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  1. I think we'll never be able to take CC's...
  2. This Is Ridiculous, Corporate.
  3. I bet he didn't even know he had a famous name.
  4. I want to work from home
  5. Job Application Hilarity
  6. Can I kill the person who caused this, please?
  7. I need a good, stiff DRINK.
  8. Recieved Kudos
  9. new owners. what fun! (kinda long and venty)
  10. McDonalds Workers: Come in here! (and everyone else)
  11. (Almost) testing the FM200 Fire suppression system
  12. This Is Ridiculous, Corporate! pt. 2 (slight language)
  13. Rules don't apply to me.
  14. Let me get my job done...PLEASE!!!
  15. Inventory.
  16. "But I have an interview" or one of the oddest job applicants you'll ever see
  17. I quit the job from hell and some more updates:
  18. Another project done
  19. Supermarkets in Italy
  20. Compliments on Clothes I Hate
  21. Funny Authorisation Story
  22. I didn't think it would happen where I work...(gross)
  23. What's in Minneapolis?
  24. Travel Expert Warns About Power of Hotel Workers
  25. The assholes at corporate (language)
  26. *facepalm!*
  27. Disaster Film Tuesday . . .
  28. Open mouth, insert foot!
  29. Joking Around With Customers
  30. I hope I was wrong, but....
  31. Suggestions by chance?
  32. Boyfriend's Awful Shift Today
  33. nope, we're out
  34. Are you trained to be rude and compassionless?
  35. Thumb Up My Butt
  36. I'm not taking any bets
  37. Confusing Work With Home
  38. Are customer service and sales meant to be separate or not?
  39. I stared at a cucumber today. How was your day hunny?
  40. I don't get paid enough for this
  41. This is Ridiculous, Corporate! pt. 3
  42. We would not have guessed that!
  43. That's what happens
  44. Bad Phone Call and I Cried
  45. Barcode placement . . . I'm going to harm someone
  46. Best Page EVER
  47. Snickers: $0.60 Religious Epiphanies: Free
  48. Sometimes you can't help but chuckle!
  49. Label your food!!
  50. YES!
  51. Bent Staple Fail Blog (image heavy)
  52. Interview
  53. Like I needed this fifteen minutes before going home....
  54. Unlikely "Heros"
  55. Shoot me now, please!
  56. By far, the most screwed up mystery shop I've ever seen..
  57. I Have No Words...
  58. So this week has sucked in a huge way (Long)
  59. Being suggested for a new team
  60. Swipers! Bloody Swipers!
  61. Not a good way to increase sales IMO....
  62. Accepted
  63. Asking for a manager
  64. Anyone else totally burned-out by Back to School?
  65. Sister Store Shitwittery
  66. When Overtime is Normaltime
  67. Is anyone on the East Coast working tonight?
  68. Sitcom writers take note
  69. Back in the workforce!
  71. The nutshell of RB. (Long. It's a big nut)
  72. craft show AAAaHHHHH! (Dial-up warning - image heavy)
  73. Holiday weekend ruined - So frustrated!
  74. Thieving bastards (kinda long)
  75. First Day at the new job
  76. Apparently I look sketchy......
  77. The roof is on Fire!!!
  78. Working on my birthday.....*rant*
  79. My hours have been cut
  80. School photographers: at the school and set up before the teachers are.
  81. Glimmers of Hope
  82. The Curses at my Work.
  83. Why Do I Bother...
  84. President's office ran out of tokens
  85. The Unending Cupcake Procession.
  86. Quickie
  87. Nunavut Home Furnishings
  88. Everything went down (long)
  89. Probable New Job Soon! (long because I'm thrilled)
  90. WTF?
  91. E-mail I received from parking company manager I report to
  92. Asked for so much and given so little in return...
  93. Robbery!
  94. :( (nsfw)
  95. Yes, She's Working
  96. Just found the elusive Second Job
  97. So I may be quitting
  98. It was a good day
  99. i am ASTONISHED
  100. Can anyone figure this word out?
  101. Well then...
  102. I can has interview!?
  103. Meeting with the Manager
  104. quick but funny
  105. "I have an expensive car" guy returns
  106. I hate to break it to you....
  107. Power Outage
  108. Mytical is my good luck charm
  109. Parts department sloth
  110. Interview poisons?
  111. Fire alarm fun
  112. I... Wha... ARGH! RGKLFD! *language and long!*
  113. Rates going up AFTER Labor Day?!?!
  114. One-Year Anniversary
  115. I think I'm getting Nigerian Scammed at work
  116. Where were you in the last six months?!
  117. Thank Goodness it's Friday
  118. And then there were two
  119. Whooops.
  120. Cat nip for crazy chicks
  121. Sending off the resume...
  122. Female guest of Drama dept. head held up traffic
  123. Didn't pay the water bill
  124. A shooting...
  125. My job is the best job.
  126. Hands Up
  127. Goodbye to Little John
  128. Want to stay for the football game?
  129. LOL!Just Bizarre!
  130. Tit for Tat or Something
  131. Recent Ghosts at Work. Any suggestions?
  132. How snakebit can one store be?
  133. I'm working a cash register again
  134. Mail Carriers and Trash Collectors...
  135. A question about sales
  136. They made the Head Teller cry
  137. Me Being Embarrassed.........
  138. Funny story from work
  139. Karma strikes - again?
  140. 404 WIN or FAIL?
