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  1. Helpful hints for the uninitiated
  2. It's a hot mess of fails.
  3. Lowered Productivity
  4. Electrical Problem
  5. The job search and the jobs on the internet
  6. Has anyone else ever found poo at work?
  7. Naming Problems
  8. Your face looks like hell are you sick???
  9. Interesting Find
  10. Interview!
  11. Man, It's Frustrating
  12. How much trouble am I likely to get in?
  13. BUSTED!
  14. Minor IT Frustrations
  15. Dress Code vs doing your job...
  16. job application question
  17. Merry Christmas everybody!
  18. Good News Everyone!
  19. Things that make your job worth it.
  20. Something doesn't smell right?
  21. Same work for less money? Nooooo....
  22. Meandering through life at the convenience store
  23. Being stupid enough to reply
  24. How to Book a Table?
  25. Things Are Going Well
  26. Complaint I received today
  27. Who Has It Worse?
  28. Shiny New Phone System. Yeah, Right.
  29. What a week.
  30. free money yay!
  31. Cinderella
  32. I don't get what I did wrong...
  33. Chip day is coming
  34. A-Z parts sales test
  35. The 11th Doctor at my hotel probably.
  36. My first emergency
  37. Change, not always bad, not always good, but, always different.
  38. Customer assumed I wrote down information regarding her car
  39. Customer's car had a boot put on it
  40. First chewing out
  41. New Job Rocks!
  42. YATR (yet another tagging rant)
  43. Working for the Postal Service sucks. . .
  44. It's the full moon, I tells ya! (long)
  45. Somedays you just can't win
  46. Talk about a short day.
  47. We are plagued
  48. First Shift as a Security Guard...
  49. Let's Pretend This Never Happened...
  50. Adorable but...
  51. Mr. Interruptus at group interview
  52. I'm Super Efficient!
  53. Ironic.....
  54. Genuine Question: Arab Culture and Smoking
  55. Heartbreak Motel
  56. Is 2 jobs really being greedy?
  57. new people being promoted
  58. Did a Customer ever play on your phobias?
  59. I need a new answer
  60. Best of the Training Videos
  61. I'm Just Creeped Out By Work Culture
  62. What Happened to the Marina
  63. Psych Help from the Boss (Who I Don't Think Knew He Was Providing It)
  64. That was fun to find
  65. Hell Night
  66. Places people love to complain about.
  67. Trays and Trolleys
  68. Irony on the Job
  69. Need help figuring out what to do
  70. Frustrating.
  71. My boss is horrible
  72. What to wear for a very important second interview
  73. Rough Day
  74. Back to Montana
  75. Update on my second interview
  76. New Equipment Upgrades . . .
  77. Couldn't believe this when I saw it... ad for a job
  78. New Music at Work
  79. asking for a raise?
  80. Halloween
  81. How to Rehabilitate a Department
  82. Back to one
  83. Need your opinions on this cover letter
  84. The Terrible, Horrible, No-Good, Very Bad Interview
  85. Cold at work = dresscode :lol:
  86. I am rather insulted
  87. Fracking Damnit. Bad news at work
  88. The feeding frenzy begins!
  89. Yea I guess.
  90. Most profound statement I've ever heard from a customer
  91. It's the nature of the business!
  92. Profound Realization
  93. My crazy job; warning language
  94. YAY!!!!!
  95. A Little Pleasantness
  96. Back to the grind.
  97. Excuses
  99. OHHHHH that time of the year again.
  100. Guy just waltzes into manager's office
  101. Project Manager wants team to chip in on boots...Yeah, um, "No"...
  102. Thank You, <your name>?
  103. Thanksgiving has no theme music.
  104. Bonfire Night (UK)
  105. Things We Discussed at Work
  106. Super Special Suicide Rate!
  107. Out Of The Back Room
  108. Ever had a nightmare about your work?
  109. Back of house vs. sales floor? Which do your prefer?
  110. Amusing Conversations at Work
  111. So sad right now
  112. Nooooooooo! *emo tear*
  113. Wait wait wait... WHO did *WHAT*?! (long)
  114. Coworker Transferred
  115. Happy Holidays and Good Bye
  116. Fight, Fight!!
  117. The "Getting Good Service in Latekin's Store" Masterpost (WARNING: LONG!)
  118. Update on New GM
  119. Brrrrrr! (plus, I'm thankful for past jobs).
  120. Need help with a problem
  121. Changes at work
  122. So Done With This Week
  123. Corporate Recruiter Cold Calls Suck
  124. I Don't Remember Being at Work
  125. "Snapped": I'm going to end up on it.
