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  1. Was my dad right?
  2. FiancÚ's work situation
  3. Ode to a...
  4. Let's paint the car park
  5. Do NOT make eye contact with the walkers
  6. Stalkers
  7. Where Were You When The Lights Went Out?
  8. Eventually we'll be Fort Knox.
  9. Kroger reducing part-time staff hours
  10. E-mail I had to send to my husband's employer
  11. one less noisemaker at least.
  12. Bama Boy Blunder tries to be IT.
  13. I got a little sassy
  14. Queen Bee has no power over IT
  15. A First For Me
  16. CW's house was broken into.
  17. Attention garbage dumpers:
  18. The job I walked out of
  19. Rooster Dumpers
  20. Ugh. Seriously?
  21. Hours at Kroger are still being cut
  22. Customer service games are great
  23. WhooHoo!
  24. The Worst Schedule Ever
  25. Crazy crazy day
  26. Feel like a failure (not canned, but not in good standing either)
  27. Got Ya
  28. Manager: "Have you thought of looking for a new job?"
  29. Old Dog...
  30. Big D and the Gang.
  31. Does anoyone know
  32. Not one of my better moments
  33. SPIDERS!!!
  34. Store site eyed for new school
  35. Thar She Blows!
  36. Not the phone I expected
  37. Ch-ch-ch-changes...
  38. Question regarding ID for alcohol purchases
  39. Management did something smart
  40. It's that time of year again
  41. No new contract yet...
  42. I told you I would share about my time working for TV station
  43. Big changes at Big Green Cab Co
  44. Knievel's not so Evil distant relitive.
  45. The Amazing Unemployable Social Worker!
  46. Back on Days
  47. Hello, I am a recorded message trying to sell you something...
  48. I get something in return, but not enough.
  49. Quick Change Artist Got How Much? O.o
  50. You gotta be freakin' kidding me!
  51. To keep or kill a bee
  52. Two Former Coworkers Died
  53. Couple of funny conversations
  54. AGM...is gone
  55. BTS
  56. Any bankers have some insight...
  57. um, no... that's not where that goes.
  58. Storms lead to storming SCs!
  59. Cold callers
  60. Can we PLEASE get some new Muzak?!
  61. In which I am fired...
  62. Layoffs still being done at my last employer
  63. In retrospect, I'm kind of glad I was fired
  64. How to Leave Your Job in 24 hours
  65. Back to the phones
  66. My productivity at Kroger
  67. Where We're Accused Of Food Theft
  68. Control freaks or spoiled
  69. Interesting night
  70. Pedestrian hit by train
  71. New job, working for a week, I have stories!
  72. speakerphone should be abolished!
  73. I'm having trouble processing this...
  74. So I'm pushing MasterCards
  75. Tweaking POGs and catching bats
  76. Customer claims to be a billionaire
  77. Urge to kill...fading
  78. See what happens when I take a day off?
  79. Life Changes too fast
  80. Never Again Volunteer Yourself
  81. Fishy?
  82. tax-free high jinx (not customers fault)
  83. May be leaving security
  84. Things at Work I Won't Miss
  85. No new job yet; still stress from the manager
  86. Be unprepared!
  87. Work wants us to rewatch training videos
  88. $20 costs me my job.
  89. We all knew this was going to happen, but did anyone listen...?
  90. Social Worker: Still Amazing, No Longer Unemployed!
  91. The Monday-est Tuesday ever
  92. Merry Christmas
  93. Could use advice regarding dealing with co-worker
  94. 118░
  95. Christmas Creep
  96. Career advancement: I'm the boss?
  97. *eye twitch*
  98. annd I'm gone again..
  99. New wrinkle in 'we don't even carry this'
  100. Whelp I'm unemployed
  101. We had ZERO sales????
  102. Wedding Reception Nightmare
  103. HTH did this HAPPEN??!
  104. Why is three a magic number? Why can't you listen the first time?
  105. Could use advice regarding customers and management
  106. my eyes are now crossed...
  107. Car on fire on the street on Sat. in front of work
  108. Two interviews and a minor irk
  109. So i guess it's hip to bring families to interviews.
  110. Got the job!
  111. Interview help
  112. You know it's a quiet day...
  113. Frozen account for what!
  114. Never Say the Q Word
  115. Frustrated at myself
  116. Our competition is a little less so
  117. The store is like a Greek tragedy.
  118. Looking for 30 to 35 hours a week job
  119. Extra stocking hours
  120. Yes there are in fact stupid questions
  121. I may have a job
  122. The end of this job
  123. What am I doing...
  124. I did it.
  125. So...new job
  126. Squirrel!
  127. Perspective check
  128. End of the line
  129. This Appraisal... WTH?
  130. Not sure how much longer I can do this...
  131. Old Boss New Boss
  132. 911 isn't an issue
  133. And the store is still standing!
  134. The SC that wasn't
  135. Which ones that you Don't get??
  136. "Why am I drippings with goo...?"
