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  1. Hard-to-Talk-to Customers
  2. just a little rant about work
  3. Its the End of the World As We Know It
  4. I Love My Job
  5. My Work Truck Caught On Fire
  6. Night Auditor called in sick
  7. Frustration
  8. The Joys of Working for the Mouse
  9. Ummm I don't think that's legal...
  10. We can't tell them what now? Fair and square my-
  11. You can't win
  12. How the market became Super Market!
  13. Delivery Drama
  14. Bad Bromance
  15. Back at Hospice
  16. Shorthand fun (silly, not sucky)
  17. The joys of online returns
  18. I should have been doing this sooner
  19. Stuff you've learned the hard way
  20. Can I have my break...please?
  21. Chasing away your customers
  22. Register tales
  23. Was it a trick question?
  24. Usually bras support knockers
  25. Good News
  26. So, second job...
  27. *strikes a pose*
  28. The Good the Bad and the Crazies *LONG*
  29. Kids Say the Darndest Things!
  30. Somethin' is screwy here.
  31. Things That Make Me Laugh
  32. Money Found While Gathering Carts?
  33. Visitor parking problems
  34. Everything in ALL CAPS
  35. Great crime scene work.
  36. I HATE cheesy "team meetings"
  37. My Morning WTF...
  38. The final countdown begins!
  39. I Wouldn't Laugh About That....
  40. Guest's validation ticket would not work
  41. I can haz clean office?
  42. You're hired, but you're not allowed to come to work
  43. Math Man
  44. The annual scream-fest
  45. My First Job
  46. Failure to communicate
  47. Just ridiculous.
  48. So I quit my job yesterday.....
  49. This Is Ridiculous, Corporate, Part whatever
  50. "Day of Reflection" BS
  51. Crazy complaint
  52. Kinda nervous, but kinda YAY!
  53. And people wonder why I'm a pervert
  54. To The Guys Who Sold And Installed The Current Computer System To My Bar:
  55. So simple, yet so complicated...
  56. 'Twas nice knowing you all....
  57. If I had seen it I would have done something.
  58. I might of done to good of a job
  59. Damn You Auto Correct
  60. Turning down Overtime because of feeling uneasy
  61. I Need A Word. Wordsmiths, Can You Help?
  62. Double Bill
  63. Proof my company cares more about warm fuzzies than hard work
  64. Parking office gave me the wrong information
  65. Swoon
  66. The answer you gave is unrelated to the question asked!
  67. Pool time!
  68. Let us go over what I was told off for today
  69. I have to ask...don't get pissy about it.
  70. GAH bloody evil computer
  71. Instant Attitude Adjustment--just add fur
  72. Laughing makes me a bad person...
  73. Two wtf moments.
  74. One of My Managers Made Me Laugh
  75. Interview coming up
  76. Oh my damn......
  77. I never thought I would ever get to say this
  78. Transfer? *crosses fingers*
  79. Someone tried to frame me
  80. Please tell me I'm not crazy?
  81. I Quit!
  82. I Just Realized Something
  83. That Smell Better Be the Durian
  84. Trial promotion
  85. Screw you, your brick of a hockey puck, and your tech support.
  86. Not a great start with a new job...
  87. My last day at my old store
  88. Toy Store Saga
  89. That is it!
  90. I can haz training?
  91. Wow. Of All the Things to Lose...
  92. I had to ID someone for soda tonight
  93. Intercom Insanity
  94. Sometimes I truly love my job.
  95. Someone obviously has a My Department Voodoo Doll.....
  96. Ssssssuspicious Happening
  97. "It's MY Money!" He said-She said
  98. My new store
  99. You fail at euphemisms
  100. How do I Handle this? (Coworker)
  101. I warp minds as a hobby
  102. I Think They Ruined My Fun
  103. So basically ... I may never get paid
  104. Ready to leave
  105. I Find Your Lack of STFU Disturbing...!! /vader choke!
  106. Sweet karma is so sweet!!!
  107. I think I made Maint Man cry (happy tears)
  108. almost but not quite
  109. We have crabs!
  110. Need advise for interview
  111. Lazy people
  112. Day 1 of Swim Teacher Training
  113. Aww..you think I mean it as a compliment
  114. Oh, finally
  115. Caption Contest! Mwuahaha
  116. Going to job fair tomorrow
  117. Could I Be The Problem?
  118. Client supervisor cut Visitor parking booth hours
  119. No More Stink!
  120. Surrounded: Outmanned and outgunned.
  121. Sheriff is Protesting--So Are Our Renters
  122. Making progress
  123. wonder how many people don't turn up to work?
