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  1. We had cake!
  2. Weird phone call
  3. Employment Surveys
  4. Obnoxious
  5. Question for customer service reps: especially ones working for health insurance co
  6. Guy “who was late a meeting”
  7. I must not be allowed to take breaks
  10. Roll on September!
  11. Laid Off
  12. Open sign is broken; big sign blocking entrance gate for reserved event
  13. Credit Gift Card Dilemma
  14. My call centre? Similar to yours?
  15. Ohpleaseohpleaseohplease...
  16. So much for that promise to myself
  17. All The Overtime You Want....
  18. I guess I'm exempt form injuries?
  19. Question for our hotel workers
  20. What Luck For You Guys (in more than one context)
  21. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot.
  22. Confused Check Customer
  23. You will never win that case
  24. Why the captain is going to get a captains mast by the end of the week
  25. Request for a friend
  26. The Evil Automatic Doors
  27. I get all the BEST jobs...
  28. Let's waste the customer's time...and Irv's too!
  29. Independence Day Festivities
  30. Question for Hotel Workers!
  31. I feel special...I think...
  32. Periods (not gross)
  33. Holy Smoking Pretzels Batman!
  34. What is about the weirdest thing a customer has said to you?
  35. How not to screw up a schedule
  36. The joys of an Awesome Boss
  37. You know you're getting old when...
  38. What my manager saw (Warning: Cuteness abound!)
  39. Empty Frozen Pizza Box
  40. Sucky unprofessional manager makes scene in crappy corner shop
  41. Flooded, and becoming disreputable
  42. Things not to do when you want to get a job.
  43. Fun in the Sun! (warning: lots of images)
  44. First real day on the job-sobbed in the breakroom
  45. someone got my old job and . . .
  46. FIRE!! FIRE!!
  47. I don't think I wanted that job anyways...
  48. "Kim" called me this morning to chat
  49. The "I have a meeting" excuse
  50. Policies are now mush and more....
  51. Bye Bye, Awesome People.
  52. Mom with handicapped son wanted free parking
  53. Who works in the insurance industry?
  54. When Should Hotel Comps be Offered?
  55. Should I Feel Guilty?
  56. Have you ever turned your opinion on a product around 180 degrees in an instant?
  57. Celebrity impersonator sighting
  58. Visitor Parking is reserved; received a complaint
  59. Email Fraud Victims
  60. I have a job interview
  61. Turning Away Business
  62. I ROCKED that presentation!
  63. The Player
  64. Quite possibly the worse managed restaurant I've worked at
  65. Drawing a blank
  66. Two more shifts till vacation...two more shifts till vacation
  68. Worst day of work ever
  69. well, an 2 hour talk went good and bad ...
  70. I handed my notice in!
  71. I could be done in six weeks!
  72. The Scene: Parking Lot, Middle of the Night
  73. My boss rocks...
  74. A minor pet peeve
  75. Work BBQ was awesome
  76. Like I didn't see this coming
  77. Sigh...
  78. If It Doesn't Make Sense....
  79. Do interviewers lie a lot?
  80. I hate my job!!!!
  81. More Butt-Head antics . . .
  82. Emailing more people won't make it happen..
  83. I Finally Quit Rank Aid
  84. The next person to interrupt me is going to get throttled.
  85. Three EW Panhandlers
  86. Personal and Confidential, eh?
  87. My department rocks
  88. Passing the Buck (Very Long...sorry)
  89. Noticed a funny in the dress code
  90. hotel rate why
  91. Probation for shady reasons.
  92. Happenin' Old Lady
  93. What would you do? (very long)
  94. Talk about lack of direction!!
  95. Spotting Shoplifters
  96. Only two weeks left of bagging groceries!
  97. Uhh...thanks for telling me?
  98. Boycott! VERY long, little ranty
  99. Hey Best Buy people...
  100. "But I was only in the garage for 5 minutes"
  101. Unusual Scratch Card Pin
  102. "Do you have to pay for a student parking permit?"
