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  1. I am VERY disappointed!!!
  2. A WTF Moment At The Bank
  3. Erm yea
  4. People really don't read signs
  5. Wait... you wanted me to rig the game?
  6. Herp-a Derp Tuesday
  7. Banner needs a photo
  8. You KNOW?!?! Wha----AARRGGHH!!!!
  9. Which car is mine?
  10. Self sighting... nearly gutted someone!
  11. We need more than the price.
  12. Self-sighting ... yeah, it's after hours, so what?
  13. How do they manage to cross the street?
  14. Repetition does NOT change reality
  15. Ba ba bo
  16. Sooo, is it tattooed on your head?
  17. Did they put stupid in the water today?
  18. They're joined at the head
  19. Someone explain this to me
  20. I think I've reached the bottom of the barrel
  21. You dumbass....
  22. "You shouldn't be asking that!!"
  24. weird customers
  25. Thank goodness for kindly customers ...
  26. *Twilight Zone Theme*
  27. It's Christmas!
  28. Listening, But Not Listening...
  29. "So do you fly right back to London now?"
  30. Talking yourself out of a good deal
  31. I have found a facepalm big enough for this moment
  32. Pattern Recognition Fail, or How Not to Use a Microphone
  33. But what IS it?
  34. Well, that would save on packing material
  35. But It's Raining Outside!
  36. I'm losing my mind...
  37. Really Lady? Are you trying to get your identity stolen?
  38. Memories: Kicked-out of Lady's Skate Night!
  39. Return for store credit
  40. Umm, OK..?
  41. "It's Electric!"
  42. Jay the Pirate
  43. Think about what you just asked me...
  44. Uhhh...Okay? (slight ick factor)
  45. Lrn 2 math better
  46. Still looking for her mind, though
  47. Time to go to the zoo!
  48. You Logged Into The Wrong Network
  49. Have I seen you before?
  50. I actually read your sign, but...
  51. This one is on me. FREAKING out...
  52. I almost spit coffee in a customers face
  53. Tell me something I don't know
  54. Soo...have you ever left your house...
  55. I don't want to be on the right floor!
  56. Wimp is a <insert name>
  57. What's that you say? Today is Saturday?
  58. Love you too
  59. Do you work here? deja vu
  60. You take care of HOW MANY?!
  61. You realize you just paid $12 for 32 ounces of soda, right?
  62. Forgot the lab book for lab class
  63. 5 wasted minutes of my life
  64. It's just cheese
  65. It was right there...
  66. Math is hard
  67. Failure to sarcasm
  68. What the hell are you talking about?!
  69. When the delivery driver arrives, just answer the dam door!
  70. Parent stupids
  71. Name That Product!
  72. This isn't the job site you're looking for!
  73. You cleaned the wrong rooms
  74. Ugh! Cart hard to push
  75. Which finger is it?
  76. "are you shopping for some one over 55?"
  77. I'm trying to get RID of my pennies, not get more!
  78. Do I know him? Nope. Awkward Social Moments!
  79. So Many WTFs
  80. It ain't called "USA Yesterday"
  81. Corporate brain fart royally pisses off a customer but gives us a hearty laugh
  82. WRong parent!
  83. $1 for water at McDonald's! :D
  84. How can you work in healthcare when you can even tell time??
  85. Reusable bag
  86. In Which I Unknowingly Twerk On An Old Lady
  87. Customer "brain burps" and I get my first "I don't work here"
  88. Just stop
  89. When 12 Becomes 6...
  90. I thought *I* was supposed to be messed up by the time change!
  91. make sure your ride knows...
  92. Why Dog Treats Should Not Be Displayed At Checkout
  93. Short and Strange
  94. Up the Damn Stairs!
  95. Just hit that green button there...
  96. Not Greenwich...
  97. Unclear on the concept
  98. just some banking notes from suckie encounters
  99. Guy got stuck on the same track for twelve minutes.
  100. Probably wasnt supposed to see that.
  101. Yes, we're open
  102. Mr.Magoo is on the loose...
  103. I can't math
  104. If Norman Bates Complained About the Cookies
  105. A Clue: Get One, lady!
  106. I don't know your login info, shouldn't you?
  107. I think you know the answer to that.
  108. Fun with kindy parents!
  109. My brain burped
  110. Most Common Brain Burps Heard In Seafood
  111. We know where we are...do you?
  112. Man Licks Sneeze Guard, Doesn't Care
  113. Oh our future is bleak
  114. Look Before Asking
  115. Hey Kid!
  116. That's not how an exchange works
  117. Ah... you can't do that!!!
  118. I brain burped yesterday...
  119. It's funny when it's not me
  120. You want where?
  121. Hey Bartender, can you check my bill?
  122. Thal'tll be wyh then...
  123. There's a first time for everything!
  124. You might have a problem...
  125. Stupid
  126. Next time we'll have it with gongs,cymbals and flashing lights...
  127. Almost gave my boss a heart attack!
  128. Stupid parents-1 week in!
  129. Library loons
  130. Would I Be Asking For It If I Could Do It?
  131. Interesting start to the day at Dunks...
  132. not listening....