  137. Sad Day, Chaotic Day, and a Bright Spot
  138. Let's see how this goes
  139. Pesants Rejoice
  140. Oh just call it a damned layoff!
  141. HOW IN THE HELL did you manage to order from us ????? (a bit long and ranty)
  142. Tourists. Go HOME
  143. I guess Security Guy got an eyefull.
  144. The End Is Nigh
  145. My boss is ace
  146. Thinking about a new job already
  147. They sure didn't cover this in training!
  148. I turned in my notice
  149. Customers wanting grocery store to break a large bill early in the morning
  150. I gotta ask...
  151. Everything is awesome!
  152. Timesavers you learned to prevent SCs
  153. That's some job perk!
  154. Dignity and money...or maybe dignity vs money...and office politics
  155. Wait, whaaaaaaaat?!
  156. Told you I'm a detail person.
  157. The extra money was nice
  158. Getting creampied at work
  159. Christmas music at work
  160. Payroll Puzzlement
  161. How can I increase my ring tender at the express lane?
  162. Answer the bloody phone!
  163. Tales of Getting Upset Over Nothing
  164. Hope you enjoy that money while you're burning in hell, asshole!
  165. and now for something completely different
  166. Something was seriously wrong with my customers today
  167. And now I feel guilty
  168. Best. Team Meeting. Ever.
  169. Longest week ever!
  170. My gift to myself: Quitting.
  171. Quotes by Coworkers
  172. The minimum age to rent a room is 21
  173. Even in the future nothing works!
  174. so now we're to be EMT (ranty)
  175. My boss from hell resigned
  176. Sucky Coworker
  177. Work Dilemma...Cautious to bring this up for several reasons, but...
  178. Overheard
  179. typing my res letter...tips?
  180. Leaving "Home"
  181. Charlie says...don't talk to terrifying psychopathic coworkers...
  182. The Co-Irker Chronicles: Brave New World
  183. Is check in time a SECRET???
  184. What's your employee discount?
  185. Get Ready for a Major MESS
  186. Older customer
  187. 45?!
  188. I work with stupid people...ugh.
  189. Work frustration
  190. Customer did not get her randomly generated coupon
  191. Potty Sign - Rephrase, Please!
  192. Who thought this was a good idea?
  193. Wish me luck.
  194. The Curious Incident of the Pasta in the Daytime
  195. Surprise visit from head office!
  196. Secret Shopped...
  197. The Sting
  198. Just got a new job
  199. One of our cool supervisors left the company today
  200. My work email nearly got hacked by the russians!
  201. Sometimes you have to sit back and watch the car wreck happen
  202. More microwave mysteries...
  203. Taboo on measuring yourself?
  204. Question
  205. Store Pride
  206. after 11 years
  207. n00b job.
  208. Twice a month pay periods.
  209. Co-worker got suspeneded for giving supervisor the finger
  210. Save us Mr. Spock!
  211. Accidents, loss, the FAA, NTSB, and the media
  212. Glad I quit.
  213. You're not listening either, are you ...
  214. Pranked a supervisor
  215. Simple human error...
  216. Before anyone says anything else, I'd just like to make a little speech. GO AWAY!!!
  217. Workplace Meme Thread (image-heavy)
  218. PLU code being torn off cases of beer and juices
  219. Relative needs help regarding looking for a job while on suspension
  220. Here we go again...
  221. Someone's cloning old men
  222. Who gets paid with 100 dollar denomination bills?/rant
  223. Should I be concerned for my coworker?
  224. Even a Buddha has limits
  225. This means you have been doing your job waaaay to long
  226. New Adventures
  227. Trainer tips
  228. Get out of there!!!
  229. 'Supervisor' tales
  230. My Dream Job Sucks
  231. A bit rattled
  232. A So Called Upgrade
  233. Wish me luck!
  234. Co-worker not wanting to move to a different register
  235. CW gets nice tip
  236. What I like about my company
  237. Spontaneous chocolate bunny genesis...
  238. Spontaneous job offer and debating what to do
  239. I'm so excited! Can't hide it!
  240. New job (on 4/20...eeep).
  241. Things overheard at my job
  242. My schedule is changing, Yay!
  243. REALLY people?
  244. Did I just shoot myself in the foot ...
  245. Karma will hit you big time sweetheart
  246. Pick a start time, any start time ...
  247. Glamour Shot in Professional Email
  248. Need advice at work
  249. When should you call (for my daughter)
  250. Well ... that settles THAT