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  1. So...I'm in charge
  2. I got a compliment!
  3. Power failure!
  4. Welcome to Fucksville. Population: Me
  5. Still Not Sure If I Was Dreaming....
  6. Thought it was a joke.
  7. Isn't Rick-Rolling getting a little......old?
  8. HMMM
  9. completely unethical!
  10. Staff member took advantage of our generosity
  11. A good week.
  12. The Mulch Customer
  13. Murphys Law
  14. Inventory on Easter Monday???
  15. Well that was a waste of time
  16. Closing Checker Left Early
  17. There's always something you forget...
  18. No more checks
  19. Irv's new task OF DOOM
  20. woohoo!
  21. I survived Plant Day
  22. Workin' like a dog for the bossman...
  23. It's official I hate phones
  24. Is this the kind of reputation I have? :D
  25. Back to it then
  26. Customers on their cell phone
  27. Now THAT'S a scam!
  28. Need some advice
  29. It's like Christmas morning and a scavenger hunt all in one!
  30. Once again unemployed. :-(
  31. that's not fair
  32. Should I call?
  33. Wow...I'm Just Evil These Days....
  34. Interview Question
  35. Support from the stall a.k.a. nothing is off limits
  36. general changes at work
  37. I resigned today
  38. I have had enough of scumbags
  39. They seriously made a ticket for this??
  40. What Do You Think?
  41. Customers that leave you wondering
  42. Inventory Woes
  43. weekends are required
  44. Double scans
  45. Weirdo in the store
  46. Games to play at work
  47. a plan( lemme know what you think)
  48. Store Muzak?
  49. The good and bad about my job
  50. Sucky staff member and her complaint
  51. Anyone worked at Costco?
  52. Why I am updating my resume.
  53. A customer's rights when they go to my store (long)
  54. Expected shitstorm...
  55. The welcoming comittee(kinda talking to myself)
  56. Bring your Kid To Work Day
  57. Here Kitty Kitty!
  58. What are you people DOING to it?!
  59. I had no idea...
  60. Not Sucky, But...What?
  61. Long.... Today is probably going to be a long day
  62. Failure to Communicate
  63. I'm about to be fired *PART 2*
  64. A question to ponder (long)
  65. I love how the law protects the big guy...
  66. Was that the siren?
  67. The Return of the Phone Incident
  68. And I shall spend tomorrow in a catatonic state
  69. I'm going back to school
  70. Tales from Third Shift
  71. *fingers crossed*
  72. Quit Feeding The Skunk!
  73. I couldn't resist..
  74. Creatives have a little fun!!
  75. I got someone fired.
  76. It's an angry day today
  77. "As in, A Loaf Of?"
  78. Drug Test
  79. *head bam*
  80. Military Urinalysis stories
  81. Another damn lie...
  82. Times are Tough at the Bank (epic length)
  83. Time keeps on slippin'
  84. Chrysler problems
  85. Missing Patient
  86. Yay! VoIP conversion day!
  87. Slow server?
  88. I have been...TERMINATED.
  89. well tonite sucked
  90. Proof that people do not read emails...
  91. So THATS why...
  92. Geeky quickie
  93. And this is why you don't allow strangers in your backroom
  94. Iím gonna catch hell for this
  95. Should I be worried?
  96. At the request of the university police chief
  97. What gives YOU the right? (Rantish)
  98. Reason #39 Why I Love My Job.
  99. The Funny Penny
  100. Well blow me down
  101. I could get used to workdays like this....
  102. Creepy
  103. Bouncy
  104. Delayed flight
  105. Tales from the first week of bag-freedom
  106. I did a bad...
  107. Piss poor timing again
  108. Coworker is a little slow when it comes to fist fights.
  109. On the first day of inventory, the swamp it gave to me....
  110. Could this be a scam?
  111. Dammit, I WILL be productive today!
  112. UGHHH
  113. On the second day of inventory, the swamp it gave to me....
  114. Most Absurd
  115. update
  116. sucky things to date....
  117. Captain Jellico, report to sick bay
  118. Yes, the inmates are in charge of the asylum
  119. Whoops!
  120. I wasn't even supposed to be here today!
  121. Employee appreciation
  122. "I did that."
