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  1. Very minor WTF, but if this is how the new year is coming in, I'm unplugging me phone
  2. I had a moment
  3. Cross-Job Fun; Customers Do Odd Things.
  4. Om nom nom osmosis
  5. I Didn't Think I'd Get One of These Here
  6. Remote =/= Key
  7. What do you bathe the baby in?
  8. He was in tears.
  9. Irony at its finest
  10. Time travel unlocked.
  11. The barn door is open? Oops...
  12. Which side of the street?
  13. Yes, there is such a thing as a dumb question...
  14. Common Sense...
  15. Cash, credit, health care card ... ?
  16. Is basic math too much to ask for?
  17. Even if it's in the bag?
  18. It went thataway!
  19. I really hope not...
  20. Wrong One!! Your doing the WRONG ONE!
  21. Watlow/WaddleO
  22. Jumping the gun
  23. How to Confuse My Coworkers
  24. wrong key card
  25. Oh the tales I will tell....
  26. Not for you
  27. I can do MATH, I'm awesome!
  28. Customer is very hard to understand
  29. Wherein the Dytch confesses to pwnage
  30. Selective seeing?
  31. Dinner Disaster
  32. The White Queen: historical novel, or historical fiction?
  33. During the Blizzard...
  34. Enjoy your trip, short as it will be
  35. "Is that really your lunch?" --- "... uhhh... "
  36. kinda out of it?
  37. I can't have THAT many complaints!
  38. Well, I hope that doesn't come back to bite me...
  39. Cookies Om nom nom...
  40. a 2 fer
  41. Two short tales
  42. Ignition Interlock
  43. Tracing Paper and Tattoos
  44. So much irony packed into such a small incident.
  45. Toll-free woes and so many levels of fail
  46. Non existant 5th Floor
  47. Future cops
  48. Chicken and fish: two different things
  49. Yes of course I will sell you that beer!
  50. Bow before my amazing power!
  51. The Riddler...
  52. 52 paper pick-up
  53. My own brain Burp
  54. A Message for the Owner
  55. Photo paper, cell phone chargers, and headphones, oh my!
  56. Hey, that looks like...
  57. Why We Have Signs
  58. Still The Wrong Card
  59. Confused Old Lady
  60. I'm on a diet, remember?
  61. Obvious questions only an idiot would ask
  62. Why can't I buuuuyyyy it?!?
  63. Loctite... it works
  64. That's why you're the customer and I'm the...reservations taking guy
  65. Say What?
  66. Rapscallion's brew?
  67. Almost, but not quite
  68. Too heavy for a thief to lift!
  69. It helps to write down the right plate number
  70. I don't know the title of the book but do you have it?
  71. So. Very. Stupid.
  72. You can just tell me.
  73. Thanks, God. Dopplegangers. And other....oddities.
  74. Caffeine, a vital part of your child's diet (Long)
  75. So what do I do?
  76. I need a battery for my solar calcuator.
  77. Green thing!!!
  78. You're looking for what?
  79. A classic "Do You Work Here" . . .
  80. Punctuation makes a difference
  81. Now I know why she needed a break. (long)
  82. Flying bacon and sticky feet
  83. Yeah, maybe for when Dracula invades.
  84. Remotes are difficult!
  85. Well I call it something else
  86. *giggle* You're a guy
  87. We've gone from bar to Derp Depository!
  88. Needs moar context. (Short)
  89. Do not try this at home (Very graphic - WAY TMI)
  90. Where being a WaterBender would be very helpful...
  91. Well Then, Just Take Your Business Over There!
  92. if you really think this...you probably shouldn't be working here.
  93. I almost laughed
  94. I controlled my temper. It WAS a boring weekend. (language)
  95. I think it's time for summer.
  96. Customers request when told Visitor Parking is closed
  97. Brain out of (dinner) service - longish
  98. Work on your vocabulary!
  99. Signs Again
  100. Two floors, and one restroom, apparently.
  101. what did you think that was for?
  102. Go back to School...
  103. well, that was awkard
  104. Does Not Compute *Head Explodes*
  105. Hair cut
  106. Still Not Psychic
  107. Never shopping with us again?
  108. Reeeeeaaaalllly? Are you sure???
  109. In What World Is Climbing The Shelves "Safe?"
  110. Did you Know...?
  111. To the Tune of Ministry's 'Burning Inside'
  112. Well, this was awkward...
  113. many burps...
  114. Little kids + small plastic bags = not a good idea
  115. Pay attention
  116. Customer thought Faculty/Staff garage was for visitors
  117. I hope this has been enlightening for you
  118. Moron Meets Meter
  119. Just Enough To Leave You Scratching Your Head
  120. Odd thingsing in the Night.
  121. AM showers, PM earthquakes
  122. Hubby calls it "The Luggage Thing"
  123. Do you work here?
  124. A new reason to homeschool my kids
  125. A Little Help, Guys?
  126. Some People Just Can't Handle Change...
  127. I Can't De-Activate!
  128. It's on the menu, but it doesn't exist....
  129. there are no words...
