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  1. I don't know if I got a fake ID or not today...
  2. Surviving?
  3. Total Equipment Failure
  4. Calendars!
  5. Street Fighter 2
  6. Christmas Eve and still stuck at the office
  7. The Perfect Day
  8. Babyblue Camo!
  9. This is so weird!
  10. Well That Sucked...
  11. Sad news at the office
  12. Turned in my notice today
  13. Bought a customer a gift
  14. I miss sleep
  15. My bosses are children
  16. You're putting me where?
  17. Happy Christmas from the largest Pharmacy Chain in the UK
  18. Good luck to all who work tonight.
  19. Happy new year... now here's a warning.
  20. Offensive Magazine Cover
  21. Fun with birthdates
  22. Oh, Come ON, Corporate.
  23. New Years Eve I got spat at.
  24. when Hell freezes over (Rant, and longish)
  25. When should I call a manager?
  26. broken Muzak kept playing the same song over and over
  27. blame evil HR
  28. Last Day Fun
  29. Retardicus buggia?
  30. From Billy and Gloria
  31. Oh gods...please tell me this isn't happening
  32. Got Cottonmouth?
  33. Warning: sacrilegious and fart humor contained herein
  34. Yay for having a good day!
  35. Customer took credit slip
  36. No heater at work!
  37. What constitutes a "swear word"?
  38. I've figured it out!
  39. Death to patio furniture
  40. Copyright Policy
  41. Interview with new company
  42. Here we go again
  43. Why you should always make sure your cell phone key pad is locked...
  44. Feelin' the love...
  45. Funny product name
  46. Yes, but does he have his name on a kickass NES game?
  47. Must Be Nice To Not Need A Job!
  48. Cookie bonanza
  49. Ignorance is bliss....most of the time. (Or howcome I hate Prom Season)
  50. Forbes
  51. You put HOW much through on raincheck?
  52. ouch dammit!-well that sucked-or 2nd degree burns are fun!
  53. What should I have done in this situation?
  54. Overheard...
  55. Just...need to get it out.
  56. Drinking the Coorperate Kool-Aid
  57. No Longer at Subway
  58. HR people--Need help!
  59. Oh yay.
  60. "I gave away my token to someone else"
  61. Cashiering for the first time.
  62. Stress walking into work
  63. Um... no?!?!
  64. Relax, it's just a haircut!!
  65. Don't touch the rulers...
  66. My Boyfriend's Boss
  67. I never understood this.
  68. Wherein I catch a Physician's mistake
  69. You'd think we were giving the store away.
  70. I died?!?!?!
  71. You're insane...
  72. minor newsletter suckage
  73. Remembering a needle in a haystack
  74. Justified Paranoia
  75. Customer Wanted Manager Because I Couldn't Accept His Lottery Tip
  76. Six weeks had better go fast
  77. Wherein the clearance swamp lives down to its name
  78. A interview my mom did... (Longish?)
  79. Me? Manager? Again? No!
  80. I'm Really Happy I Don't Smoke.
  81. I just can't care if you do that.
  82. wherein I go justifiably SC on behalf of a caller
  83. Aaaaaaand we're all idiots....
  84. Overheard on the phone
  85. I will never have to work until midnight ever again.
  86. New websites
  87. Tales of Pathetica
  88. Whiny little baby boy
  89. Repent! The Snowpocalypse is upon us!
  90. Yes, I am aware of that and other tales
  91. "Kim Johnson" wants free parking for her guests
  92. Just... Why?
  93. Suddenly it's raining interviews
  94. A world of idiots.
  95. Early Store Closing
  96. Start looking for work tomorrow *needs warm fuzzies*
  97. Secret Recipe!
  98. What's this "sleep" thing of which you speak?
  99. Professor Pisses me off.
  100. What a wonderful schedule.
  101. Kids are cute and exploding cat food
  102. Almost paid to do nothing
  103. Ride to work then a ride home?
  104. First and second day of work.
  105. Something I never thought I'd hear my boss say
  106. I guess after 10 kids, it dosen't matter..
  107. Oh... really?
  108. Where'd my hours go?
  109. If only all my shifts could be like this
  110. Probably something my adoring horde won't appreciate
  111. Corned Beef man
  112. 2 reserved events sponsored by the Presiden'ts office
  113. Continuation of President's office reserved events
  114. After 5 years...
  115. whats the deal with condoms.....
  116. I was right!
  117. ooooh where do I begin?
