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  1. When you need a breathalyzer on your kitchen appliances
  2. About Those New Registers We Just Got . . .
  3. I agree and also disagree. *rambling*
  4. Not again... :(
  5. I really shouldn't of gotten out of bed...
  6. YAY!!!
  7. An Interesting Week!
  8. Fired after 3 months
  9. Next year is going to be fun.
  10. The Perplexing Potty Problem...
  11. Finally quitting my horrible job.
  12. Another 'improvement' making things worse
  13. She literally broke the entire administrative office
  14. ...what?
  15. Crazy Temp Turnover! - language warning at end
  16. Just Got the Buyout Offer
  17. *growl, snarl, foaming at mouth* RAAAAGE! (long)
  18. 5 things I have learned from working in childcare
  19. Cafe manager is nasty to vendors
  20. Wait...HOW many more papers?
  21. Legends of the camera shop
  22. Should I record a conversation at work?
  23. Sundays are weird at Derpy Aquarium
  24. Great, an extra day off
  25. ugh stop asking about my knee
  26. Last month was awesome
  27. Things I miss about my old job.
  28. When work and movies align
  29. Stubborn Contractors Acting Like 5-Year Olds!!!
  30. We pay you $80K a year and you come up with THAT?!
  31. (Cr)App Coupons
  32. Kids wanting things for free.
  33. I thought this was a little condescending...
  34. I'm sick of my name
  35. lots of little sucky things, I guess
  36. Workplace drama
  37. Fun at school!
  39. I shouldn't complain and I know our guests aren't
  40. So sad :(
  41. Who the heck DOES this kind of thing? (warning; gross)
  42. Applying for My Own Job
  43. Signs Your Manager Is Cool
  44. Work Fantasies
  45. Prank!
  46. Payroll Oopsie?
  47. Machining joys of crashing
  48. Strategies for Customers
  49. In Which Human Rights Are Potentially Violated
  50. That was.... fun
  51. I feel bad about being mad over this
  52. So my store almost burned down...
  53. In which I moan about a hotel again...
  54. Human Rights, Harassment, and an endgame
  55. It feels nice...
  56. Wherein I scare the utter crap out of my RM
  57. Let's play "Guess What Happened."
  58. How NOT to get hired.
  59. Whose store is the most disgusting/rundown?
  60. Screw Keeping This Job, I'm Getting Welfare!
  61. Halloween fun at work.
  62. My store almost burned down too
  63. Ahh, the fun things we overhear
  64. When to call 911?
  65. MOL Fun
  66. Sigh
  67. No meal breaks! The madness!
  68. tired of helping other departments
  69. The Big Wigs are coming - Quick, everyone start behaving!
  70. My little brush with fame
  71. How to Make Your Own Pwnade
  72. Frozen
  73. Black Friday: In appreciation of those who work
  74. How do I deal with my manager?
  75. Is this a shoe?
  76. Follow that plate!
  77. A story of legend
  78. Mom's quote of the day
  79. For me to poupon!!!!
  80. It's time for my favourite game...
  81. Can I have everything?
  82. Do I LOOK like the one in charge?!
  83. Feeling Stupid
  84. Splish Splash - That was too close...
  85. End Game to New Beginnings
  86. The Great Wet Loo Paper Mystery
  87. Starting to hate my bosses
  88. Merry Christmas to me
  89. Don't Trust the Pie!
  90. Escalating Holiday Decorations
  91. Which job was too hard for u
  92. Gone home to have a bath
  93. When Overtime is Normaltime
  94. You MUST go to the Christmas party!
  95. It's too damn cold in here!
  96. Attempted break in
  97. For the umpteenth time!
  98. Parking headache
  99. An employer's last ditch revenge
  100. Back on the train again
  101. WTF is this?
  102. I've heard of holiday creep, but this is ridiculous.
  103. Guy threw away a perfectly good job
  104. Are you ready kids? I can't hear you!
  105. Office Macgyver
  106. "I Don't Like Being Touched"
  107. How many days are in December?
  108. Burrs and Chips, the Bane of Exsistance
  109. SC on SC action?
  110. A Christmas Meltdown
  111. I Felt Sorry for the Newbie
  112. Need help regarding work issue
  113. He actually made ME cry!!
  114. my deepest condolences...
