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  1. "No, I'm not open, I just get paid to stand here and do nothing."
  2. Pointless waste of time
  3. Empty brain ?
  4. Way to shoplift...
  5. A Short One
  6. I don't care what you are doing
  7. Too early to get cash.
  8. No Signal
  9. You cant drive . . . its not our fault!
  10. upper 3 star does not equal whatever a cheap room is
  11. Unintentional suckage
  12. yep, he listened
  13. Strangely yes.
  14. Do You Have Any Sort of Cheese at All?...
  15. "regular" skim milk
  16. Obvious Answers...
  17. And another Spoiler Alert: The Titanic sinks in the end!
  18. Certifiable
  19. Wrong shoes...
  20. It's a police raid!!! erm.. no it isn't
  21. My Going-Away Present...
  22. Nash General Hospital
  23. Ms. No Short Term Memory:
  24. Not enough parking spots for today's events; "visitor's cannot park?"
  25. The sun is a mass of burning wood, apparently.
  26. Pointless Pushing
  27. Funniest Thing A Customer Ever Said To You?
  28. Mail Call
  29. Minimum five is less than five
  30. Drive thru slip
  31. I do NOT look like her!
  32. We're not called that anymore!
  33. Long Island Ice Tea
  34. Why yes I am oblivious...
  35. Gift Cards and Old People Don't Mix
  36. Forgotten alarm code
  37. What date is that again?
  38. Breakfasting on autopilot
  39. There's a Different Moon for Every Place!
  40. Wow, nothing awkward or weird about that....
  41. Literally
  42. You just got PWNED.............
  43. Wherin A Typo Means the Difference Between A Single System and the Entire Domain
  44. This place is like a broken record
  45. Oh fun! The Tornado Experience!
  46. Our trolleys are free...
  47. My first americans
  48. Greetings, Great One! - Wait, not spam?
  49. that IS the exit to outside
  50. Taking lazy to new lows
  51. Canned
  52. Good thing I count my change
  53. At The Doctor's Office
  54. not oranges
  55. "The university is supposed to have tokens"
  56. Kiddie Room
  57. she's being nice, she must want me!
  58. Customer quotes that have made my week... special
  59. Scottish Geography
  60. The Tale of the Missing Car
  61. Duh!....Me Know Math Good......
  62. THREE (SCs) for the price of one!
  63. I had to laugh
  64. Person nearest you =/= employee
  65. just a humerous story a friend told me about his job
  66. my ticks don't have lyme
  67. "Miss Church"
  68. Sweet...and sour!
  69. remind me not to eat the cereal at his house.
  70. "It's a silent number"
  71. AC issue
  72. Quick retail spaz
  73. Thanks for that emasculation.
  74. Signs
  75. Did I Miss That One??
  76. Customer "tried" to park in the faculty/staff garage
  77. sometimes he makes me laugh
  78. spelling mistakes; or how the librarian must guess the word
  79. If you press the button it will come
  80. Another communication problem
  81. New customer not rolling down his window at the open window
  82. You'll have to speak up, my ears are still ringing
  83. Pet Cemetary...
  84. Gambling addiction
  85. Another name for the Freshman Summer Success program
  86. Vacation = Off The Clock Two Point Oh...
  87. YOU know the type...
  88. Take me out to the ballgame (plus an extra inning bonus!)
  89. Just wanted someone to tell
  90. smoking rooms
  91. What's a pin?
  92. A Security Brain Burp
  93. Twenty-five is NOT less than twenty!
  94. Guy thought token machine was a change machine
  95. "I need help inside the library so let me call the library."
  96. Good Girl *pat, pat*
  97. Not sucky just so DUMB
  98. dumb lady
  99. OMG I LOST MY WALLET! ..... no, it's right there.
  100. What did she give me???
  101. Numbers and Colors.
  102. Yes, the flags are displayed correctly.
  103. absent co-worker
  104. I have a bad habit of speaking before thinking.
  105. Do you know where the bathroom is?
  106. I must have been hired without my knowledge
  107. Special Me
  108. Whoever's trying to put the VHS tapes in the plastic clamshell cases upright
  109. You know, you know, you know, rinse and repeat
  110. How do you not know your pin #?
  111. Your skull is echoing....
  112. Drink vs. Cleaner
  113. typical call to the library
  114. So my entire carriage full of items is too big to come through express?
  115. CW restroom etiquette brain burp (I hope)
  116. Jack's complete lack of observation
  117. An oddly worded reply?
  118. Short and weird
  119. "I'll have some Grinch dressing with that."
