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  1. This Changes Nothing - Do It Anyway
  2. What a great offer!
  3. I hate this job so much...
  4. Camo Atrocities
  5. Sometimes my mind just goes too far (maybe)
  6. Purple Monkey Dishwasher
  7. So It Looks Like A New Hire May Be In Trouble With The Law
  8. Fire at the Farm
  9. Is this too much?
  10. I'm Back at Work!
  11. My Day at the Shop
  12. Something I'm debating
  13. New manager at work
  14. Smackdown on the front end!
  15. I get paid to be a kid again!
  16. Freaky at Five in the morning
  17. Money is the root of all evil...
  18. 11 more days and I start back
  19. Raise your hand if you're NOT looking forward to the Holidays
  20. System Upgrade. Joy.
  21. I Travel, Why Are You Freaking Out?
  22. Key machine hassles, weird guest question
  23. Giant mutant newspapers
  24. More Cold Callers Who Lie
  25. Why i dont mind working on delivery.
  26. How is this supposed to be better?
  27. Streaking coworkers
  28. New Trainee
  29. 4.5 years
  30. Meeting the new DORM (sort of)
  31. Kind of unfair that I'm not allowed to wear my coat...
  32. Boredom and magnets
  33. Great way to start the Holidays
  34. Let the complaints begin...
  35. The Why I Love My Coworkers Thread
  36. Talk about ending the term on a high note!
  37. Is it ever OK...
  38. Your Transaction is Complete
  39. Don't do your job; it's not safe!
  40. IS it just me????
  41. Issue With Manger
  42. Crappy Situation
  43. Skirt or trousers for interview?
  44. Old style 50 notes
  45. Unemployed again.
  46. Ugly Tie contest at work
  47. That soft thumping is back...
  48. No show, no call! Since when did this become an acceptable way to quit?
  49. Staff Christmas Parties
  50. Self-Evaluations Due, and I Just Can't Seem to BS My Way Through
  51. Bathroom Hand-Washing Behavior
  52. Wait, where's everybody going??
  53. Nice and normal beats strange and freaky....
  54. "Ladder safety training" ... whatever the hell that is
  55. This should be interesting...
  56. Well Which One Is It?
  57. We're not that type of resort
  58. Oh Gods no...
  59. USPS Announcement
  60. Well F You too 2013
  61. Snowpocalypse 2014
  62. OK food allergy question!
  63. I just found out I was exposed to highly toxic chemicals in my last job
  64. I wander why no one believes me...
  65. Snow and Kid Rant
  66. Absolutely heartbroken
  67. No Hours
  68. How did you win?
  69. Aw Hell: keeps turning up like the proverbial bad penny (lengthy)
  70. Why can't it ever be easy
  71. My Boss Died Yesterday
  72. 401K, How are CWs not doing this?
  73. A Work-Related Positive!
  74. Clearly they're telling me something...
  75. Really wish we hadn't had to start this policy
  76. Cards held in one's mouth
  77. Thursday's gonna suck
  78. So, They've Raised Minimum Wage in Ontario
  79. That was not fun
  80. Always check your typing
  81. How's this for timing?
  82. Light duty.....it sucks.
  83. we're a different city department
  84. Employee takes handicap space...
  85. 1st day fun
  86. Paper bag file
  87. "You have to be safe...But we'll make it hard for you!"
  88. Passing the buck...er, not.
  89. Calling In Sick When You Start Before Management
  90. Why I love the IT Guy!
  91. Randy Out-Snarks me.
  92. You're perfect! You must need help!
  93. Horribly inappropriate work conversations!
  94. Don't Hire These Guys
  95. Can't even quit right...
  96. Just some photos of the employee door this morning
  97. Funny Manager Request
  98. Um, that's against policy
  99. Job interview shenanigans
  100. frustrated with my new job.
