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  1. Tales from the Operating Department *NSFW*
  2. Supermarket Etiquette
  3. Positive Hypothesis on a Slow Work Day
  4. Sex and Candy
  5. Let's see if this helps
  6. That cart's a little odd
  7. You couldn't have timed it better if you tried.
  8. SURPRISE! Puppies!
  9. Ive got an interview x2!!
  10. Terror at the New Job
  11. It Boggles the Mind!
  12. Thought I was getting fired (long, venting)
  13. Liquor distributors, and the women who work for them (longish)
  14. Shock and Amusement
  15. Distorted bass does NOT make you cool! (language)
  16. 5 Day Mail delivery
  17. Oooh, shiny firetruck
  18. A new use for Bolt cutters!
  19. As Different as Night and Day
  20. Dredged From Memory
  21. Wow, compliments for once
  22. I'm employed!
  23. I think I screwed up...
  24. Jedi and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day
  25. Driving Quiz
  26. The Extra Mile...
  27. Chock full of melon-y goodness
  28. Faith in Humanity=Restored (well, a little anyhow)
  29. oh frabjous day!
  30. Long story Fire Alarm fun
  31. scared about job
  32. *sigh* Back to work...
  33. My hours last week and this week :(
  34. The most f---ed 30 minutes of my life!
  35. My Husband lost his job after 31 plus years
  36. The Stalker
  37. I've seen this done elsewhere interesting employment job search talk
  38. Question about tips and management....
  39. Extra responsibility without compensation
  40. Dave's not here......
  41. Since when can't I use the green stuff to clean the bathrooms with?
  42. Counterfeits can't fool me!
  43. That is NOT how you inform someone their loved one is in a hospital
  44. Would you take a salary + commision job?
  45. You're not mine
  46. Stories Of Undisputed Awesomeness
  47. Not being invited to a department lunch
  48. So, a call from Human Resources is never a good thing...
  49. Anybody have this happen? (Retail question)
  50. Snow Day!
  51. All good things... and even mediocre ones... must come to an end
  52. Leave my damn cup alone!!
  53. well this sucks
  54. 8...4...3...2...
  55. Irritated publishing rep returned, but she was nice this time
  56. a tale of two cities
  57. Head Cashier Stepping Down
  58. I don't have the worst job...
  59. what did you say?! *panic*
  60. Organized Hatred
  61. Cinema's Sense of Snow
  62. Revenge
  63. Morning Meltdown
  64. The only thing that's hard about my new job...
  65. The Grape Guy
  66. Shouldn't people know how to do their jobs?
  67. Visitor Parking/Community Relations is a madhouse, & so on
  68. Don't bug the mail lady...
  69. They're in my head!
  70. A good, swift kick in the butt
  71. I hate "Confessions of a video vixen"
  72. I'm so bored!!
  73. They Made Me Work When......
  74. E-mail from Head Office
  75. Come to work on time.
  76. The Sweetest Day
  77. Trivia Hotline!
  78. I am on vacation this week..
  79. Holy Shrapnel!
  80. I give up (Long and profane)
  81. Upcoming time off
  82. Bite me economy!
  83. So, my boss may have cancer
  84. More Reports
  85. my work family
  86. The day the Music died...
  87. And now my ear hurts
  88. Let's see if the customers respond...
  89. I love our accountant
  90. Proof Of Beloved Dumbass Syndrome...
  91. It's Always The Quiet Ones
  92. FUBAR of the Opera
  93. We got robbed today...
  94. scams at work, part 2
  95. i am well and truly screwed
  96. Marriage-ending drama!
  97. signs I no longer have a soul
  98. whoah
  99. Well wishes Desired...
  100. My Job Opportunities or Why Hina is Foolish!
  101. Cute Kid
  102. Employee survey results
  103. When you know you didn't get it....
  104. Extra time (and $$$)
  105. "Panic!!!"
  106. Wherein I am Too Damn Nice
  107. "I committed gross negligence"
  108. Death enters the picture
  109. "Dave Johnson" told me not to turn away his guest
  110. what is going on around here?!?
  111. Didn't Need To See That
  112. No I don't want to talk about this at work
  113. Inappropriate ... but hilarious.
  114. Take Me To Your Orchards
  115. Bad Timing (Not for the Squeamish)
  116. Overheard at work
  117. Today is my last day!!!
  118. whee!!
