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  1. ...Oh, fuck
  2. Reservation posted on Outlook calendar but no name or dept.
  3. Funny coincidence
  4. Why always on my shift???
  5. More info about my blog commenting job
  6. Thanks for the black friday headache corporate!
  7. I'm the Queen of the May!
  8. The Necklace Of Death.
  9. Read what I type.
  10. A very disturbing trend
  11. Two online store/facebook derps
  12. Sometimes I'm too soft
  13. Security EPIC FAIL
  14. Funky Office Dress Code
  15. footsteps
  16. School counselor begged me for free parking
  17. Ghost attack at work
  18. Two Week Notice
  19. "Loving" the Bad Economy...
  20. Poor girl cleaning up a spill makes a bigger one
  21. Partner Laid Off
  22. I'm pretty sure I know where I live
  23. Is there another word for Liability?
  24. Murphy's law needs to be overturned
  25. Horsing around with Pegasus Mail
  26. Not paying for your lunch break
  27. Why it is important to reserve spots for all of your events
  28. It finally happened!
  29. trying not to freeze
  30. Like a big stripy bullseye
  31. Five days and five nights
  32. Employee leaves money lying around in the open!
  33. We really love this guy
  34. 2 blonde supervisors
  35. Fired, just in time for the holidays
  36. Some tales from the bars,or Where's The Chicken Wire?
  37. Should I feel upset about this?
  38. Two monkeys and a football
  39. "Kim Johnson" made no parking arrangements for *law enforcement agency* meeting
  40. How the Grinch Stole My Christmas!
  41. And then there were two, part deux
  42. Sorry, but namedropping will not get you free parking
  43. I'm not the competition!
  44. Christmas Wish List
  45. Might Go Back To Work, Might Not
  46. Customer tailgated at the Visitor parking booth; did not notify anyone
  47. Coworker Engaged
  48. Wow...Huh?
  49. Christmas Comes Early!
  50. So much for that gig....
  51. I don't know what to do
  52. Let me tell you about my day
  53. Hair Trauma and Drama
  54. You know you're going to have a great day when...
  55. Why I Have Tonight Off. (aka, My Ex is the Gift that Keeps On Giving)
  56. Some good news.
  57. Label FAIL!
  58. Happy Birthday - Welcome to the ER (WARNING: with blood and gore!)
  59. Der Blinken' Lights!
  60. Use the floor machine & hope you run into someone
  61. Please do not tailgate
  62. bag checking
  63. Apparently adult bingo is very popular
  64. A Cute Scene Witnessed at Wally World
  65. Hey! Don't you work at --------- ?
  66. I only play a maintenance worker on TV
  67. I like Compliments
  68. On being a good neighbor
  69. I am so done with Christmas
  70. Faceplant
  71. Worried About My Job
  72. Hurting my Chances?
  73. So who gets the time off?
  74. You need another ambulance?
  75. Winter break?? What's that?? Epicness.
  76. Small town, small business
  77. Tales From The Hobby Department 2.5
  78. New season around the corner
  79. how my day went..
  80. This should happen more
  81. Oh... kay...
  82. Best way to spend the New Year?
  83. I'm so confused.
  84. Very cute side story
  85. Well I am unemployed once again
  86. Inventory *cringe*
  87. "I thought it was free parking today"
  88. Age discrimination or just mean co-workers?
  89. Soda Explosion
  90. Work is hell
  91. *le sigh*
  92. Oops! Locked out!
  93. Just Wash Your Hands Afterwards
  94. Normal day at work
  95. "I did not get a token to exit"
  96. I am the Cake Master!
  97. Part one of what it was like the first week of spring semester
  98. Customer: How 'bout a room?
  99. Well...
  100. customers and their questions
  101. new lab, better than the old lab!
