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  1. Photo shoot
  2. In trouble for doing my job *kinda long language*
  3. My Mystery Shop
  4. Dreamstalker 2, Crazy Can Lady 0
  5. A good friend of mine just resigned.
  6. I survived the perfect office storm today.
  7. signs I have been at work too long
  8. Maybe this could be my next career ... ?
  9. Sundamned of the day
  10. Crazy Lady Backstory
  11. Add your own responses - You don't have any _____?
  12. Why I don't pay attention to stats.
  13. A bit of hotel griping.
  14. Something I noticed...
  15. Wherein Seraph Gets Hacked.....
  16. Attempted suicide at the motel
  17. Changing of the guard...does not bode well.
  18. What are you known for at work?
  19. Why My Commute Sucked Today
  20. What the Heck is Spring Black Friday?
  21. humorous exchange at work
  22. YAY!
  23. How many of you wish you had this sign at work?
  24. Mods, please move this...
  25. Bizarre application questions...
  26. Wherein Pedobear Approves...But I Won't
  27. An end of an era (or error, take your pick)
  28. Frappuccino's are tough
  29. We have a serial shoplifter...
  30. The Mood Police
  31. Blargh! Hate This Shift. HATE IT.
  32. Signs you need a new job
  33. Allons-y!
  34. New Job?
  35. Marketing has given me a great gift
  36. The most sincere form of flattery
  37. I really don't know what to call this.... (language warning, and REALLY long!)
  38. the safe, the safe. Curse or bless it, just OPEN
  39. Fake ID website
  40. Anatomically Correct (Not Entirely SFW)
  41. Coworkers may get in trouble
  42. I see video gambling games...
  43. Wherein I Piss Off A Coworker's Kid...(long, again)
  44. Everyday Absurdities
  45. Customer related, but not sucky.. just stoned.
  46. Parking fun
  47. Mr. Goodhair
  48. Survey results from a survey that the client filled out
  49. My review: not sure what to think--kind of long
  50. answering machine messages
  51. Well, I put in for a promotion
  52. I'll just leave this here...
  53. Exploding Till
  54. Fire + Secret Shop
  55. Employment Agencies suck
  56. Panic at the Parking Garage
  57. Them ol' Gaming Commission Blues
  58. Email from School administration.
  59. Weird conversations with the MOD
  60. Made it through inventory
  61. Too late
  62. I have a new job with my current employer
  63. Applied for a seriously awesome job, now I'm nervous
  64. So the owners sons...
  65. Going to take away what we don't have!
  66. I feel so sorry for ANYONE who calls us
  67. I love feeling successful!
  68. Elevator Action
  69. And so it begins
  70. Bracing for the storm
  71. Blas' Bad Weekend
  72. Walking out when you're called in?
  73. Your dress code includes what?
  74. Being a Carrier
  75. casino "logic"
  76. Escalating a call for the right reason!
  77. Irv, I thought of you today
  78. We so classy-vaguely NSFW
  79. "Show Me the Code"
  80. Awesome, I'll be at work all night.
  81. You're sending me for which jobs??
  82. Wacky Wednesday (or The Things I Miss When I'm Gone)
  83. I might have just stopped a scammer
  84. Might be fired tomorrow
  85. I knew I should've just done it...
  86. he's got moves...
  87. It Ain't the Hilton
  88. Random story from the files (funny)
  89. Have you ever had one of those days?
  90. Update on my Quest for a new job!
  91. um, what?
  92. Please don't go! Please don't go!
  93. Might be getting a new job soon.
  94. You've got me on what?
  95. One of those Days
  96. I eat fat and drive trucks made of fat
  97. So my boyfriend's workplace is...interesting
  98. I'm sorry for you, lady, but ...
  99. I made the trainer facepalm!
  100. A new record! *thud*
  101. The Highlighter
  102. can't be arsed to fix the ac, and other fun times
  103. Must...focus...holy crap...must...error...bzzt
  104. Parking garage has no running water in bathroom
  105. Wish Me Luck Ya'll...
  106. let's open a rude hotel
  107. shithole of a day
  108. Bad side of CoC
  109. I don't know whether to call this "oops" or "I'm still learning"
  110. Drug Trafficking Coworker Comes to a Bad End
  111. Any Overwaitea Employees Here?
  112. I despise taxi companies
  113. How do I get away with this?
  114. "That worked?!"
