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  1. Icy Shower FUN!
  2. 12 inch pen...
  3. And why are people allowed to do this?
  4. Do you need the office for your ego?
  5. On Holiday Bonuses
  6. Runaround
  7. Why must christmas music torture us all?
  8. when co-workers steal
  9. And you thought you had a bad day.
  10. Religion in the Workplace
  11. FINALLY!!!
  12. Quote to think about
  13. Well, I embarrassed myself...
  14. 30-24-16 in One Fell Swoop. (ranty, you have been warned)
  15. Note to self - check labels
  16. It was a fun day at work today
  17. Say a Prayer or something..
  18. I'm quitting (before I'm fired).
  19. Bad Economy=Bad Customers
  20. Overheard on the Bus
  21. nut rub
  22. I'm tired...
  23. Yay... it finally happened
  24. My Inner Geek Has Come Out
  25. Amusing exchange between my cw and I during a slow time
  26. rant :(
  27. well... This sucks
  28. well, I'm proud of myself (pics)
  29. I'm on vacation this week...
  30. What is the weirdest thing the store has ever sold?
  31. All's well that ends well
  32. Something's brewing...
  33. Black Friday Shifts
  34. Slow time :(
  35. I Heard it through the grapevine . . .
  36. Darn you, IT Department!!
  37. Ow....
  38. Rickrolled!
  39. TMAG will be the death of all of us
  40. jumping up and down with joy
  41. I win!
  42. To call in, or not to call in...
  43. Being called up to the front to clean up a spill & it's done by the time I get there!
  44. lay off? days off? screwed over...
  45. Worst. Shift. Ever.
  46. Why must our buyers be crack addicts?
  47. Grocery folks - how did Thanksgiving rush go?
  48. No more pens!
  49. "OUR" INTERNET wasnt working
  50. Union crap
  51. This is so not what I wanted today
  52. Would You Hire This Man as Your Comptroller?
  53. Cieling Access panels
  54. Black Friday - How were the crowds in your neck of the woods?
  55. Going for a Morons in Management position.
  56. I made a grown man cry
  57. ZZZZZZZZzzzzzzz
  58. I applied for a new job.....
  59. Christmas presents for service workers?
  60. I'm gone for 4 weeks & today was my 1st day back
  61. Seriously?
  62. I am amused
  63. Needle Stick
  64. Escaping the Christmas Party
  65. Fixing lights with my head
  66. The great bathroom mystery...*warning: gross*
  67. I made a little girl cry (following policy)
  68. Wow what to say in this situation
  70. Great, this again...(kinda longish)
  71. Cold Callers Who Lie
  72. Loud Yawner
  73. Sorry, I can't help you.
  74. Thank you for screwing me over!(long, ranty, language)
  75. Here's how my morning's been: Bank robbery in shopping center where I work!
  76. I did something kinda stupid and evil
  77. My co-worker had an interesting shift at work yesterday
  78. Tips for Customers
  79. I think I deserve a raise for this
  80. Your Workplace Holiday Party: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.
  81. Store manager w/a heart of gold
  82. Poor guy
  83. “you ruined my Christmas”
  84. My brother and Tech support
  85. Two of our shopping center tenants... gone
  86. Hoppers
  87. how interesting
  88. More fun with e-mail
  89. I can haz interview?
  90. Our store is getting coal in its Christmas stocking!
  91. Some days, I love this job
  92. Good first day :)
  93. We've Lost Beavis
  94. Why? Just why?
  95. Hotel employees, please forgive me
  96. This contest is laughable
  97. Pizza Place People!
  98. Oh Christmas tree, oh christmas tree
  99. Pee YEW! It stinky!
  100. Conference calls are a waste of my life...
  101. Santa's here
  102. Oh, How I Hate to Get Up in the Morning!
  103. Dumb Phrases We Gotta Say to Customers!
  104. Most annoying ringtones heard
  105. I think I pissed off a regular; not really my fault
  106. 12 Days of My Office
  107. Last 3 days have been busy at work; long post
  108. Holy Christmas Bonus, Batman!
  109. This should be good
  110. Attempted carjack in our parking lot!!!
  111. The funnier side of work
  112. seriously haunted
  113. "Flying Daggers" XD
  114. so...frakkin'....tired...
  115. My backroom is a dump, literally
  116. First Snow of the Year
  117. and there was much rejoicing...
