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  1. WTF moment of the day and the week.
  2. Sexual Harassment Training
  3. A funny story from a sales guy
  4. A friend of mine isn't getting paid because why?
  5. Hydroponics
  6. Not again-soon to be unemployed
  7. Kevin Bacon?!
  8. I'm looking for and opinion here
  9. I want a MANAGER to give me my check.
  10. Just STOP talking, enjoy the silence for a change
  11. Bad time for coworker to get sick.
  12. Epic wheelchair fail
  13. Unreasonable Owners
  14. 'Work' Hair
  15. It was just a joke
  16. I'm already working enough
  17. When "I'm so sorry" doesn't seem like nearly enough
  18. Please stop!
  19. I hate summer: Part Deux
  20. Finals Week *headdesk*
  21. I get to work in porn! Sorta...
  22. Giving a 2 weeks notice or just up & quit?
  23. Starting my internships
  24. How nice is to nice?
  25. Evil is boiling over...
  26. So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish. You're fired.
  27. Tell Me It's Not True
  28. It's a sign
  29. Coworkers Left Early for Valid Reasons
  30. I quit today!...LONG vent AHEAD.
  31. The Dread
  32. True Or False...*Update*
  33. The straw
  34. Fell Behind on Closing
  35. Health & Safety goes bananas
  36. An unexpeted left behind
  37. New Job (and Air Cadet Skills DO get used in your life!)
  38. It's time for a new job
  39. Ugh... why did I agree to do this?
  40. Smart A**
  41. Sam's Club interview
  42. saying dumb things at work
  43. Couple of funny things at the gas station
  44. A Very Awkward Situation. [Very long, I'm afraid but important]
  45. Pixy Sticks
  46. I quit!!!
  47. Donkey dung
  48. Hired by Sam's Club!!
  49. That didnt sound right
  50. Going to a better job for a real Help Desk position
  51. If I'm not around for a day or two...
  52. In which there is no ass
  53. Overheard at work (short, weird)
  54. Forever Stamps
  55. my first graveyard shift
  56. Conclusion jumped to!
  57. New Job! (Well....almost)
  58. Power Outage
  59. Regionalism?
  60. FUBAR Night
  61. yea me!
  62. Watch me not care (about you)
  63. Time to start hunting for a new job, I think...
  64. More Butt-Head shenanigans . . .
  65. Non-SC reactions to SCs
  66. Yes Ann, it was ME!
  67. Wonderfull Out Of Office Messages
  68. an interesting conversation
  69. In Defense of Retail...
  70. What it's like being a hotel reservation/front desk clerk:
  71. No more flip flops! No more tape! Pleeze! (long as usual!)
  72. Ever have one of those days...
  73. Had to rescue two carts tonight
  74. Nothing fazes her.
  75. Welcome To My Nightmare
  76. Congratulations, sir, you have broken my brain.
  77. possible second job
  78. Today's Shift at the DT
  79. creepy much
  80. another no good very bad day (sorry long)
  81. rule #27: don't cry in front of the boss
  82. Great, now I'm gonna have to find a new job... or at least a second one.
  83. The worst thing that could have happened, did. (epic length)
  84. I got Ann back! *mildly gross*
  85. An orgy of poor timing
  86. 150% shipping?!
  87. Opening Call Flow
  88. And so it ends....(long)
  89. Smart-ass me (ridiculously short)
  90. i'm so not looking forward to running my end of day
  91. Well, that's slightly horrifying
  92. Well I just walked out of my job.
  93. An open letter to prospective employers
  94. This weekend has made up my mind for me...
  95. Interview with car dealer
  96. Elvis and his friends return...
  97. Ever had a customer die in front of your store?
  98. Bridal Shop Interview
  99. Great, now it smells. (Gross? Language)
  100. Ready! Fire! Aim!
  101. we got headhunted!
  102. What a safe place to work!
  103. Stereotypes are alive and well.... :D
  104. got a new job!
  105. She Was a Good Manager--and They Fired Her
  106. what else could go wrong?
  107. Payback Is A Bitch!!
  108. Problems with Transformers
  109. Crazy Pizza Delivery Guy
  110. you're worthless, a pathological liar, and FIRED!
  111. yay, time to do a happy dance
  112. If you set that off again, I'll drop a hammer on your head...
  113. Mass Firings
  114. Days of the Work Week
  115. BullSh**!! (vent/language)
  116. Near death experiences on the job
  117. The 4-Day Work Week
  118. Computers
  119. jay leno would have fun
  120. Gee Thanks....NOT!
  121. Battery Blues
  122. The Great Flood of '08
  123. Job opportunity (not)
  124. what to do...
