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  1. for use = take
  2. Okay.. Just HOW closely related were your parents???
  3. Is it real? (pic)
  4. Who now?
  5. When people don't e·nun·ci·ate
  6. Visitor Parking was reserved & handicapped parker did not tell me he was handicapped
  7. he said it's cool, keep going
  8. Where do we live?
  9. Hey! Call the cops on my son!
  10. Didn't really need to know that but thanks for the info anyways...
  11. ok...you're stupid?
  12. No, not the poor, headless dolls!
  13. acetometophen or Tylenol
  14. oi vey
  15. Order Canceled: Crisis of Faith
  16. The Pistachio Lobbyist (bizarre)
  17. Man I hope this was a brain burp and not plain stupidity.
  18. I, is for internet
  19. not even managers are immune
  20. Brain burp and awesomeness.
  21. Right where you were.
  22. There's a reason I'm not home...
  23. Wherin clarification is needed
  24. My gods, you're tall!
  25. "Buying These Three is Cheaper Than Those Two."
  26. Just......Ow.....
  27. Amusing brain burp
  28. "Is this thing working?
  29. I'm not sure they should write our ads...
  30. They're Toying with My Sanity
  31. *blink blink*........OWWWWWW MY HEAD
  32. enunciate or spell your name when making a reservation
  33. Wrong Country...
  34. If his head wasn't screwed on tight...
  35. I Don't Think You Get It, Sir
  36. I Had One
  37. I put this where?
  38. Information that might be important
  39. Appropriate Attire
  40. Pork?
  41. Gambling 'Problem'
  42. crazy 911 guy is back
  43. you are sooo perfect for the job
  44. ... or you can pay for it...
  45. Flight Attendant catches herself before asking a silly question.
  46. If the Manufacturer Doesn't Make Product in Blue...
  47. crazy guy, part 2
  48. The invisible sign
  49. I don't think that's the name of the month
  50. It doesnt get much dumber than this folks.
  51. Customers with hearing problems calling the company
  52. Sometimes it's fun
  53. Um, do what now?
  54. Someone else must have wrote that...
  55. What's an Editor?
  56. That's a new one for me
  57. I'm Pretty Sure We Don't Have That on Our Menu
  58. what a day *^^*
  59. How does this book shop work anyway?
  60. The Joys of Christmas Parties
  61. Darwin, you LIAR!
  62. Manager Burpage
  63. A bad few weeks *self sightings*
  64. um...wow
  65. You Think?
  66. The Mysterious Case of the Vanishing Car
  67. no...
  68. Home schooling? Sure you talked to your wife? Also, xxx cartoons
  69. That's close to Europe right?
  70. Major cable company losing major channels but yet calling ours
  71. Vampire books
  72. spelling
  73. The amazing shrinking quarter
  74. "Didn't I see you at that one porn site?"
  75. Who wants the hot dog?
  76. Magical Calendar
  77. $47=$487?
  78. He did what I told him to... AND IT WORKED!
  79. Good Things Come in Plain Brown Paper
  80. Pet Peeve Questions.
  81. They don't usually put the coupons in the box...
  82. O RLY?
  83. making a fool of myself
  84. Math Genius
  85. And he runs this city
  86. OW, my brain!
  87. complimentary cookies
  88. she flees from questions.
  89. Colour-blind brain burp (longish)
  90. If someone has to think for you, maybe you arn't ready for the test
  91. But...But...It's 2009!
  92. ????????
  93. What I should have said...
  94. Not really sucky to me, but still annoying
  95. A block in the brain
  96. I guess I had a major blond moment
  97. "Someone has the paper I want to read"
  98. Somebody had a "D'Oh" moment
  99. my dumb question of the day
  100. You're kidding...right????
  101. It was me...
  102. Wrong number call
  103. the airport isn't named after that president
  104. Marble Mashed Potatoes
  105. At least this guy was a good sport about it
  106. You KNOW im tired....
  107. I don't think it's me with the problem
  108. From a patient the other day.
  109. Okay, but don't forget it!
  110. I don't assume they know what they are talking about
  111. What would you do?
  112. shock & awe
  113. You can't find the battery?
  114. you gotta love this
  115. Not once but twice!
  116. A Funny One from Today
  117. So if a gay man...
  118. Stupid questions...
  119. Not really the answer I was looking for...
  120. Customer put a nickle in the slot where the token goes
  121. Oh yes, those two names sound alike!
  122. I now hold a special place for my WoW guild
  123. Let's try door number two
  124. You're Not a Drugstore?!?!
  125. no more rooms, this means nothing!
