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  1. Yesterday's clothing, here today!
  2. Hey, did you know....?
  3. Losing My Job On Friday
  4. Do not touch Willie. Good advice!
  5. To call in sick or NOT to call in sick???
  6. Hey, that's NOT yours!
  7. The Hole in the Wall
  8. Useless? Maybe. P*ssed off? Definitely! (long!!)
  9. Countdown
  10. The Terrible Two-year-old
  11. Burlap rant
  12. People think I make this shit up.
  13. Things I Have Learned by Being a Bank Teller
  14. Well, the decision was made for me
  15. General Labor Day work rant. with swearing.
  16. Is it better to resign or be fired?
  17. Solicitors DO NOT get the hint!
  18. Okay, how do I get this to stop?
  19. Hey Irv: It was your turn
  20. Vocabulary query
  21. This... may not be good.
  22. WTF is it with me and paycheques, anyway??
  23. Having Fun with the Mechanics
  24. The secret to Retail Success.
  25. Hopefully this is a fluke and not a pattern
  26. Do people ever pet your hair?
  27. My first job was a bust.....lengthy tale.
  28. Mall Security Coast Guard Branch - inspired by Mysticgirl5
  29. Photo Hell Saga (Epic Length)
  30. Dammit
  31. Three days later......
  32. Update on University parking office
  33. Skyrim belongs to...
  34. Helping a customer be victorious
  35. Night gathers and now my watch begins...
  36. Aww fuck
  37. I knew the crappy register was going to bite me...
  39. So I just got fired.
  40. MWAHAHAHA!!! Soon illegal parkers...soon...
  41. How to floor the interview lady :P
  42. How to GET hired...but then get fired before your first shift
  43. My day, in a nutshell
  44. Evil Irv rides again
  45. Wherein Irv almost dies
  46. Wherein I hit the wall...literally.
  47. Deadpan moments
  48. Toxic Work Enviornment (long)
  49. Elementary, my dear Watson
  50. I get to use my union! YAY!
  51. Easiest bucks I've ever made - but still...
  52. Scored 100% on a Mystery Shop
  53. Health inspectors
  54. Customer service to the extreme OR "We have to what?"
  55. Was it Toxic or Do I Suck?
  56. A couple of rules to make shop lifting a little easier.
  57. Poor guy got scammed
  58. The Stare
  59. The Things My Coworkers Think Of . . .
  60. Criminals-Please jump off a cliff NOW!
  61. The beatings will continue until somebody gets a clue...
  62. I'm resigning today
  63. The great metrics debate - Are companies going too far?
  64. I don't like this. At all.
  65. Animal, vegitable or mineral
  66. I Can't Believe We Carry That!
  67. Yay!
  68. Motel Lockdown (long)
  69. Annoying (Post) Interview Experience
  70. All the good coworkers leave
  71. Gender changing
  72. Interesting Return
  73. What can I say but "Cleanup, 7th floor!"
  74. It finally happened, I'm unemployed now
  75. Just sayin'
  76. hiring woes
  77. If you are from Europe, it's free! and other tales
  78. *whimper*
  79. *Click!* *Click!* *Click!*
  80. Inventory is tomorrow and you want me to do what today?
  81. The Possessed Register
  82. HMDA Headache
  83. Advanced Warning For Customers
  84. Frustrating
  85. The Subspecies of "Humanity"
  86. I have never seen this happen before.
  87. People open everything. Everything.
  88. What We All Wish We Could Say
  89. Best prank call ever.
  90. Gee, what a surprise.
  91. This may be hard to explain. (long, long oh lordy is it long)
  92. Hmmm... interesting.
  93. My Ass Is Probably Gonna Get Whooped
  94. Hardware stores during a hurricane.
  95. I don't want to go back to nights!
  96. A funny one from the thrift store
  97. Nobody gets my shift
  98. Damned THIEVES!
  99. Possible strike. Not sure.
  100. Backwards Land, where The Back is a real place
  101. New route add-on, new headaches
  102. The F-up of all F-ups, or, you can't vote
  103. Ah, Daylight Savings Time
  104. What would I have walked in on if I stopped to get gas?
  105. I don't even know how to classify this.
  106. Ready and waiting
  107. What a horrible day to work retail.
  108. Product Help (For Canadian Posters)
  109. Music selection at work: love or hate?
  110. Just Horrible
  111. That's so dishonest!
  112. So I'm about to write that place off now...
  113. REALLY Stupid Ass Boss
  114. I'm whizzing with the door open, and I love it!
  115. I got fired last week
  116. I think we've hired an Elite Force here...
  117. Freeeeedoooooom!!
  118. Oh Yeahhh... Now I Remember What I Meant To Tell Them!
  119. Marina Chronicles: Christmas Party
  120. Well that shouldn't have happened!
  121. I need a bit of Venting
  122. The things kids say
  123. I find your lack of updates disturbing.
  124. If you're going to play hookey, don't get caught
  125. It's official