  115. Things they don't tell you at the interview
  116. Is your boss on your FB friends list?
  117. We're sinking, not swimming
  118. Soul destroying
  119. Hmm...wonder what the fire department would think of this?
  120. Store Director Suspended
  121. Makes me really worry about the rest of our security
  122. Need to rant.
  123. Odd things to hear at work
  124. So I busted out crying at work
  125. Tell me when I can come out from under the desk, okay?
  126. Claiming to be a coworker
  127. Cheeky bugger....
  128. Has anyone else done this?
  129. Whoa!
  130. I'm going to find that Murphy guy and beat the living crap out of him.
  131. Pants
  132. Good new, Bad news.
  133. Trip to the ER
  134. When it Rains...
  135. Time to Look for Another Job
  136. Reverse ageism
  137. Well at least I'll be busy...
  138. Ah. Heat stress.
  139. No, I'm Pepe LePew!
  140. "You work here so you should be able to accomodate my request
  141. i love it when i get given notice about things
  142. When you got to go...
  143. And I'm dead...
  144. Food stolen from break room fridge?
  145. My manager is leaving. :(
  146. Ah, neurosis, we meet again...
  147. Ever have one of those days?
  148. "What's a landline?"
  149. I'm really starting to HATE our SCOs...
  150. IT BEGINS
  151. At least you admit it
  152. Two funny things
  153. Lucky Guy
  154. Have an interview, need good vibes
  155. How may times do you answer the same question?
  156. Summoner of trades
  157. Might possibly have found the coolest first job evev
  158. So...
  159. Situation with customer and phone call from supervisor
  160. Sucky Training
  161. Gross, but so happy!
  162. First day on the job...
  163. You know you must be doing something right...
  164. I still like my acronym better.
  165. Car repossession question
  166. Back on the road!
  167. No Internets at Work... (Sadface)
  168. Underappreciated Talents
  169. First day of training
  170. Something big is going down! and bonus story!
  171. Secret shoppers and being on a break.
  172. The shit is about to hit the fan
  173. Not sure how I can get to THAT training session...
  174. This Is Where We Are Again
  175. Panic at the Parking Garage II - Park Harder
  176. I'm quitting.
  177. Sometimes the dumb things look good in theory
  178. He outlived her
  179. Tales from the Darkside...
  180. Next week I have 10.5 hours and my coworker has 7
  181. Added duties + modified pay = ?
  182. Oh The Crises!!!!! Oh, The Shenanigans!!!!!! (a.k.a., Lupo's going bugnuts...)
  183. Something's afoot
  184. New job!
  185. Delivery driver seriously beaten
  186. Bad interview; long and ranty
  187. I'll have to do some investigating
  188. Wherein I get a potential payrise and promotion
  189. Yay, it's annual (almost) forced charitable giving time again!
  190. Sisyphus, you have my sympathy
  191. Hell Froze Over?
  192. Whoo...
  193. I don't know how I'm going to pull it off
  194. I get to be evil...
  195. Giving the cook the boot
  196. Failure to launch...almost (long)
  197. Uniform alotment cards
  198. Pieces of Flair
  199. Overheard in my cab
  200. New cook blues
  201. Less than a month to go (longish rant)
  202. I am scared
  203. 3rd party site is booking what?!
  205. Pull Up Your Pants!
  206. It starts
  207. Konnichiwa
  208. I am mighty, here me roar
  209. That awkward moment when
  210. Examples of Benign Crazy
  211. Panic at the Parking Garage III - The Revenge
  212. Music Fights
  213. attempted to quit my job today
  214. Nice to know my talents are being considered...
  215. I've never been happier to see an empty storefront!
  216. Why Me?
  217. Wow. Major Security Breach and Cleaning Up the Mess
  218. You must acknowledge this security guard
  219. My coworkers make me laugh
  220. A waste of...electrons?
  221. This show is cursed!
  222. 2013 Black Friday Openings
  223. quit my voluntary role yesterday
  224. Official Release Date
  225. How not to keep your job
  226. The School Tech
  227. so ready to quit
  228. I'm a mix of emotions right now.
  229. Furlough Fun
  230. OMG! It's just like on TV!!!
  231. You know you have awesome coworkers when....
  232. This is the kind of random stuff that happens to me at work
  233. Ow. Brain can't Brain. I has the dumb - or "how Lupo spent her Wednesday workday"
  234. Have made any posts since I moved back to CA
  235. T-shirts!Get your t-shirts(aka Why I should read my emails more carefully)
  236. Does this bother anyone else?
  237. Rough day
  238. I really don't like Groupon
  239. things I've been tempted to put on stuff I'm marking
  240. Why would a boss and the client expect this?
  241. Short Timing It!!
  242. HR just po'ed me
  243. Think my client killed himself....
  244. Shipping rules.
  245. No More Part Timers
  246. Ready for the next level of Retail Hell?
  247. Four floors, sixty-eight fire extinguishers, ...
  248. I might be getting too comfortable
  249. What ARE you??
  250. No. Just No. I Don't Wanna Deal With This Today...