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  1. Funny brain burp
  2. The Day Sam's Club Stood Still
  3. Didn't come out the right way!
  4. I got soaked at the Orange Apron tonight.
  5. Super Dance
  6. Durrr????
  7. Fun with printer juice!
  8. In Which I "Jack Off" A Customer.
  9. The Wishbone Story...
  10. My mistake
  11. Do ya'all plug tires?
  12. Birthday, not Christmas
  13. All pay parking =/= free parking
  14. Awake for what? 36 hours now?
  15. Can I Cut?
  16. Don't be a Dumb Ass
  17. Worst way to apply for a job...
  18. 1/4 inch,not 5/16th!
  19. just a couple moments in time
  20. It was like that since you got it? No wonder it finally collapsed.
  21. Just Wasn't Clicking
  22. The reappearing $20 bill
  23. The Drunks
  24. Hand, meet window
  25. YouTube?
  26. I had a lovely customer today who I ID'd..
  27. Fail at Mickey D's
  28. Turkey Kiev's
  29. Funny Amazon Review
  30. Self Doh! Not sc at all though
  31. Christmas shopping when I dont have enough caffeine
  32. "Operator! What's the number for 911?"
  33. Do I Live Here?
  34. You really have no idea where you are, do you? (short)
  35. O_O
  36. I'm not done helping you...
  37. Well, that's it....
  38. He drives a thingy whatsit
  39. One tiny mistake.....
  40. To Make Change...
  41. ETA on Doom: 5 Seconds
  42. What is this i don't even...
  43. Customer tries to pay with an Itunes card
  44. Sucky + Almost Sucky in the Same Scene
  45. I take it back...THIS is it
  46. "We came all this way!"
  47. People keep forgetting their expensive cell phones in the theatre
  48. But your sign says it's on SALE!!!
  49. Party On...
  50. My own little brain burp at the bank...
  51. It Was Like Dealing With My Mother...
  52. Yes, Yes, YES!!!!
  53. My coworkers...
  54. You too, Sir! You too.
  55. What's OK?
  56. Backtrack
  57. 75 cents = 3 quarters?
  58. E-mail "address" and "to be"
  59. Say What?
  60. camera phones and mario
  61. Noooo, the OTHER other door!
  62. Thank you for calling ....
  63. A little far from home
  64. Can't Change the TV
  65. Gravekeeper sends one to Ohio.
  66. You want ketchup with that?
  67. Two for $5 confusion
  68. Green Olives!
  69. Can people in Alabama read a calendar?
  70. A really bad coupon question
  71. Raincheck "confusion" and math fail
  72. "fan" the books
  73. An old story but true
  74. How not to organise a meeting in another country..
  75. but... my kids REALLY like these
  76. Why is the alarm going off?
  77. Know Your Presidents
  78. best video game question yet (super short)
  79. Just an average day (in which there are many ellipses and parenthetical references)
  80. Wait, did I just see what I think I did?
  81. YOU called ME!
  82. How to use a tape measure
  83. Do what to what breasts???
  84. Another math fail and credit card confusion
  85. What kind of rice?
  86. Possibly Hopeless Luser...
  87. An Excellent Adventure at the mall
  88. No shopping carts? Right....
  89. Daylight Savings
  90. And more Daylight Savings
  91. "That's a Spanish dictionary"
  92. Internetz r hard
  93. Yes, that is the same thing.
  94. Shouldn't a school know how apostrophies work?
  95. Bunch of idiots
  96. You can not reserve the ping pong table
  97. Because you already paid!
  98. Not on sale
  99. D'oh!
  100. Wuzzat?
  101. No X ray vision here--self sighting
  102. Take ONE or the OTHER but NOT BOTH!
  103. You Really Should Know That By Now
  104. I hope it's not THAT kind of play
  105. Not sucky, just stupid
  106. No, I don't think I can do that.
  107. Dum da dum dum DUM!
  108. "Our computers are down"
  109. Any specific shade, sir?
  110. Memorial Day is right around the corner... or is it?
  111. I should really use my day planner more...
  112. Oh, that's a good deal!
  113. "They're completely different products, sir."
