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  1. Ask and you shall receive ...
  2. Restoring Faith in Humanity
  3. Mmmmm, chocolate...
  4. To the linemen on my dads crew
  5. Blown away
  6. No that tip was not a misprint
  7. I don't know who you are but thank you.
  8. I wish I was allowed to reply this way at work.
  9. Never sucky but I wouldn't blame her if she was
  10. Dude stands up to his old hag of a mom
  11. To the man without a name (badge)
  12. Some really great people at this store.
  13. Simple little thing that made me a happy eater
  14. Sorry, Carl's Jr. My order was a bit SLOPPY
  15. To everyone who donated
  16. This is all it takes to get along with me
  17. How nice was this ...
  18. Eclipseraderie
  19. Non-sucky customers
  20. Never hurts to ask...
  21. I can read
  22. At least SOME of you get it
  23. This customer made up for all the crappy ones ...
  24. Lawnmower repair part insanity
  25. Zappos is awesome!
  26. Wow! A job done right.
  27. Such a lovely group of students...
  28. Thank you for your honesty.
  29. Met a gentleman today
  30. I can see why you get a lot of students like me...
  31. Amazing what not being sucky can do
  32. Noise is not a problem, but thank you
  33. Christmas came early for somebody
  34. Helping out
  35. Power Outage before Christmas *long*
  36. Kid's got it right
  37. Feel free to hold up my register anytime, folks (long)
  38. Tow Company Reps
  39. Surprisingly polite about it
  40. We Have the Most Honest and Trustworthy Customers
  41. My cardio workout, courtesy of an honest customer