  103. A newly developing pet peeve (a rant)
  104. welcome to the war zone
  105. Have customers got worse?
  106. They tore it down and I missed it!
  107. Surprise in Shoe
  108. SPIDER! EEEK!
  109. Guy with purple hair.
  110. Should I tell them I'm pregnant?
  111. Carbon in Your Nose (tiny gross, sneeze involved)
  112. Robbery!!
  113. The Day Bubbles Went Positively Mad
  114. My glasses broke
  115. Rain, Rain, Go AWAY!
  116. Oh gods...
  117. It's True. We are Doomed.
  118. I'm Free...for now
  119. Oh $h!t!!
  120. So I'm getting slapped with a huge penalty
  121. New Student Teacher orientation
  122. Things looking up?
  123. Just done my last ever flight
  124. Shocked and Dismayed (Slightly NSFW, language)
  125. You're not getting our "Secret Sauce"
  126. Are You Threatening Us?
  127. Barking at me isn't going to get your break any faster
  128. Boggles : Financial Investigator (Long)
  129. Fun with the overhead music
  130. Why am I still a manager?
  131. My boss is coming tomorrow and I know she won't be in the best of moods..
  132. Why I love my coworkers
  133. Well fuck.
  134. How Many trips does it take to fix a PA system?
  135. The great paycheck debacle (AKA your paychek will be LATE this week!)
  136. So Tired.
  137. Got turned down for a promotion.
  138. Somebody explain this to me...
  139. RAAAAGE~!
  140. A sad but valuable lesson.
  141. We just had a horrible coupon day! >_<
  142. Heard at work today !
  143. Should it be considered "New" if it's already opened?
  144. Oh Dear God....HELP!!
  145. Math Contest for Cashiers!
  146. It's starting already...
  147. Refurbs and urge to kill rising! *Language*
  148. Putting Stuff on Top of Eggs Will Break Them
  149. Breaking brains...one customer at a time
  150. What did I do to deserve this?
  151. I knew it!!!
  152. That's So Fair....
  153. How much... (Far too long)
  154. Maybe I thought about it too much ...
  155. Got an interview
  156. Visitor Parking is reserved; female customer here to see advising
  157. Reason why male customer not here for reserved events said "reserved for which event"
  158. what are they thinking?
  159. potentially sucky situation
  160. Not really any suck in particular, but just a series of events...
  161. I wish I had been there...
  162. I propose a new store policy...
  163. Sometimes, a little thanks is nice
  164. A question for corporate / large company CSR's
  165. Confusion the first day of school fall semester
  166. Seven-year-old logic
  167. Fake money - Watch out
  168. Spare me the sob stories
  169. Student: "I'm here for the special event, but I do not know the name"
  170. "Candy" Non-sucky
  171. How many ways does this not work?
  172. gotta love it..
  173. Before you hit "send" on that email...
  174. FAIL pizza - no suck, just funny
  176. The Stuffed Toy Scavenger
  177. another day in paradise
  178. The "new" office is done - now the complaints come in.
  179. Hey GK
  180. If I didn't hate this place before, I sure do now.
  181. My Former Employment (Long-ish)
  182. Horribly inappropriate, but hilarious things heard at work
  183. Field Training
  184. The Monday Morning Blues!
  185. Stressful!?!?!
  186. Themed Weekends (long)
  187. I don't work here...do I?
  188. My first obscene phone call at work!
  189. Not an SC since he was "challenged", but... annoying.
  190. Not declined, MEGA declined.
  191. Moving On...
  192. Smell Tech Support
  193. "Team build" coming up.
  194. Tampons in the men's room
  195. In the past hour..
  196. Revenge is delicious when it's cold . . .
  197. My store had a "buycott"!
  198. Would it have been manslaughter or negligent homicide? You be the judge!
  199. This is why I'm never having kids
  200. I do hate them so
  201. A Giant Chicken Just walked through my Lobby!
  202. Worst Pick-up Line Evar
  203. OMG I am so glad I left this place (kinda)
  204. *deer in headlights look*
  205. I'm gonna get paid to be crafty!
  206. Unstoppable! You failed me!!
  207. Sometimes the simplest solution works the best.
  208. Ah the old Phobia surfaces...((epic))
  209. Girl who did not have her wallet
  210. Did You Say 4.5 Million?
  211. 151" Television?
  212. Why? (small lanuguage)
  213. I'm a bit worried
  214. It's funny 'cause it's true...
  215. Portable registers?
  216. What's Your Ideal Customer Like?
  217. Parking company not paying us for Labor Day
  218. It has begun...
  219. The perfect SC t-shirt:
  220. Atonement requires a sin first.
  221. Where Are You Going?
  222. Oh hell no...
  223. Why do they keep making our phone greeting LONGER??
  224. Low tech solutions.
  225. Firemen!
  226. Breaking news.....
  227. More fun with the PA system
  228. General Store Oddities.
  229. Fighting the war against rudeness:
  230. Another encounter with Dumber
  231. Visitor parking is reserved & every handicapped spot taken
  232. This cant be happening
  233. We were broken into on monday...
  234. I "dislike" my boss (long)
  235. So my boss is moving on...
  236. customers that pass away
  237. Kids say the darndest things
  238. I bought her a cake, but ate her pizza
  239. "So you don't work here anymore, but aren't banned yet."
  240. Disaster Suckage
  241. How to learn self-checkout in one shift (long)
  242. Back in the Saddle Again
  243. Strange, flawed new restrictions for handling the truck.
  244. New Work Anthem...
  245. Forgotten Groceries
  246. you've been dreading this day.
  247. Sorry our personal call was interrupted by my job...
  248. Cute and funny kid
  249. Visitor Parking is reserved & it is a zoo
  250. I love my employer