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  1. From One of My First Days
  2. I think I caused a store meltdown. Long
  3. Something's burning
  4. Beverage explosions!
  5. Photographic mistakes
  6. Oooh, that was bad...
  7. I'm still paying for this one!
  8. This one was ALL my fault.
  9. Foot in mouth disease
  10. Dropped Watermelon
  11. Oh yeah....we DO have an alarm!
  12. Keys in Locked Office
  13. Grab a raft
  14. Sorry, out of order, trash is full!
  15. Small mistake, big issue
  16. *whistles* nothing to see here....
  17. What? Saturday? Wait, who are you?
  18. Broken Toilet Seat
  19. I MAY have been an SC
  20. $438.02
  21. math oops
  22. Squishy Meat
  23. Sometimes I talk too much.
  24. right time, wrong day
  25. Not really an oops
  26. Toilet Paper Key
  27. Ok, so I was wrong!
  28. Put Down Wrong Date on Photo Log
  29. Not an Oops, but a Honest Mistake
  30. I caught the wrong guy
  31. Almost embarassed myself...
  32. oops, my bad
  33. Well, crap
  34. I was an SC. Kinda. Sorta. Not really.
  35. I didn't know how to use the debit machine
  36. Parking!
  37. Opps...all work and no play makes
  38. Loaded Coupon Machine Backwards
  39. Forgot to Print Lottery Report
  40. Problem with Photo Maker
  41. 2 Messups in One Day
  42. I honestly thought it was a prank call!
  43. so stupid!
  44. Okay... But it was my first one!
  45. Signed On With the Wrong Number On the Register
  46. Woah...that's not good.
  47. Well I learned a lesson... (painful)
  48. Simple mistake becomes major headache
  49. 2 Mistakes in 1 hour
  50. Messed up jetsort
  51. 'famous last words'
  52. a guy fell down
  53. Could have handled it better!
  54. Note to self:
  55. Unintentional double entendre
  56. Yeah, that's on me...
  57. Customer After Closing
  58. I gipped this woman $100
  59. So THAT's why no one came
  60. Shame on me
  61. Forgot to sign check!
  62. A little too easy going
  63. Drive-Through Follies
  64. So embarassed!
  65. Biggest screw up yet!!
  66. Made A Lottery Mistake
  67. Almost cost me my job
  68. Ice Ice Lady
  69. "Where's my boyfriend??"
  70. I got pwned by Mother Nature
  71. Dropped DVD
  72. My favorite mistake
  73. Mistook a girl for a guy!
  74. One of these days I'll say the script right XD
  75. Thank Goodness We Caught This One
  76. Such a goooood one too.
  77. that's not good
  78. Plainclothes and Uniforms...
  80. Can you say totally out of it?
  81. Minor goof; HUGE headache
  82. 5 hours late because I OVERSLEPT!
  83. Oh. I Guess We Do Carry Them After All.
  84. My list of oopses
  85. I must pay more attention
  86. How do I handle this WITHOUT becoming a SC? *Warning, LONG!*
  87. Denied!
  88. My brother's story
  89. I'm an ass. (Long)
  90. Bad Check
  91. My Moronic Statement
  92. I Broke A Key
  93. I thought I was SO fired
  94. This section is appropriate for this post
  95. Excuse me, your retail roots are showing.
  96. Dunno what is wrong with me lately
  97. A Series of Unfortunate Circumstances.......
  98. Sorry, whomever you are.
  99. I was an SC today...
  100. I Saw That One On TV...
  101. oops...wrong store (coupon)
  102. Nearly Missed A Till
  103. I'm gonna get an ass-chewing...
  104. Wrong cheque numbers
  105. Michael, Mitchel, whatevertheheckyernameis!
  106. first day f-ups
  107. Clean vs. NOT clean
  108. The SNAFU that just keeps on giving!
  109. Computers have bad days....
  110. Armed Police Showed Up...
  111. The Last Mile
  112. :( I snapped again.
  113. The snark was strong in me today
  114. :sigh: Ice cream fool
  115. Doh!!! at Staples
  116. Every year on this day...
  117. And I'm the trainer......
  118. I am so screwed
  119. Note to self: $50 isn't the only denomination
  120. I'm not a narc, I swear!
  121. The big one
  122. No Sleep+Customer Service+Me=OOPS!
  123. Sucky bagger
  124. Two Hours Late
  125. "I'm a girl!"
  126. In my defense, it has been a crazy week
  127. Wherein double sided tape saves my life
  128. BIG pricing mistake
  129. oh wait, that's your phone number
  130. I'm losing it...
  131. a month out of date...