  102. Just a minor pet peeve...
  103. Someone new for the 2nd shift!
  104. Kim Johnson's guest was never told he had to pay for his parking
  105. So much for privacy of information
  106. ice, ice, baby
  107. No idea how long I can keep this up
  108. Polite Teenagers
  109. This will never happen again.
  110. Our full time audit quit
  111. Not really sure...
  112. Vandals, oh my!
  113. Really quite worried
  114. New SCO Layout
  115. Vacation frak up.
  116. CSR CCG - put in your suggestions here!
  117. Great Boss!
  118. Indecisive Bag Customer
  119. Love the way you lie...not
  120. I'M LEAVING!!!!
  121. Your stupiditity knows no bounds
  122. Weirdest stuff happens on the deadest nights
  123. Bored + Out of Order Sign
  124. No Recommendation
  125. That was unexpected
  126. Well dammit,another gig lost...
  127. World Record?
  128. Darned cute
  129. Stuck here...
  130. Social Media Contracts
  131. Sneaky Cops
  132. Listen to the caregiver....
  133. No Help For The Helpless - Opinions Please!
  134. Open-mindedness leads to some interesting characters.
  135. Dance Break!
  136. Not what I meant when I said I wanted to get rid of her
  137. A very much WTF ID moment...
  138. Stuff learned at the call center
  139. We got in a major newspaper
  140. Whoops
  141. The 10 greatest annoyances of all time.
  142. Should be interesting
  143. Locked Out And Out Of Luck!
  144. Keep me in your thoughts, prayers, or whatevers
  145. One hell of a tantrum.....
  146. I dont think that ticket should be closed....
  147. "I will never return here again!"
  148. Sucky day at work
  149. "Dead beat" turns out to be an unfortunate phrase.
  150. General Ranting....
  151. I stole a guest's baby
  152. I cried at work and then almost quit
  153. Drunk Squirrels!
  154. Best email subject line this week
  155. Finaly...
  156. Quickie from today.
  157. Possible promo in the future...
  158. According to google...
  159. Interesting first three days
  160. It shouldn't be this hard to find people
  161. A Small Mini Suck with a Win!
  162. The super duper important corporate guys...who never show up.
  163. Missy bitched at me about 3 students who parked in Visitor Parking
  164. What a crappy mess at work today
  165. Customers were nuts on this rainy day
  166. Open Letter to CW
  167. Technology Marches Forward and Leaves Us All Behind
  168. What's so hard about altering a work schedule?
  169. What my day will be like on Friday
  170. Be careful what you wish for
  171. Do it yourself.
  172. Overused marketing terms that must DIE!
  173. Ugh. I need help
  174. Return key instructions
  175. Dish room rants (caution: whiny)
  176. Ruining it for the Rest of Us
  177. Customer believes her word has power over us...
  178. Conspiracy Theory!
  179. I want to hire you to tell off my customers!
  180. 30 projects and losing.
  181. Pee on your own time
  182. Trifecta of Bad Luck: Curses, Ghosts and Bad Feng Shui
  183. I gave my client an orgasm and how we became movie stars.
  184. Great Application, sort of
  185. The parking lot is now a lake! (With pictures)
  186. Very Sad Weekend
  187. A highly edited resume was submitted
  188. So, How Many Hours Did *you* Do Last Week?
  189. Servers down! FFFFFFFFFU--
  190. Printers the new speed dialer
  191. I knew it was too good to be true.
  192. Fun with reservations
  193. About damn time
  194. IBM registers, what the hell
  195. The "Corporate Office" called.
  196. secretary job is back
  197. Just got robbed.
  198. A little bit of good news
  199. So I was told to lie to customers...
  200. Back to the trenches.
  201. Funniest (and kind of sad) donor call I've heard of in a long time!
  202. Am I a dreadful, rude, awful person?
  203. A different kind of SC for me.
  204. Name and shame your shite company
  205. April Fools Fun At Work
  206. Damn, I missed a chance for a good April Fool's prank
  207. Random funny - courtesy of my mom :)
  208. Um...that was not me bad-mouthing my job.
  209. Wish I was eligible
  210. La Cage aux Folles
  211. Yes, We Have NO Power . . .
  212. Incoming Warning Coming To All Houston Texas Based Kroger Stores
  213. It's like a whole new world + bittersweet indirect revenge.
  214. Bye Bye School
  215. Should Mothers(or fathers) get special treatment?
  216. one person can run the whole restraunrant
  217. Wish me luck . . . .
  219. Random music
  220. Hey! Hey! Hey! Guess what!?
  221. They broke my heart...
  222. A Poem
  223. Possible Ethics Violation? Or Am I Overreacting?
  224. It's Monday!
  225. Thank you kindly for the Moose.
  226. Fuck me delicately with a roto-tiller
  227. More then 2 hours notice, would be great, thanks.
  228. Just call me Irv
  229. Two machines went TU tonight.
  230. The three words I hate the most
  231. Interesting week..
  232. Irv is died
  233. Scorpions? WTF???
  234. Hilarious exchange
  235. Yesterday.
  236. more ID follies
  237. That would've been annoying if it wasn't so cute.
  238. Counselor fest
  239. ... Random Sandwiches are Random ...
  240. Shortest job ever
  241. This job will take over my life >.<
  242. Video Game Store Question
  243. The 70s called. They want those jeans back
  244. Big fire closes down business down the block
  245. Flanders
  246. How not to get a job(long)
  247. Prices Don't Go on Rainchecks
  248. Earth day vendor tailgated at Visitor Parking booth
  249. Yay money?
  250. I'm screwed.