  114. I don't have any change
  115. Children and Fish
  116. Paper machine supervisor....Paper mac-----crap
  117. Useful phrases to know.
  118. That's 400m squared....(longish)
  119. You like the taste of metal, huh? Throat gettin' a little prickly?
  120. What color is this?!
  121. Secondary Drive?
  122. What's that white stuff??
  123. How Much Is Gas Again?
  124. The gas got stuck....honest....
  125. Scam? Compliment? Or general brain burp?
  126. Here's Your Sign
  127. That's a shopping trolley now?
  128. Apparently, I am the LAW!
  129. "I brought it here in my horseless carriage"
  130. Stuck Accelerator
  131. Doors are clearly not your friend
  132. I'm not paying $9 for my $5 bill!
  133. In through the out door...
  134. When did I become Dante Hicks?
  135. Can you help me not hit people?
  136. Roman Numeral Fail
  137. It's how you use it that counts
  138. Laundromat Hmmm
  139. Short but slightly funny
  140. Busy Day at the Bank
  141. What's my number?
  142. Yes, bringing the broken thing with you to the repair shop is a good start.
  143. Lottery machine brain burp
  144. Are you seriously asking me that?
  145. Facepalm to the infinith power!!
  146. I thought it was obvious...apparently I was wrong
  147. Here, let me get that for ya
  148. Of course I don't hate you
  149. Nice Try... That's not early, it's late!
  150. What if the state shuts down?
  151. Slug Bug....wait, no...
  152. Opening a Door- Difficulty Level: Rocket Science
  153. Who was that?
  154. Nice But Silly
  155. I'm not sure whose mental failure is worse
  156. You've tried looking, now try seeing.
  157. Counterfeiting 101
  158. Bad Teachers
  159. Sucks to be....aww crap!
  160. Celebs at Taco Bell(?)
  161. Oh, okay
  162. There's a big reason you didn't get a 10 back
  163. Once again, people fail to READ
  164. Could not wake up this morning...
  165. "What does this mean?"
  166. Lions and Tigers and Bears, oh my!
  167. okaaay
  168. My brain burps get worse...
  169. Intelligence does not equal Common Sense
  170. they're easily confused...and im easily amused.
  171. Miles away doesn't equal distance
  172. I heard that!
  173. Say What?
  174. Aspirin on food stamps? Don't think so!
  175. How do I use the register?
  176. How much does that free thing cost...?
  177. Kitty gender confusion
  178. Wherein I facepalm into oblivion...
  179. My I.Q. dropped
  180. Polar Bears
  181. Too many responses to pick one...
  182. But . . . we're on the bottom floor
  183. Book Laundering
  184. Everything is the same in my world...
  185. Didn't REALLY want me to check the video, I guess.
  186. C as in Sierra... what
  187. "Call the police."
  188. "You can't go through a mirror, sir."
  189. Wrong motel
  190. HEY! LISTEN!
  191. Circumvention failure
  192. An eggcellent raincheck fail
  193. If I should Brain Burp before I wake...
  194. Self sighting in the cargo elevator
  195. Gotta be smarter than the lock
  196. kinda funny
  197. First of the month, eh?
  198. "You're telling me I'm retarded?"
  199. Chipotle brain burp
  200. These new pianos are terrible!
  201. Subtraction fail
  202. How long were you going to let me do that?
  203. Treasury Fail--self sighting
  204. Fuzzy time management
  205. Pet meds
  206. It's stuck on Spanish!
  207. Come back tomorrow...
  208. Tale of Two Vancouvers
  209. How do you remember how to BREATHE?
  210. Checking the obvious switch FAIL
  211. Memory Fail.
  212. World's smallest brain burp story
  213. Physical geography fail
  214. Oops, I was almost a shoplifter today!
  215. Describing the Problem FAIL
  216. Grocery store fail
  217. Something between his legs.... (mild squick)
  218. Oh dear...
  219. Be a Little More Clear on the Problem
  220. Michael and Rose
  221. You're in the wrong store
  222. My necklace straps are positively hellish
  223. The 5 words I never thought I'd hear.
  224. Users! Y U NO follow procedures?
  225. How'd You Manage That?
  226. Is the pool open?
  227. Really?
  228. Nice Try Underage Drinkers
  229. lol
  230. odd place to return a check
  231. Huge Waffle
  232. Tales from the bakery
  233. He took it to the wrong Marina
  234. Awareness of surroundings is recommended
  235. I watch too much TV
  236. Not an SC, but a brain burp nonetheless
  237. Uhm..Mom..Check your checkbook...
  238. Of Blinds and Valences
  239. Yes, we are all hiding from you.
  240. Beef patty or kinish, which is it?
  241. Random little stupid
  242. Oh yeah that's right, I don't work here...
  243. Got this from a friend--Not a customer, but a co-worker
  244. "What am I supposed to do with this change?"
  245. Self Service Pwnage to Go Please
  246. Not trying to steal! You're not making it any easier, though.
  247. Oops, let's try this again ...
  248. Time!
  249. Computer brain burps for everyone!
  250. Who are you?