  118. Wherein I reveal I'm more than a pretty face...
  119. Confused Lottery Customer
  120. Back to the popcorn mines of Kessel
  121. Wherein a prank backfires
  122. Yes, yes I do have anal bronchitis
  123. My epic day of work at Valentines day.
  124. Why lie about that?
  125. The Top secret payroll formula or "why do we have no hours?"
  126. Anxious...
  127. Non-student wanted to park in student parking
  128. First Solo Day Tomorrow
  129. Event time change & other reserved events
  130. Guy did not have information re: what event he was here for
  131. That's an unusual rule
  132. Irritating the IOC
  133. Kids that LISTEN?????
  134. Interesting dispatch call
  135. Clue Bats and other humorous work props (slightly NSFW)
  136. The sheets are going to get REAL dirty
  137. Solution to ongoing overnight parking probs
  138. Killer Window and Hamster Balls(somewhat long)
  139. Living where you work...anyone done it?
  140. A few minutes of fun in the office
  141. "Andrea's" request
  142. Question about sharing tills.
  143. Here's the scoop.
  144. me fail
  145. Don't ask for whom the bell tolls. It tolls for me.
  146. I guess I just have magic fingers
  147. Job Title
  148. Well, that's one positive review...
  149. Fun with Apartments
  150. *snicker*
  151. Stupid Job.
  152. President's office special guest
  153. freakin sucky-ass friday
  154. Off to the next
  155. Just an observation....
  156. The best way to settle SC-related ignorance.
  157. Those slow, boring nights
  158. Interview!
  159. Crazy day at work & questions for the customerssuck.com members
  160. possible job question
  161. GRRRRRR
  162. Must they comment on EVERYTHING??
  163. Waiting for the fallout........
  164. Massive turnover
  165. Fuuuuuuuccckkkk....
  166. Thursday morning was fun
  167. filing divorce papers with your lover
  168. Wherein I prevent a guy from getting laid.
  169. Where are we? Mayberry USA?!
  170. Twitch's repo-madness tales
  171. A dept. reserved entire garage last Friday but only had 15 tokens
  172. Customers flirting
  173. Ha you are not stealing from us today
  174. Motorcyclists are not allowed to park in Visitor Parking
  175. The Wall of Shame!
  176. We have to be setting a record here
  177. Starting the day with a bang!
  178. Innacturate Job Title
  179. When the rat's away...
  180. Guns guns guns guns!
  181. Coworker in hospital!!
  182. Things you kinda don't want to see at work...
  183. Things I am not allowed to say at work.
  184. Thanks for the info about the job!
  185. Not quite the Hellmouth I was hoping for
  186. Tiny story but cute and funny
  187. So I saw a drug deal take place today...
  188. Anyone else feel like their store is a soap opera?
  189. Wish me luck!
  190. A customer actually took my advice!
  191. I am so close to walking out
  192. Tongue Lady.
  193. joy of joys
  194. call centre scripts
  195. Slight miscalculation in location.....
  196. 12:47
  197. did *not* see that comming...
  198. Ramblings.....
  199. Please, just listen to your daughter
  200. Customer wanted free parking the day before open house
  201. Caught a Troll
  202. Inventory Antics (warning to be on the safe side, may be NSFW)
  203. well that's unfortunate...
  204. When I'm off, I'm off (long)
  205. Just When I decide to do something productive with my spare time...
  206. Good to know...
  207. Dear esteemed senior member of our company..
  208. Subway Question
  209. Dude, That's MY Menu!
  210. Bwahahaha! We got Rick-rolled!
  211. "Nancy's" decision caused guy to leave
  212. flooding
  213. Closing antics
  214. Well, I was feeling bad about it, but...
  215. Performance review...
  216. Got my first customer complaint today..
  217. Busted
  218. $17,000 phone bill!
  219. Wow that must of been some break-up
  220. For frack's sake, Corporate!!!
  221. Easter closing
  222. Do you get enough respect at work?
  223. Is your facebook profile costing you jobs?
  224. The orgin of my meow.
  225. "Andrea's" decisions regarding reserved events, ect. & questions for the members
  226. 6 Adventures in the dark ages of technology. (LONG)
  227. Secret shoppers piss me off sometimes
  228. Didn't find what she needed
  229. Hyena Dandy is jailbait. :O
  230. Electrical fun!
  231. So much for "doing the right thing"
  232. Noooooooooo!!
  233. At least I still got it
  234. Sick at work, yay!
  235. Whoops Dead Customer
  236. Some Random Towing Tidbits
  237. Strange customer
  238. And he is outta here!
  239. Help me! Save me!
  240. OK, look
  241. The next person who...
  243. Wherein Irv's nose commits hara-kiri
  244. 2 Day Rant
  245. Yes, I am a volunteer... no, you can't use my photos for promos.
  246. I haz a new toy. Or, I love my mommy.
  247. Got My Raise
  248. Bored at Work.
  249. Indecisive/sucky rant... Warning LONG!
  250. Can somebody please make me sick through the internet?