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  1. I didn't mean it like that...
  2. Like an SC, I did not read the sign correctly.
  3. Never wearing that hat again...
  4. Paging all vikings...
  5. You have a microwave now
  6. What did I just say, dumbass?
  7. Uh, we're having a meeting here...
  8. No, the flour is fine, really!
  9. Just a quicky from last christmas
  10. I think my IQ dropped by 50 points just from this conversation...
  11. Spies, spies I tell you!
  12. I'm on Candid Camera, aren't I.
  13. Oh Sh**!!!
  14. That's kindof the reason you are here
  15. I don't drink the town water for this very reason
  16. We can't accept that as payment...happy ending though
  17. Two dumbasses from today
  18. key reader idiots :P
  19. Two silly comments
  20. Today's hipper-than-thou moment
  21. You Win!
  22. Oh crud...I am hours late!!
  23. Time confusion and beer sales
  24. When all else fails...
  25. This sort of thing is way more common than it should be
  26. Coffee drinking on autopilot
  27. was she doing it on purpose?...
  28. Why is there an other button then?
  29. Not your alarm
  30. Can't get it right today...
  31. Crossed Wires
  32. Fun with Daylight Savings
  33. My knight in shining armor?
  34. Mrrr? *confused kitteh*
  35. I really wish you had this shoe in bone
  36. But if you can't see. . . why are you driving?
  37. Stupid Question Of The Day
  38. Do you think you're a little late on that one?
  39. What are the chances they'll believe me?
  40. The Strangest/Funniest Things You Have Seen
  41. Seriously, have you never been to Subway before?
  42. It's not like it's important to know...
  43. Major brainfart: Lost my paycheck
  44. Sticky situation...
  45. Um, we're right next door...
  46. Just Sayin'
  47. And you thought that would work?
  48. Here's your sign
  49. Credit Card Face Palm
  50. Is the pool full yet?
  51. All hail the Queen
  52. ..wait, what did you say? D:
  53. You're Killing Me!
  54. dumbass pseudo-biker
  55. Punching down analog lines..
  56. Printer Problems Produce Persisting Printer Problems
  57. The 24/7 question!
  58. Dry Cleaners
  59. Wrong Car at Goodwill
  60. Smiley Sharks
  61. Nice sell at the video store
  62. Is Mechanic Responsible For Fuel Tank Damage?
  63. Still scratching my head on this one...
  64. Please say that again so I can write it down
  65. When the thermometer drops...
  66. Why aren't they the SAME?????
  67. AMM and other TLAs
  68. I never thought I'd actually see this
  69. You guys AREN'T all the same?
  70. And you expect to run a business?
  71. Things you do not say, when seeking potential employment.
  72. Thank God It Wasn't a Heart Attack
  73. This goes into the "WTF?" category...
  74. Starbucks doesn't make pizza
  75. Speaking a second language?
  76. It finally happened to me
  77. Customer thought student parking permit could be used at staff garage
  78. How do I answer this..
  79. Jinxed tasks?
  80. Just remembered!
  81. Goo goo ga!
  82. Seeing double
  83. Notice the Fuzzy
  84. Queuing is more complicated to spell than do
  85. You wanna talk to who?
  86. There are two queues... not three!
  87. A couple short ones
  88. Female customer asked if meter parking receipt could be used to pay for parking fee
  89. What's my number?
  90. Is This Lane Open?
  91. They tried to break my brain!
  92. You'd need my address from the census to tell me I didn't respond to it...
  93. Cheese. It's so confusing.
  94. What days off???
  95. Don't Try to Joke with Me?
  96. It's really not that hard...
  97. april fool in the summer, it seems
  98. Customer "Service" if you know what I mean
  99. Wrong Card
  100. Brainless Customer
  101. Nearly an SC!
  102. I just told you this!!!
  103. Had my first "do you work here?" moment...
  104. What's your vector, Victor?
  105. The ATM won't take my debit card!
  106. I don't have my ID. Will this work?
  107. Learn to read
  108. I never heard of that before
  109. Outside?
  110. I got an ambulance ride tonight
  111. You noticed the fuzzy!
  112. Use the phone much?? (Self-sighting)
  113. One I remembered today
  114. I was a stupid customer the other day
  115. I have no words...
  116. When will I Ever Learn
  117. Need to watch what I'm doing..... :p
  118. two for one today
  119. Today I heard...
  120. Creepy guy creeps me out! :\
  121. Communication and Confusion
  122. Jiggle Jiggle
  123. Honesty is so rare nowadays.
  124. I'll have Twelfth Night to go and can I supersize that?
  125. Ooh, Look What I Did, Oh, I'm Making A Mess!
  126. You need a who to what......?
  127. I Burped, They Burped, Everybody Burped.
  128. How do you spell "google?"
  129. What sign? Oh, THAT sign (self-sighting)
  130. Free Shipping Offer
  131. It's not quite rocket surgery...
  132. Who Ya Gonna Call?
  133. Mostly dumb with a side of suck
  134. Kit Kats and MasterCharge
  135. My own brain burp :(
  136. embarrased by my fellow citizens
  137. Are you smarter than a 5th grader?
  138. Decimal places!
  139. Wherein I nearly fail to be able to gas up a rental car
  140. Time changes
  141. To Tow or not to Tow
  142. "Not unless I throw one of mine."
