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  1. Rules of engagement
  2. Nurse Bitch (longish)
  3. You can't have it till you calm down!
  4. Just because I'm Here...
  5. Hospital woes
  6. I'm a doctor, not an engineer!
  7. I Wasn't Talking About You...
  8. Not a cab
  9. "You called me fat!"
  10. Mom's Medical Misadventures
  11. Your Baby is Abnormal
  12. One from the BF...
  13. I fear for your future patients
  14. You WILL comply . . . .
  15. Looks like I need to call the compliance hotline
  16. Healthy baby<New shoes....
  17. "Can you do me a big favor?"
  18. Going to the ER while pregnant
  19. "Does this hurt?"
  20. "Does this hurt" - ApolloSZ style, now with kicking action!!
  21. Red Cross Rant + Missing Blood
  22. Spinning tops
  23. What's wrong with this picture? (CAUTION! Female stuff!)
  24. My best friend's hospital stay
  25. The reason I hate hospitals and don't trust doctors, part I
  26. Yay, Hours!
  27. Medical professionals! To me!
  28. Doctors: A rant from Pharmacy employees
  29. In the list of 101 things to not say... you would never guess this one
  30. Had to change dentists :(
  31. Don't be Kristen
  32. This almost didn't end well.
  33. Nurse's Day
  34. Ive been gone so long...
  35. Where's my patient?
  36. Sometimes Nurses Say No
  37. I understand it doesn't look impressive...
  38. You Did What To Yourself?!
  39. My Saturday night....ADD warning..this is long.
  40. Umm... Forget Something? (Warning: Kinda Gross)
  41. My first experience with a gastroenterologist
  42. Y'know when you're just...frozen in shock?
  43. Just had a patient tell me..
  44. Way to Get me On board
  45. The reason I hate hospitals and don't trust doctors, part II
  46. Stiches
  47. Thanks... : (a little language)
  48. Story from my mom
  49. In which my brain to mouth filter fails...
  50. I Can't Help You So Stop Bitching
  51. Well, thanks a lot *yawn*
  52. "We're gonna get your Thyroid checked!-giggle-"
  53. Bubbles' visits to the ER (Long)
  54. Good to know?
  55. Collective IQ Takes Another Dive
  56. shouldn't have to drag info out of you, the dr
  57. What I learned about The Hospital
  58. Why my best friend is asking me about my Doctor
  59. Why I am considering switching doctors' offices (long)
  60. Awesome Clinical Teacher
  61. fibromyalgia
  62. What reality are you in? No, really?
  63. Ummm.. Wow
  64. Unknown illness? (involving period crap)
  65. Nurses tramatised me.....
  66. Unknown Illness for Tama (slightly gross)
  67. Need answers on what a test is
  68. Oh, that could have been worse
  69. Why am I always apologizing for everyone else?!
  70. It's not like it's a narcotic or anything!
  71. Bad Nurse!
  72. Target pharmacy sighting
  73. The Year of Hell
  74. Heterochromia and Eye Freckles??
  75. Worried
  76. Shoulder issue, advice?
  77. question
  78. Bad Nurses
  79. The talking service has terrible service!
  80. Anorexic Bulemic in Jail
  81. Went for tests yesterday
  82. It's not Porphyria! (actually it is)
  83. How to disturb the ER staff...
  84. Health care pros!! Help Help HELP for Mama Lupo!!! WARNING Graphic stomach troubles!
  85. Another "done good" story
  86. Note To Pregnant Women
  87. A note to medical personnel
  88. How not to be a Sucky Patient (Long and Ranty)
  89. "Maybe I could wave my magic wand for you."
  90. Help?
  91. F*ck you, too
  92. Maybe SOMEONE should have listened (female issues within)
  93. I'm getting a blamed MRI!
  94. Just Venting I apologize for the wall of text and rambling
  95. Prescription med advice
  96. Busted!
  97. my lil horror story (longish)
  98. I'm TRYING to get help. Somebody LISTEN already!
  99. Painting In Bed
  100. Hurts on the right, stone on the left
  101. Another day in the Pharmacy
  102. Get it Together
  103. Well....that just came outta nowhere, didn't it?
  104. Invasion of the Stupid Patients!
  105. Medical advice for my stepdad?
  106. endoscopy
  107. Here we go again
  108. A little bit goes a long way
  109. General question about reactions to anestesia
  110. On Long-Term Sick Leave (long and involved)
  111. Don't know if this goes here, but....
  112. How DARE you question my nurse!
  113. Why do I waste my time?
  114. I decline to answer stupid questions
  115. I hate doctors sometimes... (a bit long)
  116. Should I Let Work Know?
  117. It's Long, Mostly Boring, But I Survived the ER Again
  118. "Come back in two weeks and I might consider helping you then."
