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  1. There is hope for Humanity....
  2. What is that on your face?
  3. Next week is going to suck and blow at the same time
  4. New Return Policy
  5. How things are done at work: Official method vs Unofficial method
  6. I've Always Wanted to Use One of Those...
  7. Jobs you miss
  8. Crappy Training Videos
  9. Things I will miss
  10. Holiday pay
  11. Dumbest Thing You've Ever Heard?
  12. Benefit costs
  13. Question for Wal-Mart employees
  14. Square Dancing Penguins
  15. I need someone to drag me to work
  16. Idea the Front End Manager Had
  17. Wish me luck!
  18. At 16, Your Life is OVER
  19. Disturbing A+ test question
  20. We had a Sting last night!
  21. My god not again...
  22. Input needed for ideas
  23. Some advice needed
  24. I got Told
  25. Products that are not suited to your location.
  26. Sits In A Corner Whimpering Quietly
  27. "I got fired" club - add your story
  28. Why bother closing for Xmas?
  29. Zen and the Art of Customer Service
  30. How did we do it??
  31. Thank you, grocery workers
  32. Life at a call center
  33. We had a robbery...
  34. Story about old lady at hotel (Kinda Sad)
  35. I.P. Freleigh's Funky Food FUBAR!
  36. here they come
  37. FYI for December 23
  38. tills- do you count or somebody else
  39. Calling any/all Starbucks baristas>>>
  40. Freshman Closing Shift...hoo boy. (minor language)
  41. I'm getting too few shifts, and they're on my 'not available' days!
  42. DGoddess has gotten her wish
  43. Not sure what to do?
  44. Prayer Requests...I'm Serious!
  45. Tales of MONEY!
  46. What a month at work it's been.
  47. Servers went down.
  48. Auto Rental Agent Job Description(little long)
  49. Pharmacy tips.
  50. "I'm Sick"
  51. One of our reporters died...
  53. What do you suppose this means?
  54. THE breaking point, or just A breaking point?
  55. I got the job!
  56. I gave her the pickle :D
  57. Farewell to BK? (LANGUAGE)
  58. Wish I was leaving sooner
  59. Help Me Out Folks
  60. Box of Idiots
  61. Customer Upset About Being Treated Rudely by Off-Duty Checker
  62. Funny/ Short
  63. Things YOU should know about YOUR insurance..
  64. The ultimate case of buyer's remorse....
  65. Monty Python...
  66. Today's moment of stupidity is brought to you by the letters G and O
  67. The Tower Of Milk Crates
  68. Job perks and hazards
  69. way to start the new year
  70. I have an interview tomorrow!!!!!!
  71. Busted!
  72. Help!
  73. Wish Me Luck, Please!
  74. The Off Season
  75. Sick
  76. Just for fun...
  77. Stroppy authors...urgh...
  78. Ergonomics--aargh!
  79. How to NOT let the manager know armored car is here
  80. OMGWTFOhnoshedidn't!
  81. Broken into last night
  82. Back on schedule
  83. Workday Phrases of Lore and Legend
  84. This is Going to be Fun...
  85. Unemployed again
  86. Weird smells and sweaty palms
  87. Some old lady showed me her rash....
  88. Holiday Music
  89. A Little Whining
  90. Letter of the law?
  91. today was craptacular
  92. A Bad(?) PR Move.....
  93. Nothing to do so...
  94. Homeless Lounge Lizard
  95. Gooooone!
  96. Little Girl...
  97. Two more days
  98. The Tale of Magic Eight Ball Baseball
  99. The Best of 2006
  100. So what do you think the problem really is?
  101. AAARRGGGHH! Another shitty night!
  102. I don't want to be in charge (just venting)
  103. Poll: Which sex's restroom is grosser? *GROSS!*
  104. My LP Experiances
  105. Two Crayons Short a Box....
  106. NEW TITLE - DOT
  107. Feb 11th, everything will change.
  108. Picking on the new guy
  109. If there's more than 1 manager
  110. What do *only you* do?
  111. Alas.....the Depo
  112. Short Power Outage
  113. pop tart's why pop tarts?
