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  1. How this forum works
  2. oh goody!
  3. huh?
  4. Do you not understand checks?
  5. Cable Memory
  6. I just couldn't help myself
  7. CW's brain burp
  8. Bookstore brain stoppers.
  9. i told you i'd have a lot of these
  10. sheeple coworkers
  11. Phone Phun
  12. Same 'effin' thing
  13. Well, he failed Geography...
  14. Where is ...?
  15. no idea of what money is worth
  16. I want it to go...in drive thru
  17. Not a customer, but a call-center rep...
  18. Why me?
  19. Cool Customer for the day.
  20. Not sucky but surely a wtf moment
  21. Multiple Meanings Cause Problems
  22. Fitting Room madness
  23. Moms aren't exempt from Brain Farts
  24. um... Australian ones?
  25. It's Right There
  26. Common Brain Burps
  27. Uh...Your stupidity ceases to amaze me
  28. "Your name, sir..."
  29. Guess which lane everybody choose?
  30. In Which I Fail at Using the Card Reader
  31. What did you just say?
  32. Grilled, fried...what's the difference.
  33. Try putting it in a bag...
  34. Gift Card Trouble
  35. I'm Sorry, Who?
  36. brain burp in progress
  37. Sort of a brain burp.
  38. The Show Must Go On...
  39. It could happen to You. <eerie noise>
  40. My small but funny brain burp
  41. Dirty old woman
  42. Apparently, we sell cats...
  43. Amusing things Customers say.
  44. "Excuse me, do you work here?"
  45. That's not my name
  46. Oh my god. *short*
  47. The Fire Stairway Conundrum
  48. My Aunt had a brain burp..
  49. Gas nozzles and cards
  50. my mom's brainburp (short)
  51. Another car wash one
  52. Idiot Environmentalist
  53. You are kidding - aren't you??
  54. Two crazies.
  55. spell-check brain burp!
  56. to the sweet old lady who left more than one thing at home.
  57. wow...(not really an SC...but me wonders where her brain was)
  58. Officer....
  59. If the express lane is the only one open, then it's not express...
  60. Will bleach hurt my dogs?
  61. When do the cars arrive?
  62. I don't care how cute your kids are...
  63. Um... have you actually BEEN outside?
  64. I need to buy some gas
  65. Social Security?
  66. funny brain burp
  67. That's not my name Part Two
  68. Common?.... sense
  69. 2 Musical Funnies
  70. When the laptop has more functionality than its user......
  72. Lottery Coupon Customer
  73. That's What I Said
  74. Cold+Water= ... Ice, wait, what???
  75. Odd ball regulars...
  76. More like a leg burp...
  77. In Which I Am The Driver
  78. hotel brain farts
  79. Mom's brain fart at Bed&Bath
  80. "Take it off, it's not the right price"
  81. Do you understand...do you know what I mean?
  82. Darn! You're not sprint either!
  83. I seriously wonder how some people function...
  84. Press Start
  85. Who wants a dirty spoon?
  86. Anyone else have this happen?
  87. My brain freeze
  88. Solicitation
  89. for fellow employees, other emplyees, and guests alike
  90. yeah, like THATS any better.
  91. Minus a Letter
  92. Is this ice cream for dogs?
  93. The family that games together...
  94. Bi-Steptual
  95. Why did you pay 40 more?!
  96. 'FRAGILE' pronounced "Frajeelay"...from Italy
  97. Are you even listening?
  98. Oops...
  99. Big words?
  100. Speaka da English?
  101. Stupid things left in cars
  102. my mom forgot her name
  103. I'm a little slow today....
  104. The difference between "less" and "few"
  105. The Touchy Thingy
  106. callin' brain burp on myself
  107. you do realize there is more than one university...
  108. How do you forget the only thing you bought?
  109. Pants
  110. How many is that?
  111. Boom!!
  112. I'll split that!
  113. Ice Cream
  114. self brain burp
  115. the pilot announced the time zone for a reason.