  120. I thought this was cute
  121. Forgotten Change
  122. But my debit card doesn't have a PIN!
  123. Bear Repellent = Invisibility
  124. rates elsewhere
  125. but we're THERE
  126. I guess it's meant to be
  127. "I am trying to get out the door"
  128. Fire Exit =\= Bathroom
  129. Take the money. PLEASE!
  130. new job new problems
  131. 6 years old is wayyyy too old to have a pacifier.
  132. He thought he gave me a $20.00.
  133. Customers who schedule appointments on days they are not available
  134. There was a battering ram in the store today...
  135. Not quite a PEBKAC error.
  136. paranoid old lady week
  137. Parcel Pickup =/= exit
  138. I was called a liar...
  139. I'm glad I wasn't at work for these as I would have no IQ points by now
  140. Hotel Newbie
  141. the conversation that ate my brain
  142. Forgot a Detail, eh? Babysitting Adventures.
  143. Mistaken identity at Green Bay Packers practice
  144. Sir, You Have To Pay For Those!
  145. Dumb. Da Dumb Dumb.
  146. It's Nice To Be Independent
  147. My own brain burp at Wal-Mart
  148. do you think it gets here by magic?
  149. CW brain burp
  150. OCD
  151. First post and a brain burp on my fault..
  152. rates, other state
  153. brain burp regarding the office window
  154. I Should've Brought the Helmet
  155. Dammit, in this hotel we obey the laws of thermodynamics!
  156. But your light was ON!
  157. oblivious
  158. Kinda slow, aren't ya?
  159. Brain burp? Drunk burp? I don't know.
  160. The Oddest Phone Call in a LONG time...
  161. Blib blib!
  162. I'm off today...
  163. I'm good at them numbers and stuff
  164. Abstract conversation......
  165. Dangit
  166. Dirty looks at Planned Parenthood.
  167. Wherein Blas Doesn't Know What The Sun Is..
  168. TeeHee
  169. Six plus one equals 7 (Or, thank you, Captain Obvious!)
  170. What night?
  171. Are you serious or just messing with me?
  172. What was that man's job ?
  173. The not-so Gold Stars...
  174. Do you actually want to pay more than how much the item is?!
  175. Reading: A (totally) lost art
  176. Father of the year.
  177. If you go into a store for a job application...
  178. They Have Erections!
  179. "Can you tell me where the exit is?"
  180. So I called to subscribe to Nintendo Power.
  181. Exit?
  182. My own little brain burp this morning...
  183. The Bartender's Brain Burp.
  184. It's all a bunch of WILLIES!
  185. For the millionth time, I am not a supervisor!
  186. This is an express lane.
  187. "Why do I owe more?"
  188. Two Burps, One Day
  189. Blanked on Sugar Pumpkin Code
  190. Chinglish names???
  191. L, Brother B, and "Sue-Ellen"
  192. I'm sorry, I can't turn the rain off...
  193. duhh
  194. Call of Duty is not to be played like guitar hero (long)
  195. Wording Mistakes
  196. Got milk?
  197. New Concept!
  198. mispronunciations of the written word
  199. WHICH ONE? (short)
  200. Wherein I nearly laugh in your face
  201. EW turns into total brain burp.
  202. That's Not A Woodpecker....
  203. Twist it and see what it does
  204. That's spelt wrong!
  205. That's not a stimulant! That's not a stimulant at all!
  206. Tales from the darkside... er Library
  207. Gotta keep those credit cards chilled...
  208. Yes, let us go get in the TARDIS and we'll take care of that
  209. No, Not That Type of Leatherman
  210. Please be joking.
  211. Trapped!
  212. non-existent caller
  213. What's the difference!?
  214. Under the influence...Of stupidity!
  215. it's not programmed to think for you
  216. I feel positively ancient
  217. ...Soda is not beer. Sorry.
  218. "What direction does I25 North go?"
  219. I Think There's a Difference
  220. Key-cards made cheaply
  221. Don't send your non-sewing spouse to the fabric store!
  222. SCO Brain Burp
  223. Wonder what that movie's about.
  224. The Signature
  225. A riddle
  226. Amusing Brain Burp at the Hobby Store.
  227. Why are you telling me?!
  228. Safes aren't portable
  229. Lexmark isn't HP.
  230. Sheepism; or, People are stupid.
  231. o.O...just o.O
  232. cookie lady
  233. Yes, the brand is the brand....
  234. What is this thing called common sense?
  235. At least he made me laugh.
  236. MT tax
  237. toliet gurgles
  238. Since when do we carry...
  239. Purchase Order Fail
  240. Dumbass Roundup
  241. Got more change than I needed
  242. Lovely Knife but...
  243. That's why we switched.
  244. Can I take?
  245. Sorry, no magic scanning faeries in the SCOs
  246. Die Hard: John Retires to Write His Memoir
  247. hot water story
  248. HOW old was that bread?
  249. Blue Moon
  250. Gender brain crap