  115. Some people need to learn to SHUT UP
  116. Bursting in the breakroom
  117. I may not get discounted goodies, but I do get some perks!
  118. I don't like being the bad guy, but didn't really have a choice
  119. Coincidences happen
  120. bookstore flood
  121. Breaking the news to my RM
  122. So I posted my resume on Monster today - you'd think it would be obvious
  123. Back to Work
  124. Help dealing with angry customers
  125. WWWWAAAAYYYY to dependent
  126. Strange complaints...
  127. I took a promotion
  128. Monthly parking reporting improperly parked cars
  129. Manager's pet project
  130. Adventures in childcare...
  131. Employee of the Month!
  132. Getting so sick of being harassed by sales people at work
  133. This just happened.
  134. Wrangling new cats
  135. Need work advice
  136. Wherein I have to leave work TWICE in one day to deal with other peoples' mistakes...
  137. Breathing again
  138. I HATE Mardi Gras
  139. Pit of Despair
  140. I did what???? (long)
  141. A bad review for being a stiff
  142. Bye bye job
  143. Daft questions on reviews...
  144. Yep, Safety Guaranteed! (Kind of sort of long)
  145. I never could get the hang of Thursdays.
  146. How Many Office Workers Does It Take...
  147. Mystery Shopper advice...from the retail end!
  148. How do you deal with a dysfunctional workplace?
  149. People who look down upon front line employees
  150. Fired, and I still don't know why. . .
  151. Would you find this fishy?
  152. You know the hotel is busy when ...
  153. Fun with job applications!
  154. How Weather Screws with the Job
  155. Company perks (if any)
  156. A saying we came up with at work one day
  157. Still dealing with the hiccups from switching cable providers.
  158. The Hotel from Hell part 2
  159. That's beyond me
  160. How to break a job-search website
  161. Is it so strange?
  162. Post Work Parking Lot Crunch!
  163. Oh please hire him.
  164. One from one of my co-workers
  165. Frustrated at work
  166. Former Coworker married to current coworker complains about boss
  167. Quit trying to help me out
  168. Good News Bad News
  169. And another one gone...
  170. I'm Being a Dickhead...But it's Funny
  171. Things I have learned from changing into an office...
  172. Supervisor acts indifferently towards my husband
  173. Does anyone know
  174. Inspector Jerk!
  175. Things I did not expect to hear from my boss...
  176. Yes, we still answer the phone if we're not open.
  177. Mood: Foul and Getting Fouler
  178. This is what I've been trying to tell y--what, you think I did this?
  179. So it finally happened, I've been fired
  180. Just curious
  181. Wait, what did you just say?
  182. It has to be done across the board
  183. My store is now closed
  184. Change is Coming (Oh, noes!)
  185. We Have to.
  186. How to not fire people during slow times
  187. Cultural Competency = Forced Extroversion
  188. Such a lovely day at work!
  189. Looks like I may be going back to Garden Center
  190. Insurance adjuster vs a long list of excuses
  191. Hello, it's jello
  192. A small but heartfelt plea.
  193. When Not to Get Hired 101
  194. Most WTF things you've been asked at work.
  195. I'm Getting Paid for This!
  196. Cover letter
  197. Management Finally Gets a Clue
  198. Sex on the PA
  199. An Interesting Winter
  200. It's 9:01.
  201. Pharmacy Tech Died
  202. Was totally not expecting THAT
  203. Well Hell / Gotta Be An Adult
  204. Pool closure and angry calls
  205. WAY too much time on their hands....
  206. 10 things I have learned from/love about my new job
  207. Should I report what I saw
  208. A sucky Mom & Pop video store, and their video game rentals in the '80's.
  209. HAIL!
  210. New job!
  211. CS (customer service) Sucks!
  212. Nose hair trimmers, gardening and you
  213. Job interview on Tuesday
  214. Do customers ever make you LOL?
  215. Long Spring Season (170+ hours OT)
  216. Army Fun, From Annual Training
  217. The reason why the pay machine is not working
  218. Achievement Unlocked: Returns (sorta)
  219. From the Department of Fabulous Ideas, comes...
  220. "evil" things you do at work
  221. Work Initiations
  222. Job Searches suck. . .
  223. Holy Spackerdoodles!
  224. Yay I guess.
  225. People are always worried about jobs going overseas...
  226. Hmmm? (Short)
  227. I need a new career
  228. The Incredibly Busy Empty Break Room
  229. It's a surprise....wedding?
  230. I've been "restructured" out of a job
  231. Hurray for me
  232. More tagging fun
  233. Don't EVER touch me like that again!!!
  234. I have turned off my brain.
  235. But on an airplane they...
  236. Master of Ninjitu Vice President
  237. Twofer Tuesday
  238. I finally said "no" to something
  239. SC Translation Machine
  240. I've been fired.
  241. when does break start/end?
  242. "Have you every seen an elephant with an afro?"
  243. Free from Jeers in 3 days!
  244. Legit Work at Home for Hubby?
  245. Dimwits in Distribution
  246. Dear Hotline Dude....
  247. Highlights from My Last Day: Kinda Good Actually
  248. First World Complaint?
  249. Aw crap, they caught me
  250. Blew a gasket.