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  1. I have a new title!
  2. Why I won't work in a resturaunt again...
  3. They sent me home.
  4. Phone Calls
  5. Hit and run in the parking lot
  6. Customer made me blush
  7. Star Wars- The Bathroom Menace. (not gross, promise!)
  8. Co-worker robbed
  9. I wonder where he's going
  10. wherein I die a little inside
  11. Expired WIC Checks
  12. just when I thought it couldn't get worse
  13. Did I just see a pig fly??
  14. long absence
  15. There's a pirate ship on my desk
  16. the hold music made my day
  17. I never realized how burned out I am
  18. Messed up big in accounting
  19. Achieve Global Training
  20. Don't get mad at me cause I can't be in two places at the same time
  21. Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dumbass
  22. it had to happen some time.
  23. You, sir, FAIL.
  24. Let's be like Gamestop
  25. First day of work in the UK
  26. Products placed in the wrong area
  27. Blergh
  28. The Psychotic Bull (please, invoke rule one before reading)
  29. What I SAY vs. What I THINK
  30. *Shiver*... my worst phobia
  31. So I fought the write-up...
  32. Happy song, happy dance...
  33. Music Teacher made my night
  34. No water for 4 days means...
  35. Dum Dum Dummmmmm....
  36. Q for hotel workers
  37. Tracer Shortage
  38. Long vent regarding what happend at work today & supervisor
  39. Registers Loading While Being Signed Off
  40. y'all won't believe this
  41. A slip of the lip....
  42. Plastic bag free hell
  43. Irv's terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day (long)
  44. WWE Live: Shoplifter Smackdown
  45. I got it!!
  46. now what...
  47. Sucky Day at work!!!
  48. I taught someone a hotel rule today
  49. A Great Evening In Work (gloating post)
  50. Does This Make Me Elitist?
  51. Bellydancing with a sad tummy (long)
  52. Yay!
  53. FUMING!
  54. Let Me Know If You Need Something to Write With
  55. creepy call?
  56. co-worker is a geek!
  57. Huh? Creepy call.
  58. Should I talk to their manager?
  59. Slight pwnage of a liar
  60. New tv for the breakroom!
  61. words can only begin to describe the suck
  62. Going On Six Years of Being Screwed Out of My Money (Yes, there's language)
  63. Store Director Leaving
  64. Changes supervisor at work made
  65. But they'll be firing BLANKS!
  66. Pwning new guys to proove a point
  67. I can't stand this indecision, married with a lack of vision
  68. Seriously annoying...
  69. called in sick
  70. We're Called BookSELLERS For a Reason
  71. wherein I give 17 cents cash back
  72. The Phone Incident
  73. Chap, are you *seriously* trying to get yourself killed
  74. New job- HELP!!!!!
  75. wherein smiley learns something new
  76. Well, they finally managed to do it
  77. Looking for a better tech/call center job?
  78. SC event waiting to happen
  79. Texas Shootout...arg
  80. Big surprise at work Friday
  81. strangest/most interesting things left as tips
  82. Can I just say...
  83. OMG, I finally went to the upstairs store room
  84. Wherein Chef Ramsey Is A Traitor
  85. wherein I make good on my word (pics)
  86. I am so going to hell
  87. Drug paraphenalia
  88. I handed in my notice :(
  89. *glare* Really?
  90. Wherein steele tries to commit sepuku with an avaya phone.(venty and ranty)
  91. I got a new job
  92. How did you not figure that out??
  93. Working in Insurance
  94. The Classmate and the Professor
  95. Open sign was on when garage was reserved & customer not attending event was ticketed
  96. Password fun!
  97. Questions customers ask that just make you shake your head in confusion
  98. Ever have someone mistake your personal belongings for the store's?
  99. bring back the bad old days.
  100. Is that a skull of a coyote or are you happy to see me?
  101. Righty ho.
  102. Here I come to save the day!
  103. Condoms, there!?
  104. I've applied out
  105. a really crappy realization
  106. Newly Minted as a Supervisor, and Nervous
  107. for the love of God, make it stop
  108. Leaving Krogers
  109. Domestic Violence Gone Bonkers
  110. Hilarious candy
  111. Just checking in
  112. Not looking forward to my next shift
  113. Self Check Out
  114. Put Downs
  115. well, that was awkward
  116. Open sign on but lot is reserved & another ticket issued to person entering garage
  117. Bad day + bad neighbor...
  118. Weird finds
  119. privacy non-existent?
  120. Fun With Ben and Blas
  121. Broken glass BITES
  122. heh, wow training people there???