  141. IBS and Bathroom Police
  142. Amused me so had to share
  143. Dusting off the old resume
  144. Trapped in fifth grade again (language)
  145. How Much Notice Before Quitting?
  146. I guess some scars will never heal
  147. They say that the Grinch's heart grew three sizes that day
  148. Why wasn't I invited to this party?
  149. Curse you to hell, Efficiency Weasel
  150. You fucker...
  151. The fan is in place. Here comes the shit.
  152. Is it wrong....
  153. Worth the Wait?!
  154. Justification
  155. Oh, wow. Well, that's kinda nasty...
  156. How to be a master criminal.
  157. Teehee
  158. Why in HELL do people DO this????
  159. BAGS, AHH! Bags are the bane of my existence
  160. do NOT have time for this shit...
  161. Sparrow Kamikaze.
  162. No, enough is enough
  163. Staff member, "Nancy's" strange phone call, & the exit gate
  164. The loan system can suck
  165. Interviewing new hires
  166. Bad for them; good for meee.
  167. One for Emily Post
  168. Thanks for five years!
  169. Now this would be fun!
  170. The crazyiness at work today.
  171. Health and Safety?
  172. drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip
  173. A new job has I.
  174. Vader, Is That You?
  175. Little Boy Upset with Father
  176. Adventures at the retirement home
  177. "I have an expensive car" guy returns again
  178. Slightly good news..
  179. Having two jobs can be very tiring!
  180. They should really rename it
  181. In Which Telephoneangel is Fired
  182. The day as going so well until I got laid off.
  183. I'm a super Sewer (Sewist? Sewinator?) apparently.
  184. Mom supposedly forgot her purse
  185. Work owns me and my words 24/7
  186. Bad dreams about work
  187. The bitch shift
  188. Awesomely nerdy
  189. WTF Ewwwww (warning gross)
  190. Moral Dilemma
  191. Down to one job now...
  192. Yo corporate!
  193. Applying for a Second Job
  194. Today is going to be a bad day.
  195. A receiving rant.
  196. We are ALL pet friendly!
  197. paying for co-worker marrige
  198. Death to trading cards!
  199. Death to in-store TV ads!
  200. Work related injurys.
  201. In where we steal our Second Lieutenant's office door!
  202. Well...
  203. Boss Man doesn't like my new tool
  204. What to say regarding drug history
  205. Unhealthily obsessed
  206. The recession is over huh? Then why...
  207. Job interview today
  208. A Day in the Life of an IT Contractor
  209. "Missy" does not want too many students parking in Visitor parking
  210. Not sure if this is creepy
  211. All Done!! Thought this day would never come.
  212. Maybe we should get those fixed...
  213. I'm the idiot, but it's funny
  214. The first thing I do when I come home from work is...
  215. Do serial killers worry about overdraft protection?
  216. I know we're all getting our holiday inventory in so...
  217. On Vacation = Don't Call Me!
  218. Octogenarian Pot smokers
  219. Im quitting my job tomorrow
  220. Whimper...
  221. How's this for timing?
  222. I'm scared to go to work tomorrow
  223. Seriously man, WHAT THE FUDGE (long techie rant)
  224. huh....small world...
  225. You're trying to kill me, aren't you? (longish)
  226. I'm selfish.
  227. Hubby's job perks are better than mine
  228. What is it with when people get promoted?
  229. Harry Potter - we hatesss him.
  230. OMG Christmas music...
  231. Started a new job today...
  232. Hunting Widows' Weekend
  233. And the boxes come crashin' down....
  234. A day late and a dollar short
  235. might be fired
  236. Twitter makes itself useful
  237. Visitor parking reserved; female guest wanted campus cop to make an exception
  238. No,we're NOT going to donate...wait,you wanna spend how much?!? (kinda long)
  239. President's office guest: "Someone should be inside the booth at all times"
  240. An e-mail from a Wish Mom
  241. My wife was subpoenaed at work for a murder trial
  242. Black Friday Showdown
  243. You call this an interview?
  244. How the craziness of Harry Potter doesn't make some of our new employees think
  245. I know I'm a klutz, but seriously?
  246. Update on "Andrea" & motorcycle parking in Visitor parking
  247. The longest paper route
  248. dear management
  249. part time is better than no time
  250. The Customer Handbook