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  1. I made a coworker speechless....
  2. Suck or No Suck?
  3. Asking for a "supervisor" or "manager"...or not (very long)
  4. Garbage Audit?? really??!?
  5. How to freak out the new intern
  6. The saga of the missing paycheque (long)
  7. Last Day!
  8. Purchase Offer Inspires Confidence
  9. Journalism: used to be another name for Trivial Pursuit
  10. Bhskittykatt vs Mother Nature -- FIGHT!!
  11. I can't wait for my vacay!
  12. A couple of funnies from my day job!
  13. "They're drinking on the job!!"
  14. At what point do you hang up?
  15. So Demoralising
  16. Canned Dinner Fail
  17. Has anyone noticed how management/job suck
  18. The Shut Up and Eat It
  19. Sometimes it sucks
  20. When they call your store "You."
  21. Wish me luck
  22. Don't Freaking Lie!
  23. Oh crap! I can only guess at the flack we'll get...
  24. Well, it finally happened
  25. Is it the End of the World already?
  26. 5000 miles is NOT "close proximity"
  27. I guess you had to be there
  28. Work Nightmares!
  29. Group interview!
  30. You know, I swear I'd love to smack these people
  31. If you like trains, you might just LOVE this...
  32. bout bloody time
  33. Not sure if good news or bad news for my store
  34. My store went an entire year with no complaints
  35. Sit Back and Enjoy the Stories.....
  36. Forgot my work phone
  37. I dowanna go to work!
  38. Handicap staff & students have to pay the parking fee in visitor parking
  39. Made UPS guy laugh - Paycheck fight!
  40. That Ain't No Butterfly!
  41. The cake is a lie. It's always a lie.
  42. Silly IT
  43. 1st shift attendant forgot to send faculty/staff to other lots
  44. Going UP in a blaze of glory....
  45. Things we would like customers to know - please feel free to add
  46. Attention IRV!
  47. I must be cursed.
  48. saw this sign on the road the other day...
  49. Har Har, Very Funny!
  50. My poor car
  51. "You'll hear back from us in a couple of weeks"
  52. No wonder he won't eat it...
  53. Gee,it'd be nice if you TOLD US!!!!
  54. How viable is a home based Desktop Publishing business in 2011?
  55. Anyone here not like to take their breaks?
  56. Is this sad or what?
  57. Just another Manic Sunday
  58. So do you remember the SA I said quit?
  59. Skynet is eliminating humanity
  60. The Straw that Broke MY Back...
  61. My boss has figured out how to text.
  62. My strange sales stories
  63. Justin Beiber is a vampire....
  64. My brain just stopped
  65. just about to the point of tears
  66. End Of An Error
  67. This is how we amuse ourselves on Rapture day
  68. Got my benefits offer..
  69. This Made Me Laugh A LOT
  70. Employee Attrition
  71. Applied for a part time job.
  72. DM Just Made The Wrong Move....
  73. Can't use the bathroom?
  74. Things you will not put up with at work.
  75. The night I got arrested
  76. "It's just not good business."
