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  1. Compliments to corporate really do matter
  2. 4th Of July
  3. Flashes of Sunshine
  4. True Gentleman
  5. Someone told my boss what we were all thinking...a customer! (kinda long)
  6. Our Store Finally Get's A Good Secret Shopper
  7. Coolest manager
  8. The Bird Lady (and others)
  9. That was a suprise.
  10. Thank you for not letting my house blow up.
  11. The Copy Machine
  12. Wonderful Denny's Service
  13. Made my night
  14. Random act of kindness and senseless beauty
  15. The Substitute Manager
  16. Banding Together!
  17. A banner day, indeed!!
  18. Sometimes, you are not a faceless drone.
  19. Customer feedback
  20. We need more parents and children like them
  21. A nasty customer... and a nice one too!
  22. Amazing waiter
  23. Wow?!? "Thank you, how considerate"
  24. A wonderful regular of ours!
  25. Just a Nice Lady!
  26. Nice Kid
  27. Favorite Co-Worker
  28. I can make you be nice. =o
  29. Humility is a Virtue
  30. British tourists
  31. Customer Offered to Show ID
  32. Not So Rude After All
  33. Good service. Good People
  34. Whoo hoo! Thanks random person at WM...
  35. Volunteers ROCK!
  36. In the midst of annoyance, a good deed was done
  37. Boss bitches out everyone in the department, except me.
  38. Best service I have ever had, ever!
  39. Hand Dryers
  40. Balloon Order
  41. The nice Quiznos lady
  42. Sometimes they CAN take the joke.
  43. Customer Saved Me A Trip
  44. Ambulance at Japanese Restaurant
  45. What A Compliment!
  46. and on his mobile to!!
  47. Worked out pretty well after all
  48. It pays to pay compliments!
  49. Customer Offered to Help Bag
  50. Some days people are great! (long)
  51. A Non-SC for once
  52. Thank you, Mrs. N!
  53. Good for a smile.
  54. The Hero.
  55. I Just Wanted to Grab This Guy By the Collar and Say "Stop It!!"
  56. Civil Customer Complaint
  57. This place was worth it!
  58. A Sense of Humour
  59. Wonderful Patient
  60. I got pins! ::dancing::
  61. awesome managers
  62. The kid...
  63. Not a troublemaker...even remotely this time around!!
  64. Cool guy at Barnes and Noble
  65. My local Home Depot ROCKS (and here's why)!
  66. To my Shift Manager (I know he's on here somewhere)
  67. Props to a Chapters
  68. Cute 10-something-year-old Customer
  69. He Apologized!
  70. Let's hear it!
  71. Sear lady rocks
  72. Customer Reported Broken Cart
  73. Awesome drunk guy (hooray for oxymorons)
  74. $15 tip?!?
  75. She brings happiness with her!
  76. Super Customer to the Rescue [Quite Long]
  77. Customer Compliment
  78. I love my job! (warning- long)
  79. HEAVENLY parents
  80. I refuse to serve him and he is happy.
  81. Customer Complimented Me On Opening A Register
  82. My favourite customer passed away ;_;
  83. Credit card authorization...
  84. USAA is teh awesome (my apartment complex is pretty cool too) *long*
  85. I was invited.
  86. A customer assissting with trash!?!?
  87. Reminiscing
  88. My Human Resources Manager
  89. He just stood there...
  90. Customer insisted on paying for something I was trying to give away.
  91. Aww, thanks!
  92. Comic relief at lunchtime
  93. I have an aura?
  94. Late charges
  95. Bank lady with a sense of humor
  96. Hooray for polite kids!
  97. Thunder the Wonder Dog
  98. Awww
  99. 2 Satisfied Customers In A Row
  100. Forget the bad, Remember the Good
  101. Wonderful and generous customer
  102. My managers rock!
  103. Nicest Tip Ever!
  104. The Budding Shoplifter
  105. The awesome guitar store
  106. Free fruit basket!
  107. Surprisingly, I get a lot of nice customers at Starbucks
  108. sincere compliment from a customer
  109. Customer Complained About Coworker
  110. The good, the bad, and the better.
  111. Front End Manager Stood Up For Me
  112. Manager did nicest thing for me...
  113. The most awesome manager in the world
  114. I'm about to cry...
  115. the real spirit of christmas
  116. Barnes and Noble Booksellers
  117. Customer tellsoff SC! (sort of)
  118. "We saved your place for you"
  119. why cant they all be like this?
