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  1. The Twit
  2. Rules for Tech Support
  3. Recurring Twits
  4. Rules for 411
  5. I didn't even know a computer could do that.
  6. Why is Wireless networking such a difficult concept?
  7. Making things clear for me
  8. Computer swaps
  9. Go me! I'm smartl! the disappearing IE.
  10. Unsupportable - forum title fits this user
  11. Phone operators and full moons
  12. Relations can be CS's??
  13. Lusers and their computers
  14. dealing with overseas tech support
  15. Not covered under Warranty
  16. Asiisted Computing Facility
  17. Profanity in his Windows XP Activation Key
  18. Two days worth of phone stories...
  19. Helpless
  20. The Coupon Machine
  21. Ow, my brain
  22. I have 9 antivirus programs, 10 spyware and 15 adaware and I'm still infected
  23. Be more specific?
  24. The Troublesome Power Cords
  25. I'm weird
  26. Knuckle Children?!
  27. No, I dont think thats coverd under warranty
  28. The disgruntled TV viewer...
  29. Just when you think its a normal call...
  30. Overheard at the Helpdesk
  31. Fun with the YTA
  32. It starts, keep me in your thoughts
  33. It's a Part of My Job, OK?
  34. well thats just stupid
  35. Brainless right out of the box...
  36. Love/hate Earthlink tech support
  37. cranky people today 08/17 long
  38. The electrician photographer PC tech lawyer mafioso
  39. Tech Angel... dumbfounded
  40. Pull it out of my A....
  41. Ahhh toothache shut the H**L up. Just a lot of whining
  42. Script for Closing Calls
  43. Treated like a moron (Long vent)
  44. Pain is....
  45. Contact Us forms on websites are difficult!
  46. Double Burnout
  47. I don't think that's covered...
  48. And I should check that HOW?
  49. For The Love of Gord, People, At Least Pretend You're Trying!
  50. An Endless Vortex of Sucky Non-Logic (Long)
  51. Receipt Printing Problems
  52. pure, concentrated crazy
  53. Self-modifying hardware??
  54. My font is teh good!
  55. Busted! (In more way than one)
  56. Links are too hard!
  57. The Perfect Caller
  58. A bit of a logic problem
  59. Poor n00b
  60. The 15th call...
  61. My initiation
  62. He called back
  63. The Pin Pad
  64. The most moronic customer ever!
  65. No Clue!
  66. Leaving out the good parts
  67. Why does it have to go racist?
  68. Called Racist
  69. Why It Is Important to Register Your Software
  70. Caught red-handed! (never lie to a tech support rep!)
  71. I Quit... Really
  72. Problem with Coupon System
  73. Things to know when buying a service plan.
  74. Brains needed
  75. Non-Earth logic at work
  76. I failed an audit (evaluation) over this one.
  77. Mailservers 101
  78. A tale from College.
  79. question if any insurance folks
  80. I have to buy a wireless router?
  81. Musicians....
  82. I weep for the species
  83. Shutupshutupshutupshutupshutuuuuuuuuuuuuup!!!!
  84. Things that are not our problem
  85. Poor Eugene
  86. good stalker / bad stalker
  87. The adventures of BlaqueKatt<epic>
  88. The Math Genius
  89. Fixing a brain box
  90. I hate our sales department
  91. Unfair selling practices at Bellsouth
  92. Oh just make it all stop
  93. I never wanted a call to end so much
  94. I'm corn-fused
  95. I get a new computer, right?
  96. He twisted my words!
  97. Some stupid SCs ruin it for the rest of the good ones.
  98. Did you really want to admit that?
  99. Gawd darn it!
  100. I wanna instant Mr. Coffee on my thing...
  101. Definitions
  102. Where have all the humans gone?
  103. My favorite kind of call
  104. Uh...say what?
  105. You mean you have to have a telephone for Dial-Up??
  106. What? You shut me off for not paying the bill? No way!
  107. Wii...really don't care.
  108. My Dad
  109. Thinking....don't do it on your own.
  110. Ironic SC Moments
  111. Dont try to design computer systems for idiots...
  112. Um..whaaat?? Customer's Make My Head Hurt
  113. Who's your favorite Little Rascal??
  114. Fun with Social Engineering
  115. "Not here" means "NOT HERE!"
