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  1. Please wish me luck.
  2. And if this dream becomes reality....
  3. Office politics
  4. Good memory
  5. Stupid frakkin' volcano
  6. YUCK!!
  7. Pretty sure I'm gonna get terminated....
  8. Would abolishing annual performance reviews be a good idea??
  9. So... pay raise or comfort?
  10. Floor waxing witlessness
  11. The Worst Kind of Mistake...
  12. How to see your employment record
  13. Vent & advice needed
  14. When I ask for feedback thats the time to give it
  15. Carpark Shenanigans.....Or..... Crane v's car
  16. Rant of Work
  17. The End Days (Maybe) [Longish]
  18. Coworker's Husband Died
  19. last customer of the day...
  20. on the road again...AGAIN!!!eleventy...
  21. Crackle, Crackle!
  22. I hate third party reservations!
  23. "there's an issue in the ladies room"
  24. I love the smell of the workplace on fire in the morning!
  25. Why oh why don't I learn
  26. And so it continues
  27. Music hijinks at work
  28. Outside gate was up; Visitor entered through that gate
  29. Annual performance evaluation
  30. The joys of abusive or percussive maintenance, or why don't people inform me?
  31. The "One Word Request" dilemma.
  32. Fun facts of my employee handbook
  33. Hoes in the Restroom...
  34. Back to work....
  35. Why stealing from the PTA is a baaaad idea....
  36. My Brain-To-Mouth filter = broken
  37. Apparently I can fix anything.
  38. STUPID COWORKERS!! Whaaarrgarrrbl!!
  39. Waaaaaah
  40. Frackin Snobby People
  41. Calling in sick is fun...
  42. Visitor Parking is reserved; guy flagged down a campus cop; no exception
  43. Changes regarding Visitor parking & the other parking areas
  44. Presell or face certain doom...what?
  45. The third shift stockers at my store are idiots
  46. I actually cried at this.
  47. Awesome Bosses.
  48. Need some advice
  49. deep heavy sigh
  50. Not Sucky, Just Funny
  51. AUUGH! Parking Ticket on work vehicle
  52. Reserved event but who actually pays? & campus tour event
  53. Jewelry Dance off!!
  54. Dear heavens what next!
  55. wherin I hear a hearing user get pwned
  56. Loving the schedules now...
  57. Stupid job titles!
  58. Where is everyone?
  59. If one leaves the office on the verge of tears...
  60. I'm going back to hell . . .
  61. Avatar is everywhere
  62. No one arrived for a reserved event this Thursday
  63. I don't know how I feel about this..
  64. Whoopsy!
  65. Hubby knows just what to say
  66. The most powerful phrases...
  67. "Rip - ow ow ow - Really?"
  68. Has job training gone straight to hell??
  69. Spreading the gospel of the clearance swamp
  70. The Admin Meeting from Hell, or, Power Failures and You
  71. Female customer wanted to exit for free
  72. Hold on, I have some cents...
  73. I Hope She's All Right...
  74. Job Dilemma
  75. Hey now, I'm a rock star
  76. "Nancy's" & "Missy's" viewpoints regarding free parking
  77. EWWW
  78. Questions I've been asked/ My inner answers (Language)
  79. Annoying Interview
  80. Guests don't like us using our cell phones? Well kiss my ass then!
  81. Geese
  82. Count down dare
  83. Why does the ghost hate me now :(
  84. Sex and the city 2
  85. Alarm Call
  86. Stop using third party to book your rooms.
  87. Another one (might) bite the dust
  88. 5 Store Managers ah-ah-ah!