  143. so apparently exits are really far away somewhere...
  144. Butt dialled by a fax machine
  145. 2 from today
  146. Why is it so dark?
  147. Happened at neighbourhood convenience store
  148. How'd this foot get in my mouth?
  149. Where's The Fountain Pop?
  150. I can't give you directions if you don't know where you're going
  151. Must Have Not Had Enough Coffee Yet . . .
  152. "I couldn't answer the door because I was doing my nails"
  153. Me vs. the mop
  154. I swear, I'm a magnet...
  155. The Bucket
  156. Recreating that which is already created
  157. She was just having a bad day.
  158. It happens to everyone in housewares.
  159. Well I was amused
  160. Almost had my first "Do you work here?" moment
  161. Why oh why do I expect a different result
  162. Red = Stop. Green = Go. Always.
  163. Fra-gee-lay. That must be Italian.
  164. Ooops
  165. Why would I answer if we're not open??
  166. Can't find several items
  167. Wherein I Dissuade My Customers From a Very Bad Decision
  168. Fabric Store Brain Farts
  169. Anticipating Disaster
  170. You want the tea with lemon in it ...
  171. Embarrasing customers that's my job
  172. Full Circle
  173. Time Machine
  174. Why game designers can sometimes be stupid.
  175. Just got a phonecall from work...
  176. Context in the fine print
  177. Oh. Uh. That.
  178. e-mailed the wrong person
  179. "Well, it won't be in stationery" ... except it was ...
  180. Boyfriend brain burp
  181. Yes, but what do you need!?
  182. Tales from the Hotel/Lounge: Curiouser and curiouser Edition
  183. Um, who are you??
  184. Off in their own little world
  185. forgetfulness at the credit union...self sighting
  186. They really do think we're a fast food
  187. Can't Really Be a Ticket For That, Sir...
  188. We Sell That, Too.
  189. Three times in a week
  190. Peeps
  191. "As many as you can send comfortable."
  192. Geography Lessons!
  193. You can't leave the gym
  194. That's one original coming right up!
  195. Math lesson
  196. Sure, we'll just pull a second level out of the back room for ya...
  197. short and cute.
  198. Things to not say to sick people.
  199. It's Hard to Keep a Straigh Face Sometimes
  200. Rhymes with book
  201. When art imitates life a bit too closely
  202. Hot Brakes
  203. Customer is clueless on how to leave a tip
  204. I burped...
  205. Selling a German Woohoo
  206. "A child! My kingdom for a child!!! "
  207. Strawberry Swirl Ice Cream
  208. "I want to order a pizza, and I want free toppings"
  209. Guy thought hospital had a baby-hating ward
  210. Didn't think this one through, did you?
  211. Colour me shtooopit ...
  212. How fast can you replace a road?
  213. At The Bank
  214. Cash to go
  215. This stillhas me laughing
  216. You don't need to ask *that*...
  217. How did you miss it?
  218. you're lying to me for no reason!
  219. Hahaha oops!
  220. Get your eyes checked, please
  221. Five really bloody stupid things I've heard this week.
  222. "I'd love to shoot you!"
  223. New Addition to Walmart Bingo?
  224. Brain-to-Mouth Filter Failures
  225. I "brain burped" myself on Sunday...
  226. Why Didn't You Say So The First Time?
  227. Customers haven't changed much...
  228. With apologies to Rory Williams (language)
  229. Deja Vu
  230. Yup, That'll Happen
  231. Beano for the brain
  232. My dad with the potential for SC
  233. Oh for god's sakes, people!!!
  234. Just got one on my husband.
  235. Not sure if....
  236. This is Cat. I mean this is Dog.
  237. I'd like to pay you more money for a worse product and less stuff with it please
  238. Sobriety forgot the labelmaker
  239. lil ACDCfans
  240. Does my nametag say 'psychic'?
  241. Why my boss bought me coffee - my own brain burp
  242. I'm already on that self check out. ..
  243. Was today "Stupid Day" and I missed the memo?
  244. Was today "Stupid Day" and I missed the memo? PART TWO
  245. How is that supposed to be easier!?
  246. Oops doesn't seem to cut it
  247. Silly man!
  248. Thank you for calling... Where?
  249. Hopefully they're good at Tetris
  250. A friendly reminder to parents