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  1. What. The. Hell???!!?!
  2. I have too much free time.
  3. this time I may really get fired (language)
  4. I Don't Understand..
  5. New "custoemr friendly" policies
  6. Do your job! (wherein I suck, just a bit, I hope)
  7. This is odd
  8. OK, I'm quite impressed. They really think I can do this job...
  9. The worst work day ever!
  10. am I the only one that thinks this is odd
  11. yup, I really got fired
  12. Job vent & looking for advice
  13. Last day is complete!
  14. Mistaken identity
  15. Closing Plan
  16. Prejudice meets frustration
  17. Career change, advice welcome!
  18. Your Dream Store
  19. Is this silly of me?
  20. Grocery reset.. oh why?!?
  21. I'm sorry for that, I'm new here, no one told me!
  22. I had my hands down kids' pants today...
  23. Shut Up, Bob!
  24. I hate .tif
  25. Small and thin is the future
  26. *headdesk*
  27. nit-picky people
  28. Someone died on the job yesterday
  29. Silly things you do at work
  30. Cutting off your nose to spite your face
  31. Rules for my Boss
  32. Upsetting and maybe gross, PARENTS ENTER WITH CAUTION
  33. *Does the happy dance*
  34. Some days, I just LOVE this job
  35. Renovation
  36. Yay! Happiness! The simple joys of retail.
  37. Help me Build the Perfect Hotel!
  38. Wherein Irv is a whore
  39. Survived the layoffs!
  40. Printer Stopped Working
  41. workplace Shenanigans
  42. Computer says baaaang.
  43. "Good thing you got out when you did..."
  44. Wearing a shirt is "requested, not required"
  45. I'd like to request an Air Mattress and Pump
  46. I could Use Some Encouragement
  47. My coworker Duh-dimwit
  48. Wow. I messed up.
  49. interesting day...
  50. *headdesk*
  51. Presenting...News On First!
  52. To all who care...
  53. Try to scam me once, sham on you, try it twice, retard.
  54. A List of People I Don't Help*
  55. I think you are lying to me
  56. Why are you calling?
  57. The Pie Customer
  58. Wherein Irv nearly dies and leaves behind a fresh-scented corpse
  59. Remind me never to do business with this company...
  60. You know you're bored when...
  61. yaaaay! *does Happy Dance*
  62. weird computer message
  63. I think I've learned EQ's real identity
  64. kinda scary
  65. I was made redundant!
  66. Caveats' Quick Wit
  67. So this is why the GM isn't happy...
  68. I love my work computer
  69. He said.."It's NOT my job to help out the Deli with their trash!"
  70. He cursed us, I swear!
  71. I don't think you thought your announcement all the way through
  72. Repeating myself Repeating myself
  73. Must think positively...
  74. Project: Hapsburg Update and Goofiness
  75. Amusement Park Tickets Returned
  76. Customer injury
  77. From the time I was in retail...
  78. "Training"
  79. How many are they planning to lose??
  80. New job smell! (long! Language!)
  81. D'oh! (Interview protocol)
  82. No that's not how we do it.
  83. Way to Go, Corporate
  84. Cashiers, how much do you ring a day?
  85. An idea...
  86. I Am SOOOOOO Happy!
  87. More gum than Wrigley's--stuck to the floors!
  88. A celebrity of sorts in the store today.
  89. howard stern?
  90. Very much bugged.
  91. I should know better....
  92. When do you involve Managment?
  93. New registers
  94. The Persistence of Motel Hell
  95. What's the most amazing "didn't quit" story you know of?
  96. I found a job!
  97. Phone number rhythm
  98. "Speedy delivery!" (Quick n' goofy)
  99. I'm a full fledged employee!
  100. 2 pm do you know where your boss is?
  101. I Knew It!!!
  102. Yet another time I wonder about the literacy rate...
  103. This might end up sucking
  104. Forced to pay for my own training
  105. Who's dumbass idea was this?
  106. Planning ahead of time
  107. You're so skinny!
  108. Rude Customers
  109. Fired or Quit? Why not choose both?
  110. $4309.64 + $251.25
  111. Today's adventures in Undiesland (long)
  112. Told the manager to piss off
  113. The case of the pseudo-stolen bike
  114. world record
  115. ok, this hotel is seriously haunted (pictures, dial up beware)
  116. New Store Policies (I wish)
  117. Sexism at Work
  118. Berfday
  119. He's a WHAT? (Quickie)
  120. Attempted suicide at work
  121. Ringing in my ear
  122. I Have This Sense of Impending Doom
  123. Planograms suck!
  124. The computers are alive!
  125. They did WHAT in the dryer?
  126. a new game show!