  126. I get to work twice on Thanksgiving
  127. New job stuff
  128. In a way, I'm glad it's not an easy fix...
  129. T minus 19 hours
  130. If anyone's looking for the Princess of Hyrule
  131. Filter failure
  132. No more music at work
  133. Mysty's List
  134. Corporate policies vs. reality
  135. Christmas songs that MUST DIE!
  136. Had an interview for a manager job
  137. So that explains it...
  138. The strange things people have delivered.
  139. 3 Days of Crazy
  140. Insert Clever Title Here
  141. Found a craigslist post for my old job
  142. Interview stories
  143. Maybe Dunder Mifflin is hiring?
  144. So what the hell was the driver doing?
  145. It is not fair that *dept. store* customers have to pay for their parking
  146. From the Department of Reassuring Emails...
  147. Frontend manager training school: "Here, take the keys."
  148. Minimum Wage and something to do is better than not being paid to get cabin fever.
  149. New ASM
  150. Interesting experiment
  151. The things still going on at the library
  152. I guess I owe Vince a thank you
  153. Bear Hugs are Optional
  154. *cough*
  155. Can you ... what??
  156. I'm getting jealous of many of you.
  157. Politics at work :-/
  158. Who is working on Xmas?
  159. Pizza Drivers less than minimum wage?
  160. December Sunday Delivery
  161. Changes are coming
  162. Bags
  163. F**K!!
  164. Minor grumble
  165. Being a lead sucks ASS!!!!!!!!!
  166. Please don't come in sick. Please.
  167. Senior Sunday
  168. Not True
  169. On behalf of another- This just isn't right
  170. Get the feeling they thought this was stupid too
  171. Animals at work?
  172. Some of the Worst News I Could Get
  173. Why must we wait until it's completely broken before it gets fixed?
  174. "To start push any key. Hey where's the Any Key???"
  175. Goodbye to all that...
  176. today has been interesting
  177. Being rude = great service?
  178. Murphy Loose on the System...
  179. Visiting the Ole Hell Hole
  180. Adventures in interviewing
  181. I hate refunds
  182. The Old Catch-22
  183. Well, I may have just gotten an on the spot job offer
  184. Not So Great HR
  185. New job.
  186. Website fail
  187. So I had a medical emergency today.....
  188. The end is in sight!
  189. I Hate Circular Arguments
  190. job interview part 1
  191. poor building design 101
  192. Phone Line Suckage
  193. To the canadians here
  194. My meeting with the recruiter
  195. Coffee vendor suck
  196. So I got stabbed at work today
  197. I do believe my job was saved by this site
  198. Physical Check Idiocy
  199. No Longer My Problem!
  200. And you thought Twilight was bad....
  201. Special event parking at the parking garage I work at
  202. what I found in the bookdrop today
  203. Tales of the Dragon Lady
  204. Woot Woot!
  205. And this is what happens you cheap out....again
  206. Laid off today......
  207. the apocolypse is upon us
  208. I'm noticing three types of gamblers
  209. Stop it, it is not YOUR business!
  210. maybe it's not a bad thing i had to leave my last job
  211. I'm not allowed a lunch break anymore
  212. I Like Where This Is Going... </Sarcasm>
  213. Stuff you wish you'd said
  214. The "Pile"
  215. To quote Eliza Doolittle....
  216. Tell me I did not just see THAT!
  217. How timely
  218. new slots :(
  219. I Thought Everyone Knew I Was Short...
  220. Don't Eat The Cake, Bitches.
  221. For all the USA Casino employees!
  222. Would be nice if management would tell me these things ...
  223. My office has turned into a Carnival cruise ship....
  224. Nothing to do
  225. Thank you for choosing our hospital, now drink up!
  226. "That is so unkind of you not to post a sign"
  227. had a bit of a breakdown yesterday
  228. Current job is driving me nuts; need advice
  229. Complaint about Break Room
  230. Could've used Argabarga again....
  231. Earning extra money
  232. $#*! My Customers Say
  233. Pet-sitting Chronicles
  234. Failed 2 mystery shops due to stupid shit
  235. "Look Happier Or Leave" (or, Ralerin has had enough. Language)
  236. /sigh
  237. Lol kinda funny....moms work
  238. It's a Livin
  239. Everything I Ever Needed To Know, I Learned As a Helicopter Crewman In Vietnam
  240. Got a new job shadow
  241. lottey funnies
  242. Beyond livid right now!
  243. You didn't think this through very well did you?
  244. Visit from the God Squad
  245. What I Get For Going In On My Day Off...
  246. So frustrated and not sure what to do
  247. If we COULD pull it out of our @$$...
  248. Not quite a criminal mastermind
  249. This might get interesting (dial-up warning, several pretty pictures)
  250. There's green, and there's stupid