  126. I should have known to ask this first..
  127. Comb Guy: The Reprise
  128. setting off the alarm at work (self-sighting)
  129. How would you like that sliced?
  130. Day of the Loons
  131. Hilarious side effect of power outage
  132. a new twist on an old favorite
  133. yes, it's new (short)
  134. My Brain Burp, Accidental Hostage Taking.
  135. 2 beds = have to use them both?
  136. One question, two different burps.
  137. Huh??
  138. catalog stupidness (sic)
  139. Sucky Telemarketer?
  140. Where In The World?
  141. Some eat alone
  142. *urp* excuse me <my own story>
  143. Did I just THANK a shoplifter...?
  144. Holey Celphone Batman!
  145. February what?????
  146. Very mild brain burp today.
  147. Awesome! I get to leave work early!
  148. what the sign says...is the truth duh
  149. Uhhh...that was sarcasm
  150. What are they teaching these kids in school these days??
  151. transit brain burps
  152. Wrong side
  153. Pay attention -Two customers
  154. M-O-O-N, that spells good...
  155. Lack of confidence in husband
  156. Toying with their minds
  157. This guy definately not all there...
  158. The Specificity Problem
  159. Two in one night
  160. We're not racist, sorry
  161. To all Customers
  162. Thats a Lot of singles.
  163. While you what?
  164. I am not an ogre
  165. Dirty Dirty Minds!
  166. Employee working @ a different university "Can I park in the Staff garage for free?"
  167. Spring break is this week & a night school student wanted to park in the staff garage
  168. The princess is in another building
  169. Do the pot plants mean nothing to you?
  170. Poor Guy Was Just Confused
  171. common stupid questions
  172. sunday morning is no time to be awake
  173. A painful lack of depth.
  174. Contact?
  175. Somewhere in Denver, a Geography minor dies inside
  176. Maybe this guy was tired....
  177. Wow, I need a new wallet
  178. I weep for our future-math problem
  179. Warning: do not insert iPod into unidentified orifices
  180. Grab ya?
  181. Noooo.... the other number??? /sacrasm
  182. Time clock stumps me
  183. failed on a debit payment
  184. Oops!
  185. We have our own flower!
  186. Hotel charges... never mind
  187. Please, Please Be a Brain Burp, Oh Please.
  188. Gripes about standing in a line especially at a fast food joints
  189. No they only go down
  190. Declined?
  191. Visitor Parking is reserved; customer: "how much?"
  192. Must have really wanted the cheese bread
  193. My Brain Skipped a Groove or Something
  194. Frozen Biscuits
  195. Starbucks medium anyone?
  196. Heres your sign.....
  197. Prank Call You?
  198. "I can live without 3 cents, but not 7 cents"
  199. Where's the Library?
  200. DOH!
  201. Customer forgot how to read
  202. This probably could have been phrased better...
  203. what day is it?
  204. Turn the card over!
  205. I can be so silly sometimes
  206. Lost in Translation
  207. And I thought *I* was bad at the mathy stuff...
  208. It's a hat
  209. What's PH Got To Do With It?
  210. What is the one thing you should never ask of a Book Store Employee?
  211. YES!
  212. How's that spelled again
  213. Does safety mean anything to some customers?
  214. Oy
  215. But It Bit Me!
  216. Behind the times.....or worse?
  217. Fax me 2 please.
  218. It works better if you plug it in.
  219. Did you take the tape off...
  220. You eat too much fast food...
  221. No Carb Water
  222. Someone at the DMV must have been having a bad day
  223. Becareful of What You Wish For aka Where'd the Road Go? (Long with Video)
  224. yes, everyone must evacuate... except me
  225. Internet security brain burp
  226. Scarily low reading comprehension
  227. Hiarious non sucky non brain burp.
  228. The smelly cheese
  229. Someone in QC wasn't paying attention
  230. Don't act so surprised
  231. Do You Work Here part 1,357,782...
  232. Would you like a Game System to go with your Game?
  233. Yes, I'm calling you for something I already have - Long
  234. Mom says some funny stuff...;D
  235. Does it say Infodesk on my nametag?
  236. Imaginary Fruit
  237. If I swap a shift it would be good to remember doing so
  238. Yeah, That's The Word
  239. Something less than a victory for blondes everywhere
  240. Someone took her baby but she wants a phone, not a cop
  241. A Small Oversight
  242. Starfruit and Card Machines
  243. "Wait isn't this Mexico?"
  244. Opening accounts but has no responsibility over it
  245. Girls' Softball Teams...
  246. Finally said it!!
  247. Brain fart at the library
  248. "Why is the gate not going up?"
  249. I demand to pay that price!
  250. At this rate, it will be 2013 before it's resolved.