  116. New school year, same freshmen
  117. Lost ATM card
  118. Yes, the light was off.
  119. What I wanted to ask somebody today
  120. mmm, baked cream
  121. Banks can do anything! (TM)
  122. The drive thru ..
  123. Interpreter mode
  124. So apparently we are south of Mount Everest
  125. Oh yea, this is WIC
  126. Which one's cheaper?
  127. Lady complains about store layout.
  128. Beer?
  129. Cluedo Knucklehead!
  130. Find Out BEFORE You Drive!
  131. Staples =/=Dell; What number did you call?
  132. I do have other customers you know.
  133. Automatic Till Magical Cash Dispenser
  134. co-operative chat again (long)
  135. When you aren't here we do still exist
  136. Don't Follow Me...
  137. Are these edible?
  138. Yeah, cuz that's what comes to mind...
  139. Big Boss' brain burp
  140. Looking right at it
  141. Inviting brain burps
  142. Past Non-Work Brain Burp
  143. my most recent blonde moment
  144. Forgot what to say
  145. Things customer say...
  146. Found this in another forum I attend...
  147. How effing hard is it to pump petrol?
  148. shy patron
  149. Our children are doomed!!!!
  150. Talk about overweight luggage...
  151. Excuuuuuussse me? (My other pet peeve)
  152. It is a yes or no Question!!!
  153. 'Like' or the Death of the English Language...
  154. Really man?
  155. how long has it been sense you rode the bus
  156. oh yes, that is much more efficient
  157. let's open our minds to the hotel world
  158. The "noo hehe" guy.
  159. Tax Time!
  160. ya think?
  161. Missing Truck
  162. counting change
  163. so because theres a sign that says we do...we deffinately...dont?
  164. Is this Comfort Dental?
  165. Same old, same old: People who can't count to 12
  166. A Patient today.
  167. Wardrobe malfunctions - self sighting
  168. Brainfartery
  169. Brainburps from the supermarket.
  170. Common library brain burp
  171. Call center brain burp
  172. @ is for Activation
  173. Coffee burners are often hot
  174. key pin, press enter
  175. Basic Math. Very Basic Math.
  176. New Twist on "Do you work here?"
  177. Old one I just remembered
  178. Shocking Isn't It?
  179. Stupid questions
  180. Bon Voyage
  181. maybe I should just start charging them
  182. One For You?
  183. Mr... who...?
  184. a funny!
  185. Line's Busy
  186. Apparaently we now have an exit.
  187. What part of "security" and "closed" wasn't clear?
  188. signs are hard, part infinity
  189. PLEASE tell me someone else has done this...!
  190. Remodeling + Stupidity = Pain
  191. What's wrong with the forklift?
  192. *Facepalm*
  193. Lady falls asleep at gas pump
  194. I don't work here...
  195. Where are you?
  196. Wherein Irv's brain breaks 5 minutes into his shift
  197. The Brilliance of Time-Shifting
  198. 'brain burps' can kill!!!
  199. I'm sorry, but Star Trek isn't real.....
  200. Daylight savings started!
  201. pre-authorization????
  202. Burp caused by someone's idoticy
  203. It's big, it's green...how can you miss it?
  204. Do you have my information up?
  205. I Didn't Know It Did That!
  206. That's a horrible way to make an impression...
  207. Is a dollar Ok?
  208. Hippie Store Follies (longish)
  209. Personal brain burps.
  210. The greatest "do you work here" variation I've seen ever?
  211. The brain burp that cost $300
  212. so what does "not available" means?
  213. Forms For Dummies
  214. another thing customers do that I just don't understand
  215. Look at the damn screen
  216. gah... must break the habit
  217. I hope this is not your typical level of smarts....
  218. Would you even make a claim for this?
  219. The Codes of Life
  220. listen please
  221. I Really Dislike Self-Service
  222. Electricution anyone?
  223. Some people should just NOT have cable boxes
  224. I survived Nickel Day
  225. Do you WANT your laptop stolen?!
  226. booked!
  227. you'd think youtube would check that
  228. The Brain Burp That Became a Class Lesson
  229. fire lane
  230. My Epic Battle...
  231. Those would be MY groceries, Ma'am.
  232. The Heated What?
  233. twice in 5 minutes....
  234. The intercom
  235. *Fiery Electrical Death* (ok, not really)
  236. Furniture polish
  237. The one place where you shouldn't ask for candy on Halloween
  238. Wrong Building
  239. I can see you got way too much
  240. sorry E, I have to post it
  241. I'm Racist
  242. enter: wrong hotel
  243. give me other hotels info
  244. Did you all fail geography
  245. alarm clock drama
  246. open mouth, insert foot
  248. Umm they are...?
  249. Chicken..?
  250. Helpful Dumbass