindness
  126. Older lady awesome
  127. Maccas drive through surprise
  128. Paying It Forward
  129. Finally - an express lane that means it
  130. My cigar shop!
  131. OK, I need to clone my boss...
  132. Computer Repair and Personal Assistant!
  133. Pedophile
  134. Amazingly easy time at the SS office
  135. My lovely mechanic
  136. Nice Guy
  137. Coworker and Roommate Extroadinaire
  138. The Red Pepper restaurant surprised me...
  139. Thoughtful customer
  140. A rare case of DMV awesomeness
  141. Pepsi surprise
  142. Apparently, I looked that bad
  143. Truck Driver Does Better Than Waste Product!
  144. credit card company goodness
  145. Cool customer coworkers/family
  146. Free Samples
  147. when I fall...
  148. At least one server understands my audit job better now
  149. Thank you OfficeWorks staff
  150. WTG bus driver
  151. Benefit to being a known non-sc
  152. Happy times at the shoe store
  153. Lovely lady on motorised scooter
  154. Nice older couple
  155. Thank you guest for taking responsibility
  156. Free milkshake from a customer
  157. My dog ate my Kindle...
  158. Lovely Garden Centre ladies...
  159. Got What I Asked For
  160. Now that's what I call public service!
  161. Thank You to the Ladies of Comfort Inn
  162. Thanks, to a really helpful associate!
  163. Awesome bus driver
  164. I love my CSM...
  165. AMAZING service!
  166. You're doing it right???
  167. My best tip ever
  168. Okay, thank you!
  169. Epic Doggies Are Epic
  170. I dread Tuesdays...until I see
  171. I never thought I'd say this, but the electric company
  172. Paid my tab
  173. Graduation company owns up
  174. An extra 6GB of data! I'll take that!
  175. Local Layaway Wizard
  176. Surprisingly Painless
  177. Customers who made my day.
  178. Making Someone's Christmas
  179. Thank you bing lee!
  180. The Fruit Store Rocks
  181. A sweet customer
  182. Costco, my old mate, and Christmas
  183. Storm Survival
  184. One for Alyssa...
  185. Show the software who's the master
  186. I feel so prettyful
  187. Best response to a SC ever
  188. My first great customer service experience!
  189. That was nice! (And unexpected)
  190. A small gesture led to an extra tip.
  191. Alyssa At Wells Fargo Rocks!
  192. Manager refuses to kick out "homeless" hotel guests
  193. A hell of a man.
  194. (N)ice lolly
  195. Awesome tow truck driver (Long)
  196. Not at all what I expected!
  197. I could've kissed him :)
  198. The "They're Not Free" Chorus
  199. Awesome Embassy Suites
  200. She couldn't hear partial self sighting
  201. This one small gesture made my night
  202. They remembered me!
  203. Clean underwear for firefighters
  204. I got pulled over
  205. Cuteness at work
  206. My coworker is so sweet
  207. Totally thought she was going to tell me how to do my job.
  208. I could get used to daily housekeeping
  209. Anonymous gift on a sad day
  210. Awesome moms (and kids) at bus stop
  211. "How do you feel?"
  212. OMG I had a NICE customer!
  213. I should write a love letter to OtterBox
  214. Faster coffee!
  215. Feisty old lady pwns shoplifter
  216. To the nice Lady at the Zoo.
  217. Customer Helped Get Balloon Down
  218. Dignified and generous, right to the end
  219. Customer Paid for Previous Customers' Order
  220. Hotel Praise
  221. Mom's Movers
  222. You didn't need to!
  223. What a nice thing to say
  224. Game Stop, don't stop doing it right.
  225. That was unexpected
  226. That's good parenting, right there
  227. More good parenting
  228. Hurray for whoever is in charge of the Facebook page for XBox
  229. Happy server days
  230. Jack in the Box Cashier
  231. Management got it right for once
  232. Made the Awful-mart clerk laugh
  233. You go, girl.
  234. Zen Voldemart
  235. Unexpected smiles from a hotel
  236. Finally.
  237. honest kid...
  238. Walmart fitting room attendant
  239. Lady cleans up her spill
  240. My Daughter Broke It; I'm Buying It
  241. Thanks, random Fedex guy...!
  242. Wow. . .
  243. Farmer's Market
  244. Manager actually boosts my morale by taking my side over customer's
  245. Verizon Store in Hudson, Wisconsin
  246. Random Compliments Thread
  247. "Buy something or get out"
  248. Wow! Now that is service! 3-fer
  249. Thanks for the ride, Mister!
  250. Saved by the Service manager