  125. and that would be a trailer hitch
  126. No! Not that one.
  127. What is she wearing??
  128. I is the Smartest!
  129. A Depressing Contrast
  130. Pants Origami
  131. I seriously need off the sinking ship (vent, long, sorry)
  132. Funny tech centre rant
  133. I'm Making A Serious Consideration
  134. Most Hilarious Sign Ever
  135. 2 hours work for Nothing!
  136. Back to the DMV
  137. More Tech Centre Stupidity
  138. Isn't the Sign Supposed to HELP Generate Business?
  139. You utter and total moron (warning upsetting)
  140. Too f**king hot
  141. Ranty Venty Post (Bring a snack, we'll be here a while)
  142. So, so busy
  143. Damn Monkey
  144. What would you do in my shoes regarding job & supervisor?
  145. Vent: before I blow my top I need advise regarding department director & office staff
  146. Yeah...like that will attract more people to our service.
  147. Think I Scared A Kid
  148. Chastity Belt
  149. Please kill me
  150. Fess Up....
  151. Cruel but appropriate nicknames at below dealer cost!
  152. I get an amusing employee review, plus a co-worker gets a talking-to.
  153. I just got a job
  154. Supersize My Change, Please
  155. All Hell breaks loose in a pizza place.
  156. No more smelling like fish!
  157. Does anyone work at The Body Shop?
  158. Of plastic bags and SC magnets
  159. He was poisoned....
  160. A Question
  161. Wow, thanks!
  162. PA System maddness
  163. First words
  164. Playing The Customer
  165. god makes work for idle techs
  166. Another dissatisfied customer!
  167. How much does his mom charge???
  168. I'm so disgusted with one of our hotels right now
  169. You may commence the trout-slapping...
  170. Manager from the past(Arby's) visits McDonald's.
  171. Why Machines are EVIL!!!
  172. Inactive Safe Key
  173. New challenge at work
  174. Job swap.
  175. In Which Saydrah is Given an Unwise Command
  176. Burned myself today...
  177. Drug/Alcohol Policy Is A Joke
  178. Worst Shift Ever!!!
  179. Draw the line
  180. Hahahahahaha! NO
  181. i'm about to go sc on the henry ford museum
  182. They Caught Me
  183. Worst. First Day. Ever. (kida gory)
  184. Odd customer
  185. we scared the 7-11 clerk
  186. No water, no air, not open!
  187. maybe someone can explain this
  188. Crazy policies
  189. Yes, I'm very much alive
  190. When will the insanity stop?
  191. Awww, no PA
  192. Just Disregard Our Return Policy...We Do
  193. My biggest f-up ever!
  194. Parental Discipline-A Lost Art
  195. He almost came over the counter... almost (Need your thoughts)
  196. Generational divide at work.. plus a thunderstorm
  197. They fired my Replacement... *whimper*
  198. A Dalek Just Attacked My Boss
  199. I may have just gotten myself fired
  200. Freelance/self employed?
  201. Going to court again....
  202. trade show
  203. How I spent my anniversary at work (very long)
  204. Last couple of weeks...
  205. awful Training videos
  206. I FINALLY GOT A JOB!!!!!
  207. I Have Joined the Club!
  208. The Witch is gone, and so is the Creepy cart pusher!
  209. A+ Certification Rant...
  210. Luncha and Car Insurance
  211. A very special episode of "Beavis and Butt-Head"
  212. Stern, and seperately, butchered parents
  213. no, Goddamnit, i will not do your work for you!
  214. Drowning in donkey balls
  215. Curse you Murphy!
  216. Some effective tips on controlling SCs
  217. Ade on his data recovery jobs
  218. eBay Circumvention of Customs Fees?
  219. Work Computer Woes
  220. hi, I'm smiley...
  221. communication problems
  222. Little Girl Injured
  223. I'm so ready to walk out...
  224. The Follies of Baseball
  225. Is the full moon coming?
  226. A Plaidman rant. (Very long).
  227. Have you seen this?
  228. Late Paychecks
  229. This isn't a club...
  230. The Dangers of Printing Your Own Signs
  231. 4th of July and I'm working...I'm so not in the mood!
  232. For #$@&'s sake! just let me buy the book!
  233. Does anyone here work for Rite-aid?
  234. Why is it so hard to find a job?
  235. Summer Grant Jobs Frustration!
  236. We had a first for our Gaming Store!
  237. How many ways can you amuse yourself in DT?
  238. Strange guy in the house while petsitting
  239. Fun with guns! (long)
  240. Corporate "welcomes" employee suggestions
  241. the bees are gonna get us
  242. Is this what they mean by "A comedy of errors" ?
  243. Disaster at the petrol station
  244. SO CLOSE!
  245. Messing with the Tech guy
  246. The Ultimate WTF? Moment
  247. Something Smells Fishy....
  248. Alert System
  249. This does not bode well for his future employment.
  250. Alleged journalism