  120. I'm in with the Flanagan's crowd :)
  121. Christmas cheer from the customers
  122. What is happening at Target?
  123. Nice electronics guy
  124. Thank you Claire's Accessories!
  125. Cancer Patients
  126. Hospice of Hope
  127. awesome bossman
  128. He apologized
  129. Former CW buys me my lunch!
  130. Nice gesture from the Bossman
  131. I don't know if this was a mystery shop or not, but thanks!
  132. my SGM is awesome
  133. I was a nice customer (kinda)
  134. SC Makes Good
  135. Give and we Receive
  136. THIS is why I love this job!
  137. Sad, but sweet
  138. another wonderful customer
  139. I was the customer in this instance...
  140. sweet customer
  141. Customer joke .... actually funny?
  142. The locked out Hooters waitress
  143. I wish I could return the favor
  144. Favorite Guest
  145. Line managers' can make or break
  146. She just plain rocks
  147. Paid to deliver!
  148. I can't believe she remembered me
  149. Hilarious Joke At My Manager's Expense
  150. Leading by Example
  151. Warning: kinda' sappy.
  152. Fantastic Customer
  153. Grateful
  154. The best waitress ever.
  155. I'm still stunned...
  156. Most wonderful couple in the world.
  157. Customer offcially wins an "awesome" award
  158. My Favorite CSM
  159. Coworker Compliment
  160. hell must be enjoying ski season
  161. My lost wallet story.
  162. courtyard rocks
  163. Nice, friendly man...
  164. US Cellular is your christmas!
  165. CRACK! You WILL Address Me as Lady Dips!
  166. Considerate Impulses - Reverse Customer Service
  167. There are saints in this world.
  168. General thanks
  169. Pays to be nice
  170. Larry the God!!!
  171. Super Mom!
  172. I miss them...
  173. Simply wonderful gas station attendent
  174. The Tale of the Squished Finger and The Nice Customer
  175. He could have stolen but he didn't!
  176. I finally said I was sorry.
  177. Pay it forward
  178. They handled a possible VERY bad situation so well!
  179. Awesome Customer of Joy!
  180. I Love Our UK Distributor
  181. holy cow. what did he say
  182. OMG...put a star on the calendar
  183. Such a helpful young lad /oldladyvoice
  184. They acknowledged my hard work?
  185. I've got the warm fuzzies right now...
  186. Praising myself :P
  187. The New Girl
  188. Nice, friendly passengers
  189. My nice coworker
  190. My manager was so happy.
  191. THANKS to you techie people
  192. My boss is f*cking awesome
  193. such a little thing
  194. Was it be nice to cashiers day?
  195. I love customers with a sense of humor!
  196. Take my car. Please.
  197. I got a note!
  198. Those totally awesome customers you get
  199. Customer Told Off Checker
  200. FEM Believes in Encouraging Employees
  201. To the ones who care: Thank you!
  202. Good Father, Goooooood.
  203. Politness isn't dead quite yet
  204. Wow, a real thank you!
  205. When customers actually listen!
  206. Out Of The Blue Kindness
  207. You know you really like your coworker...
  208. Photofinishing: Getting it just right
  209. I still can't believe they told me
  210. Faulty parts... or not!
  211. You, sir, have the patience of a saint...
  212. Excuse me sir, you left a 500% tip.
  213. The Donation
  214. Don't Judge A Book
  215. Cinnabons for everyone!!!
  216. How nice
  217. Fantastic Customer But... Need Some Help
  218. Gee, what a nice lady!
  219. The Verifone people... you rock!
  220. The best part of my job
  221. I picked up the phone and...
  222. First nice lady.
  223. Grateful Customer
  224. Co-worker comes through in a pinch!
  225. Customer Apologized
  226. I love my new manager. (long)
  227. Don't need to tip just for being a good human being
  228. New Manager
  229. A SC who apologized.
  230. Awesome Customer
  231. Customer who was nice despite getting rude service
  232. Thank you manager!
  233. My favorite customer
  234. To our forum members from Texas
  235. My mom was the awesome customer!
  236. I miss my old Assitant Manager
  237. Customer called bad customer dumbass.
  238. A manager sticking to his guns
  239. The Matrix has you!
  240. Great HR and RVP
  241. Good Triumphs Over Annoying!
  242. Last Night
  243. The bottled water lady
  244. Awesome Transit Man!
  245. Honest, decent people exist... really!
  246. OMFG some people actually do this "parenting" thing you hear about!
  247. The best customer service
  248. Idiots who can't count at the Express tills.
  249. not sure how I got into this one..
  250. There's a Hero working in my store