  127. I can't believe I just said that!
  128. Message on the communications board:
  129. Funny set of last names (very short)
  130. New Policy
  131. UUuuuuuuugggggghhhhh.....
  132. Traffic Stops
  133. Manager who did not go by guidelines & customer
  134. Mysterious welcome
  135. Superpowers: Better Late Than Never
  136. We've secretly replaced this woman's chicken. Let's see if she notices.
  137. Wow... I just figured out how to beat bill collectors...
  138. New Floor
  139. Students
  140. In Which Mr. Dips Was Made Redundant But Had the Last Laugh
  141. A Noise in the Night
  142. I may have been an SE
  143. You're a what?
  144. it's unofficially official
  145. Was I a sucky manager?
  146. Being in uniform outside of work
  147. Left Hand, Right Hand
  148. Why would you do this?
  149. They Stole the Air Conditioning Unit
  150. Do you close right AT your closing time or a few minutes early?
  151. Its FINALLY happening....hopefully
  152. SLC
  153. There can be only One.
  154. More Chat question: not sucky.
  155. Are the kids back in school YET!?!?!
  156. How Not to Get Hired 101
  157. So long...it's been good to know ya
  158. That's a lot of water!!
  159. I thought I was part-time?!
  160. When working on Sundays...
  161. Owning your own business...need opinions
  162. Let's call her "Houdini"
  163. It takes a special brand
  164. A non-sucky customer
  165. Store Supplies
  166. How Specialized Are You?
  167. Not enough help
  168. Because he couldn't wait 5 minutes
  169. Left Work Early
  170. Hummingbirds, Hina, and Hijinks! (Long)
  171. personal pictures at work
  172. seriously, lay off the porn
  173. A speckled what?
  174. Longest number of consecutive days you ever worked??
  175. What A Lovely Weekend!
  176. Can I speak to an Adult?
  177. I'm not an enviromentalist, but...
  178. We can't afford it.
  179. how not to rip off a casino
  180. The vanishing clothing act
  181. The Devil's Panties
  182. Does Reading CS Change You?
  183. That was a fun first day.
  184. Fartin' glitter again
  185. anyone have cust's give you strange cash amounts?
  186. Buddies with the Boss
  187. Odd Method of Student Leave?
  188. Background check question
  189. "Don't be a heartbreaker!!"
  190. Magic wand... my girlfriend... me embarrassed
  191. YAY! First week done! *THUD*
  192. What's the funniest thing that happened on the clock?
  193. somehow I knew this would happen
  194. do I attract naked people?
  195. Question
  196. As if my days weren't surreal enough...
  197. Ah drunks and short shorts
  198. GraveKeeper, my online buddy. What did I do to you?
  199. The disappearing customer trick
  200. this does not bode well
  201. it's your property, do with it what you want
  202. Wherein Irv helps toss a drunk
  203. CoWorker Rudeness
  204. Plaidman makes a hard choice.
  205. a bad start to the day
  206. What's wrong with me?
  207. Ridiculous corporate sales approaches!
  208. Lack of teh Suck
  209. Shift bid horror
  211. Cleaning Crew Cart Conniption
  212. youve got to be kidding me.....
  213. Wonderful things to walk into work to...
  214. We are NOT a drive through!!
  215. Work Ironies
  216. Woo! Well, uh crap
  217. Fun with Slang and Idioms
  218. Have you noticed?
  219. A long morning at the hospital..Not for weak stomachs...Youve been warned! Long
  220. OSHA(SP?), MY untimely death, and Screw Psych101
  221. MONKEY!
  222. Money Band Shortage
  223. EQ may get her wish
  224. air conditioning in the store
  225. Why in the blue hell am I here?
  226. You have chosen...poorly
  227. Now THAT'S a great thing to be convicted of.
  228. just when my money ran out...
  229. Two quickies
  230. Withdrawl Forms!!!
  231. Yay New Job - Tips?
  232. The Cinema is the Dark Side
  233. The Game Section
  234. Inventory
  235. Miscommunication or Not Loud Enough?
  236. yes, I am bored, why do you ask (pictures)
  237. Gambling or Food Store
  238. queing system
  239. Crappy ways to get FIRED...
  240. Sometimes I question their sanity.
  241. Wherein I experience true fear for the first time...
  242. Longest consecutive amount of time spent dealing wtih a customer?
  243. Policy on smart-arses?
  244. Fun with the PA system :D
  245. Fuck. Just...fuck
  246. How not to throw a house party
  247. Nicknames for common prices
  248. Oddest Camper I have met
  249. Got our old manager BACK!
  250. Why I believe that our store is a level of hell