  123. Wherein I deal with two crappy days
  124. I Am Officially An Idiot
  125. Cany you handle the Gauntlet?
  126. please go back the the slum you came from
  127. Something I forgot to metion and WTF?
  128. Actual Work Description Received Today
  129. ....steak? Really? You REALLY think I want to buy that....
  130. *foams at mouth* I have to do what
  131. Bossy coworker stories.
  132. Planogram buttheadery
  133. Yay, Happy Dance
  134. Battle of the Snowplows
  135. I saw the sign I've wanted to put on games for years
  136. A miracle happened at work today!
  137. Engineering calculations
  138. (insert string of profanities here)
  139. Good news!
  140. What if....
  141. I think the Dexter writers have been reading this site
  142. All my work WASTED!
  143. Probably the best thank-you ever!
  144. Never ask for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for Me
  145. Two Aholes
  146. Redundant!
  147. No, no, absolutely not!
  148. That was... random.
  149. Wow, you remind me of Juno.
  150. The systems all went down
  151. This is going to be hard to beat... (long)
  152. Assorted Random Suckiness
  153. Good customer service rewarded
  154. what goes around comes around
  155. So... I may get fired. (venting)
  156. Eye Bleach needed STAT!
  157. the dream about work
  158. Just get to the point!
  159. umm, thanks
  160. Ranty rant blargle blargle blah....
  161. FREE STUFF!!!!!
  162. Closing Checker Didn't Show Due to Accident
  163. Wherein I take a week off
  164. Wherein desperation works in her favor.
  165. prayer to the dieties of technology
  166. Overhear in Church
  167. and now my back hurts
  168. Ah, Threats of Bodily Harm
  169. whatever god is out there....(warning long and ranty!)
  170. Do I secrete creaper attration pheremones?
  171. Agh not again
  172. I had a "smashing" time at work
  173. "cause you might put a TV in the trash compactor"
  174. 1-800-I'm-calling-off-sick
  175. Woman with restroom key, asks where restroom is
  176. Here's a Question.
  177. Manager abruptly transferred
  178. I've got exhaustion
  179. Hi..Who's on your Shirt??
  180. Receiving SG-13's IDC.....
  181. Brain Bleach
  182. Daylight Savings is Goofy
  183. remodeling
  184. this job is ......... (you can fill in the blanks)
  185. High Schoolers kick House Bunny
  186. Give me my Saw back! (long)
  187. Oh Happy Day!
  188. That was different.
  189. Ninety cent safe drop
  190. The stew is not a lie....
  191. All your souls are belong to us
  192. What Is A Bad Attitude?
  193. Shit.
  194. Software problem with the 2 gates & open sign at Visitor Parking garage
  195. Here we go again...
  196. another new record
  197. Spread the wealth, spoil the health
  198. Fun day for me!
  199. The Waiting Game (and Maybe a New Job...)
  200. Why I love my job.
  201. Why Mobile Phones Need Confirmation Dialogue Boxes
  202. You don't respect our time!
  203. I got paid to stay home!
  204. How to meet the local Coroner.
  205. well, that's never happened before
  206. Applying for a Lead position - wish me luck!
  207. Dept. director received phone call re: customer who was not able to park in garage
  208. dry humor & uh yeah
  209. I finally have a day shift!
  210. This is a little funny for the computer geeks
  211. Ever just need a day off??
  212. Redefining "success" ftw!!
  213. Desk drawer of AWESOME
  214. OH HAPPY DAY (Part 2)!
  215. Twenty minutes ago we stopped a scam!
  216. Just got fired - need advice
  217. Deer brains! and other Awesome Forest Stories (Not for the squeamish)
  218. Going full time!
  219. breathe sweetie, I don't handle tears well
  220. Former Coworker Killed
  221. This must say something about me...
  222. Food Drive Thieves Suck
  223. Clusterfuckery
  224. Laptop stolen right under our noses
  225. practical joke
  226. Tough call
  227. Passive-Agressive revenge?
  228. Wrestling does not belong at work (it turns out)
  229. I Suck At Decisions
  230. My Night was sad :(
  231. I ponder a question with one of my regulars
  232. Co-workers say goodbye
  233. Yes, I do make mistakes
  234. It's certainly *not* a taxi
  235. Should I start to worry now...?
  236. Who was out of line?
  237. A comedy of errors, of sorts
  238. The latest happenings (aka, why I may be looking for a new job)
  239. Fun with e-mail
  240. How to make the managers sad pandas
  241. Sinus searing fun!!
  242. That's the night that the lights went out...
  243. Anyone else like me?
  244. eek
  245. Branding FAIL
  246. Credit card cocktardery
  247. hope?
  248. Urge to kill rising!!!!!!!!!!
  249. I am hotel tech support!
  250. Wyatt and Virgil Earp rode in and fixed our dry mount press