  77. Am I on a different planet?
  78. That's not what I meant.
  79. High School Drama Stories
  80. I'm not sure if I did the right thing.
  81. 2 things my co-worker told me plus what happened on his shift this week
  82. Nothing like the smell of pot in the evening
  83. I Don't Want a new Ass Man . . .
  84. I am the Magic Check-In Fairy!
  85. The Great Chicken Incident of 2011
  86. Helpdesk or chat line?
  87. Client supervisor bitched out co-worker
  88. I "cried" at work today...
  89. Omg wow.
  90. I Quit!
  91. Client supervisor and the printer
  92. So I had an interview today...
  94. New writing assignment! YAY!
  95. Client supervisor had a meeting this Friday with her boss
  96. power outage
  97. The worst thing you've done to customer on the phone
  98. A few complaints about this writing assignment
  99. I'm doing Movember
  100. Roaches! Ewwwww!
  101. Benefits enrollment - unethical/illegal behavior by my employer?
  102. I have a guest staying at my hotel whose city is Sparta
  103. Parking office not happy about my printing reservations from Outlook
  104. Ordering uniform shirts
  105. Security clearance for internet?
  106. Emaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaail!!!11!!
  107. Same method, different results
  108. Much ado about nothing (so far)...
  109. Please send good wishes!
  110. Spider makes his home up near the registers
  111. Woot!
  112. After two and a half weeks....
  113. They want us to work when?!
  114. They come in spurts
  115. Having Fun With Customers
  116. When do Christmas carols at your work start?
  117. Soon I will be working the first shift again
  118. Right on time for Christmas too...
  119. Boo!
  120. Interesting people
  121. Back to retail I go!
  122. Some places take returns without the original receipt...
  123. You think customers are more moody this season?
  124. Give Thanks or Else! (Or, "I OD'ed on Mice!")
  125. Definitely Crying Now
  126. Who is responsible for the keys?
  127. Great, Now We've Got a Thief
  128. Newspaper Nunchucks
  129. Thanksgiving Day/Early Black Friday: Who Is Going In Tonight?
  130. A compliment, no less!
  131. Black Friday Was Dead For Me
  132. Just a little bit of effort from applicants.. just a little.
  133. Go in to apply, leave screaming in horror
  134. Someone must have REALLY liked Twilight
  135. Free parking promotion
  136. [Big Yellow Price Tag] I Think We Just Had Our First Holiday Casualty
  137. How do you cope?
  138. Yay! Finally, Some Good News!
  139. Couple pet peeves
  140. ♫ It's beginning to look a lot like a clusterfuck ♪
  141. Useless Career Fair
  142. I said don't open the bag!
  143. Credit Card question
  144. Someone Spread A Rumor About Me
  145. Just need to rant about closing food
  146. One Mystery Solved (IT Related)
  147. Interview with a lawn-care company
  148. This one could have went REALLY bad
  149. I got PLAYED!
  150. Kids say the darndest things.
  151. Microwave blues.
  152. Why now?
  153. "It's my job to say something"
  154. Fitting room adventures
  155. Fun Times Shopping with Little Shirts
  156. okie doke
  157. ... ... ... FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU...
  158. Cutting Off Your Head
  159. Quick change fail
  160. Parking office staff being bitchy this morning
  161. Wait wat?
  162. I feel terrible. (Warning, mystery shopping.)
  163. Problems with the server at the university
  164. Reverse... reverse... chauvinism??
  165. Short staffed...just a little.
  166. Part-timer blues
  167. I love this job, I really do
  168. I didn't handle the transaction
  169. And So It Ends
  170. More Creepy Happenings
  171. "What does that mean"?
  172. I'm going to go talk to the big man in charge today
  173. Immediate supervisor told me he may have a job for me in February!
  174. Well, I walked right into that one...
  175. Wherein I make snarky comments about Christmas Music
  176. Two more days then it's OVER
  177. Please pray for my survival
  178. must be nice!
  179. A GOOD exec....
  180. Tales from the Mailbag, Christmas Edition
  181. Breaking Things
  182. Ouch, I feel for the guy...
  183. someone screwed up at corporate!
  184. Fortuitous occurrences?
  185. Phone Greetings
  186. Anyone feel like this too, or am I the only one?
  187. Coffee orders
  188. I..buh..wah..?
  189. An age warning for THAT?
  190. Birdbrain
  191. That doesn't add up
  192. The Man they Call Jayne...Also my Geekout moment
  193. Why do people do this?
  194. insect nightmare (epic)
  195. Register traning, break confusion and a bonus SC
  196. Carpet cleaners leave a mess
  197. Shopping center which had the free parking promotion is going out of business
  198. I'm sick of this shit.
  199. Our breakfast must be more impressive than the curved swords of Hammerfell
  200. At work this Thursday
  201. Oh no...please no!
  202. Yucky coffee
  203. I admit it, I judge your purchases
  204. Ugh tomorrow is going to SUCK
  205. Sick Days = Fired
  206. Well, I guess that solves some of my problems...
  207. Important work-related question!
  208. I know it needs to be done, I just wish I didn't have to deal with it
  209. Phhhbbtt, get this... more on my department insanity
  210. First 3 days of spring semester
  211. And I walked out. (LONG)
  212. Good lord, now I'm having sucky employee dreams
  213. Overtime! Woo hoo!
  214. An incredibly wasteful policy..and a lack of stockers
  215. Karma?
  216. job hunting WTF
  217. Ticket machine at visitor parking
  218. A temp agency question...(Or are these guys as shady as i think they are)
  219. Wherein I get to become a morning person again
  220. Back to the pizza game.
  221. Lying to Customers
  222. things to say on last day of work...
  223. The magic vanishing bank...
  224. Boss Man's colleague shot himself
  225. The setup for visitor parking creates problems
  226. speaking of going to work.....
  227. Being at the complete mercy of another department...
  228. Visitor parking was reserved today, but the full sign was not on
  229. Famous names I encounter: TMNT edition
  230. Now this will get interesting
  231. Here we go with street dates again
  232. One Year and this is what I get...
  233. WTH do I do now?
  234. What's a lottery ticket? ...kid edition
  235. The Tale of Lasernuts (some discussion of lasered...nuts)
  236. This is why I never trust Yelp
  237. Where's the Ark when you need it?
  238. I kinda wish I had that much loose change...
  239. The gods are screwing with me
  240. And the headaches continue
  241. I didn't know balloons smelled like that
  242. Voluntary Overtime
  243. *Meep-Meepmeep-Meep!*
  244. My DS is magic!
  245. Nancy's complaints
  246. What a mess; Long post
  247. Not Sure What To Think Of This
  248. wth?
  249. Question for Waiters & Waitresses
  250. I wonder if this will go well or badly