  119. Why I Like Online Banking
  120. New nickname...
  121. Customers who did not want to pay the $5.00 parking fee
  122. Well Monday is Sure Gonna Suck...
  123. Need help with Florida labor laws.
  124. When co-workers cheer you up..
  125. woohoo toilet paper
  126. Geez, get a sense of humor!
  127. The Monday Morning Blues!
  128. Who Wants To Hear Some Good News?
  129. Hands Up, Baby, Hands Up!
  130. Sorry we don't have "that"
  131. I'm naming my kid 'Satan'
  132. Fucking OWWW
  133. Vista..
  134. Thursday's wtf-a-thon
  135. Man ODs at Work!
  136. Never freelance for someone you can't fire as a customer
  137. Pleasant working
  138. I want to strangle someone...
  139. Call me! For anything!
  140. More love letters hot off Irv's keyboard
  141. Publishing Rep:"I'll only be parked for 5 minutes"
  142. Workday boredom and hilarity
  143. Stomach pains...
  144. Oh, SWELL. *headdesk*
  145. "Michael Jordon on the line for you."
  146. Yay, corporate did something right!!!!
  147. Kids Say And Do The Darnedest Things.
  148. Fire Lane Pwnage
  149. "Melissa" arrived today & told me interesting news
  150. the glorified babysitter.
  151. Don't Pass Out On Me
  152. What a great way to save monet (not)
  153. Thanks for Getting Me Fired, SC!
  154. I am so sick of resumes...
  155. Happy you are there
  156. My happy facade slipped today...
  157. Not So Special Snowflakes Anymore Are We?
  158. They made me Purser
  159. freedom!
  160. That's not a happy number.
  161. This might have been sucky of us...
  162. things that shouldn't happen in the electrical room
  163. The bulb in our easy bake oven went out.
  164. How to injure oneself during a shift...
  165. Lying to customers?
  166. Conversation between me and my coworker today
  167. Disclaimers
  168. Jesus LOVES ME!
  169. job interview attire
  170. Why is everything here a piece of CRAP??
  171. Service Desk Register Went Down
  172. Migraines at work
  173. Yah! no more public phone!
  174. Is there a website for customers to read about how their crazy behavior can backfire?
  175. Rearview mirror!
  176. It's no reason to cry about it!
  177. We needed that...
  178. He wore a pink camo cap...
  179. When Worlds Collide: Internuts Trying To Get You Fired
  180. Shortest time with company
  181. We are aliens!!!
  182. Hina hits the wall and crashes
  183. What's worse than store muzak....
  184. Wherein I accuse a coworker of being a Po Theed
  185. Could use some advice
  186. My Department (ranty)
  187. So glad that's over...(perhaps mildly ranty...)
  188. checkout luck
  189. Let's play guess what happened?
  190. First dealings with the police. (long)
  191. While the cat's away...
  192. an old Navy story
  193. Mystery Shopper: The Rebuttal
  194. Expecting a depressing day at work tomorrow..
  195. Inane computer programming
  196. The best job in the world ... probably
  197. Quitting Survey
  198. Do people actually get away with this?
  199. Password Woes
  200. Ya, Das ist der Opera
  201. Marketing people make me laugh :P
  202. well, isn't this peachy
  203. "Can I have my head back after you snap it off?"
  204. ohh, V
  205. "Andrea" in the Parkig office is already making changes
  206. Oh, How I Hate to Get Up in the Morning!
  207. Too cold!!
  208. It's An Emergency
  209. Somebody inform me it's OK
  210. Job ettiquette
  211. I think I'm starting to lose it...
  212. If U See Kay (aka F-bomb)
  213. "Recession Renegotiation"
  214. Funny products
  215. Don't Drink The Water...
  216. All the time!
  217. Tears in my Beer
  218. I'm about to be fired.
  219. "I'll call the President if my very impt. guest cannot park"
  220. Well, this sucks
  221. I really hate being right all the time
  222. New job.
  223. Spectacular soil stupidity
  224. As the office tension increases... (language alert)
  225. Just got fired.
  226. Hello Miss Wall, Nice to meet you
  227. Gift Card Confusion
  228. Hard Work
  229. One reason why you cannot park in a reserved spot when Visitor Parking is reserved
  230. Celebrity Sightings on the Job?
  231. Going a little bit mad
  232. Payroll error in my favor!
  233. Yeah, that's a brilliant idea! *sarcasm*
  234. Weekend delivery SNAFUs(long, oh so very long)
  236. Octuplets!
  237. Ack!!! The horror!!
  238. I gave my two weeks notice
  239. You seriously want my honest opinion?
  240. They didn't sell years ago--let's bring them back!
  241. If someone jumped over the counter...
  242. Revenge is a dish best served cold
  243. Natural Science reserved many spots; event held in aother bldg; no transportation
  244. Well, that was ridiculous
  245. /head desk
  246. I feel like I'm talking to children.
  247. Oh F*** I'm in Trouble
  248. This trash ain't going out!
  249. Could be nothing...
  250. Being told to smile by passengers...