  132. Maybe I'm a bit to jumpy
  133. BIG oops involving customer's car...(kinda long)
  134. Blas and the candycane
  135. damn, i just joined a club that I never wanted to join
  136. Wherein the Dude uses the wrong name.
  137. I'm a SC, but in their favor
  138. I.P freleigh Breaks Shit
  139. Wherein I royally screw the pooch.
  140. I got back at a customer, now I feel bad.
  141. So I ruined your Christmas?? Well what about mine???
  142. Wrong Number
  143. Waist Deep In Balloons
  144. Woops!
  145. *I'm* supposed to take those off?
  146. Read for comprehension, Saydrah!
  147. 500 dollar mistake
  148. Wrong Nunmber
  149. I am a bonehead!
  150. Almost became a splodge on the ground
  151. I threw away her lunch!
  152. Overcharged customer $30
  153. Well, I was just the SC...
  154. Kernel Calamity
  155. 11 hours
  156. Broken Light Switch
  157. Signs that I endured.
  158. I hit my boss in the nads with a socket...
  159. Not sure where this belongs, but...
  160. Wrong Item
  161. I did a really stupid thing
  162. Lord...stupidest thing I did
  163. Well technically, I was right....
  164. I'm such a moron...
  165. Told customer to f**k off
  166. Was I expecting the doors to just open for me?
  167. Messing up payment and pissing off supervisor
  168. Fire...Run...Towards?
  169. I Laughed in a Customer's Face
  170. I really put my foot in it...
  171. A scheduling *headdesk*
  172. D'oh! Well, I feel dumb.
  173. Almost really screwed the pooch
  174. That's why you don't stack those six high.
  175. ...and I let him go!
  176. Wow, crap...
  177. All goes silent...
  178. Said the wrong thing+wrong person=Foot in mouth disease
  179. Ran into a cart and then a door...
  180. Did Mead do bad?
  181. Nearly lost $500 worth of checks.
  182. It might helped if we unlocked the doors.
  183. Bug Mobile Hit and Run
  184. Hung up on the manager's husband.
  185. i screwed up royally
  186. i just screwed a coworker
  187. Accidental Shoplifter
  188. Plaidman: Jackass of the year.
  189. Seems only open my mouth to exchange feet
  190. My minor SC booboo.
  191. I blew up over a wrong number... >_>
  192. Almost crossed the line at the Post Office (bit long)
  193. We made the guy drive an hour out to see us for nothing.
  194. How to make this up?
  195. Did I just say that out loud?
  196. I was a bit of a bitch...
  197. Minor SC-ness?
  198. I was a bitch, but damn, he was an ass
  199. Filter Failure
  200. Missed a Step
  201. Yipe...
  202. Caught on Tape
  203. Boob smacking
  204. Im still new at this tipping thing!
  205. D'oh!
  206. In which I look like a total idiot.
  207. That can't be right..
  208. made some poor 11 year old girl cry
  209. I forgot my own name
  210. I felt SO bad!
  211. OK, she was a bitch but I may have caused it (long)
  212. Hoo boy.
  213. I Should've Asked for Clarification
  214. This still makes me cringe.
  215. Random Drunks
  216. Major Student Screw-up (Kinda long)
  217. What store am I in?
  218. I feel bad.
  219. Urgh...
  220. "Please call me a cab..."
  221. Had no clue they weren't together
  222. Umm yeah you need change don't you?
  223. Apparently I can't read a schedule
  224. I feel like an ass
  225. Only I could screw up this badly...
  226. Insert Foot into Mouth
  227. wherin I lose it in front of the manager
  228. OMG! How could I lose $50?? Lengthy and language ...
  229. Self brain burps
  230. I never, ever swear at work... except today
  231. In Which I Look Like a Complete Idiot
  232. Okay, so at least I'm not the only one who has problems at my store...
  233. Shoot, I really screwed up this one...
  234. Me technology don't mix sometimes....
  235. You do realise I'm on the sick?
  236. Lost my temper
  237. Oh crap, she WASN'T being rude to me!
  238. I Can't Believe I Did This
  239. Sorry I Got You Fired...
  240. help my waitress is a vampire!
  241. Minor self sighting.
  242. And I was doing so well too
  243. "I've kind of crashed the van..."
  244. Slip of the tongue...
  245. No Hablo Espagnol
  246. Keys. Keys. Keys? ACK!
  247. OUCH!!
  248. My bad!
  249. Counted Out Too Much When Cashing 2 Checks
  250. Almost forgot to give someone their change