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  1. "I'm reporting you & the parking office"
  2. First name basis with customers?
  3. I'm starting to hate our registers...
  4. Giving family members a hard time when they shop in your store?
  5. My office smells like pesto
  6. First Day of School!
  7. Here's what brown oughtta do for me:
  8. EWW
  9. Sandwich Shop Workers: Question
  10. Let's use EVERY talent!
  11. I'm glad I'm not going to be here tomorrow.
  12. Going Green
  13. forgot my phone very long
  14. Floor Leader by Day, Guild Leader by Night.
  15. OK. Well.
  16. Corporate spies suck
  17. If I don't vent, I will do something that I will regret.
  18. Goodbyeeeeeeeeee
  19. No more gas...
  20. Holy Sh*t!
  21. My co-workers are speical
  22. So, I talked to the owner today. (Dumb and Dumber update!)
  23. That's it- I'm gone
  24. More shipping venting
  25. You have to be s***ing me
  26. That hurt!
  27. I'd call this place a dump...
  28. The "I don't wanna go!" Thread
  29. getting asked out by a customer
  30. ya win some you lose some
  31. Marathon Man
  32. well last night sucked
  33. OMGWTFLOFLMAO!!!!!111
  34. AUgh. I can't take it anymore...
  35. Wherein JDLR gets you fired.
  36. Cheese guy?
  37. Cleaning up before the big move
  38. I've lost my focus.
  39. When Eeyore Sends Spam
  40. Crack boom!
  41. weird day
  42. Sites are blacklisted for a reason...
  43. Caught a Shoplifter
  44. Damned One Way, Damned The Other.
  45. Should I have gone SC on them?
  46. Next week=week from HELL!
  47. I respect your beliefs, but...seriously?
  48. I've been made redundant..
  49. Been offered a job...
  50. They must be building snowmen in Hell right now...
  51. Outdates and Slackers
  52. I live in hell
  53. Call centers- Who else hates surveys?
  54. Can't you just ANSWER THE QUESTION?
  55. What I found inside the booth this morning
  56. Perks of your job?
  57. Dramaaaa...!!
  58. bad day
  59. If it's not one thing, it's the other...oy.
  60. please stop talking to me!
  61. "Nancy's" (Parking office) antics
  62. Dang Dogs...
  63. need a day off
  64. Interesting wording in a Resume
  65. Just Wow...
  66. convergys under dogs corp
  67. Wooo SCAM!
  68. Work week cut down to 4 days
  69. Non-Customer related jobs right now
  70. Why would "Kim" do this?
  71. Roses made my day
  72. Having to resign
  73. Yes, Dumb really did it
  74. Things you wish would change at work:
  75. the modem standby button
  76. damn outdates!
  77. Retail: What kind of register platform does your store use? (minor rant about techs)
  78. That's Not Safe Around Food
  79. Mold spore problem inside the booth caused more problems
  80. complaining about my job
  81. I hate applying for jobs!
  82. Just 17 more days, just 17 more days.
  83. Really cute kid
  84. There's a Meetin' Here Tonight!
  85. i have a love hate relationship with my job
  86. "Bill's" meeting with "Andrea" today
  87. Testing, 1 2 3, testing 1 2 3....
  88. Is Management Supportive
  89. We were like a bunch of kids...
  90. "I did not enter the bldg. I just drove around inside the garage"
  91. I'm Putting in my Two Weeks today....((long))
  92. Old boss has been fired....(unfortunately, not Professor X)
  93. I hate open enrollment
  94. Some ranting about poor scheduling and being slammed
  95. Yeah that's a BRILLIANT idea! (quota rant)
  96. I don't know what to do.
  97. Giving 2 Weeks (Need help asap)
  98. Interview!
  99. The Paint Leaketh
  100. one mistake = total chaos!
  101. My manger is going down
  102. Thankfully nothing broke
  103. Customer did not know the name of the event she was here for
  104. just kinda odd...
  105. i hate kids
  106. FEM Transferred on Short Notice
  107. Almost a suck...
  108. Blessings of the Workplace.
  109. Staff member apologizes for his sucky behavior
  110. Why the Unicru Application SUCKS
  111. Don't flip them off...
  112. Tales from the Mailbag...part 4
  113. wish me luck!