  101. Well, this doesn't suck at all...
  102. More "snake oil" and/or WTF products
  103. Returning to Retail
  104. Got fired this morning
  105. WOW just WOW
  106. Ice, Ice Follies
  107. New 'position', new bullshit
  108. Coworker fired, not sure how to feel about it.
  109. Dumpster Woes
  110. unemployment sucks
  111. so i feel off a step stool at work
  112. Promotion Interview...Wish Me Luck!
  113. That's NOT how you try to get a job...
  114. Beauracracy at Work!
  115. Hostile work conditions, but we deserved it
  117. The WTF is strong with this one
  118. Interview went well IMHO!
  119. Yawning in technicolor (gross)
  120. The anti employee
  121. Former President Takes Over My Store!
  122. April Fools at work
  123. grill cook who quit, i love /hate you
  124. OH GOD HALP
  125. Interview obtained
  126. And it happens AGAIN! No show, no call
  127. The good, the bad, the gross
  128. My current work project
  129. Wheelchair vans!
  130. Found this by the photo printers...
  131. Cake is not a lie
  132. Oh SHIIIITTTT!!!!!
  133. Holy crap, interstate transfer!!!!
  134. Last Minute Call Last Night
  135. Well, I guess I'll just stop working so hard
  136. Passenger's rental car
  137. The egg hunt
  138. I really should write stuff down at the time
  139. trying to figure this out
  140. Thoughts on Coworker ticketed by unmarked/plainclothes officer
  141. More Adventures in Tagging
  142. I Got Hired Permanently!
  143. Yes, it's a fire; I can't do f*ckall about it!
  144. I guess you don't want the business, then?
  145. Well that figures...
  146. How to confuse guests
  147. Inventory: Someone please shoot me
  148. God help my soul
  149. Really? She didn't move?
  150. Loving my job tonight
  151. So I got a new project
  152. Saga of the student IDs
  153. A few weeks, already feel awesome!
  154. Getting a second part time job
  155. I really need to learn to say no
  156. The Sporting Life
  157. Gee nice to know I'm loved!
  158. Promotion time mehbeh?
  159. How one event
  160. This suck happened today at work...
  161. Side project for work
  162. This is why people quit
  163. Owie
  164. OK, this was probably a dick move, but . . .
  165. An aspect of my job I enjoy
  166. Proofreading iz Hard
  167. True crazy never dies
  168. WIsh me luck...again
  169. (Self Sighting) A Small, Cautionary Tale
  170. In need of a pep talk
  171. Computer virus
  172. How to inherit Lupo's clumsiness!
  173. Trying to find a break timer...
  174. Finally Got a new job
  175. I.....QUIT!
  176. Clean up! Aisle: Lucky, Careless Prick
  177. Argabarga Meets Visual Pollution
  178. Corporate like me
  179. My boss is a man child
  180. God save my soul
  181. When people are too busy to do necessary things.
  182. The "We're Sold Out" Drinking Game!
  183. My turn to ask for luck
  184. Call the locksmith!
  185. Delusions of Adequacy (Long, sorry)
  186. Stupid Auction(neers) *caution, I am ranty today*
  187. Stuck and Frustrated (Long, but Please Help!)
  188. Sorry coworkers.
  189. Poaching
  190. Finally bit the bullet, or, This is gonna be fun (not).
  192. Twitch vs. Agriculture
  193. I've been kidnapped!
  194. Why would you do this at work?
  195. Things donated to Value Village While I Worked There
  196. Telling off a manager
  197. Distribution center insanity!
  198. The Hotel of Doom! (With musical accompaniment)
  199. Weird and wonderful first day
  200. Sigh...
  201. Well shoot
  202. What part of SECURITY do you not effing understand!?!
  203. There's going to be fireworks of SOME sort...
  204. It really shouldn't be this hard to take a day off...
  205. Official "I have to work on the 4th and it sucks" thread
  206. In this Corner: The Repo Man! In this corner.....
  207. Sasquatch Patrol
  208. Someone may, or may not, be in trouble.....
  209. My spellchecker is perverted...
  210. Strange Conversation at Work
  211. Job hunting is so bizzare now!
  212. Sweet Mother of God
  213. Oh yay, new uniform
  214. The Difficult Transition
  215. Cue the memorising!
  216. Welp, today's been a day.
  217. Piles of details
  218. Allergy advice
  219. Wherein I disappoint God
  220. How fast can you wedding?
  221. Pulling "Full Cop"
  222. Would be nice to be paid...(long)
  223. Dang it
  224. 18 wheel wrecking crew
  225. Got a job, then lost a job
  226. New Job! Or Two...kinda
  227. Fire!
  228. The quest for the lost memory card (long)
  229. The Unlicensed Daycare, or, This Won't End Well
  230. Anyone work at Big Red Checkmark Wireless around here?
  231. I've been let go
  232. Twitch vs. The Material Witness
  233. If you couldn't drink coffee for one day, would you . . . ?
  234. Work: The Saga
  235. What IS the procedure for banning an SC, anyway?
  236. Crazy situation at work
  237. My lunch is gone!! ...Wait a minute...
  238. Hiding Out After Dark
  239. Val Resnick.....where is he??
  240. Catfight!!!!
  241. We were broken in to and robbed last night :( *language*
  242. Chloroform is the key to a good business....
  243. I think I'm Going a Little Nutty at Work
  244. Cigarette Customer vs. Lottery Customer
  245. Week end at Bernie's
  246. Low prices cause...sinkholes?!
  247. The saga of cab 1499
  248. Missed a chance to really get to know a coworker
  249. Dejected, and totally unappreciated (long rant warning!)
  250. Insanity!