  116. You need to right click, that. No, the other ICON. Oh, I give up!
  117. Too Stupid For Technology
  118. An open letter to the client (a little long and rantish)
  119. How not to sell a computer.
  120. Do Cell phones really affect the brain??
  121. Health Care insurance worse then tech support?!
  122. Don't tell me it's my PC! Your internet service is why I have no dial tone!
  123. Your Web Host != Microsoft
  124. OK, so I'm partially at fault on this one....
  125. Tomorrow's Prices....Today!
  126. File this under the "sucks to be him" listing....
  127. Where's my Windows!?
  128. This lady thought her six year old daughter could do a DUN set up
  129. Laptop question
  130. Call from Hell (top this one)
  131. Words used by tech support
  132. Is this illegal?
  133. Where's the period Key? (NOT kidding)
  134. When advised to close all her windows, she closed all the windows in her home!
  135. If you call your insurance company...
  136. The Life of beer in Unix Land
  137. array redirect
  138. Hi, I'm Earth, have we met?
  139. Stupidest Excuses Given to Customers
  141. Why even bother?
  142. You are not a good tech if....
  143. Amazing what a notice that you need to format does....
  144. Smoke is bad, mmkay?
  145. Is the network down?
  146. She wanted credit for not logging in for six months!
  147. Listen to what I'm telling you
  148. tech support tales
  149. FIRE BAD!
  150. What is the funniest support call you can imagine?
  151. Made an analogy, got it thrown up to me.
  152. What? But I have you all for dial up, not Internet Explorer!
  153. Why my dad called tech support
  154. The modem standby button
  155. Please at least be in front of the PC
  156. My most memorable experience with Tech Support
  157. I try so hard not to suck
  158. Dumb or just lonely
  159. But, I want to talk with somone else (LONG)
  160. Just what IS a server, anyway? (slightly long)
  161. We are an internet provider. We do not make house calls!
  162. Lawyer Man
  163. Some Cellular quickies
  164. Old man wants me to "prove" it's a bad sound card.
  165. I get owned by the king of the idiots
  166. Another Dumbass
  167. They're not all bad
  168. Belligerent moron (some language)
  169. Serial Number Suspicions
  170. Yet another cellular disaster
  171. You'll have to be a bit more specific...
  172. What not to do when evading taxes (Long)
  173. The joys of the phone tree
  174. Can I speak to the guy who broke the rules the last time I called in?
  175. Not the worst, but definitely annoying
  176. Frustrating tech support!
  177. Note on account: Customer's wife is an idiot
  178. You want me to do what?
  179. Jenni's fun work orders
  180. My phone must be magic.
  181. My mom is unsupportable.
  182. We're Just Too Nice
  183. Webmail vs Outlook
  184. Why isn't my phone working?
  185. Sorry, I can't fix the outgoing email!!!
  186. wha???
  187. Bronchial Trauma.
  188. Question for the ISP employees
  189. Paranoid Schizophrenia Ahoy!
  190. Customer Service Quickies...
  191. We do not offer that support
  192. You want ME to tell ANOTHER STORE what to do?
  193. Set up for a fall / Woman who would not shut up (long)
  194. question for microsoft tech support employees
  195. reprint
  196. The moose out front should of told ya
  197. My first story
  198. Vista: And So It Begins
  199. Did you buy it at my store? RTFM!!
  200. Nope, Not Our Problem
  201. Not. Listening.
  202. Please don't call for tech support if your not in front of a computer!
  203. Why I make everyone reboot...
  204. Not particularly original...
  205. Jenni, the evil techie!!
  206. Question of the Day!
  207. DSL related confusion
  208. Good at computers != Being God
  209. Look, It's Perfectly Simple...
  210. Putting the hard in hardware
  211. My IQ is lower after this one
  212. Well it was on a phone
  213. Hooked on phonics
  214. A customer I felt bad for
  215. Confession: Being Unsupportable
  216. Umm, did I miss a release here?
  217. Students can also be morons
  218. Parents calling on behalf of student
  219. I'm sorry to all of you
  220. If You Have Two Options and One Doesn't Work...
  221. What Part of "Only" Don't You Understand?
  222. FTP Again...
  223. Problem between Monitor and Chair
  224. You're NOT outsourced?
  225. April Insanity
  226. Pity Party of One; your table is now ready
  227. Easier issue = more SC drama?
  228. Trashed a perfectly good machine...
  229. An internet tech support job I don't want
  230. Where's the period key? (long)
  231. Cable Internet - Wireless Router - Old PC
  232. Credit Card Support line
  233. It's Going to be a LONG DAY
  234. D*$@ you, Microsoft!
  235. I'm a Pernicious Purveyor of Half-Truths and Intellectual Excuse-Making (Long)
  236. Why our public school systems have failed
  237. Doing well... by doing nothing
  238. No good deed goes unpunished
  239. Definition?
  240. Don't Call Me Baby
  241. The non-syncing camera
  242. 15 years experience in the computer field = not worth a flying @#$%
  243. Did you know that computers don't break?
  244. Crazy Lady
  245. WTF, mate? (long and a bit ranty!)
  246. I'm not asking, I'm telling
  247. I AM a citizen of the United States of America!!
  248. Louisiana... how difficult could it be?
  249. Not sure what this guy's hoping for
  250. I asked you a simple f*****g question