  119. So, About Your Smoking...
  120. Not sure how I feel about this.
  121. The words "Pot", "Kettle" and "Black", spring to mind...
  122. Sucky Patient
  123. MRI not in yet but...vindication!!
  124. grrrr. I should not have to argue about this
  125. Please refrain from hitting on the nurses and/or pulling their hair. Thank you.
  126. I know we post stories of bad treatment
  127. Bum Ankle
  128. Two for the price of one
  129. "let go of your grudge and it'll get better"
  130. Owwie! (Little gross)
  131. Desmopressin
  132. Sick Day Guilt
  133. MRI results and...unexpected news.
  134. Oh, looks like someone is having a party.
  135. That's not where that goes! (NSFW, some gross) LONG
  136. My Worst Weekend EVER (AKA My First Ambulance Ride)
  137. I'm Taking No Baby Pills To Avoid Babies
  138. Gastric Scope: what to expect?
  139. Sometimes it pays to listen to the voices
  140. Ew. And Why I'm Paranoid.
  141. It's drain cleaner!!
  142. Wow..just wow..
  143. So very angry right now
  144. The story of the sucky nurse
  145. Odds and ends
  146. Stories from the front lines...(looong)
  147. Excuses That Sound Good When You're Drunk!
  148. FMLA Suckitude
  149. Just curious and hoping someone can help
  150. Got a good excuse now!
  151. Nursing Has Changed In The Past 50 Years
  152. I Admit It, I'm a Little Freaked Out. Questions.
  153. That can't be good
  154. Um, gloves?
  155. Yearly MRI Safety
  156. Update: Guidelines for Posting in Sickbay Part I
  157. Update: Part III: Some Guidelines for Accessing the Emergency Department
  158. Update: Part II: the purposes of different types of medical specialists
  159. Wisdom teeth extraction
  160. Karma
  161. Panacreatitis
  162. Thanks a lot
  163. Is it okay to ask a dr for a referral?
  164. Nope that wasn't it.
  165. Time For A Come To Jesus Talk With My PCP...
  166. Any tips for making Mom more comfortable after a root canal?
  167. Appointment for Raoul, and getting a Credit Card **BLEH**
  168. This always seems to happen when I work here
  169. Oxygen masks? What?
  170. Can't it be over yet?
  171. Customer made Pharmacist Cry! (Long)
  172. Pharmacy dropped the ball....great
  173. Definition of Asthma
  174. New fun
  175. Tips on how to get an 8-year-old to take a pill?
  176. Make up your damn mind
  177. Who let the Crazy out? (long)
  178. little insight please?
  179. Hysterectomy questions
  180. Thanks for nothing, doctor!
  181. Way to put the cart before the horse
  182. My Favorite Xmas Story. Warning: Icky-poo
  183. Thanks for letting me know!
  184. Wherein the Senator gets involved . . . .
  185. Idiotic doctors, and a surgery date!
  186. I'm getting to the point where I hate going to the doctor...
  187. Did you even try?
  188. I love it when you lie to me...
  189. "I could do your job"
  190. LOL Is this normal for an OB/GYN?
  191. Need sleep!
  192. Toto! I don't think I'm at a dispatch desk anymore
  193. It's okay for me to be in neverending pain
  194. I didn't realize how sucky burns truly are
  195. Shoulder dislocation
  196. Talk about overpriced
  197. Health insurance woes...
  198. In Nominae Patris . . . .
  199. Prescription Refill Driving Me Mad!
  200. Perhaps OSHA should get involved here . . .
  201. Question
  202. Meningitis, strokes and migraines
  203. When we ask, please tell us
  204. "Code Blue"
  205. Biohazards, my favorite way to start the day!
  206. Thanks for calling me a drug seeker!!
  207. ow my foot hurts
  208. Weird Thing About Having a Cold
  209. Internal exam question (NSFW?)
  210. I guess she's trying to see if we can kill her daughter . . .
  211. I may have to become sucky with my doctor's office (long)
  212. After such good medical service, I should have known it would be bad news...
  213. Fresh start- I quit therapy...
  214. Fun start to 2012
  215. Is this unreasonable...?
  216. Swimming and myopia
  217. Best sleep you ever had with a cold, not so much
  218. You call that a cold, this is a 'cold'!! ....urgh. *flops*
  219. Epididymitis and Orchitis
  220. Dentist called me ugly
  221. Not sure what to do...
  222. Lol, wut?
  223. It's only the first week . . . .
  224. Well that explains that (TMI)
  225. Hello, nurse -- Make me a sammich!
  226. make up your mind!
  227. I hate split-billing NY Medicaid. (Epic, very technical)
  228. what all do antibiotics do? (complicated question)
  229. Anybody have any ideas on what to do with a Stye?
  230. Facepalm
  231. I must have done something awful...
  232. Patient Restrictions Posting Fail = Write-up
  233. I'm now a Certified medical laboratory assistant :)
  234. I'm getting my money's worth!
  235. New IUD - Pain! Suggestions?
  236. So Gyno visits... What's up with those? (TMI)
  237. Antibiotic musical chairs
  238. Birth Control recall
  239. Woes from the clinic - Dr's side
  240. So....pneumonia...
  241. I'm not sure which is worse
  242. To see an OB or not?
  243. Oh dear...
  244. Gaggles of Doctors
  245. Sorry, Doc. It doesn't work that way.
  246. 2 TB tests?
  247. Sucky phlebotomist
  248. I just want to scream!
  249. We Speak American in America
  250. Where in I go to the hospital.