  89. I am getting coached for what??
  90. So much insanity, so little time
  91. That's an interesting approach...
  92. Today we locked a customer in a small room...
  93. My Mind is Scary
  94. My coworker is about to be fired for DRINKING BEER ON THE JOB!!!
  95. Being sick last Tuesday caused problems
  96. Lotto...
  97. Kids say the cutest things
  98. Waiting for the fireworks
  99. Just slightly out of date
  100. New job "joys"
  101. Sucky NonHumans At Work
  102. Parking office raised both gates to Visitor Parking for faculty/staff members
  103. I've only heard it a Million Times...
  104. Five in My Team Put "On Report"!!!!!!!!
  105. A Serious Case of the Mondays
  106. Customer wanted to pay later
  107. A television expose of the work place
  108. New Job
  109. Unbelievable write-up!
  110. Rant rant rant rant rant
  111. Just let me do my work! (long)
  112. no, we don't need a new copier
  113. How hard is it to start a company?
  114. The cow says moo. The memory says nuh-uh!
  115. I approve of free cake
  116. A legitimate complaint! Holy cow!
  117. Odd phone call from the Parking office
  118. Ahh crap.
  119. And God said.....
  120. The night me AND my team lead almost walked out of the store.
  121. Funny coincidence
  122. I Don't Think That's Legal...
  123. Tranformers! Weddings in disguise!
  124. Called in on my day off due to ... ghost town.
  125. Has anyone been fired from Wal-Mart?
  126. Just.... loud!
  127. Sucky Customers All Gone Away
  128. Drive-thru Workers Stealing Debit Card Numbers
  129. I'm Not Playing This Game
  130. Parking notified at 1:30 p.m. that 2nd shift reserved event has been cancelled
  131. How do break violations work?
  132. Want good work, how about good faith
  133. promotion
  134. This may be bragging
  135. This ain't gonna be good
  136. Birthday Surprise at Work
  137. You know how you shoot yourself in the foot sometimes?
  138. A Collection of sad tales
  139. A Note To My Manager/Coworkers
  140. Drama dept. instructor took care of the situation
  141. Over...
  142. I told you...
  143. 4am. Time to move?
  144. The End Of An Era!!!!!
  145. Recession? What Recession!
  146. Why Don't People Show Up for Appointments?
  147. panhandling customer
  148. I can has blood blister
  149. Four words NEVER to use at work
  150. This resoma brought me pain
  151. Pet peeve of mine at work
  152. scam alert for bankerrs
  153. Oh My God, Corporate.
  154. The e-mail attached to the resume I read today
  155. Doing phone surveys
  156. Odd ways for customers to show their appreciation.
  157. Nice Customers You Get Annoyed At
  158. Good news for once!
  159. "Meter parking is full"
  160. "Have a good night"? YOU CANT TELL PEOPLE THAT!
  161. Apophrycal Work Tales
  162. Worth turning up to work
  163. Police ordered us to close.
  164. I won't be getting any ground meat from my store soon....
  165. In Which I make A Complete Fool of Me
  166. New way of dealing with work
  167. Wherein I speak to Dumb
  168. Wow, you REALLY want to work here don't you?
  169. Discussing pay... and writeups.
  170. water at work
  171. Unemployment: would I qualify?
  172. The good and the bad
  173. things i learned while at work today
  174. I really don't think its such a big deal okay
  175. The calls that really get to you
  176. Laying the blame on us? THANKS.
  177. octopi23's job search thread, part II
  178. "Nancy's" e-mail re: reserved event Friday July 23rd
  179. Could somebody please put me in a coma for the next two months?
  180. Jack's Job Hunt
  181. It sure is different having bosses that appreciate you
  182. I Leave Them Alone For 2 Days & Look What Happens!
  183. Oh, So That's What The Problem Was!!!!
  184. *grumble, growl, snarl, rage*
  185. The big bag row!
  186. What to do about red flags
  187. The great compactor jam of '10.
  188. Email snafu
  189. I am SO tired of this crap!!
  190. yay me
  191. How to get new merchandise to Sell: A Murphy's Law Tale.
  192. work/rest environment
  193. We Were Power-less
  194. sure-fire way to increase tips
  195. SC Bingo
  196. They just had the worst Luck
  197. Scared security...
  198. Wierd job interviews
  199. Celebrity Customers
  200. How to loose a good contract
  201. How glad I am to not be a CSM (anymore)
  202. Tales From the Nightshift
  203. Frustrated as hell
  204. Anybody get a raise...
  205. Usually it's a bad thing if you leave something behind at a hotel.
  206. I REALLY screwed this one up...
  207. GAH! *anxiety*
  208. Digging your own grave
  209. [Silly] Mike Taylor: Officially Recognized by Corporate as a Destroyer of the Undead
  210. The Thread I Have Been Waiting For
  211. Not that anybody cares, but...
  212. Perfect Timing!
  213. Good News, Everyone!
  214. Temp worker loses his mind.
  215. Quit or Get Fired.
  216. ? Do you really have to be THAT anal about my music? (and other issues with her)
  217. OMG what is that god-awful smell?... o wait....
  218. only three more weeks
  220. Wow, I didn't think that town actually existed.
  221. Busted!
  222. Visitor parking reserved; "Nancy's" idea re: big white sign
  223. Dominoes, of the wooden variety
  224. Bad Dreams About Work
  225. Balls
  226. Work...and dreams
  227. Sneezing
  228. Last Day Stories
  229. No sex for me (long)
  230. Here we go again
  231. Communication mudslide
  232. Munchkin! *noms the adorable*
  233. I Haz Interview
  234. Someone didnt close out the computers on night shift
  235. I don't think this is what they wanted
  236. Customer Recognised Me!
  237. Merry Christmas Everybody!
  238. I'm about to mutiny
  239. One of the things I like about my job.
  240. "I didn't say you were "weird"
  241. WTF Man!
  242. Best way to speak to Upper Management
  243. Please wish me luck
  244. When bad bags get worse
  245. way to schedule...
  246. Today's the Day
  247. So long, Loser Company
  248. They Stole My Last Day...
  249. switching jobs isn't going to make you any better
  250. Yay Interview!