  130. Contract employee: "I cannot go to work today?"
  131. Technology has made me dumb...
  132. Fun at the Airport
  133. You need proof of age to work here!
  134. THAT was not a lost child!
  135. Obsolet vodka
  136. All of Them?
  137. "The one is for the change..."
  138. Cake guy
  139. Fiery equals ?
  140. Is it Coming Through the Phone Line?
  141. Vacuums
  142. Yes, you can have ice
  143. Where the FURk is My Coat?!
  144. I deeply apologize to the fantastic waitress at Montana's...
  145. Read your coupons before using them!
  146. I think I know what I am
  147. Visitor parking closed re: construction; "But I have a class"
  148. Customer had 2 brain burps
  149. Numbers is hard to unnerstand...
  150. Quote of the night..
  151. Kid brain burp
  152. My husband and I: The SCs
  153. Er, I think you're in the wrong section, sir...
  154. Yet Another Clerks Moment! (language)
  155. Dumb Postcard
  156. Store Brand...What?
  157. Herbs
  158. I don't have telekenesis
  159. How much more do I need to fill up?
  160. Wherein I come in contact with one of GK's customers...
  161. Use its power wisely...
  162. Wrong Way Corrigan
  163. "Can I take my popcorn home with me?"
  164. I guess the cork's going to pop
  165. Your student ID is not a garage access card
  166. What to do, what to do? *loooong*
  167. Needing the Coast Guard at the Mall
  168. No Sir, You're not Smart Enough for this Ride
  169. Full moon yesterday morning; Odd question
  170. Wrong Hospital
  171. Lady with facial hair and B.O.
  172. Eggcelent reminder
  174. It's called Google maps. . .use it!
  175. let me help you tune your gaydar
  176. Yes, the meat is on sale!
  177. Bottle Deposit Buffoons
  178. Expectations clash with reality
  179. I love her to bits, but sometimes...
  180. Am I a what?!?!
  181. Flipper? IS THAT YOU?!
  182. Mistaken ID at Wal-Mart
  183. The Stupid of the Day
  184. Welcome to 2010
  185. My two favorites.
  186. Ummm...SHHHHHHHHHH!
  187. I was five when I was taught this
  188. My statement doesn't state "Invoice"
  189. FLYER!
  190. Unclear on the concept
  191. Doll Rivalry?
  192. Just funny
  193. invalid card type, what?
  194. Yeah...that..
  195. Why didn't I think of that?
  196. "I have a coin to exit the garage but it is not working"
  197. A mess of one-way streets. THAT'S why.
  198. caller with an identity crisis
  199. I'm hiding it from you! Mwahaha!
  200. Hiding in plain sight
  201. Customer inserted a token into the meter
  202. Out of Context much?
  203. Yes, check aisles 2, 3, 5, 7, 8, 10, 13, 16, 17, 19, 21, 22, 25, 27, and 29
  204. What do you think "Please slide card" means?
  205. Your teacher can't change the laws of reality
  206. I get Dibs on This...
  207. You have caused me physical pain.....
  208. Brain burps and predictable statements!
  209. What comes on that?
  210. "Where are your toilets?"
  211. A lesson learned the *very* hard way
  212. Both of these are management brain burps
  213. I Think I Go To Hell For That
  214. Who's "They"?
  215. Stapler Post! The Clip!!!
  216. Bread Slices Can be Made BIGGER!
  217. Don't people think for themselves anymore??
  218. a bridge too far
  219. UPS=FedEx
  220. Well what does 8-3.9 Jello $1.49 mean then?
  221. Super Double Brain Burp
  222. Language Barriers
  223. No Ketchup?
  224. I have a car?
  225. Why Won't This Print?
  226. The Emperor's New Sox
  227. Not any address will do
  228. We are not the bakery
  229. Decorating...
  230. Last I checked...
  231. Yeah, it would help if you remembered that
  232. Back to back Idjits
  233. Ok, I know I'm short, but....
  234. Oh, Mom...
  235. Sandpaper
  236. "I'm sure you have it!"
  237. The Stupid is strong with this one...
  238. Your logic is flawed
  239. I said "Watch your step" damnit!
  240. People who are worse at math than I am
  241. Because that's not our business!!!
  242. You need to sign that...
  243. cant remember what he ordered....
  244. No,I won't help you make your child hate music
  245. The lobby is closed!
  246. Do You Know What's ON Those Channels???
  247. These are not the keys you are after (short)
  248. Three for the price of one
  249. I'm gonna be a land tycoon!
  250. That didn't come out right