  126. Disturbing: In which general awfulness is confirmed
  127. The Terrible, Horrible, etc... Interview (Part II)
  128. I Can't Believe They Invented It!
  129. Dang It, Man
  130. Well, something imploded
  131. I finally quit
  132. Don't talk about your customers next to them
  133. Ok, so I finally got a job
  134. Based on a True Story*
  135. That moment when you are done with not just a job...
  136. The "We're Sold Out" Thread.
  137. How can I appeal without any details(Grrr!)
  138. Holiday Grazing at Work
  139. Sad news
  140. Working on Christmas
  141. My husband's new job
  142. Question regarding job hunting
  143. I love my GM
  144. Well, that was a waste of time for all involved
  145. Time for something else
  146. The security equivalent of "it must be free"
  147. Who else is working today?
  148. Applied for unemployment today
  149. Double work, no raise
  150. Timing was just too perfect
  151. Today is going to be FUN
  152. Would this actually work?
  153. Stuffing things into other things
  154. this is not a motel
  155. my former boss called the garage office 4 times for the same problem
  156. Who's Interning? *This* Guy's Interning!
  157. NOT happy about this...My opinion shot down again
  158. And I'm outta here!
  159. I am exhausted
  160. Interview this Friday
  161. Free hotel room (not for being sucky) and a tip for avoiding hotel noise.
  162. DNH
  163. It Really Was Free?
  164. Went to a job fair this morning
  165. Finally--something I can excel at
  166. Owwwwieeee! Also, I am a dumbass.
  167. Husband working over-time
  168. Not sucky but I need to vent
  169. Valetine's WTF
  170. I hate you!
  171. Getting healthy
  172. So 'customer service' includes breaking the law...?
  173. Make up your mind!
  174. Idiots on Ice!
  175. Property Manager not happy
  176. How to Grow a Spine? (aka personal growth and stuff)
  178. I just... know stuff. And I'm not entirely happy about it.
  179. My store is so classy....
  180. Terminator
  181. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep! New job?
  182. Prank war: PT vs OT
  183. Wherein I pick up a hooker
  184. Work is making me sick
  185. Well, that was a close call
  186. Scary...
  187. Y saunas?
  188. Words that make you cringe
  189. Escape unsuccessful :(
  190. Hell week
  191. Morning shift supervisor and team leader got chewed out
  192. Dream job and a workshop
  193. Validation at last
  194. yes. Poop stinks
  195. Dread
  196. The story of the singing digestives
  197. A WTF from my AGM
  198. Let the Record Show...
  199. What's in your pockets?
  200. Maybe You Should Upgrade
  201. A rare phemonina indeed
  202. Maintenance matters!
  203. Let's dance
  204. No more valet parking at one of my husband's employers garages
  205. The job
  206. I'm too tired
  207. Valet supervisor quit
  208. I just about freaked
  209. Brain Bluescreened
  210. Are employers even allowed to do this?
  211. Sometimes it's almost like... (super short)
  212. The Saga Of The Abused Staff Loo
  213. More Dimwits in Distribution
  214. You do what with Potatoes?
  215. Failed Again
  216. ZBM2 please.
  217. I know there are better display options...
  218. what would happen if....
  219. When did they rename it? (with reaction gifs)
  220. New Low Prices!
  221. Your job: What it's supposed to be vs what it really is
  222. how hard is it to find a plumber?
  223. Id be a Monk first!
  224. You know there's a turnover problem when..
  225. Well I'm off to a lovely start....
  226. I don't get it
  227. Chased a child today. (Needed help)
  228. Yet another work injury thread
  229. Sadly, I could not say this...
  230. Dear Restaurant Management
  231. The department beyond repair
  232. New job!
  233. Saga of Sadim
  234. Post-Vacation
  235. First or Weirdest Job?
  236. Question for all yout hotel desk employees
  237. Another valet employee quit
  238. I need to vent
  239. Well, I may have to file a sexual harassment complaint
  240. We're gonna miss you :(
  241. Observed while carding customers
  242. Sadim: The End:
  243. The perils of wearing a nametag
  244. My experience with the job counselor who was assigned to me
  245. Events at work you don't really want to do but kind of have to...
  246. Working part-time using the internet
  247. Bossman is hinting at firing me
  248. Bama Boy Blunder Part 1
  249. Bossman is Hinting at Firing Me: THE UPDATE
  250. When is the other shoe going to drop?