  118. Wow...that was dumb on your part, wasn't it...?
  119. $1494
  120. An Open Email to My Manager
  121. I cannot believe I fell for it.
  122. Be careful where your car breaks down...
  123. Got out of there just in time
  124. We're installing a moat around our department
  125. End of an era...
  126. We all got to go home early
  127. My boss is amazing!!!
  128. You can't count...?
  129. Tacky music suggestions?
  130. Please, spare me from tomorrow.
  131. You want me to clean WHAT?!?
  132. So. Remember the Blah Inn?
  133. No rain nor snow shall keep people from beer.
  134. ...and Dingle Fritz is her name
  135. Lost and Found items left behind...
  136. Wherein I Serenade the Senioritas
  137. Answering the phone = having sex
  138. 867 theme wedding?
  139. I kept looking for the "Punked" hidden camera...
  140. Holiday dinner tables...
  141. finally...
  142. Sign on the door to main bldg states university is closed, but it isn't closed
  143. make it stop
  144. register fubars
  145. Thank you for the apology
  146. Kissing manparts!
  147. So much for xmas eve dinner....
  148. I Hate Christmas
  149. It's Not a Recession for Us!
  150. 'Twas the day before Christmas...
  151. Work Games
  152. Was this a sign??
  153. A General Work Rant
  154. Who the hell thought this was a good idea?
  155. So Which is Worse?
  156. Merry...ah who gives a damn anymore...
  157. It's not my fault!
  158. My boss is MIA
  159. Tales from Kennel-land
  160. "Go-backs"
  161. Nicknaming the registers...
  162. Someone at my office loves me...
  163. Simply unbelievable
  164. Not nearly enough sleep
  165. The cop said "no" to the scavenger hunter
  166. Work Injury Thread version 2.0
  167. Zounds! I have a job again!
  168. Short staffed!
  169. How does your store handle drawers?
  170. Crazy Naked Guy
  171. I'm goint to put myself into a self-induced coma...
  172. Tonight, we dine in graveyard hell!
  173. why my coworkers now hate me :D
  174. Good, now there may be no more crap audits.
  175. Tragic Waste of Beer
  176. I'm the Doucheasaurus...but Come on....
  177. How would you take this
  178. You know it's going to be a LONG year when you look at your ticket queue and see this
  179. No, seriously. Get out. Now.
  180. funny and very cute mini-story
  181. Markdown stickers...
  182. Poor Boss Lady!!
  183. Go to the store for me!
  184. is it me or the hotel
  185. I've realized...
  186. Good Riddance, Whiney Brat!
  187. Pranking the Boss
  188. Admin assisstants etc..
  189. The Dog Bordello=/= a homeless shelter
  190. I'm so sick of my job
  191. Full sign is on, but garage is not reserved, ect.
  192. A miracle happened at work today...
  193. "I'm sorry I'm late"
  194. what a stressful day !!!!
  195. BEEP BEEP BEEP *argh*
  196. Visability always helps...
  197. Here ducky!
  198. OK...so I am evil...
  199. this is interesting
  200. Playing supervisor
  201. Drat...
  202. This made me feel so bad...
  203. Crap, why must this happen on my day to work?
  204. I've gotten them trained
  205. Companies that use the "economy is bad" excuse to justify EVERYTHING
  206. Almost got to work there again!
  207. I hate it when customers call me ma'am
  208. ex-coworker part 3?!
  209. Walking slowly away from a burning building.
  210. Work hard so your manager can get TIME OFF! What?
  211. You all MUST have heard by now...
  212. The recession has hit the gaming store
  213. Wonder-F-ing-Ful.
  214. Locksmith
  215. Update on message re: Entrance gate is up & customer exited through it
  216. 4 Grocery Stores Closing
  217. seriously WTF
  218. scam mail at work
  219. unemployment scamming
  220. Power Tripping (long)
  221. A plane crashed today...and you STILL won't watch the safety demo?
  222. Thank goodness for brain-to-mouth filter!!!
  223. Oh, the joys of innovation (slightly ranty)
  224. Ups and Downs of this year so far.
  225. (Kosher) Deli Employee Died
  226. [Store Closings] Who here has had to go through one before?
  227. Like Making Customers Laugh?
  228. Nametags
  229. The Christmas tree in the Toilet
  230. I am what I am. And I am....
  231. Plaidman catchs a badguy.
  232. Telephone hell
  233. Another one bites the dust, <city name> Style
  234. Reply from Parking company manager regarding groundless complaint
  235. Need some information
  236. What not to eat at work (slightly embarrassing)
  237. "Kim" was not mad at me, but "Melissa" is ignoring me
  238. Answer Your Stupid Phone!
  239. I Don't Even Know What to Say to This...
  240. Yay for PTO!
  241. yay for witch hunts
  242. Whaddaya mean we never contact you?
  243. part 4!??? someone just put me out of my misery...
  244. So I quit...
  245. Ladies, start your whining...
  246. R.I.P. receipts
  247. a slow day at work?
  248. Layoffs and other suckage
  249. Oh snap
  250. Broken Scanner and Scale