  124. oh gods ow
  125. We're getting a new store
  126. Maintenance log
  127. SOMEONE is not getting lucky tonight.
  128. Well, that was anticlimactic ...
  129. The Register Strikes Back!
  130. Tales From The Poolside
  131. About Time Things Started Looking Up
  132. Construction, Plumbers and Grossness *seriously, ewww
  133. False economy
  134. yesterday really sucked...
  135. Stop Bugging Me..
  136. Guests could not park where they were told to park
  137. Back On The Job Hunt
  138. Manager for a day
  139. Do you work through injuries?
  140. Little kid, big money
  141. Quick Takes
  142. Life on the rails
  143. Grumble - New computer irritations
  144. Client Threatening to Sue (again)
  145. Sometimes Being Humble is a Pain
  146. Merry Christmas Everybody!
  147. Gone for only 4 months
  148. The Second Job
  149. Movin' up in the world!
  150. So, I Got My Wish
  151. Experience, or How to Stop Stalkers in 3 Easy Steps
  152. Wanting a FREE meal BUT he no work there yet!
  153. Day of the Decaying Dirt-Laden
  154. Le Sigh...
  155. Dial 4 for, wait that number isn't in service.
  156. Annoying Recruiter Contact Today
  157. Booby-trapped bathroom
  158. That's the same code I have on my luggage!
  159. Interesting afternoon
  160. Wonderful news.
  161. It seems that more and more...
  162. Received a strange phone call from the parking office
  163. Treasure Hunt?
  164. Judgement day is coming
  165. Front End Manager in Hospital
  166. You Have No Right To Complain If...
  167. Coupons For What?
  168. Four Attempted Scams Today
  169. If I could walk with the animals, talk with the animals
  170. More Tales of Pathetica
  171. I'm a little frustrated here...
  172. Communication: Basic stuff or why it won't hurt to do something that takes a minute.
  173. You know it's Monday when...
  174. Things overheard in the lounge
  175. Being a bastard
  176. Flaw in the system
  177. Spilled a drink on a customer today
  178. 37 flights of stairs....
  179. I've heard of speed dating ...
  180. To the Hoteliers out there.
  181. Little Kid Logic
  182. I'm a sadistic person
  183. Epic Fail - Epic Win. I guess it depends on you which side you're on.
  184. Oh no he didn't...
  185. Emergency Policies?
  186. *snigger*
  187. Too Much Going On . .
  188. Oh, work...
  189. What the hell?
  190. What a day!
  191. The Bad and The Good
  192. No air movement needed!
  193. "The Room" at my work?
  194. Somehow, I knew today was going to SUCK!
  195. Oh NO, now I'll never be rid of him.
  196. Not the ideal situation to meet someone famous.
  197. THIS JUST IN:
  198. Do you want to change state law?
  199. CAAAAKEE!!! :D
  200. Wherein I call in sick and my cat gives me hell
  201. *bangs head on table*
  202. 25th Anniversary date
  203. Moral dilemma
  204. Getting more moolah!! A RAISE!!!!
  205. And enter the redesigns....
  206. I quit
  207. I'm probably getting laid off
  208. I Made It
  209. Probably my most humiliating experience. Enjoy!
  210. I wouldn't DARE call him a Rent-A-Cop
  211. Fair week - RUN!!!!!!!!!!
  212. Be careful what you wish for
  213. No SC's, Just bad timing
  214. Mystery shops--a rant
  215. This Is Creepy.
  216. 400 Pounds of.....
  217. Donate to this charity we support! Please, please, PLEASE?!
  218. Pet Peeve: Bosses Credit Cards
  219. Have you ever googled reviews of your workplace?
  220. Karma: Greed Edition
  221. Who the %^&# did we piss off?
  222. Hail the Bean!
  223. Counterfeit virginity lost
  224. I'm the Room Nazi!
  225. The craziest customer I've had in a while...
  226. Dropping the Banhammer! (Super-Long)
  227. Common scenarios and appropriate replies.
  228. Moving up. ^_^
  229. Lupo brings laughter to a co-worker who is feeling down
  230. Another first!
  231. Sucky co-worker is no longer a problem
  232. Sick? Nah, not ME...
  233. Life insurance, really?
  234. Please Practice Your Candidacy for a Darwin Award ELSEWHERE!
  235. Terrified little boy
  236. Department with a Sense of Humor
  237. What a name!
  238. Moving back to the dark side
  239. Sympathy for a Manager
  240. arrrrrrgh!
  241. Bit young for that I think....
  242. A small exchange that happened at work...
  243. Starting to wonder why I even bother to try anymore
  244. So, no promo for me
  245. Client cancelled the contract
  246. Funny Money (or Counterfeit Virginity Pt. 2)
  247. Quick rant
  248. Retail superpowers
  249. Question: No shirt no shoes no service?
  250. *cries*