  123. Some audit fail stories from my co-workers.
  124. So We Got This Order Inquiry for Nigeria
  125. yay, we're busy again
  126. Perhaps "failed" a computerized psyc test?
  127. Ha. Ha ha. Hahahahahahahaha
  128. Juiciest gossip of the week.
  129. Ever been screwed on a mystery shop?
  130. I applied for frontend supervisor
  131. Sucky Coworker
  132. Let's play "Guess that Stink" . . .
  133. RIP hanging baskets
  134. Yay, I guess?
  135. They actually DO want us to fail...
  136. Very odd observation
  137. Too Damn Funny
  138. Funny Ladies...ha ha ha ha
  139. I am the BBQ queen....
  140. I think this is a record...
  141. Telemarketer Fun
  142. Policy That I LOVE!
  143. Should I feel guilty about this?
  144. incident report from last night
  145. It happened again!
  146. When Overtime is Normaltime
  147. My register did something really odd today...
  148. Wish me luck!!
  149. Holiday weekends suck
  150. .22's, screwdrivers, and my magnetic head.
  151. This Month = My 20th Anniversary in Retail/Customer Service!
  152. The Legendary 710 Cap
  153. Attack Of The Chronical Late Payer
  154. just tired
  155. Another Week of Annoyingness
  156. Question for the checkout people...
  157. Second Interview!!
  158. Yeah I've got a new job, no more customers!
  159. "Kim" vented about the following issues
  160. Gymnastics Banquet
  161. A funny one at work.
  162. I said No
  163. The inmates have done it again!
  164. CW = EW
  165. I've never been happier to offer a refund
  166. I don't think I've got long to go...
  167. Lousy week
  168. the inmates are in control of the asylum
  169. Check the check
  170. Friends in places...
  171. Have an interview in a hour
  172. I need interview advice with some urgency
  173. "Kim's" complaints, today's events, & the Parking office
  174. Aaaaaaaaagh!!
  175. Store policies that you love
  176. scam mail returns to the office
  177. I'm never taking a day off again...
  178. How to screw up answering the phone
  179. Someone having a bad day at work....
  180. Call it just a tiny bit of redemption . . .
  181. Noob freak out
  182. Bet I'd have gotten in trouble for this
  183. I was one click away form being the "asshole tech" today... (longish)
  184. This left me scratching my head.
  185. You got a key so what are you bitching about?
  186. Careful, they might LEEK out of the bag! Haha!
  187. Why after-call email surveys are a bad idea. (Kinda long)
  188. Quitters, Guns, and Call Ins! Oh My! (Long!)
  189. Job In Limbo
  190. No shoes, no shirt, no service
  191. The Demon Stapler
  192. Event today; ;no event list; no tokens for the guests
  193. Break out the wine!
  194. Your job search needs a little tweaking...
  195. Flagging?
  196. Notes from My Desk
  197. Change of tactic - being an adult
  198. I'm getting sick of this thing I have called a "work ethic"
  199. Speech Freeze
  200. Paper gift certificates - do people even use these anymore?
  201. And you thought you had a bad day...
  202. Changes re: event list & an upset customer here to see a staff member
  203. Today
  204. "He's a male AND he can multitask!"
  205. Cashiers, how unfriendly are your card readers?
  206. Night Auditors get no respect, I tell ya...no respect. *fidgets with tie*
  207. My encounter with Dumber
  208. Sex offenders are running rampant in my store
  209. pun wars at work
  210. This'll throw off my whole day
  211. Really? Just Fricken REALLY? *rantage*
  212. Stupid Crooks
  213. Mart of Wall employees--quick advice please (regarding a return)
  214. what's the worst compliment you've ever received?
  215. MM Presents: A collection of the most horrifying work stories I've ever heard.
  216. Sometimes my job depresses the hell out of me
  217. Crime doesn't pay? Says who?
  218. Don't need an MD to tell you he's crazy!
  219. That probably didn't look good...
  220. Wherein Dumber's boss jumps into the fray
  221. I'm at a complete loss
  222. Officially Weird
  223. My work is a hotbed of hookups...
  224. Toxic Fumes...At Work?
  225. Help with knives
  226. Jesus is my Homeboy?
  227. funny business card
  228. In a previous life...
  229. Raps will love this one...
  230. Guy with short term memory
  231. What a way to start a shift...
  232. Dumbfounding, but hilarious
  233. Potential SC Owned, Opearated, and Put in Place!
  234. So Mr. Testicles is throwing his weight around
  235. Sattelite shenanigans
  236. Pro Tip
  237. Office going live on Twitter
  238. We're all firmly in the gutter (slightly NSFW)
  239. Dress Code Suck...
  240. The Lady Who Grew a Veil
  241. So what's the equivalent of Maxim?
  242. changes ahead at work
  243. iPhone Fail
  244. Not Looking Forward...
  245. Owwie... I'm such a klutz
  246. Unemployable
  247. Will I get sacked?
  248. Can I laugh and cry at the same time?
  249. Guy here for the ASM conference
  250. Not the best day.. (rantish and longish)