  114. Anyone get racial insults tossed at you that are not your race?
  115. Who's off for the holiday?
  116. Worst possible scenario in a power failure
  117. Boyfriend + work environment = trouble
  118. Pre-pay Gas (venting/long)
  119. I'm on lunch!
  120. Please Refrain From Peeing in Our Chairs. Thank You.
  121. Well, that's a new record... (long, bring water)
  122. I Got Off Lucky Tonight!
  123. Vengeful ex employees
  124. Is it just me or did this suck?
  125. Help! Don't want to be a sucky manager
  126. Canadian employment legislation question?
  127. Unethical?
  128. Offended? By what exactly?
  129. Smooth Move ME
  130. Random work-related grump
  131. Mail Time!!!!
  132. Layoffs
  133. Just answer the question!
  134. Dont do that!
  135. I will not do that sir...
  136. Who was in the wrong on this one?
  137. What can your employer make you do while off the clock?
  138. A&C stupidity
  139. Where is good help when you need it?
  140. My mom wants me to be a brainwashed slug at work.
  141. Retail Work depicted in Movies
  142. Weird work games?
  143. Training
  144. The New Job
  145. The Dos and Don'ts of Car Shopping
  146. Full shift, no break, no lunch
  147. Darwin Awards...
  148. Worst duty you've ever been given? [LONG]
  149. I quit the call center!
  150. Well, I *wish* they were putting that in the store...
  151. The Things People Say...
  152. Wish me luck
  153. Strange Company Policies.
  154. Money Order Customer
  155. Dressed Like A Farmer
  156. Attention all Video Game store empoyees, advice needed!
  157. la carte, (long and pointless.)
  158. I Helped a Celebrity Today...
  159. Guess My Expiration Date!
  160. Hiring Woes
  161. Finally! A cool customer!
  162. Take what you want
  163. God does love me
  164. Should I feel guilty?
  165. Review time! Help!!
  166. Against the law??
  167. Advice needed from anyone who's worked in a hotel...
  168. another new job...
  169. Question for those of you in call centers....
  170. Help! Giving Interviews
  171. Hello Hello, Been a while
  172. I'm getting worried
  173. I'm growing to hate myjob... but I have great hours
  174. "I've got a surprise for you," he said...
  175. When Do-It-Yourself-ers Attack
  176. Need a new job. Have a question. (Very long)
  177. You Just Wanna Start Laughing!
  178. Perfect Timing
  179. Many Moons Ago...
  180. A rose by any other name...
  181. Urban legends in the workplace
  182. rude freeloaders and the inability to deal with them as we should
  183. Doing that thing you do
  184. Coupon Policy Woes (long)
  185. Gullible coworkers
  186. Got a little revenge on the Snitch
  187. Lingerers
  188. Question for casino employees
  189. Some dumb "tips and stratagies" my dept has....
  190. Working for family
  191. coworkers' birthdays suck
  192. Had a phone interview today-
  193. Review Friday, need advice
  194. Questions for thos retailers
  195. what kind of music does your job play?
  196. People from Kazakhstan
  197. Resignation letter question!
  198. I got a compliment/I got written up.
  199. I think I got some guy in serious trouble....
  200. Uncomfortable conversations
  201. Coworker fired
  202. Party Agenda
  203. What's wrong with pink?
  204. Update, otherwise known as From Behind the Dorm Desk
  205. How long will I have a job????
  206. Ticking Drama Bomb
  207. Wanted: Us (Cause we're so darn cute)
  208. So....we got Jimmy in the Urn in the back seat...
  209. Workplace confessions....
  210. Uhhhh.....Ok.
  212. Enjoy the obvious!
  213. More asinine things I said at work today
  214. I got high at work tonight
  215. Interview? Me? Now?
  216. Law in TX changing
  217. Fire at work today!
  218. Good day/Bad day
  219. Weird Situation at work last night
  220. I nearly gagged when I heard this story
  221. Three fun new words
  222. An unforgettably interesting time at work
  223. Car audio installation warning signs
  224. Repetitive motion injuries
  225. I actually had 'fun' at work tonight
  226. Another one of "those" days.
  227. What do I do now?
  228. I have to pee!
  229. When management stuff up and blame me
  230. This time it's for real
  231. The Peasants Revolt!
  232. Biggest screw up you've gotten away with.
  233. My Convo With Hanna
  234. A little something I call common sense...
  235. I got a job!
  236. Tales of working the drives at the arena
  237. Superior Vs. Supervisor
  238. ARGH! Phone idiots
  239. CS- What Do You Think?
  240. Which retail job deserves the most props?
  241. I was an absolute wreck today
  242. a "Hail Mary!" catch
  243. More immaturity at work
  244. They returned that? And we took it?
  245. Wondercon T-shirt for Customer Service
  246. Well, which finger do I give them? Do I have options?
  247. Ambiguity.
  248. What's the worst thing you've ever done?
  249. Bumps, Bruises and Blow Ups
  250. I fear I was just a SC...