  114. Small b@%*#
  115. Joining the Ranks....
  116. interviews
  117. Race card
  118. A customers view (pet peeves)
  119. Night school student "claimed" she was told parking is free on Friday's
  120. my boss just doesn't get it
  121. Is it because Im getting older?
  122. Scare tactics?
  123. Should I put in my 2 weeks?
  124. I Had to Recount 2 Tills
  125. Annoyed Customer
  126. back to work - late update by 1 month
  127. Major Freudian Slip
  128. Worst interview EVER!!!!! Care to share?
  129. The great shake up (call-center stuff)
  130. Outsourcing has done a full circle now.
  131. I-D-ten-Ts
  132. Stupidest reasons for calling out, or being late
  133. What's your response to this rant about retail?
  134. Who planned this?
  135. Guest thought parking office gives out free tokens
  136. Yay me! (Short)
  137. Am I wrong to be uncomfortable with this?
  138. YOU got the HOOKUP! (really long but super cool)
  139. This is bad...
  140. Friday the 13th came a week early.
  141. How do customerssuck.com members feel about customers who name drop?
  142. Parking office makes things difficult for guests & name dropping customer
  143. Working 12 hours on Black Friday
  144. Odd Signs
  145. New management record: 3 in one year . .
  146. Possibly getting fired today
  147. Bad Headache
  148. I've Got An Interview
  149. morons!
  150. University police: raising exit gate is a safety hazard, but they are exempt
  151. I guess I didn't want to work there anyway...
  152. Wrong Button
  153. "I forgot something. Can I return & pay later?"
  154. giggly moments at work (warning, bit of language)
  155. No! When the bell rings you go away!
  156. Xmas party fun
  157. I actually have to feel sorry for him
  158. Thank you Captain Jellico
  159. had my review
  160. Do customers have the right to treat us like crap?
  161. "I couldn't even turn on the kitchen tap without filling out a 27b/6"
  162. "You owe me 100 Nazi scalps."
  163. Why I Love The Bookstore
  164. Can you complain without hurting an individual worker
  165. Breaking Televisions
  166. Checker Retired
  167. I don't really think we should be penalized for this...(preorder rant)
  168. Not fair...
  169. One of our co-workers died
  170. Silly scripts
  171. Register Reboot
  172. Another PC bites the dust
  173. Yay, something else we won't sell
  174. Tax Exempt
  175. Joy. Yet ANOTHER thing to deal with.
  176. Overtime?? Hell YES :)
  177. Black Friday just got Darker.
  178. Thank You Larry Flynt
  179. Can I bring my pillow and blankie?
  180. Holiday pay for Thanksgiving... oh wait, you're cutting my hours?
  181. No "Black Friday"?
  182. Was This a Scam or Not?
  183. The Longest Day
  184. Stopped a Scam that would have
  185. Off For 2 Weeks *rant*
  186. Fridge-less Eskimos beware!!
  187. Rock, Meet Hard Place
  188. Grocery folks... surviving Thanksgiving hell?
  189. *note to self*
  190. Holidays suck when you have to work
  191. And you thought that was a good plan???
  192. YOUR FIRED! Just Kidding :)
  193. The Evil Mountie Poster - Explained!
  194. Thus it ends...
  195. Collapsed at Work and Sent Home Early
  196. Just transfer me
  197. Christmas Party
  198. Training
  199. "WOW!!! You're OLD!!!"
  200. let me tell you about my night
  201. Blue Hat Lady is outdone
  202. CSAT Surveys!
  203. Really WEIRD things coworkers do
  204. How to stock shelves
  205. Radioshack tries to guilt customers into giving charitable donations...
  206. Hey I lived through it!
  207. Ways I've found to increase business
  208. *crash* Argggh = time off work
  209. Your garbage for our trash (Cleaning crew again)
  210. What do you eat before work?
  211. so tired of people getting scammed
  212. "The War on Christmas" Takes Aim At My Employer... Again
  213. None of your business!!!
  214. Corporate overbooked us
  215. Missing Ryan Stiles
  216. Kind of bummed...
  217. Good luck, and watch yourself in Iraq....
  218. You know what's really funny?
  219. New sign on our store door.
  220. Mercy from my boss
  221. "It can't stop on a dime so get the hell out of the way!!"
  222. Just Do It Already!
  223. My Office Rants (long!)
  224. Sent home early...want to cry.
  225. Wherein I Impersonate a Hobo
  226. So akward...
  227. Great last names
  228. Oh crap, it's a corporate visit! Time to act all phony...
  229. Customer who brought her sick kid to the university
  230. File frustrations
  231. Today was as bad as I thought it would be...and then some
  232. Time to revisit...The Restroom Report (squeamish need not review)
  233. Talk about cold...
  234. That's an... interesting bonus
  235. Easily forgotten
  236. *shudder*
  237. Let's Stay Open On Christmas Break!
  238. When doing your job is a moral dilemma
  239. Christmas! Bah, humbug!
  240. My first day of training, and they left me alone in the concession stand!
  241. "Andrea" and "Larry" are passing the buck
  242. 25 lessons I have learned from working six months at a pharmacy.
  243. CRASH! *Swear words*
  244. Error 404
  245. Bakery Employee Died
  246. Oh yeah, I guess I should give y'all a heads up..
  247. Calling off the day after the storm
  248. Coworker meets his first whore.
  249. Christmas Treat
  250. $10 Pizza + Winter + 3 Months + Dear God Help Me!