  133. What part of "unleavened" don't you understand?
  134. Cancer and tinfoil
  135. You pay inside.
  136. Please kill me!
  137. Time Keeps on Ticking
  138. Maybe they should make the signs on the door BIGGER
  139. A cam for wedges?
  140. Toosh.
  141. Comp Burp.
  142. Where's the remote?
  143. I spent 45 minutes curing at my computer last night..
  144. Word Reversal
  145. One from my co-worker
  146. What day is it?
  147. Not sure what to do with this...
  148. In one ear and out the other
  149. Guy lost his credit card!
  150. But... It tastes like Strawberry
  151. Looking everywhere except the right spot
  152. Might help if I plugged it in
  153. It's called common sense
  154. Britain's dimmest bargirl contender.
  155. cradle cash
  156. You're missing your kid's birthday you know that?
  157. No, you DO need a computer for that.
  158. You've prolly done it
  159. It’s not sweet enough…
  160. Sorry, we're fresh out of those...
  161. I worry about some people sometimes!!
  162. "My child does not have access to scissors"
  163. Are you a boy?
  164. Obvious sound is not obvious
  165. Instructions are hard!!!!!
  166. I'm so mean ......
  167. Who works here, lady, you or me??
  168. The Case of the Underwear
  169. Great way to move the clearance items
  170. Advertising money well-spent
  171. "I don't like the picture on the cigarette packet!"
  172. Inexplicable
  173. Another "do you work here?" story
  174. I brought CS into my real life
  175. I wish people wouldn't recognize me outside of work.
  176. Did you forget something?
  177. Clueless Auditing
  178. Which Way? Where? From Where?
  179. Maths is hard!
  180. "Title that is less corny than my last attempt."
  181. Daily, mundane burps.
  182. Reshelving books in a consistently wrong place.
  183. Loadsa money doesn't always mean loadsa brains...
  184. Clueless, yet so delicate
  185. I gave you $20
  186. Classmate brain burp.
  187. Not even the right state
  188. Engineering fail
  189. We have 5 children.....
  190. Hall of Winners
  191. Some stories from my days of yore
  192. What time is it?
  193. Disposable is not a hard word to understand..
  194. I brought those bags for a reason, you know....
  195. Idiot Cop
  196. Two patients....
  197. In which I herp derp my screws.
  198. In which, I am confused for a psychic.
  199. Failed Rule #1...
  200. Obvious Date Error is (Not) Obvious
  201. Possibly the stupidest question ever
  202. The almostcreamcake customers-nutty but nice...
  203. In my defence...
  204. Bye Irv
  205. My horrible day just got stupider
  206. People who don't know how to pump their own gas
  207. Ahh stupid brkroke my brain
  208. Not at this store
  209. Scammer can't scam (LONG)
  210. Nice job assimilating the information
  211. Clueless Voter
  212. This is a new one
  213. People who don't know how to order a sub.
  214. I don't care what your cat is doing
  215. Co-Worker Oddities
  216. I can confirm you got the confirmation
  217. When you just can't find the time to call
  218. Happy/Not Happy 4th of July!
  219. Chinese Grandma is All of the Awesome
  220. One of those "I hate immigrants " types
  221. Purses have black holes
  222. random information
  223. Laundry day
  224. Think it Through
  225. Way to make a first impression
  226. My Kid is a Computer Engineer!
  227. Your makeup is an epic fail
  228. *does not compute*
  229. I can guess how this happened
  230. And yet another way to make a first impression :/
  231. Um, huh??
  232. ...it's just here to make our shop look pretty....
  233. We only carry the ones you take monthly
  234. This early in the morning
  235. Employees have to eat too...
  236. "I didn't mean to get cash back"
  237. "Hey, where do these stairs go?"
  238. Dumb questions
  239. Photo follies
  240. Um ... what??
  241. Is there a time machine behind the photocopier?
  242. Ummm?
  243. All registers are already open!
  244. It finally happened...
  245. First Prize for Dumb Ideas
  246. Silence is golden
  247. Ummmm NO
  248. Thank you for saying what I was thinking
  249. Another 'Do you work here'
  250. I like clean spoons and I cannot lie....